S03E03 – Time Travel

Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 3: “Time Travel”

Journeying through time is the stuff of fantasy, but somehow has been beyond our grasp…or has it? Jesse tracks down a mysterious man who claims to have visited many iconic moments in American history – and influenced the course of history in doing so! Could our government be hiding the secret to time travel, and possibly even using it as a weapon? And what can we do should the technology fall into the wrong hands…or has it already?

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  • Molly Apple Appleson

    I’m a time travel victim. The CIA and NASA government is hurting really bad and will stop. Every time I give my phone number to social security administration my government using my phone location to kill me and use mind controle and time travel on me to hurt me. Recently I had to break my phone in a million pieces to stop the fighting and harassment and to stop the time travel. I’m to poor to buy a new phone. I’m homeless. I’m suffering severely. Every time I give my social security number to any one my clothes come off!!! The NASA government is making walk naked on the streets in front of billions of people. I was bagging people to give me clothes and cover me….but no one would help me. I wish I was dead. My baby son got taken away because of me being naked and my mind controle. It is not my fault. I love my child he is now 6 years old. I never get to see him. My heart and brain hurts.

    • Molly Apple Appleson

      I ment to say the government will not stop. My phone made to many typos.