Jesse Ventura’s Shocking Revelations about Chris Kyle Court Case

  • Jesse won his in front of a jury, the appeals court threw it out
  • Our whole system is based on corrupt bribery
  • Jesse has been playing by the rules
  • With a second trial, Jesse can further prove Chris Kyle is a liar
  • Media conglomerates want to defame people and profit from it
  • they don’t want to fact check
  • 33 media conglomerates came in to this case on the appeal
  • MSM are no longer in the news business, they’re in the entertainment business,
  • Sue for libel, the bar is very high, truth is supposed to come out
  • Face to face, Kyle did not have the courage to tell the truth
  • The New Yorker on Chris Kyle
  • The Governor’s new book, Sh*t Politicians Say (2016)
  • A fun book to put out during the national party conventions
  • “George W. Bush … defending us from freedom” – Rick Perry
  • “A zebra does not change its spots” – Al Gore
  • 9/11 and the declassified 28 pages
  • We overthrew Saddam, the archenemy of the Saudis
  • If they weren’t incriminating, why were they withheld?
  • The Pentagon, the NFL, and $6.8 Million
  • Vietnam veterans were not honored when they came home
  • Billions of dollars versus a little collateral damage
  • Private sector prisons need to be full to make a profit
  • Jesse won’t vote for Democrats or Republicans
  • Third party candidates are more attractive than 2 criminal parties
  • Because he was allowed to debate, Jesse became the 38th Governor of Minnesota
  • The corporations are running this country, which is the definition of fascism
  • RT is not one of the conglomerates opposing this court case
  • Russian television will give Jesse a chance to speak freely
  • Russia became our enemy because Wall Street was running our country
  • Russia has two military bases outside of Russia
  • The United States has 178 military bases outside of the U.S.
  • The truth takes people out of their comfort zone
  • Jesse considered running for President, could not give it 100%
  • The electoral college should have been eliminated a long time ago – The voice of political conspiracy research

  • Xabre

    The fact is simply this… the court system in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia are based in Roman Civil Law, and Admiralty Law, and Common Law ( The law of the Land /people runs parallel to both) The point being is in Roman Civil and Admiralty they can make up the rules as they go along.Where common Law is the Common mans law, which you and I are NOT supposed to know about.Why do you think in the majority of court rooms any kind of recording devices are no longer allowed. So they can keep their Charade from the general public.
    J.V. has been singled out not because he was already proven innocent, but because Jesse is a fly in the ointment. JV is to made an example of because he exposes the dark under belly of our supposed democracy, he brings to light the Real clandestine goings on in Washington and around the world. WE who are awake know the Court system in all the countries mentioned above are Corrupt, and have been for centuries, and that people like Jesse Ventura, must be silenced or financially broken to make them go away.

    This whole affair is going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better….they will and try to out last JV in the court room in the hopes he’ll throw in the towel and go away.
    However Jesse Ventura is NOT the type to back down when he was and is in the right…..CLEARLY

  • Joe

    Jesse is right on point. He is experiencing what many are afraid to admit- or too lazy or powerless to change. Please keep up your fight and spreading your information Jesse. You are an incentive and reminder that we are NOT crazy- things really are are corrupt, iiligal and immoral as they seem. You inspire us to not give in or up.

    True capitalism is long dead. Socialism has run amuck and the US constitution is now a meaniingless joke to those in control. News and fact based reporting is now considered entertainment and having an opinion differnt from the approved majority considered criminal by many…
    People like jesseVentura have had the experience and gut to fight..he is one of the few last true Americans.

  • Jerry Hewes

    Keep going Jesse. I stand with you. I have written a book about truth. “The Value Perspective.”