S03E06 – Brain Invaders

Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 6: “Brain Invaders”

Could the so-called crazies in the tin-foil hats be on to something? Targeted individuals, or TIs, claim that the government is harassing – even torturing – them by sending microwave signals into their brains and bodies to drive them to despair. It’s not an isolated case, but thousands of people across the country report experiencing the exact same symptoms, all of which began after speaking out against the powers that be. Jesse knows that they aren’t nuts – but could it too late to stop these “voice of God” weapons from turning the population into mindless zombies?

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  • k

    they released rootkits among the criminals.
    and they do the hacking without knowing what they are for and what they do.
    mcafee stinger and kaspersky tdss killer find and delete rootkits !.

  • k

    it is thought the stuxnet rootkits came to salford in 2011 after the gulf war.
    when the usa first used it in 2010 against iraq.
    the rootkits make frequencies .
    thats what the normal people who use them dont get.
    it was released by the government as a listening device

  • k

    in salford,england there has existed an mk ultra network since 2011
    it is thought it was because of stuxnet rootkits,that cam make different frequencies
    that the listening devices need to work.
    they look for people to establish connections to through either some kind of sound or microwave weapon
    that uses voice to skull commands and or the voice of god weapon.
    once this is done they establish synthetic voices to people to cause multiple personality disorders
    and interogate targets with the voice of god weapon user known as the shush prompter because you get the shush prompt with a head pain and a loud shush noise
    after the attack and then people who listen on the established connections from the info that comes from the people under attack.
    its mainly about unsolved crimes and people in witness protection.
    and they also steal any personal info to keep people scared from reporting it.
    but dont be scared strong people spaeak out against it.
    infact tragets are told no help will come if its reported as it wont be belived.
    the targets and there loved ones are threatened with death and public ruination if they dont give up and tell the mk ultra users
    what they need to know.
    it is not known where it comes from but its real and exists and is done to the beat of a constant drum that speeds up and slows down
    to cause people anxiety and stress problems.
    the attacks also cause headaches and its thought they use microwave weapons
    which also cause eyesight problems and other problems when they attack targets and make them envisage things.
    to do this to people they do whats call unclickjacking info from targets and projecting info into posssibly other people by voice to skull commands.
    and then they keep prompting and reapeating the same info to get more info this is always done by the voice of god user
    and is followed by a loud bang which is thought goes to some computer equipment what they do un clickjacks and they keep repeating the same info over and over till they get the info they want
    with and also lie detectors
    and other equipment and to the other people on the synthetic voices which are mainly female.
    they also do whats called unclick jacking back and disconnecting,which means they swap and change postions.
    what is not sure is how other people cant hear it the mk ultra network.it is said because they have not been rootkited.
    as its all done without implants ?.
    people are also told incest and beastiality will never be removed and targets are given a life sentance and will never be de established
    from the connections.
    they use the incest and beastiality as an effective torture weapon to wear down peoples belief in god.
    it is a well known mk ultra and torture technique.
    they also ask questions and invade sleep and then tell you back your dreams what you have no memory of.
    this is real and needs to be looked into possibly by something like jodrell bank or something similar.
    this is real and has been going on since 2011.
    these people have no remorse for what they do to people.especially the voice of god user who causes severe headaches and anxiety problems in targets that
    make people think they have something wrong with them.
    all they are interested in is clickjacking and unlickjacking info from people
    unclickjacking and using drum beats for mk ultra are russian techniques
    they are also often heard to say what are the targets looking at to unclickjack it.
    so they can attack family members and other people to keep people scared and to terrified to talk about the mk ultra network.
    they find out what peoples interests are and then take it away from people to keep people isolated and to scared to do anything
    and scared of being unclickjacked.
    they also try and unclickjack any noise or connection they hear in the hope of finding other people.
    even childrens voices they belive by unclick jacking any voice or sound they can find anybody
    this makes people paranoid and scared for others and make people think others are involved in the mk ultra network.
    hence the gangstalking myth.
    all gangstalking is,is the voice of god user and the other connections making you paranoid and keep establishing you to more connections.
    which makes the multiple personality disorder worse.
    just remember,a normal multiple personality disorder does not consist of synthetic voices.
    and you would not hear info being told back to you.
    they take all info from you personal info passwords anything they can
    so it has been thought they are criminals using mk ultra as the perfect crime as its almost impossible to prove
    the only thing that is not known is where it comes from.
    some thing cell fone towers.
    others belive satillites.
    the truth is its un known but they unclickjack to ressonant frequencies like trafic noise or any other resonnant frequency
    it is known that after being established and being de-established it can take years or possibly never for the target to live a normal life.
    just remember to keep the faith.
    dont let the incest and beastiality thoughts take your belief in god away.
    thats what they do !.
    these people are after the info your targeted for
    they use your beliefs against you.
    thats what unclickjacks are about.
    and the shush prompts and equipment they use.
    they will only find themselves.
    but they keep going beliveing they are doin the right things.
    when in fact they are destroying there own kind.
    they think they have found the ark of the covanant and use the voice of god weapon (mk ultra)
    to ruin people and thoughts.
    mk ultra uses peoples faith against them to ruin the lord gods work.
    this is real and needs to be stopped..
    that take away the god given gift of self conscience.
    some people dont have a voice in the mk ultra network and can do nothing to protect themselves from
    the established connections but they will not stop continue to look with there un clickjacks
    they want to control the world and will do anything they can to find and unclick jack and establish
    all people to any sound or voice they can.
    they truly think they have found the ark of the covanant in mk ultra.
    and they cant be stopped as they can un clickjack any place or person so they can find out if they are being
    conspired against.
    you have got to take this serious.
    find out about mk ultra its real and going on !.

  • hey dude, I’m Canadian, born in the Czech Republic, now living in the Philippines. You run for president and I’ll gladly send you money for support!

  • Targeted For Years

    This mind control conspiracy is global in scale. It’s being done by the elite class through their control over our governments and the military industrial intelligence complex.

    The intent is to turn us into slaves by passing increasingly Totalitarian legislation which is supposed to protect us from terrorism.

    The problem is that the elite class is responsible for these acts of
    false flag terrorism, and they control our leadership and media systems, so those who attempt to tell the public the truth are
    blacklisted and targeted for extermination.

    Those who believe that they can change what is happing without a revolution are deceiving themselves, since this conspiracy involves
    all governments and media systems, religions, educations systems, financial systems etc.

    The conspiracy to create world government has been taking place for centuries and is now coming very close to fruition.

    To a large extent the global population are already slaves of the
    elite class. The implementation of world government will simply
    ensure that we are enslaved indefinitely, and gradually exterminated
    as part of AGENDA 21….

    • Christine

      I live in East York, one night well I was asleep two men came into my apartment,through a back door, that I accidently left unlocked. they put what they call sensors on my body. it has now been 13 years that I have been mind read by this mind reading machine.There is a secondary machine that can put some EMFs through my body.
      They know what I think constantly and I can hear them constantly. I also think I know where they could be, very close. I’m scared

  • k

    this message is about an mk ultra network in salford.england
    it has been active since 2011
    and attacks targeted individuals
    they call it the establishment,because they do whats establish connections to people
    to give them a multiple personality disorders.
    it is thought they follow the original mk ultra method of four synthetic connections plus the person known as the shush prompter
    in this mk ultra network the shush prompter who has a silent voice. (the voice of god)
    is the first you first thing hear and notice your normal thoughts changing then when you are established you hear the prompt and then a loud shush noise.
    and then you can hear people talking saying please tell you got it and what are they looking at.
    they also look for other connections and try to synthesize other peoples voices and do whats called clickjack and unclick resonant frequencies and try to attack individuals
    and synthesise the voices to people to do whats called rootkit them as its called in this mk ultra network.
    they then listen to thoughts and shush promt them that makes people think of the past regarding the persons name or life situaition that they clickjack and this is how they get info.
    targets are told they have a life sentance and will never get out of the mk ultra network
    and are told incest and beastiality will never be removed again.
    this is thought to mean the mk ultra connection on people and also to make people loose there faith in god which would keep people stong .
    it is thought they use microwave weapons that are activated by the stuxnet virus (thought to be this ) witch creates frequencies to get the resonant frequencies needed
    which allows the voice of god weapon to get the first connection and then establish more
    they ask information about unsolved crimes and of people in witness protection
    they also threaten people with death and loved ones if the mk ultra is spoken about
    and also steal any personal info to keep people scared of talking about it.
    and are told it cant be proven and no help will come anyway .
    which makes targets think its the authorities.
    and there thought to be a few main culprits posibly over five
    as they can often be heard to say unclickjack back and disconnect as they swap and change postions in the mk ultra network as they listen to different
    established voices they are all female voices apart from one male voice
    they then tell you what you are doing through synthetic voices and use this information
    they also always ask what are people looking at to clickjack it ,so they can use the information against other targets family members or individuals
    and to try and attack other targets with the information coming from the established target and use it to attack others and the synthetic voices to clickjack them and get them established also
    this is how its spread
    its told it made for public ruination of people and familys
    all to steal property and money by using mk ultra and rootkits
    this is real and going on and its people in salford who use this equipment thats capable of this and they they think they have the perfect crime
    which wont be belived is real.
    there is also the thought that it is the british authorites that use this to find out about organised crime.
    so its not known if it the authorities or people who use this as organized crime to extort people
    either way this must be stopped its all to try and destroy people and take eveything away from them.
    this all happens to a drum beat they they speed up or slow down to cause people stress and anxiety problems
    this is real and needs to be looked into.

  • I have proof of abduction and implantation of symbiote and a device in soft pallet of mouth. A sudie sheikh and a hindu seit are the anti-christ and the devil. need help. i also have cymera or alien spider that I captured. have proof that spans a 50 year lifetime.

  • tim

    Where’s the vidio of this episode?

  • You’re so cool! I do not suppose I’ve read anything like that before.
    So nice to find another person with a few genuine thoughts on this
    issue. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This site is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with
    some originality!

    • tru

      Nano Bio Photonic Sensors Technology and biomedical engineering….(NATO, US, Germany, Japan, China, Iran, India, Russia, etc.)…….It is implantable, injectable, edible.
      How do you get this horrible, ungodly meta material/ biosensor device out of your body, once some wicked medical ”professional” has implanted you with it? I think it is referred to as MEDICAL INTEL/SURVEILLANCE (see SpectrumGrp.org)…nano/micro scale sensors or chips that are Electromagnetic/RF-capable!!! It seems that biosensors are used in psychiatry ….to make you crazy, if it would be possible! How evil!
      I love this scripture, speaking of Jesus, from 2 Tim. “He has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.”

    • tru

      Darpa and HHS and the air force,…Nov. 2011, Huffington Post.

      BIG PHARMA has to be behind this PSYCHIATRY CONSPIRACY in a big way. They implant something into you to make you pick up sound waves and tormenting things, then tell you your hearing voices, so you’ll take medication so they can experiment on you, and make LOTS of money exploiting fellow human beings…Didn’t Hitler use the so-called science (which it is NOT) of psychiatry – TARGETING people he saw as a threat aka: in disagreement with his insanity!

      • tru

        THE FCC Spectrum : cellular band, emergency responder/medical, police, military, Intel. I think the Presidential Brain Initiative is about discovering , for one thing, how to better manipulate brain waves and radio frequencies on the Spectrum.

        Follow the dollar, they say. Surveillance Industry and BIG Pharma and Nano and BioMedical Technology is power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

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  • I hear voices since 1993. Loving, sexy, super sweet, but can be ferocious on the weather. Here’s the blog, it’s got something to do with Bill Maher, plus recently I just felt another live one… definitely a Jamaican accent. Anyway, it’s a real soap opera in here, and the weather reports confirm it! http://mediapoetry.blogspot.com/

    Until I update the blog, check out a twist on Hurricane Arthur:


  • I’m one of these targeted Individuals but in France. Maybe the main…

    Nevertheless, we don’t have Gwen towers in our country… But it seems it works very good without !

    For me it’s not theory it’s experience. I’m not sure how do they manage to obtain all the sensations, symptoms, disease on our bodies remotely, because it’s not just about voice in the head. But I can say that it’s everywhere.

    Dr Barrie Trower and John Saint Clair for example explain us a lot:



    As for this documentary, at the beginning (2:06) and at the end (43:24) you can see like a man in black, and it’s not a chance… In addition, if you look down at 43:24 you’ll read in the same time the name of the executive producer: Crowley, which is also the name of the journalist (at 5:00). It’s not a chance too.

    The men in black are under these horrific crimes. I know what I speak about because I refused them when they knocked at my door, like my father few years ago, before his death. They are sent by the chief commander, the eye in the sky, the 666, the devil.

  • Jesse, love your show. Keep up the Good fight! The TRUTH needs to be told!… I Am sixty-two years Young. This is Not the country, it used to be. We need to get the control, Back in the hands of the people. Kevin Carney, [email protected] 2014/17/2 19:40

  • Cory J
  • William Womack

    My dad, who is now past, was crazy, certified by the Veterans Hospital in the ’60’s, paranoid schysoHe. He would see the man on the telephone pole and he would say they were up there changing the tapes that play thru his head. He would always say “ma bell” was behind it all, you know, ATT. It used to be a monopoly. He was a very motivated man, great salesman, inventor. I never knew that man. I am the baby of six. All I saw was the abusive side. This may be a new way for me to understand more of what was going on. Thank you for revealing such truth.

    God Bless. W. Scott Womack

  • username

    My residence is hit with these GWEN waves every night.
    Constant creeking in the house pillars and loud banging sounds on the roof, especially when I lay down to go to sleep at night.

    This is a the work of a private military contractor whose employees have top secret government security clearances.

    They know when I am home based upon my cell phone location, my cable modem activity, and at night there is always a lockheed drone hovering above my house providing remote surveillance.

    I have contacted my constituents in Washington. They are concerned and very aware of what is going on, but there needs to be a joint effort my the victims in every state. Email and call your governers, senators and congressmen. Don’t bombard them. State your professional credentials. Explain that you are an hinest hard working tax payer. They are employed to protect you.

    Right now all TI’s, milabs and victims of Directed Energy Weapons need to band together and contact your state representatives in Washington DC. Be clairvoyant, to the point, level headed and present your proof. Do not get emotional.

    You want to be taken seriously. Record and photograph all evidence of DEW’s, stalking’s, drones and milabs. As americans we all have rights that are being violated.

    It is never too late to act. Please do your part to put an end to these covert paramilitary attacks.

  • Douglas Firth

    Your program on brain invaders missed the mark slightly.
    The microwave towers we have been blessed with for communication have a curse attached. That same power transmission, if increased or decreased at individual towers may cause a concentration of power at the intersection of the waves. In other words an individual could receive concentrated exposure. And taking that to the extreme conclusion, the individual could become ill, including cancer.

    Cell phones are the locating device for individuals. They are equipped with GPS whether the individual customer wants it or not, and can be altered remotely without permission to be a listening device.

    The solution to assessing power output from towers , is to contact Ham radio operators who own an RF Meter with microwave capacity so that the power of the transmission can be measured and the direction of the sources can be found. That would also include the GWEN towers.

    I believe that microwave is supposed to transmit in the form of a beam. But what happens when the microwave is simply broadcast due to faulty transmitters or intentional alteration ? It becomes a high tech assassin due to the resulting illness of the victims.

    I recommend if you want to do a sane qualified approach to this field, consult the radio experts outside of government sources.(Ham)
    Then perhaps consult established research into the effect of microwave on the human body at specific power levels.
    The cell phone industry may not be happy with your findings.

    God Bless

    • Jo

      Often, I have heard low audible droning sounds coming through the front of my home. Others in my home have heard them to. They usually last about 6 seconds and may be heard periodically through out the day. I feel they are making me sick. I have a sick minded stalker named Vernon Gunn who may have contacts that are doing this. At one time I felt a pressure in the top of my thigh that made me weak,fall to the floor, and hit my head on a coffee table. How do I stop it? Who do I contact?

  • What we have here is a much ‘younger’ looking V40, which is a move away from the ‘old man’ image of Volvo, with performance throughout the range of variants that will give the likes of the Mercedes C Class and the BMW 3 Series a run for their money.

  • yankee phil

    Although microwave Bio-communication systems(psychotronics)are now known, the little known bio-communication method using millimeter waves is yet to be announced.Using the brains own wavelength frequency,milimeter wave,the NSA can not only translate thought waves but mimick them as well and introduce thoughts that can confuse(at least) the targeted victim. This is also the prefered method of introducing post hypnotic suggestions, communicating with the individual while they are trying to go to sleep,making it easy to put them in a hypnotic trance/sleep instead, this being the purpose of sleep depravation so the individual will eventually submit to the hypnotic form of sleep thusly exposing themselves to post hypnotic suggestions and behavioral alterations. Millimeter wave production is highly complex,Modern look-down shoot down radars in the F-15 and F-16 use the wavelegth as its reflective abilities (ability to see detail)are far greater than the microwave radars of the past. That is why it works so well in the brain. The osillascope necessary to measure this wavelength(the first step in producing a millimeter wave yourself) cost more than 50,000.00 dollars and you need a medical license to buy it. A cardiograph machine measures in millimeter waves.

  • Keith Detwiler

    your findings of the mind control towers started with Nikola Tesla, tesla found that radio frequency rf can run at the same level of the human brain, the government is putting in these boxes on houses rf power meter boxes, they have a good level etf waves coming of them, lots of people like myself get ringing in the ears time to time. I bet you have one of these new power meter boxes on your home. the power meter boxes fits the mind control plot on people. But you can put a stainless steel mesh spaghetti strainer over it. If you you leave an egg on top of the box over night the egg will be broke and partly cooked from the micro waves. this is scary stuff. thanks for the show I enjoy it.

  • Mike

    Dear Jesse,
    Thank you for the Brain Invader episode. Please
    continue on with your work and keep digging into
    the TI (targeted individuals). I don’t know abt cell
    towers being used to microwave us, but I do believe
    that drones, and perhaps satellites, are being used.
    Maybe conventional aircraft, too.
    A WHAS 84 radio talk show host, Francene Cucinello,
    died at age 43 in January 2010 after suffering a heart attack,
    and two days later, a brain aneurysm after going to a hospital
    thinking that she had a sinus infection. She frequently asked
    politicians tough questions when they were on her show.
    On June 24th, 2013 (this year), an ex-fireman named Joshua
    Priddy went to several of his neighbors homes and forced his
    way in. When captured by police, he told them that he did what
    they wanted. Here is the article:


    I am sure that eventually all, or most, of the truth will come
    out abt the use of neighbors and other civilians as well as
    illegal aliens to watch and harass TIs (by following and
    through direct contact) as well as the goverment using
    high tech electronic surveillance equipment.
    Thank you for reading this post.

  • Mike

    Hello all fellow TIs.

    An incident happened on June 24, 2013 about 3 miles from me
    involving an ex-fireman. He broke into several of his neighbors’
    houses and there was a confrontation with police. I suspect he
    is a TI who was being microwaved and finally broke. I think
    he broke into those houses in an attempt to find the devices be
    used. Below is an article which tells abt the incident
    and what he said to police when he was captured.



  • zirk

    I just want this to stop before I become even fatter than I already have. I think I’ve been a TI for a long time now and though I’m all overthe place, I keep hearing the same thing from people and I don’t know what to do so I eat while I listen to everyone because there is seriously nothing to do, at least nothing that I know what to do in this situation. I meet the same people saying the same thing that nothing’s going on so I should repeat it that according to them. I don’t repeat it, I just got fat because I’m so depressed from being a TI for so long. When does this end so I can live my life like a normal person?

  • Simple solution. Just vote out all existing COngressmen and Governers for candidates that will do a “Technology Audit” of what the USA has in the above described. The existing politicos will never move on this so please vote properly. Meanwhile please study my site for simple solutions for many probs.


  • michael Campbell

    To Randall Ingalls:
    Hello Randall,
    Like you I have been a TI for almost 4
    years. Do you know any of the frequencies
    used in the directed energy weapons?

    I am a Christian, a republican, a ham radio
    operator, a Vietnam veteran as well as
    several other things.

    I saw the brain invaders episode and
    their belief cell phone towers are the
    soirces of the microwaves. Due to some
    of the angles I received hits from lead to
    believe that either panel trucks, neigbors’
    houses and/or drones were being used.
    The devices used must utilize phased
    array antennas since beam width is
    very small at times (abt 1/2 inch,) and,
    at times larger. Most, if not all, of the devices
    appear to be networked so as to
    remain locked on to the targeted area
    even when I turn around. Does this
    seem to be the case with?

  • Dragonwill

    Hello Jesse

    I’m writing a book about my older sister’s murder in 1971 that occurred in Oakland CA. She was eight-years-old at the time. It is my belief and my research reinforces the concept that my older sister, Kimmico Mapp was shot to death by men working for the U.S. Justice Department at the time. Over the last 12 years I have discovered that not only civil and federal authorities suspects in this murder, but have also uncovered facts that support my father’s claims that he was experiment on in the Manchurian Candidate Program and people are now writing books to reenforce this claim. Since I’ve started this research over 12 years ago, I have been developing severe health problems that associate with this program and my symptoms have become so extreme that I had to go to the emergenncy room for cramping in my heart. I have had quite a few other symptoms, but I also have two very unusual ducts in both of my ears that look like piercings, but are not. I have concluded that these ducts which throb and secret fluids at times are either from some unauthorized manipulation or venting ducts for the extreme amounts of emf that appears to be apart of the pain that I’ve been having in my head. It is also very odd that over the last two years my heart goes crazy everytime I open my book and lay hands on the keyboard. It was this fact that led me to consider emf and the grounding devices that I’ve adopted allowed me to get back to typing, but now it seems that the emf disorder is getting worst not better and I can not stop writing the story on my sister. I am obligated by overwhelming love for her to continue writng even if it kills me, but to finish this very important quest for her and the rest of America, I’m afraid that I’m going to need some help and maybe protection since the authorities involved in this matter are the same men who instituted these monster programs and have now expanded their control throughout many of the checks and balances in our culture. Please help me to get an eight-year-old American girl out the unmarked grave that sits in the graveyard that these authorities have used to hide their involvement with this case.

  • Natalie

    Weird when I was watching this the part about the towers and what they used to be used for when silent and the screen turned black for a few seconds so I didn’t get to hear what they used to be used for. I went back and the same thing happened

  • Starseed manila

    These directed energy weapons are already in Manila Philippines via the CIA of America and the local police forces NCRPO . This all started when I stumbled upon community gangs inconnecticut USA selling illegal drugs for the CIA and protected by the local police there. Found out it is all over the USA .. It is called MKULTRA Cointelpro gang stalking and mind control. This is part of the alien agenda on humanity, the ruling elite and the military industrial complex are I cahoots with the aliens. I am a professional database analyst…

  • Carl Benultra

    This will be the only warning so heed it wisely. We are watching and if this info continues to be discussed openly we will pay you a visit. You have been warned.

    • mark

      hey fuck you Carl watch me. bring me to the FBI I will tell my story under a lie detector test. 1 problem the brain bug might be able to distort the test because every they can take control of your body and since every body is scared of them they might actually lie about the test.

  • I am also a targeted individual. Here’s my story: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2012/11/directed-energy-harassment-personal.html

    I am very sorry for all the people on here who are suffering through this nightmare. I want to let you know that meditation and cultivating what the Chinese call “qi” (as in qi gong) and what the Yogis call prana (as in pranayama) can help.

  • karen

    I have been targeted with microwave technology. I believe it may be what is called a MASER. My garden was being cut up for a year or two and in January they started cutting and burning my face. And yes, I have been labeled delusional by every doctor but one. This is insane, I am an RN. I know what I know, and I know the pain of this particular torture, not to mention the psychological implications, is and are real. Help us!!!

  • Randall Ingalls

    I have been worked on with this technology and am still obviously messed with when I am inebriated. The tech can make you hallucinate, read your thoughts, mind meld, transmit thoughts, and more. It has military and potentially a million other applications. I was interrogated but worked my way into experiments, mind melds, analysis positions, and more. Stargate was a cover for psychotronic tech from what I can see. Oh, tech can also control you without you realizing it.

    • mark

      it reminds me of what i have a brain bug is what they call it they tortured me severely

  • Hi Guys
    I have posted several times about Electronic Mind Control, which I just happen to know a little bit about. Since I’ve been a Electronic Mind Control victom myself for 19yrs now. They can manipulate a TV program, they can cut right in and change the situations and what is being said in the program, any program you may be watching. They can change what is being said according to what you are doing in the house or room, so it seems like the TV is talking about you, or what activity you are doing at the time. They can do the same thing with the radio, in house or car. In my case they can not see through the TV, like a woman in a earlier post asked about, they can see right through my eyes. They know what TV shows I’am watching and what station.
    I have read alot of post where people talk about hearing voices talk about things they are doing in the home, or there activity at the time. Messing with there mind. But they never took into account that they can see right through your own eyes. They use your own mind against you. They can hear what ever you say to another person, or what ever is said to you from another person. So this might clear up alot of questions people might have on how they can eavesdrop on you, and play head games with you.
    Well getting kinda long, as you can see I like to talk about this technology, it’s so amazing way ahead of it’s time.
    I’ll come back and post again as I think of new things about this amazing technology.
    Take Care!

    • Randall Ingalls

      My guess would be that youre a drug user, maybe mentally ill, and have a criminal (maybe small by your standards) history.

    • mark

      it reminds me of what i have a brain bug is what they call it they tortured me severely. they did exactly what you said. I had a brain bug since i 4 and found out about it when i was 28 they abused me in every possible way. they made people gossip about me and only stuff that i would know about. they turned almost everybody against me. I know I’m not the only one out there with this brain bug because every body did no matter what age did what they said . I say there all cowards. but I’m not scared because I have God and the worst is gone but i will have long term effects. I cant even write for my self because i cant hear my own thoughts.

  • Steve

    Jesse… You MUST keep doing these bro, you bring very valid points to the table on these subject’s. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe something is going on…. and its very big what ever it is. Got a feeling something huge is gonna happen by the end of 2014. Something that will cause civil war, or other counties invading half our country or something… Should look into it.

  • Jingjing

    I know it’s crazy, but I know who is behind it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have the controls, but they are ‘borrowing’ it from a white man who invented it, and he can take it back from them at any time but won’t.

    • Mike

      You must be a perp, not a T.I.

    • tru

      I think you are getting warm! I have similar suspicions myself…its demonic, these people who do this to human beings must be demoniacs on drugs, under someone else’s control themselves….where did you get your info?

  • jamie

    I expect that this will get to Mr.Ventura. I have experienced ALL of the above mentioned incidents.Shot at a number of times.Friends harassed,family members isolated from me.Horrible conversations,or attacks on my mind.Vehicles being compromised.Police attacks,pulling weapons on routine stops,physical attacks.Constant stalking….Family members gone missing….Financial accounts drained and indebted.IThank all of those who have come forward and shared thier stories,you have helped me tremendously!!!!Oh the Whole watching Through the Eye thing VERY VERY VERY CREEPY!!!!Not to mention sooooo WRONG on so may levels….The transmitter and receiver,tracker and chip,has also put me unconscious enough to be sexually assaulted without being able to wakeup.EEEWWWWWW.These individuals are a real class act…May we all be Divinely Protected and SEE these individuals brought OUT and subjected to the very least, THAT which we have been subjected too. Keep your Heads Up and Dont Stand Down.SOS and our Sovereignty.

    • Darren

      I know what you mean obout them been able to see what you see. Jest not right! They have caused me so much pain. I was almost compleatly bed ridden for months with what felt like a vice on my family jewels among other things that has been done to me. It’s going on four years of this hell! Any suggestions? I’ve got my life right with God! The best thing any one can do! Praying and worshiping Jesus along with his love has really been such a wonderful thing. GOD BLESS PEOPLE LIKE JESSE!

    • Darren

      Yea I know what u mean them being able to see through your eyes I’ve been going through this for almost four years now they have put me through so much pain, physically and mentally I was literally confined to my bed with what felt like a vice an my nuts. It was some of the worst pain I’ve ever been through and im disabled with 3 neck sergerys. And back trouble so I know what pain is. They control when I go to the restroom to relieve myself. Among other things. I need any suggestions I can get. I gave my life to Jesus! The best thing I’ve done in my life. His love along with worshiping has helped tremendously. But I still have a battle to get out of my house every day. God bless people like Jesse!

      • Darren

        They even made me think I didn’t get the first one posted lol

    • As to the last, these creeps absolutely will suffer exactly what they’re doing to us, as I may say that those of us suffering under them are doing so, I believe, for the same reason; if not they couldn’t touch us as they are; one word: karma!

  • Hi Guys
    I have been a mind control victom for 19yrs now. The cops started using this on me when I was in jail. They punished me with this and just about drove me crazy in my cell.
    They can see through my eyes with this just like camera lenses, and in color. They can tell me what color things are that I’am looking at.
    They can use this to follow you and see what you are doing, right through your own eyes. You think you are free and out of jail, but they are watching you, everything you do and everywhere you go. And the best part is you don’t even know it. The reason I know is because they told me, but not until they watched me for a few years, I really don’t know how long, but it was a while.
    What if you committed a serious crime, and you where in jail. What if the cops used this to torcher you until you confessed to the crime, with out anyone else knowing what they where doing to you. They had me screaming and yelling in my cell and I was the only one in there, because I would not let them put anyone in my cell until I could figure out what was going on. I new they were doing something to me, but I did not know what. I never heard of anything like this stuff.
    I think of this as kinda of a loop. A signal that goes through my brain, and is pulled back to them. This energy signal can carry voice, they can talk to me, and I can talk back to them under my voice, with out using my vocal cords. You could not hear me if you were standing right next to me. So this communication is going on 24/7 except when I sleep. So there is two conversations going on all the time, I’am talking to the cops, and I’am talking with real people at the same time almost. They really keep my mind busy. So I guess you can say they can use this as a spy tool. What if they could send a man over into a different country and be able to see everything that he is seeing, and hear everything that he is hearing, just like a human microphone. So now I’am an human camera and a radio antenna. Boy are they using me. That was a joke. Hay I used to get so pissed off I would bust up things in my house, and through a fit. I have had lots of times that I would go off behind this mind control shit. Over the years I have mellowed out alot. So you might say I have really been through hell and back.
    Now I’am retired and interested in Internet Marketing, I have been studying it for about 5-7yrs. I love this stuff, selling products online. I can sell just about anything for all the big box stores to the little things, make web sits and SEO them, and drive traffic to them. Once you learn how to drive traffic you have the keys to the city. There are some people making $100,000 a month so I have big goals. Wish me luck!
    Don’t let our children suffer from this amazing technology, get in a help to pass some laws to control this technology. There is every little laws written about this, pitch in and give a damm, or we will be a society turned into robots.
    Thanks For Listening!
    Santa Clara,Ca

    • Randall Ingalls

      I was being interrogated until I decided to study the tech, and started working on concepts. I don’t think there will be laws made about this tech until the next 15 to 20 years.

  • cindy

    Thanks Jesse, but aren’t you afraid!I hope you contact me because Boy do I have a lifetime movie for you! I had 2 sisters in the Wis. tristate area that were terrorized not only by the Gov. but the “local” radio station as well.It seems they were able to hear them thru a Gov. bug installed in a tower. They would make comments in real time to our conversations in their homes.1 of them wrote the F.C.C. & reported this & was told there were 7 ways they could listen. 1 being any speaker in your home was a rec. as well as trans.I assume they were reprimanded by the F.C.C.& thats when the torture began.They watched them thru cameras @ stores, rest., EVERYWHERE there was a camera which is EVERYWHERE! they knew where they went thru sattelite I guess, so they were able to drive them crazy thru this knowledge & there broadcasting system.They began to think they could see them also. Of course we all thought they were nuts! Now I think they drove them nuts so noone would listen to what they discovered cause the right person hearing this may figure it out.Steven Seagal has a recent movie he wrote out & in it he says they watch u thru your t.v. in Russia.If its true do you think our Gov. can? HA HA!For phsyco.warfare a man came to my sis. workplace & told her he was going to play the “namegame” w/ her. People around her would by killed relating to something she did that day & 1 day it would be her. She was shot at from a bridge on the route she took home from work ea. day. Her brakelines were cut @ her home.Things thrown on there lawns, etc.Who in our family is a “person of interest? A family member who was told what to look for after hearing their story followed a wire from a telephone pole inside their home that ended above the kitchen ceiling, when they pushed up the ceiling tile they put the radio station off the air!!!? When they left driving down the infreq. traveled road a pickup truck came up behind them in a very threatening way & the radio station made the comment HIT THE DITCH, Bitch!I was told by them yrs. after not speaking to my sis. I should call & apologize cause they were definately being terrorized! To this day 1 sister has been taken to at least 2 nuthouses due to these inc.I’m afraid if I speak out I 2 will be tortured1 Please help me help my sis. if its not 2 late.THEY WEREN’T CRAZY WHEN THEY MOVED THERE! My other 2 “normal
    ] sis. still don’t believe them.I also had a brother who passed away in that area Oct. 2 2013. He also was tortured. They lived within 20 mi. of ea. other. He thought it was due to a letter he wrote to Jim Ryan while he was serving time for drugs. I never believed that but hearing that the T.I’s made comments about a political insider I now wonder if that was it.Everything I’m saying is based on my conclusion after what I’ve learned. 10 yrs. ago a man approached me educating me about sattelites & how they tracked him as a semi driver. He then went on to tell me how the Gov. spys on people by installing a device on a tower near there home so they could hear them.He had a friend who did these installs that had a heart attack while installing them & of course fell to his death from the tower. He insinuated it was no accident.This is all he had to say to me.It took me yrs. to put this together w/ what was going on w/ my sis. Perhaps he was an Angel? We need to help these “crazy” people by exposing the truth. But, do they really want to know the truth? Am I just “crazy” 2? So much more to the story. God Bless you & keep you safe. It seeme J.F.K. Jr. was going to expose something about the Gov. acc. to a National Enq. article.My sis. had written him as well as the Pres. local police,senators & who knows who else about what was happening to them. While working @ a liquor store she told us JFK was in there & bought sunglasses & a banana.He was in the area to auction off a family rosary @ a catholic school he attended as a child.Of course we all thought she was mistaken, but was she? Did he, like Jesse realize the injustice going on & while in the area visit her @ work? Was his death an accident or did he know too much? 1 more Enquirer art. that may interest you is when Reagan { no longer Pres} made the comment to a friend at his home they needed to talk in the hallway as they could hear them thru the t.v.! Its all archived to verify.

  • kelly

    I strongly believe I am a TI. Ive felt microwave energy that burns my feet and back and makes my heart beat like crazy. Ive also heard plenty of people in my head and a lot of them seem to be psychology experts. I am a psychology major and it really seems like I’ve been stalked by neighbors, strangers and even family who are also under mind control. Ive been to two mental hospitals and countless new meds, however this never goes away. I don’t know what else to do. But I will never give up.

    • Randall Ingalls

      I heard a voice in my head tell me it was Satan and that it was going to kill me, at which point my heart felt like a hand or clamp was over it. I am an atheist, so I naturally didn’t believe that it was Satan.

      • this might be the brain bug. they also call themselvs the devil. they do every thing the devil does.I have bean abused sedisticly by them.they made me lay on the ground made my heart pound and put something over my heart so I would not feel pain.

        • I have read elsewhere, that this psychic war is demonic forces literally trying to illegitimately storm heaven or the sphere where the godhead resides which of course is a sphere of consciousness if at all not a physical place, although some believe otherwise. The thing about these demonic forces is that they seem to be as dumb as Wil-e Coyote trying with all his fabulous technology to try to kill the Roadrunner in the 60’s cartoons but always failing miserably. The technology is almost perfectly tuned, but the things they’re using it for, again, are so abominably stupid that I can’t begin to fathom the psychology of these fools. Somehow, it seems to be an energy thing and they seem to feed off of the negativity they are creating. That’s the only logical conclusion I can come to about this.

  • Sherri Carlisle

    Jessie can you please tell me if this micro chip implant is in Obama care I read that in 2013 all people will be implanted with this chip.

    • cindy

      Kind of sounds like something from the Bible where there is a chip in your forehead you need to buy gas, medicine,food etc.

    • Randall Ingalls

      Not realistic.

  • irma

    Rest in peace…….pam anderson…
    We will keep shouting it out!

  • Bill Burke

    Jesse once again you need to cover the Agenceys under devil Worshippers. Every one go to
    www. Pasadina califorina jet propulsion telemtery computer mind control micro chip interface.
    www. Gold stone microwave computer interface dream scapping. Califorina senate bill 362 law prohippting illegal implant states you are protected by the law a one thousand dollar a day paid by the court if you can prove your manifesations. I am in the ten million dollars range. If you are in the califorina area I may know who is minuplateing you. For a thousand dollars day 365 days a year thats 365 thousand dollars a year not bad for a years wages of manipulated. I will be retiring and making an example out of them at the same time. Need questions email me.

  • Lou

    I am proud of you, Governor Ventura!

  • Sally Ballentine

    I did not get a chance to see your episode on Brain Invaders. I am A TI for 9 years. I hope you can continue to air more episodes that will help TI’s like me. As I am unable to tell my family and friends.
    Thank you
    Sally Ballentine

    • cindy

      Sally, sooooo sorry for you. My 2 sisters were T.I’s in the wisconsin tri-state area.I’d love to clue Jesse as to what I know about this form of torture!!! Its not only the old W.W.I. towers, its any tower. There is a cell tower every 21/2 miles! My sisters were terrorized by the local radio station after they reported them to the F.C.C. for invasion of privacy. It seems a member of our family seems to be a “person of interest”. My belief is that they were bugged by the Gov.{they lived in a rural area} so the towers had a device installed by the Gov. to listen to there conversations.

  • Hi Team
    I’ve been gone for a while. Being a victim of Electronic Mind Control for about 19yrs now I remembered a website that I first found when I was trying to find out what this was and how they are doing this to us.
    If you go to (copy & paste) http://raven1.net you will find alot of information on Gang Stalking and Electronic Mind Control. And with the Freedom Of Information Act alot of classified documents and information on this subject has become declassified and available. You can find them here. Also you can see patents on this research and technology that has been created. If you look around this site you will see alot of links to other sites for electronic mind control, This is a big read bookmark it and come back from time to time. It’s very informative. You can google Dr Ross Adey to see what contribution he has made in this area.
    You can find alot of researchers and Dr that has made contributions in this area.

    God Bless

    • cindy

      David so sorry for your 19 yrs. of torture. I replyed to Sally above you. When my sisters told me of what they thought was an invasion of privacy my entire family thought they were crazy inc. me. After 20 yrs.of listening to them I think I may be on to something. Theres a book called radio monitering I got at spy shop. They say if you are bugged by anyone, the Gov., P.I. etc.you can be listened to with a simple reciever built from Radio Shack material.They tell you ins. to make. I think the radio staion having that type of rec. could hear my sis.thru the device installed on their tower by the Gov.,they seemed to comment on there conv. @ home in real time. 1 of them reported this to the F.C.C.& from then on they were terrorized.They were watched thru cameras @ Wal Mart & any camera anywhere.They were tracked by sattelite, so not knowing what was happening they drove themselves crazy trying to figure out how they knew so much.U know they can watch u thru your t.v. in Russia? Here 2?!most likely.Watch for my book {When noone believed them} Miss my sisters! It sucks to have a family member whose a person of interest.





    • jesse pelletier

      maybe if you would spell his damn name right, he would pay attention to your freakin remarks. Its not hard to spell jesse without an I, its only spelled with an I if your a damn girl.

  • Mark


    I love your show…Unfortunately, I think the third season was way watered down (I realize that it was not your doing). I just got done watching the “Brain Invaders” episode. I would like to know if you have looked or have considered looking into how many of the TIs receive vaccinations, like the flu shots, or take SSRIs. I know you don’t think Sandy Hook was a government thing, but what if they used this technology on Adam Lanza?

    • Randall Ingalls

      I have been worked on and worked with the technology. Mind melding, thought and visual and (hearing) implantation, all none invasive technology.

  • Tom McClelland

    Dear Jesse,

    Thanks for presenting the “Brain Invaders” episode of Conspiracy Theory. It gives me hope that you did a documentary of this kind. I’ve been victimized by directed energy weapons and neurotoxic drugging ongoing for over 23 years. In 2000 when a New York Cold Cases Squad detective was going to have forensic testing done on some of my personal items contaminated with the neurotoxins, the Boston detective who first offered me assistance through contact with the New York detective was in an accident and unfortunately died and then within a few weeks of that tragedy, the New York detective’s son was killed in an automobile accident. After the Cold Cases detective lost his son, he was ordered to drop my case. In 2011, I testified at the President’s Bioethics Committee regarding neuro-weapons covertly being used on civilians. The vice-chair of the Bioethics Committee stated at the meeting that 300 requests from individuals to give public comment were received but there was only time to allow about 14 to speak and almost all spoke about their harassment with directed energy weaponry. When the vice-chair was asked by a targeted individual if he had ever heard of “psychotronic weapons,” he answered no, even though in his bio, it mentions his past research in microwave technology.

    The military needs nonconsensual civilian subjects to secretly test in order to advance and perfect their high tech weaponry. The weapons development industries, pharmaceutical companies and universities involved make billions of dollars from their government contracts. When targeted individuals try to get help they are labeled as having delusions, which is probably the greatest obstacle to us getting justice. This in turn, aids the pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatrists who continue to make billions through scapegoating the victims. The heavy targeting I have endured since 1990 has prevented me from continuing my music career as I had intended but has also damaged my wife’s career as well as her personal health and wellbeing.

    Often times, when I try to speak up, I’m labeled, or labeled into a group, as among those who are delusional. I am not delusional though. I am a very hardworking citizen and have tried to make positive contributions to society throughout my life. I’ve worked as a music therapist for the last 17 years. Yet, I have to be continuously aware of microwaves coming through the windows of the office where I work and I have to be continuously on guard for microwaves coming through the windows of my apartment. Regarding being targeted covertly with neurotoxic substances, I have to be on guard whenever in a crowded situation, or whenever I walk down the street or walk into a deli, take a bus, or take a subway into Manhattan to meet friends or go shopping, or travel outside of the city. On occasions when I stayed in hotels while traveling all my belonging had been contaminated.

    I was invited to perform at the Grammy Music Awards in 2001 but I didn’t because of the heavy targeting assaults on me. I have often been targeted when I perform in public so as a result, I am unable to do what I’ve dedicated my whole life to doing. This is a total assault on my freedom as a musician and artist. It is like living in an invisible prison that restricts what I want to do in my life and where I want to go.

    President Obama gave his inauguration speech and spoke about equality for all. Martin Luther King also spoke about liberation for all, yet for me, Dr. King’s struggle is also mine. My persecution is a combination of the military industrial complex’s quest for superiority and capitalistic greed. Even though I’m a Vietnam era veteran, the war for me still goes on. I hope you continue your fight for justice for targeted individuals and I greatly appreciate your inclusion of us on your Conspiracy Theory program. I do wish that you present a follow-up episode to the “Brain Invaders,” to help expose those secrets the government has held for the past seven decades regarding the horrendous high tech weapons that continue to be developed and continue to be used for behavior modification on its own citizens.

    Best Regards,

    Tom McClelland

    • Randall Ingalls

      I have work on and been worked on with these devices. Have any questions?

      • Machelle

        My husband and I have some very strange things going on in our lives and home we have been thinking that we have a spirit in our home but after reading the things we have read here were starting to think otherwise. Please tell us all you can so we can determine weather we need a exorcism or we need to get some other type of help

  • Susan

    Hi Jesse and co – investigators..it is amazing to see how you and your friends are uncovering this stuff. thank you thank you thank you. i have defintely been dealing with these symptoms since college. i traveled to India `began to meditate and tried many many things to stop the ‘noise”…it is all very convoluted and i think about leaving for another country daily. I have been a declared Libertarian all my life. i am now 52 – i love you guys. Thank you!

  • Jesse, thanks for this opportunity. I am a victim of brutal conspiracy and would appreciate any help into my Blog on http://www.szubielskiartgallery.com

    pozdrawiam, wanda