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If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2020! Let’s collect 50,000 signatures by the end of 2019 to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


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9,233James MurphyNov 20, 2017
9,232Thomas McDermottNov 12, 2017
9,231Bruce GoetteNov 12, 2017
9,230Christos PoulakisOct 28, 2017
9,229Kris JensenOct 23, 2017
9,228Steven StewartOct 16, 2017
9,227Josh ROct 14, 2017
9,226brad parkerOct 14, 2017
9,225SUSAN LEWOct 07, 2017
9,224Mark CohenOct 05, 2017
9,223David DoddsOct 04, 2017
9,222Max McNameeOct 01, 2017
9,221Eric LundahlOct 01, 2017
9,220Jeffrey LoganSep 22, 2017
9,219David SadlerSep 21, 2017
9,218Gerald HewesSep 21, 2017
9,217Steve PyeSep 17, 2017
9,216Brandon StaufferSep 14, 2017
9,215Ashley MillenderSep 08, 2017
9,214austin jamiesonAug 29, 2017
9,213melody austinAug 27, 2017
9,212jonathan groveAug 20, 2017
9,211Tommy CumbyAug 19, 2017
9,210trudy evansAug 17, 2017
9,209David AdamsAug 16, 2017
9,208Kyle LorenAug 03, 2017
9,207Douglas VeltmanJul 29, 2017
9,206Heather PitcockJul 15, 2017
9,205Caesar OrlandellaJun 30, 2017
9,204arthur hooksJun 26, 2017
9,203Robert LeBrunJun 25, 2017
9,202Alex GonzalezJun 16, 2017
9,201v tripJun 09, 2017
9,200Mark FrohmanJun 03, 2017
9,199Scot MochanMay 30, 2017
9,198Hector PortilloMay 29, 2017
9,197Brendan OlsonMay 14, 2017
9,196Dakota FabreMay 14, 2017
9,195Alissa ConnMay 11, 2017
9,194LEO PREVOZNAKMay 10, 2017
9,193Joe KurtykaMay 08, 2017
9,192Phil RogersMay 02, 2017
9,191Tamim WaliApr 30, 2017
9,190Jesse AndersenApr 22, 2017
9,189John DannaApr 20, 2017
9,188Jeffrey HeardApr 19, 2017
9,187Jen HillApr 17, 2017
9,186abdrew sitkoApr 08, 2017
9,185Ali ZantoutApr 04, 2017
9,184Trevor JohnsonApr 03, 2017


  • Steven Stewart
  • charlene thein

    the fusion center

  • charlene thein

    They will be targeting everyone on this list.

  • Jeremiah Battey

    Unable to sign the petition. Will not take my information is anyone else having this problem?

  • Scott Michael Haddox

    did you know that you can make your own VIABLE solar cells/electricity but we aren’t allowed to experiment with chemistry anymore? remember the 1980’s? that’s when they stopped selling good kit’s for kids. They won’t let us have phosphorus because they say people make drugs with it. Yeah, while they at the same time force drugs ON us. point is, phosphorus can be made at home by mixing bone ash with sulfuric acid, filtering off the solids, then superheating the solution and collecting (underwater) the phosphorus. Then you can make your own phosphoric acid and using that as the “dope” (?) for “doping” the silicon, you can have the P type side of the solar panel. kitty litter has the silica crystals, so does/did the dessican’t “do not eat” packs. Japan is now stealing/switching those out too with some bs. This SUCKS!!

    • Steven Stewart

      We are going to put it all together, have no fear, Fear is your only enemy, Free power for everyone.

  • Scott Michael Haddox

    Don’t we need to provide a birthdate for a legal petition? I’m sure we do. So, who is running this? I need an answer or so help me, “the sky will blacken with lawyers”…

  • Jack Parsons

    Ventura is a fake. His support of so-called “Libertarian” Gary Johnson has helped to destroy the libertarian movement by making it indistinguishable from the mainstream Establishment insiders. This was made crystal clear by Johnson’s running mate urging voters to support Crooked Hillary! After many years of complaining about the money in politics Ventura had a chance to vote for a self funding third party candidate in Trump, but instead he sides with the Establishment’s Johnson. Hypocrite. Ventura just wants to sell his ghost written books.

    • Scott Michael Haddox


      • Jack Parsons

        End the Fed. Get the U.S. out of the U.N. Support your local police.

        • Scott Michael Haddox

          That describes the ideas but the specifics are necessary. How am I to “support” my local police? Lay, face down, in the street with my hands behind my head? Because as far as I am aware, If one is not resisting arrest, they are supporting police. If they work or are taxed for property they already own, they support the police.

          • Jack Parsons

            There is an ongoing effort to federalize police. The so-called “Black Lives Matter” protests are in fact protests in favor of taking away the power of policing from local communities and giving it to the federal government. Talk with your neighbors about the need to keep police localized, answerable to the people who are footing the bill not to the federal government who will use it as a billy club to enforce the government’s will.

          • Scott Michael Haddox

            What do you think about a “non-profit organisation for a lawyer fortified, educational and community based co-op”? It seems necessary since America has become so divided that injustice goes on without anybody able to stand against it. So, it’s basically a different name for the ORIGINAL America when it was new and stood for the morals it fought to protect in the first place. Look at my facebook page if you want to. Just look up my name, scott michael haddox on there. I have been writing about these injustices for months now. I truly feel the best of the best can still be consolidated to free ourselves. I don’t want to be a slave and I feel like we will face eternal suffering and torture here on earth or we will say : “ok, I’ll get a job at your company, spending MY time AWAY from MY children, so you can spend YOUR time influencing MY kids with YOUR ideas, leaving ME with NO TIME to have a productive discussion with them until family disbands”… I’m not cool with that! 🙂



    • Steven Stewart

      Now is already here. What you think today becomes the reality of tomorrow, so keep thinking the change is already here

  • Linda Safley

    I have no clue, what is going to happen, I’m scared, and others like me. What is going to happen to Social Security, and the disabled Anericans, and the Homeless veterans. It’s a disgrace in this country. There are hungry children, and sorry, the media is also corrupt. I’m sick of it, and then there is the environment. We know people were poisoned, with lead in water, and other water sources. I feel for nature, we’re at the end, climate change is happening, get use to it.

    • Scott Michael Haddox

      PLEASE read my page on facebook. I currently have no outlet other than facebook, I hate it all too but I have a plan

    • Steven Stewart

      Do not be scared, it is fear that has got the World in to this mess, courage will take us out of it. The universe is bringing forth Heros Just make sure you vote and tell at least 20 more to vote and tell that 20 to tell 20 more and the Pyramid is in place, only we can change the eye on the top from theirs to ours. Have faith The world is 4.5 billion years old, the Universe is timeless.

  • H J camet Jr.

    Sign my petition at now (see the online site as below)!
    Stay true, sign in support now and send to all your friends too, whether you are in the USA or any other country your voice matters in global geopolitics everywhere – sign too.
    Tell Sanders Dem Party Delegates: Do Not Endorse the Billary at the Dem Party Convention
    Tell Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sanders Campaign Director Jeff Weaver, and all Sanders Democratic Party Delegates not to endorse nor support the dishonest and incompetent BillaryClinton corporate oligarch candidate at the Dem Party National Convention in July.

    As Bernie Sanders himself has repeatedly stated throughout this historic new American national political revolution campaign, the Sanders candidacy is NOT about him or his preferences, as he is only our chosen symbol and representative, it is about us – we the people – as the Sanders campaign volunteers, supporters, voters, and financial backers. Our national delegates do not belong to Sen. Sanders, they belong only to us – we the people who elected them to represent us, and Sen. Sanders has no legitimate personal claim nor right to tell our delegates how they vote nor sell-out our delegates at the convention.

    We the people of the new American revolution will not be betrayed or sold out by Sen. Sanders his campaign staff or our elected delegates by any corrupt backroom deals made at the DemParty convention that endorse the BillaryClinton corporate candidacy.

    Please sign the petition to tell Sen. Sanders and his campaign staff and our delegates to stay true to our historic political movement that will grow and surge onward even after this election cycle is over.

    This petition will be delivered to:

    Bernie Sanders Campaign Director
    Jeff Weaver
    Bernie Sanders

  • odell bankers

    sir i hope you get to read this i have been waiting on this time since you first made mention of it back in your hall of fame speech. i have always been a huge fan of yours during you wrestling career. ill never forget when you said “win if you can lose if you must but always cheat” granted it was just kafabe but i loved it. i have always felt that the McMahons and the nwa made a huge mistake not putting “The” belt on you. after 2004 i started paying attenion to the man instead of the heel, i am a independent please give me a real choice remove the double headed coin of the dem and rep and be a real action hero. i say that because i know action is what you will deliver. you may not be a dictator but i believe you to be a benevolent leader our allies would love you and thoes who try to harm us would fear you, i may be a former airmen but even i know you dont mess with a seal. i am a christian which may come as a shock but my belief in GOD has no bearing on my belief in this country. seperation of church and state right so why not a president who is seperated from the church the last 44 were neck deep in it look where it got us. my aunt would slap me if she read this but the future is not mine nor hers it belongs to my children please run to give them a future i do not have the power to grant them.

    • Scott Michael Haddox

      odell, mention this on my fb page. I wan’t to change it too. We are the solution. We can make better these problems. For all of the “workers”. We need to be able to communicate. We need to all run for congress.

  • Jayson M Revord

    I watch you and alex jones I see the sick truth of a sick america i hope we can make it a country we can make a living and not be taxed to death because we want a house food and simply live get the chance all others had and died for

    • Scott Michael Haddox

      run for congress 🙂 I will too. Tell your friends

  • theresa

    the only problem with an independent running , not enough voters unless you’re Democrat or Republican

    • Scott Michael Haddox

      Run for congress
      I am

    • Steven Stewart

      I will make the voters by there millions If It can be thought it can be done

  • Brian Ebaugh

    Jesse ,I’m a big fan of yours and its refreshing to listen to a man tell it as it actually is and further more the way it should be. What a great USA we’d have if you were running this show. You have my vote.

  • Ryan Blohm

    If there is any hope for the USA you’re it Jesse. Please stand up the whole world is counting on you. You can wear big shoes so please do it!!!!!

  • if your serious about the run you need to get thsi out to other petition places to be signed .

  • we need someone to rescue us as any running worth anything will be cheated out an Hillary omg what a mess / Cruz even worse help Jesse .

  • James Janos is our guy! Give’m hell Jesse Ventura!

  • Hello Jesse,
    My name is Ty Wagner, I was a Rock and Roller in the 60’s; I am now in my 70’s. I recorded at Gold Star recording studio and had some success a long time ago in L.A. I would like to contact you and send you my new song “Who’s Chasing Our Eagle Away” You can listen to it on YouTube at Please let me know an address I send the CD to. You can see my website Thank you for standing up for our country,
    Ty Wagner

  • Jesse. SHAKE UP THE WORLD, WE NEED YOU TO GIVE US A REAL CHOICE ! This circus going on now is a Sham !

  • Marshall Treaster

    I’m not voting Cruz,and ,I’m definitely not voting Hillary!! If I have to I’ll write in Jesse Ventura!!

  • Tom Raber

    Jesse, you have to run in 2016. With the corruption in the 2016 election process we need an alternative other than a lying crook on one side and a crazy big mouth on the other. When Bernie looses the nomination to Hillary, we need some sensible balance back in the works.

    • Steven Stewart

      2020 he is in the white-house The world if free, he and Putin can make sure of that together

  • Sam

    I’d LOVE for him to run, but isn’t it too late for him to run?

    • Steven Stewart

      No never too late there is only the here and now

  • andrew pfisterer

    ventura needs to run. either him or ron paul and i dont think paul is stepping back in. but there is nobody of good character to vote for. and 911 is my litmus test. please run