S01E07 – Apocalypse 2012

It’s believed that the world is heading for disaster and the government is preparing to save and protect the elite – while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Jesse Ventura investigates claims of top secret underground bunkers being built in places ranging from the Nevada desert to the White House, including the largest, now under construction beneath a major metropolitan airport.

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    My peace be with you, my people.

    The misused technology will be a scourge to humanity. Men of science of recent times believe they are gods. Their experiments within the core of the earth will bring adverse consequences for My creation. The particle accelerator manmade move the tectonic plates and this will trigger large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis that destroy populations and coastal cities.

    Large circular and deep eyes will be opened in different places through the void that this machine will produce inside of my land. The big hole created by man will move the axis of the earth and will cause the time to further shorten. The rotation of the planetary system affect because everything is synchronized in the universe that holds great harmony and balance.

    Touch not My creation men of science, because you do not know anything of your Creator Wisdom. Your stupidity and pride will destabilize the core of my land, causing the planetary system which regulates your galaxy dessincronize by the weakening of the gravitational field. I tell you that you will awaken the fury of My creation. The laws that govern the entire universe come from the Wisdom of God. Do not be foolish and senseless trying to judge you gods. Respect My creation and the lives of all My creatures. Who are you to manipulate what with so much love I have created? As the builders of the Tower of Babel also you will be punished.

    Your particle accelerator, and so you call, will weaken the core of my land and this will have grave consequences for My children and My creation. I make an urgent call to My faithful children here on earth, to undertake a great journey of prayer, fasting and penance, worldwide, asking your Heavenly Father to stop the experiments being made in the earth’s core. Awake, my people, that I respect your free will and all that carry out depends on your prayers and supplications.

    My people, pray chain, globally, that the plans of worldly men of science are destroyed, who believe themselves gods. Take heed my call, my people, for My creation is in danger of being destroyed by the hand of those who say they are wise, but in reality they are instruments of evil service. I ask, therefore, that before they carry out this experiment inside the My land, you congregueis in prayer, as did Joshua and his people, who cried to the Lord and He heard, and the sound of trumpets attached to the people’s cries of God collapsed the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6, 20). Also do ye even that you may see, my people, roll on the ground the strongholds of evil.

    Remain in My peace, my heritage, my people.

    His Father, Yahweh, Lord of Creation.

    Give to know my message for all mankind.


    Source: http: //www.mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org/mensajesrecientes.html

    • Dont put words in Gods mouth which he did not speak. However i do agree that the governments are messed up for messing with mother nature.

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  • adri medeiros

    Brazil finds cure for cancer and is free arrested after giving the drug to patients with the disease


    02/09/2015 – Carlos Kennedy Witthoeft says it is “with a clear conscience” During a visit to São Carlos (SP), he told how he met the synthetic phosphoethanolamine, pointed to by researchers as an alternative treatment for cancer, for he wanted. donate it and what happened after being arrested and charged with drug counterfeiting. “There’s no way to measure what we felt every person who came to speak he was cured,” he said.

    The Santa Catarina reported that met phosphoethanolamine in 2007. On March 19 of that year, her mother had a hemorrhage and tests showed cancer in the uterus. “She had a weak heart, would not give to have surgery nor chemotherapy, only radiation therapy to give more quality of life, but does not cure,” he reported.
    Two months after the diagnosis, when friends and family thought that the elderly of 82 years would not last much longer, he learned that researchers at the University of São Paulo (USP) in São Carlos distributing a substance for the disease. He asked the telephone coordinator of the study, Professor Gilberto Orivaldo Chierice, and won the capsules.

    “My mother did not raise over the bed, he gave two or three nibbled on bread and that was the meal of the day. Asked her to take the medicine and on the third day, she walked, went downstairs, went into the kitchen and said, ‘I want to eat some soup,’ “recounted Kennedy.
    He said the improvement was gradual and, on the 18th day consumption of phosphoethanolamine, was surprised. “I had left to go to the bank and, coming home, some 40, 50 minutes later, my mother was in the corner of the garden holding a hoe. I said, ‘Mom, what you want with the hoe?’ And. she said, ‘I’m going to capinadinha.’ ”

    On that day, he gave his mother as cured and called Gilberto asking if could indicate the capsules, but heard that the production was insufficient to meet more patients. “My mother was known in Pomerode, people saw recovery and asked what she had done, if I could for them. I wanted friends could take, how could he say that could not provide? I then asked if I could produce, “he said.

    “Gilberto doctor asked me if I was a chemist and I told no, so he said I could not do, but I kept insisting because, if I had cancer, I wanted to give me phospho. He said: ‘What I have is a strong desire to help these people, no use being chemical and unwilling to help.’ I think this argument touched and he asked if I could come and learn. ”
    Kennedy traveled several times to São Carlos and each visit spent a few days in the city. In all, he believes he was about four months learning to be a practical chemical and synthesize the substance. When they finally succeeded, he began producing the capsules at home and distribute them for free.

    Kennedy produced the capsules in his wife’s company, Aridina Gutknecht Witthoeft, better known as Rita. It was she who answered the calls and talking to people who were asking for help. “When cancer appears, falls around the world, the family wants to help his father, the son … Many still receive as a death sentence. She met people and comforted, was one hour, two hours talking. It takes patience, it is not easy, but she had a gift for it. ”

    Earlier, in 2008, he reconciled with production work as a sales representative, but demand grew. Sensitized, several people began to help and dedication became exclusive. “Every healed brought about three, four,” he estimated.
    But at the end of June this year, production ceased. A complaint led the police to the property and the Health Surveillance seized material. Kennedy spent 17 days arrested and has been charged with drug counterfeiting, since the synthetic phosphoethanolamine has no record in the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

    “Until two months ago I would die happy. There’s no way to measure what we felt every person who came to speak he was cured, “he said. Source: G1



    Note http://www.rainhamaria.com.br

    The Mafia pharmaceutical industry.

    Many publications suggest that the chemist who researched the use of fosfoamina in fighting cancer just did not get the authorization to produce the drug because of such mafia pharmaceutical industries, which would be boycotting the doctor to continue profiting from cancer treatments (instead of cure the disease once). But it is a clarification here:

    According to the National Cancer Institute, there were 14 million new cases of cancer worldwide in 2012 and it is estimated that by 2030 there will be over 21 million patients with cancer worldwide.

    Imagine a market of this size for the pharmaceutical industry!

    Assuming a pill box with the cure for cancer was sold for R $ 500 each and only 40% of these patients could buy the “notorious mafia of the drug industry” would profit about 2.8 billion reais a year! !!

    Believe me, they would profit much (but very much) more with a cure for cancer. After all, every year there are millions of new patients!

    In addition, the company has a cure for cancer of the patent will have a globally recognized brand and, consequently, their actions will trigger, greatly increasing dividends among its shareholders. Gains would be invaluable.

    Falcone sent by friend

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    What Must Befall This Nation & The World, Prophetic word

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    Prophetic Word from Jesus: The Death and Resurrection of America

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    Jesus Speaks On: Demons, Aliens, Volcanoes, and Hell expanding

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    Crise Financeira nos EUA.


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