• I made the biggest mistake one camn make in his life time. My mistake was putting my ideas in the mail to barack obama. Now my ideas are all over the t.v. and i requested payment and never got it. They but paid people off so that they won’t be sued. Am talking about designs brought fort products that out here on the open market Cars and SUV’s Companies he started up using every ideas he gotten from me Didn’t get the payment i ask for When trying to sue his ass lawyers want tell me i have no case.

  • R. Brnson

    Governor, please run for President.

  • Jesse…Just got the book…They Killed Our President. You and everyone you work with are True Americans and you’re welcome at my home anytime at all day or night my friend. The courage to write this and all the investigation involved is incredible and I for one am truly impressed beyond words. Thank you sir for all you do and thank you for your service. Sincerely, Wayne Buchanan, Kentwood, Michigan.

  • Sean

    I stay very busy and as a result, I don’t have the luxury of keeping up with the news everyday. So, when I have some rare downtime, I get on the Internet and read things that peak my interest. Today I discovered your lawsuit against Chris Kyle. I understand that maybe he did say something that was untruthful about you in his book. Going public about it and getting your point across would have been fine, but taking it to the level of suing his grieving widow is just sad and pathetic. I was dumbfounded when I came across this news, and I understand that all of us have our issues and faults including military personnel, but I would not expect a former soldier to do this to another fellow soldier.

    • Edwin

      I don’t think that you have thoroughly looked into the matter. The widow took no part in the law suit since the suit was transfered to the insurance. She was not financially affected and not one dime did she pay him. The media failed to mention this. Credibility does not have to reflect reality within the media, unfortunately. Even though they are credentialed and have notoriety they do not have to give you the truth. This applies to our politicians. Strive to be unconventional and reevaluate what you here in the media. And listen to all what the firsthand sources have to say before making a judgement. Cheers mate.