S01E01 – HAARP

In this episode of Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura and his team head to Alaska to investigate whether the High Frequency Auroral Research Program installation is a communications project or a weapon that can change the weather, shoot down satellites or trigger global mind control.

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  • Sig Sputnik


  • Jesse, all I will say is that you are the epitome of what a true SUPER HERO is and should be. Because a Super Hero is one who fights for TRUTH & JUSTICE.

    Much RESPECT to you !

    Stay Blessed Jesse Ventura 🙂

  • Anthony Quinn

    HI Jessie.

    Love your exposes. Many are on your side and people like you that want to protect and save/preserve the world for everybody. What are we going to do about all of this. New world order is a reality and a world threat as you have shown. If you need help in any way, we are here to do just that.
    Take care and thank you.

    Do you really trust Alex Jones??

  • Randy Olejniczak

    HAARP needs to investigated more. This is where the global warming is coming from. The Nazi’s in our government know this but keep blowing it off. The sntire upper midwest depends on snow for income. No snow no income. Nazi’s need to be put straight. Turn off HAARP.

  • Brijane Hills

    I happen to agree with everything that Jesse has questioned. He is a Hero of mine! Thankyou for trying!