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  • dexpug7

    Dear Jesse, please contact me, I believe I have something that would be of high interest to you, I would not waste your time, thanks.

  • William Bruce Hardie

    The mossad sent a notification to the Bush administration a week before 911 telling them it’s going to happen. The Jewish community was notified and many didn’t go to work at the trade center that day. In fact there were pictures in the news showing Orthodox jews with shilocks on top of buildings surrounding the wtc with cameras on tripods!!! Bush administration disregarded the warning. I’d listen to the Mossad, they know what they’re doing.

  • Leighton

    I am a british whoops sorry a Welsh man through and through… listening to alot of comments from a variety of people with outstanding comments which lately has grabbed my at most intention…. i have been feeling for atleast 4 -5 years that America is soo far from being the free country that they so rightly deserve and hope that other nation’s hence “the Welsh hope they would be
    I am so glad there is a gentleman out there who is standing up for all you Americans to actually fight for the truth which you all deserve.. bitter how it sounds but truth always is
    Jesse Ventura is what America needs to step up to the plate and for once admitt it’s awfull flaws… good on you jesse
    I have so much info rattling in my head but will they listen.. will they f#@^k

  • Wolf Messing

    Hi Jesse, I was wondering about conspiracy theory too. In 1973 one of Soviet magazine’s by name “Eureka” printed this: “In 1897 it was proven, that brain is SELF-LEARNING ORGAN. It was done in France, as a result of physiologic work on Chimpanzee brain. Physiologists used electrodes inserted into brain surface area and electric impulse (Morse code). Brain learned Calculus in approximately 6-8 months.

  • Wolf Messing

    Dear Jesse,
    Did you read book by Robert L. Watkins, M.D.
    “The Brain: The Dynamo-Electric Machine of the Human Body” p.p. 211-212 ?
    printed by NY Society of Haematology, 12-22-1905
    “The upper brain corresponds to the field coils, and the lower brain, including the Medula Oblongata and spinal cord, corresponds to the armature and it’s conducting wires”

  • Dean Reeves

    Dear Jesse Ventura, You have investigated 9/11, JFK assassination, HAARP, but I would like to know what you think about the possibility of the mystery behind the possible escape of Adolf Hitler and some of the other head Nazis at the end of WWII and living in Argentina. Could you do a story or research into it?

  • Nicholas Sangineto

    dear Jesse Ventura, i was wondering why not help Trump? I am pretty sure you will be helpful.

  • William A Stofer

    Gov. Ventura, what are your thoughts on anti-Marijuana senator Jeff Session getting appointed?

  • Thebob

    Sorry Gov. you are an idiot about the Electoral College, by your statement on Infowars today, is basically saying Hillary won 12 states and won the most populous cities, NY, LA, Chicago, Seattle, and those 12 states get to dictate the policy of the rest of the country…This is exactly WHY the EC was put into place by the founders…The way it use to be, the President was who won the most votes the VP was who came in 2nd, that happened one time and the Pres and VP were from opposite parties…I didn’t like the EC until I actually read up on why it was put into place and was explained to me in a good educated way….Your comments also about Abortions were asinine..You are either small Gov’t Libertarian or you are not…Oh certain issues should be left of to the states like Cannabis use, but abortions are too important..You sir are a fcking coward…From one Vet to another…A FCKING COWARD…

  • Mikey Charles