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  • White Knight 196

    I was talking to a lady at the Casino for hours and hours and hours while I sat next to her on the slot machines. As we got to talking she told me that she was a Computer Programmer / Computer Hacker. Right now she is making over a $$$ Million Dollars a year. This is all fine and dandy. Then she tells me that right from a hand held phone a person can hit button and it will get them into the slot machine you are playing and they can lower what the slot machine pays out just to make you lose and they don’t even work for the Casino. Sorda scary for the Casino Industry. I have heard this from another source as well. Table Games look better after hearing this one.

  • White Knight 196

    Big Corporations are moving jobs to Mexico in plants that are making money and sometimes more money than you think. They are also moving white collar jobs there as well. This has nothing to do with NAFTA either. There is a growing amount of major companies that are money laundering for the Mexican and Columbian Drug Cartels and are taking US Jobs to Mexico and Columbia to help move money and they get paid to clean the money for the cartels. They are doing this at the expense of the people of the United States and the United States Federal Government as they purposely put people out of work for their financial gain and cost the Local, State, and Federal Government a a massive amount of tax revenue loss and major economic loss in the places that close shop and move out side the USA. The truth hurts but it is still the truth.

  • White Knight 196

    Illegal Immigrants that bear children in the United States doesn’t mean that the child is automatically a United States Citizen. The illegal Immigrant has broken Federal Immigration Laws and because of this is a Fugitive of the law. Because they are a Fugitive of the law and bear children once inside of the United States it disqualifies the child from being a United States Citizen because the child was illegally born in the United States as the mother is a Fugitive of the law. Thus any child born by an illegal immigrant in the United States is therefore not a United States Citizen but a Fugitive of the Law just like the mother is and can be deported if the mother is deported. So for all of the illegal immigrants that think just because they make it her and bear their child here that the child is a United States Citizen, they are dead wrong.

  • White Knight 196

    We have a serious problem with Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the USA. Over 110 million people in the USA (out of 321 million) have had venereal disease before. Now 2 year old kid, 5 year old kids, and 10 year old kids don’t get venereal disease. Adults do. 1 in every 3 teenagers has had a Sexually Transmitted Disease in America. HIV / AIDS is bigger than you think as the Government doesn’t even want to talk about it anymore because they don’t want to tell you the truth as to how many people have it. Then answer is, THEY DON”T KNOW. Why? Most people don’t get tested for HIV / AIDS and the young don’t go to the doctors as much. Plus with the amount of illegal immigrants coming into our country that have it, they get here and spread it along with other sexually transmitted diseases they have coming from places like Africa and the Middle East. Another problem we have is that no one seems to care and if they do have a sexually transmitted disease they have the attitude “I don’t care” and just keep on having sex and spreading everything to others. So Sexually Transmitted Diseases is spreading like wildfire all over the United States of America. The biggest spreaders are Gays, Illegal Immigrants, Prostitutes, Strippers, Porn Stars, College Kids, and poor inner city black people.

  • White Knight 196

    ISIS isn’t what you think it is. ISIS is based out of The Country of Turkey and it has been discovered what they are after. They want to bring back the Old Ottoman Empire. Turkey wants to seize the Greek Isles, Lebanon, most of Syria, part of Israel, part of Iraq, and land in the countries above Syria and Iraq. They need the oil production out of Syria to fund their new Ottoman Empire along with oil production in Northern Iraq as well. If they can accomplish this they will then expand out even father. If we are serious about taking on ISIS you are going to have to go to War with Turkey. This is why Russia is pounding on them as hard as they are and are not going to stop.

  • White Knight 196

    There is a massive drug route coming straight from Mexico to Chicago Illinois. This drug route is massive. Some of it is being brought in by train and before it reaches it’s destination someone throws the drugs off the train and someone is waiting to grab them and move them to a secret location where they will be sent off to other cities in America. The Key Word is “Trains”.

  • White Knight 196

    The election was rigged. The Republicans have hired The Anonymous People
    and Wikileaks to computer hack Democrats and steal their projects as
    they spy on them and then move the projects to new locations and take
    credit for them. They then promise people jobs if they vote Republican.
    Michigan is the Capital of Dark Money and they are literally buying
    peoples votes so the State goes Republican. The Koch Brothers along with
    the DeVos family are involved in doing this as the Koch Brothers
    planned on spending $900 million dollars of their own personal wealth to
    get a Republican President. This is illegal when you do this. They are
    also doing it in other states like Wisconsin. Donald J. Trump knows what
    is going on and so does his family. They even picked Mike Pence for a
    reason to be Vice President out of Indiana and Donald J. Trump asked “Is
    there anyway I can get out of picking Mike Pence?” Well why would you
    need to get out if you are picking him or is someone else picking him
    and Donald is just going along with things. Republican Indiana Governor
    Mike Pence is involved heavily in corruption as they are stealing
    heavily from Democrats with a group called “The White FBI” based out of
    Indianapolis as they steal projects from all over the country through
    computer hacking and move them to Indiana which is a Republican Red
    State. Then as they do this The Anonymous People and Wikileaks attack
    Hillary Clinton about her emails. Well they are stealing her emails
    which is a Federal Crime and selling them to who ever will buy them for
    big money and then they get release to the public. Email is like your
    mail in your mail box in front of your house. Tampering with mail is a
    $10,000 fine per piece of mail. What if I stole your mail out of your
    mail box and then put it in the local newspaper. They are trying to act
    like this is legal and then saying whistleblowing. No it is flat our
    Sabotage. It is Government Espionage as Computer Hackers are MOLES in
    the Government. They rigged the election it is easily provable. Flat our
    easily provable. Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder will put you
    on a jobs list for future jobs if you put $$$ Cash in his pocket
    personally. They have massive waiting lists for brand new jobs in
    Michigan as people have paid $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and sometimes
    more for a future job that will be created in Michigan but you have to
    vote Republican. For many women they have to have sex as well to get
    these jobs as The Koch Brothers run the biggest Sex Cult in America and
    basically control Michigan and Wisconsin. This sex cult is the “Eyes
    Wide Shut Movie” Sex Cult. Again this is easily provable. Lansing
    Michigan was deemed “The Most Corrupt And Unethical State Capital In The
    Country” for a reason, It reeks of corruption. What they have done
    change how everyone voted in the country and it allowed Donald J. Trump
    to win. It is so bad that the Department of Justice is scared of taking
    it on because it involves millions of people across the country. What
    has happened is Watergate x 100. The Republicans are so guilty that the
    ones that are not involved are scared of the future of America as these
    Computer Hackers screwed up the election process and the mass corruption
    by political assistants is so widespread that it is sickening as it was
    a coordinated effort Nation Wide. Donald J. Trump may have won but
    these people are flat out stating that they are going to tell him and
    his family what to do as he is going to even worse of a puppet that Ex
    Republican President George Bush Jr. was. This is no joke and it is no
    game. These people are literally saying that they are taking over
    America. This is why The Anonymous People are classified by the United
    States Federal Government as a Terrorist Organization along with
    Wikileaks. They do more than computer hack. They are huge into the
    illegal drug trade and are extremely violent as well. They are huge into
    money laundering and illegal gambling as they are Anarchists and will
    follow no laws and don’t believe in paying taxes. They are into Bitcoins
    which is an illegal black market currency. They are also into slave
    labor and sex trafficing. The Mask the Anonymous People wear is really
    based off of the movie “A Clockwork Orange” where a group of criminals
    run rampant and target the rich and they commit crime and “Live off the
    land and the people”. All of this has happened but it isn’t done and
    over with. This is going to lead to a very dark chapter in America’s
    history. Buckle up because things are going to get ugly.

  • White Knight 196

    Wiki Leaks is a criminal organization that are nothing but moles that burrow into our Government and steal everything they can steal and then sell it to whoever will buy it. In one Computer Hack they stole over 75,000 military files. Now what are they stealing and who are they selling it to. They were stealing the names of people in our Navy Seals, Commando Units, Special Forces, and Mercenary Units and then selling them to Islamic Arabs who are some of their biggest customers along with the Drug Cartels in Mexico and Columbia. If you notice these Wiki Leaks people have money as many of them are rich and have never worked a day in their lives as they are White Collar Criminals and do nothing but steal for a living. Where is our Justice Department? No where to be found to stand up to White Collar rich people. They go way beyond stealing just military files as they steal anything they can that they can make money off of. The other thing they are after is Trade Secrets and lists of Federal Agents that could possibly bust them one day. They are just as bad as the Anonymous Computer Hacker which are classified by the United States Federal Government as a Terrorist Organization.

  • White Knight 196

    Just wanted to see if this post went through. Big Hillary Clinton Supporter. Donald Trump is a disaster and will run our country into the ground with his big mouth and bad business practices.

  • White Knight 196

    Mega Mergers

    It seems that we have a bunch of stock brokers who are now called Broker / Dealers that want to screw everyone over as they feel they don’t make enough with their eight figure and nine figure salaries. They are doing exactly what was done in the Wolf On Wall Street Movie as that is why they did the movie to begin with (to rub it in our faces that they are doing this and think we can’t stop them).

    They did the Fiat Chrysler deal to gut Chrysler of it’s money and take all of it to the Netherlands where the new headquarters is and the Netherlands is one of the bigger tax havens in the world. As they do this they rob the pension fund for both blue collar workers and white collar workers and pay themselves big money as they are Broker / Dealer Pension raiders.

    Now they are doing the Dow Chemical DuPont deal as they want to gut the companies and raid the pension funds and then break the combined company into three companies and IPO the three new companies and get millions of shares of each company for themselves under assumed names while tens of thousands of people lose their jobs. It gets even better as they will then hire new people when the merged company is split into three and two of the three new company headquarters will be in Wilmington Delaware and one will be in Midland Michigan. They are doing this for a reason as Third Point run by Daniel Loeb is involved with Mitt Romney who is part owner of Bain’s Capital and is in with Great Lakes Capital Private Equity Company. Now what is funny is Great Lakes Capital is an offshoot of Bain’s Capital and they steal all of the HUD Money from the State of Michigan and several other States which is meant to fix up our inner cities but is being used to fund expensive high end luxury condo’s which a lot of them are in Wilmington Delaware as they are bachelor pads for Playboy men and women and all of these new jobs are going to go to these people as tens of thousands of good hard working Americans are put out of work so east coast scum can laugh at everyone. Mitt Romney is the head of an Organized Crime Family that has over 400,000 members and is an Anonymous person and MIT College has a huge Anonymous People’s headquarters that is a computer hacking hub for Organize Crime (And this guy wanted to be our President so he could steal even more money and put it in his Private Equity Companies).

    This is all really happening as it is busted but the Feds refuse to do anything because they have known all along that they are stealing from HUD and other funds. Mitt Romney personally told Governor Rick Snyder to bankrupt Detroit no matter what to steal from the Pension Funds and the Federal Reserve of Detroit and move the money to his Private Equity Companies when he was on his Presidential Campaign in Cleveland Ohio and the Governor of Michigan has done just that. He is busted and is most likely going to go to Prison like the last two Governors of Illinois and the new Governor of Illinois is worse than the last two when it comes down to stealing.

    Now other deals have happened and for no reason as mega mergers are being done only so Broker / Dealers can make big bucks off of them as they are the ones proposing them to begin with. They say it is 95 percent legal and 5 percent illegal. Well that 5 percent that is illegal makes the whole thing illegal but they don’t care as they make mega money off of these deals.

    Now going back to Mitt Romney. He has plans to bankrupt 120 major cities in America including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and many more as it was published in the media all so they can steal all of the cash out of these cities and put it into Private Equity Companies which hide almost all of their money outside the United States of America in Tax Shelters. 3 out of every 4 American Dollars is outside of the United States and it hurts our companies and our economy as they try and jery rig the stock market by falseifying their balance sheets manipulating the stock market to how their positions are in them as Private Equity controls most of the stock in most companies these days over outside investors.

    Now you ask how do I know all of this. I am the number 1 Federal Agent in the United States and I am a Financial Expert with a Degree in Banking / Financial Management as I went to school to be a Stock Broker and I am the one who has busted them but they have so many people working for them inside our Government (MOB Members) that the Government as a whole won’t let you touch these corrupt mega rich people. It gets worse because they get their children hired into the Federal Government in all of the Agent positions so that way the small people can’t stop them or the Good Agents. They use tax payer money to bribe police forces all over the country to be on their payroll and do their bidding so they won’t stand up to them either.

    The Private Equity Companies money launder for the Drug Cartels and get sometimes up to 30% of the money they clean and launder for the Cartels which equates to hundreds of billions of dollars a year on their end alone. Yes drugs is that big of an industry. They launder the money for all the Black Market Operations and don’t get busted because their kids and friends kids are the Agents in our Government. Their kids are the Broker / Dealers who are corrupt scum bags and this is why our country is so screwed up.

    This is why they say “TO BIG TO FAIL” in the Financial World. In fact I heard that they screwed over Bernie Madolf on purpose just to take control of his $56 Billion Dollars outside the United States. This happens all the time too. It was said that part of Bernie Madolf’s money was the real life Gordon Gheco’s money from the movie Wall Street as he took control of it when he went to prison. The rich screw with the rich all the time. Well maybe Gordon wanted his money back after he got out of prison.

    Most of the stuff you see in the movies is real as the Feds sell their files to Hollywood which then makes movies and TV Series out of them. They change the names and locations most of the time so you don’t know the real life people’s names and where they really took place.

    But the Mega Mergers is a scam and the whole things is busted. Now it is a matter of who is the Federal Government which has 9.6 million employees is going to be the ones to actually do something.

    The Truth Hurts But It Is Still The Truth. That is the America we live in.

  • White Knight 196


    It seems that our Government has a big group of people that are known as Supervillans. Now in real life the Government has let them out of Prison for some stupid reason and they are wrecking havoc on our country as they punish us for them being put into prison anyways. Many of these people were corrupt Government people to begin with and were against our Government right from the Get Go. These people are your Credit Card Scammers which we can’t seem to catch and have nailed how many companies and done how much damage? Well it is because they work for the Government. They are huge into Money Laundering and work for the MOB.

    Now what is worse is that they glorify themselves in movies and TV Series as they really act like supervillans in the TV Series Gotham, Suicide Squad, and there is a new TV Series where an FBI Agent has gone bad and she is one of the Governments worst enemies. Well this is the very people they let out of prison as they are some of the most corrupt people you could ever imagine and they are young too (20’s 30’s and early 40’s).

    These people are extremely political and steal and steal and steal some more. They are into the Koch Brothers Sex Cult along with other Sex Cults and are huge into Polygamy. They are huge into the Porn Industry and set people up for sex scandals and blackmail everyone they can blackmail to get what they want and then use their Government badges to intimidate you and doctor evidence and they even murder vast numbers of people that try and take them down like supervillans would do.

    Now why and the hell would our Government let them out of Prison? Because the Government being as stupid as they are only took down part of them instead of all of them and the part that didn’t get thrown in prison used their Government powers and blackmailed everyone they could to get the others back out and now that they are out they are pissed off and attacking everyone that put them in and our Government being as stupid as they are just sit there and let them do it.

    One of the biggest things they do is steal from the Government. They steal from every division of the Government there is and are are in with the Drug Cartels in Columbia and Mexico as they bring in the drugs using their Government badges and put the drugs on the streets over busting drug dealers and taking drugs off the street. They money launder for the Cartels as well and hide almost all of their money outside the United States which equates to tens of trillions of dollars and it is rumored that the dollar amount is even higher than that. Then the Government being as stupid as they are raise our taxes to make up for what they steal because the Government has so many incompetent idiots in it who feel they don’t get paid enough with their high six figure and seven figure salaries that they participate in screwing our country over because the Government has deep pockets and because they can as they have Government badges and clearances to do these things and the small people of America can’t do anything to stop them.

    These are the people who want to show a Government badge and have lines of credit with the Casinos and take out millions of tax payers dollars at a time to gamble with and blow it and then take our millions more and laugh at the tax payers because it is their tax money they are gambling with over their own personal money. They are rigging the slot machines with computer programs so they don’t pay out the legal limits and the Government knows it and won’t do anything to stop it as they have a syphoning system that steals bonuses from you on the computerized machines and gives it to them while you lose and the money they win from stealing the bonuses is then sent to accounts outside the United States. Our Government knows that and does nothing as the good people get cheated out of their hard earned money and can’t do anything because these people work for the Government and are Supervillans.

    These Supervillans use your tax payer money to run massive illegal gambling establishments all over the country and then raise your taxes to pay for it and our Government is letting them do it as they do nothing to stop them.

    This is all true as I am a Federal Agent myself and I am on the Good Side and go up against these people and have no help from the Federal Government at all. I have a Banking / Financial Management Degree and I am extremely analytical and I have busted a bunch of the things they do but the Government doesn’t support me and supports these Supervillans and the crime keeps going on over putting an end to it.

    These people steal patents and send all of the work out of the country and cost our country jobs and tax revenue coming in from their paychecks. They steal trade secrets and sell them to foreign countries where they then set up businesses where they are silent partners and produce everything at their companies making big money off of slave labor. The Government knows who they are and does nothing to stop them.

    These people are huge into the LGBT movement as they hate Christians as they are the people who helped to bust them and throw them into prison to begin with but yet also go to church and are some of the top donors as they look for people to lure into their porn groups and sex cults and polygamy ways of life.

    These people are huge into computer hacking and are part of the Anonymous People and are one of the worst threats to America as they want to burn the Constitution and be the very people who create the brand new one. They are totally against paying taxes as they feel that is for the bottom level no body’s in America.

    All and all, this is why we have so many problems in America.

    This is the America we live in. The truth hurts but it is still the truth.

  • Condition. Some individuals could create for Forbes to create their own reputations.
    Merely by linking themselves with the Forbes brand
    name, they profit.

  • White Knight 196

    The Traveling Acting Group (The Movie “The Game”)

    This is really being done everywhere as the is a huge amount of people who are part of something called The Traveling Acting Group. You sign up to play their game and they issue you real life Federal Agent Badges and Cop Badges along with other things and they carry out something similar to the movie “The Game”. Now a lot of it involves illegal gambling and Exhibitionist Women and Men (BDSM) and a huge amount of illegal drugs. Then people pay to watch the game happen in real life and our Government just sits back and lets them do it as real life Agents are involved as well.

    Now these people don’t abide by our laws and don’t care about anything but themselves as they rake in big bucks to do all kinds of illegal things. They say they are an “Entertainment Company” and are set up all over the country. They want to rub it in regular peoples faces saying they are “The Have’s” and the regular people are “The Have Not’s” as they are “The Privledged” people in Society and they don’t have to follow our countries laws as the laws are for regular people (peasants).

    These people steal heavily, rape, murder, money launder, do drugs, pimp women, prostitute, deal drugs in massive amounts,into soft core porn, hard core porn, having sex with minors, and the list goes on and on and on and many of them even work for the United States Federal Government.

    They have a saying “When there is a problem we investigate ourselves and clear ourselves of all the wrong doing” so this is why they never get stopped from doing what they do.

    One of the biggest problems there is is that to them life is just one big party that never ends. They want to do nothing but party and live the good life without have to work for it and do everything illegal there is to gain wealth. They bring on huge amounts of people and as they bring on more it costs more to fund their lifestyles so they steal and steal and steal so they can keep on living this type of lifestyle. They have the “I don’t care” attitude and really mean it. They don’t believe in paying taxes as that is for regular people (peasants) to do.

    This is the America we really live in and it is getting worse. The truth hurts but it is still the truth.

  • White Knight 196

    New Way Of Unionizing I Created

    This is a brand new way of Unionizing that is fast and efficient. What you do is form a Union Support Group. You pay $25 dollars to join this Union Support Group and as more and more people join the Union can see how many people they have supporting the Union before they even go and Unionize a place. When you get to around 35% to 40% of the total workers at the place that have signed up for this support group, then the Union comes to wherever you are and puts everything they got into getting the last 10% to 15% of the workers to join the Union Support Group so they know they have over 50% before they vote to Unionize. By doing this the Union itself can Unionize a place in days to several weeks and they know flat out they are going to win the Unionization Vote because these people that want to Unionize have joined the Union Support Group. $25 bucks is cheap so it is very affordable to the people that want to Unionize. These Union Support Groups are the key to Union Growth in America and the Republican Anti Union Movement is scared to death of this.

    Now in this Union Support Group each person says what is most important to them like “Higher Pay, Health Care, Vacation Time, 8 Hour Work Day over a 12 Hour Work Day, Seniority, Turning Down Overtime instead of Mandatory Over Time, Sick Leave, Apprenticeships, and etc. So each person writes down what is most important to them and then when the numbers get high enough percentage wise all of this is then sent to the Union and they can see what each person in the Union Support Group is focusing on and they can get an idea without seeing everyone in person what it is the people want most of all and when they come in they are already informed and prepared to go all out and push the others that haven’t join the group to join the Union Support Group and Unionize the place of work.

    This means of Unionizing is so efficient that you can Unionize a place in a day if you do things right.

    This is the future of America as the Union Movement has begun. The Fast Food Workers is just the beginning as people demand better pay.

  • White Knight 196

    Satelite TV By Rupert Murdoch

    Satelite TV is something that is being done heavily on the East Coast and some areas of the West Coast and is spreading. For a monthly fee that you pay to Rupert Murdock’s Company you can watch people in their own home or apartment. You can watch them cooking dinner, having sex, showering, watching TV, and etc. It is the newest form of Reality TV. Is it legal? No but they are doing it anyways. They were going to vote on making it legal in Washington D.C. and when it was about to come up for a vote in National Congress, they backed off. If you watch the movie Sliver it is the same thing as what the man in the movie does to Sharon Stone’s Character as he is doing it to everyone in his building he owns. This is one step farther as you can pay to watch people everywhere. It isn’t just regular people that are being watched either. Famous Models, Politicians, Judges, CEO’s, Stock Brokers, and etc. are being watched. Millions and millions of people are doing this and they stalk you and prey on you as they plan to commit horrible crimes against you. They beat law enforcement because they will watch every single police officer there is and listen to them so they can run their drug empires and not get caught. They watch our Federal Agents as well and this is one way they catch our undercover people so it is getting harder and harder to be an Federal Agent.

    Invasion of Privacy? They say their is no privacy anymore. They make money off of doing this and they watch massive amounts of people in control rooms that are in hidden rooms just like in the movie Sliver. They they go to meet you in person to try and pick you up an have sex with you and then watch themselves on recording having sex with you. They do horrible things to everyone and our Government does nothing as they are being victimized as well.

    Imagine if there were no laws and you could do anything you want, what would you do? Would you find the best looking women and tune in to see them naked for a small fee each month? How many perverted people would? More than you think. How many people would watch young teenagers having sex that are under 18 and they don’t even know it? More than you think. How many people would watch little children? More than you think. This is the new wave of technology and committing crime and our Government was going to vote to make this legal and then backed off. People are being watched to see how much money they have and other valuable things at their apartments, homes, mansions, and etc. and then get robbed. They watch to listen in on what is being said and then use what is being said in Private against you when they shouldn’t even know what was said or done.

    Now this is not just being done in the United States as it is being done everywhere in Europe and their capabilities is growing as more and more Satelites are being put into space allowing them to watch more and more people like this. The problem is that many of the watchers are hard core criminals. Now they watch you as you type in your log ins and passwords and then can go into all of your accounts like email, facebook, bank accounts, and etc. They literally have log books on everyone and even try to impersonate you. This is one of the newer ways to commit identity theft. Again it is being done heavily on the East Coast and some on the West Coast but is spreading towards the Central part of America.

    I know for a fact all about this because it is being done to myself. All I can offer you is the truth. Now other movies that show something like this is Enemy of the State but instead of in the hands of Government people it is in the hands of Regular People. The movie Sliver but modernized as that was a movie done a long time ago. The Firm with Tom Cruise. The list goes on and on too.

    This is the America we live in. It is only going to get worse because like I said it is being done in other countries as well. They can sit here and watch our military bases and then sell the positions of our troops to Arabs and make big money. It is being done.

    I know that stuff like this is scary but it is better to know about it so you adjust your life towards invasion privacy and so you try not to become a victim of a horrible crime over not knowing and having the chances of you being a victim go up. The best thing to do is buy several guns and ammo and go and get a Concealed Weapons Permit so you can legally carry a gun. A lot of people are doing this as they are arming themselves heavily because they know all about this technology. If you are armed then at least you have a fighting chance. Again even are Federal Government is being victimized and many of them don’t even know it.

    The truth hurts but it is still the truth.

  • White Knight 196

    One Time Social Security Increase of 9.4%

    Now before you jump up and down about this you need to understand the economics of this. We have tens of millions of people collecting Social Security and Social Security Disability. Every State and every county in every State has people collecting and as the Federal Government gives out more Social Security money it helps out the economy in every part of the country. As more money is put out it helps to create more jobs as the people collecting spend the money and as they spend the money more businesses open up and more jobs are created.

    Now here is how it works. As we create more jobs we have people making money and paying into Social Security and then we have the Corporate Match So in total we are collecting 7.35% from the worker and 7.35% from the company in the Corporate Match. Now as more people are put to work because tens of millions of people are spending more it will create between 900,000 to 1.25 million brand new jobs. Now what the people make in the brand new jobs matters because the more you make the more taxes you pay. Plus the a lot of people currently working make more money and as they make more money they pay in more Social Security Tax and the Corporations pay more in the Corporate Match.

    Now it gets even better because as all of these new people are put to work they also pay in Federal Income Tax and State Income Tax for the States that have it and City Income Tax for the Cities that have it. The Federal Income Tax is the big hitter as they don’t pay attention to this because it is going to the Federal Governments Budget and not the Social Security Trust Fund. The same with the State Income Tax as it goes to each States Budget over going into the Social Security Trust Fund. The same goes for the City Income Tax as it goes to the Cities Budget over the Social Security Trust Fund.

    Now it goes even farther as you create 900,000 to 1.25 million jobs that is fewer people that are collecting unemployment checks or sitting on welfare as there is no physical job for them. As these people live off the Government they will now be working and paying in Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax for the States that have it, Social Security Tax and the Corporate Match, and City Income Tax for the Cities that have it. The key thing is they will be paying in good tax money over collecting tax money in the form or unemployment or welfare. The cost savings to the Government is massive in size but the cost savings is not in the Social Security Trust Fund, it is in the General Budget for each State or the Federal Government.

    This extra money will fuel the economy and as it does so you will see companies revenue and profits go up and some companies do pay in Corporate Income Tax but again that is not in the Social Security Trust Fund it goes into the General Budget. Then as the economy goes up dramatically in every State it will lead to the Stock Market going up and that will lead to massive Capital Gains Tax Growth which again that goes into the General Budget not the Social Security Trust Fund.

    Other Taxes come in as well as you can go down the list because all of them go into the General Budget not the Social Security Trust Fund. So if you do this and a massive new wave of money comes into the Federal Government because the economy in every State goes up substantially then you just take some money from that new wave of taxes coming into the Federal Government and put it in the Social Security Trust Fund equal to what is needed to make up for what is left between the what the 900,000 to 1.25 million new jobs are paying into the Social Security Trust Fund (The 7.35% from your Pay and the 7.35% Corporate Match) and what the other people working that are making more because of this boost in the one time Social Security Increase of 9.4%. Again you add up everything and you will make more money because of the New Taxes coming in and the Cost Savings from all the new people working over living off the Government (unemployment and welfare)

    Every State that has a State Income Tax will be in the Green because of this and as they are in the Green they will do more infrastructure projects creating even more jobs and taking more people collecting unemployment or living on welfare and putting them to work paying in Taxes. So you take Federal Government money and it flows to the States heavily and this is how we can fix the infrastructure problems we have in America as 31% of the infrastructure in our country needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or demolished and rebuilt.

    Now the Federal Government will have a massive amount of new Tax money in their Federal Government Budget and they will spend a nice chunk of it on infrastructure projects as well creating even more jobs and helping to lower unemployment checks going out and welfare rates and that leads to extra Social security Tax money coming in from these peoples jobs. There will be so much brand new Tax Money coming in that we can pay down on some of the National Debt each year and avoid borrowing more because the Taxes coming in is so much more the borrowing won’t be needed.

    By doing this it helps the lives of the people who are old and the disabled so they can live a little bit better and by doing so it will make our countries economy extremely strong without inflation too. As our economy thrives it will help the worlds economy go up as well.

    You can’t calculate everything because people will get pay raises in a strong economy and as they get pay raises they will make more and pay in more Taxes. They could move up in the Federal Income Tax Bracket. They will pay in more Social Security Tax and the Corporate Match will grow as well. So this is what I am banking on.

    One last thing too. As more money is put into our economy it leads to a massive amount of State Sales Tax for the States that have it and that will be huge for each and every State and put them into the Green even more.

    This is what is best for the country and for the people of America and for America itself.

  • White Knight 196

    The movie Trading Places

    Now the Duke Brothers are long but gone. There are others that are doing exactly what they did in real life as they purposely take someone who is either rich or should be rich and make them poor and take someone who is poor or a criminal and make them rich and they take bets on what will happen. Now in the movie the bet is $1 dollar but in real life their are $Billions bet as they call it exotic betting for the rich. You would be surprised at how many people they do this too. The numbers are staggering and our Government does nothing to stop this. It just goes to show you that the rich can do anything they want and if you think you have equal rights in this country you are mistaken. You only have the rights they allow you to have. Some have more rights than others.

    They even come up with things like “The Have’s and The Have Not’s” to rub it in everyone’s faces.

    This is the America we really live in. The rich think they can do anything as they buy their way out of everything or screw their way out of everything where the regular people get the book thrown at them.

    Who is in our Federal Government? Who gets hired? A lot of the jobs are going to snot nosed brats who come from rich families and a lot of our elected people are rich. Many of our Judges are rich. The Federal Agents that are being hired are even rich peoples kids for the most part. More and more jobs are being filled with people that don’t care and don’t take the job seriously and are just there for a good paycheck and the ability to expense everything to the Government. The rich people tell their kids to go and work for the Government to fill up all the positions and not let the regular people be in the Government so they can do all the corrupt things they want and their kids are the Feds. The rich hand out with the rich and the regular people get trampled on. The Judges and Politicians go to the same Private Country Clubs as the rich and the rich donate to their campaigns. Do you think they associate with the farmers? Do you think they associate with the Union workers? Do you think they associate with the Non Union Workers? Do you think they associate with the bottom level White Collar Workers? Hell no they don’t.

    Open your eyes because the world we live in isn’t what you think.

  • White Knight 196

    The Movie “The Campaign” (2012) with Will Ferrell in it as Cam Brady.

    Now many of the things in this movie are really happening in real life. If you pay attention to the Motch Brothers, in real life they are the Koch Brothers. If you are running as a Democrat they will pay people to slander you and lie like crazy. Currently the Koch Brothers are planning on spending $900 million dollars of their own personal wealth to have a Republican Elected into the Presidency. They did the same thing to get Michigan Governor Rich Snyder elected. They rig elections by buying people who go out and recruit people to vote the way the Koch Brothers want. They will promise jobs to those that follow them and bring on a huge amount of people. They are huge into privatizing the Government as they want to get rid of Union Government Workers and replace them with the people they promise jobs too. Right to work in Michigan is “I have the right to take your job from you and give it to someone else” in their Anti Union Campaign. They are huge into Sabataging anyone that stands in their way. Now if you are spending $900 million dollars of your own personal wealth to get a Republican elected president then how are you doing it as their are campaign finance laws. The main states they spend their money are Michigan and Wisconsin. Then they show something at the end about the voting machines are owned by the Motch Brothers. Now is there something going on where they can rig some of the voting machines in America? Some places are starting to go to computerized voting. The Koch Brothers will even go as far as offering a candidate a sum of cash in the $millions to purposely lose the election to get a Republican elected (This has happened in other races at the State Level in numerous states)

    Now how can this happen in America when we promote Free and Fair elections to other countries in the world when our own elections are being rigged. Now some people like Michigan Governor Rich Snyder has Political Slush Funds which he has been caught with that he is using to do the Koch Brothers bidding. It is called Illegal Dark Money but yet our Federal Government does nothing to stop this illegal activity. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker got caught taking illegal money as he was part of a several year Federal Investigation but yet is still Governor of Wisconsin. It makes the Justice Department look like an absolute disgrace along with other division of the Federal Government. How far is this going to go as the Koch Brothers are not the only ones into doing this. There are others that do the same exact thing in other parts of the country as they will do anything to get Republicans elected into office.

    Watch the movie because there are other things they are doing that are not in the movie that has WIll Ferrell as Cam Brady in it.

  • White Knight 196

    Sanctuary Cities

    There are over 331 Sanctuary Cities in the United States and the number is growing. A Sanctuary City is a place that refuses to follow Federal Law and are safe havens for criminals. Criminals literally are elected into office and they control the police forces and the judges and lawyers and the Federal Agents are into crime themselves. They are places that move massive amounts of drugs and launder huge amounts of money. Austin Texas, San Francisco California, Atlanta Georgia, and Phoenix Arizona are just a few of them. This is a growing problem in our country as the good people suffer because our Local Government, State Government, and Federal Government don’t care about us. There is so much money in things like drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, gun running, and etc. that that is all that matters to them as they make big bucks off of it and hide the money in hidden accounts and safes built into their walls. They steal Government money and give it to themselves starving the Cities of the money they need to survive or rebuild themselves and they always tell the public they have no money but it is a huge lie. They then proceed to raise our taxes so they can steal even more money from the Government and literally laugh at the good people of the communities. They have huge amounts of thugs on their payrolls and threaten violence to anyone that stands up to them. They rig political elections so they maintain power over the Cities. So if you think this is a free country you are dead wrong. They don’t care about your Constitutional Rights and will never follow the law or uphold the laws of the land because they are criminals in our Government who use Government Powers against the people of their Cities. That is the America we live in. The truth hurts but it is still the truth.