Prisoners To Get Federal Financial Aid? Watch Jesse Ventura Sound Off!

Jesse Ventura talks about the Obama Administration’s new pilot program that gives Pell Grants to eligible prisoners so they can complete a higher education program while serving time. The experiment aims to rehabilitate prisoners so they have a shot at staying out of jail once they are released rather than returning like a majority of them do. Do you think Pell Grants will set prisoners up for success back in the real world?


Here’s What Jesse Ventura Thinks About Donald Trump’s New Immigration Plan

Jesse Ventura has been making headlines as of late for throwing his support behind Trump because The Donald’s been shaking the two-party system in this country. But he doesn’t agree with Donald Trump on every issue. Here’s what Jesse Ventura thinks about Trump’s new immigration plan.

Jesse Ventura Uncovers What Happens to Campaign Funds After the Elections

Jesse Ventura talks about how the 2016 Presidential race will be the most expensive in history. With Hillary Clinton aiming to raise $2.5 billion for her campaign, and Jeb Bush already raising more than any other candidate, it’s hard to deny money rules our political system. But where does the money go after the winner is crowned? Tune in to this all-new Off the Grid to find out! Do you think we can get money out of politics or is it too late?

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GOP Debate: It’s Another Edition of ‘Sh-t Politicians Say!’

Jesse Ventura sounds off on the first GOP debate hosted by Fox News. Tune in to this all-new episode to hear the craziest shit Republican presidential hopefuls said on stage. Do you think Donald Trump crossed the line with Megyn Kelly? Who do you think won?

Jesse Ventura: Did you watch the GOP debates last week? I sure as hell didn’t, but believe me I did sure hear about them.

If you wasted your time watching the GOP debates I just have one thing to say to you. I’m sorry. And to those of you like me who didn’t tune in, don’t worry Brigitta’s in the Command Centre with the craziest shit the Republican contenders said that night. Do I dare hear them?

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Jesse Ventura Reveals How the Afghanistan War Fueled the American Heroin Epidemic

Jesse Ventura reveals how America lost the war on drugs by fighting the war on terror. Since the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan, the country’s opium production has doubled, massively contributing to the heroin epidemic raging through America today. Tune in to this all-new episode to find out how the Afghanistan War led to the American heroin epidemic and how big of a role our own government played. What other unintended consequences of war have you seen?

Jesse Ventura: The war on terror cost the U.S. the war on drugs. Interesting.

It’s been 14 years since America invaded Afghanistan, but the consequences of this war are affecting Americans now more than ever before and not necessarily in the way you might think. Brigitta in the Command Center, how does this war relate to the heroin epidemic going on right now?

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Roger Stone: Why I Left Trump’s 2016 Campaign But Still Support The Donald

Fresh off the campaign trail with presidential hopeful Donald Trump, former senior advisor Roger Stone reveals to Jesse Ventura why he decided to leave the campaign. Plus, Stone reveals who should be Trump’s VP pick and why he supports the Donald.

Jesse Ventura: A few days ago Donald Trump’s senior adviser Roger Stone suddenly left the campaign. Roger Stone has been a frequent guest of Off The Grid and he joins me today to give us the insight into where the campaign is going and what went wrong and what will it really take to make America great again.

He’s worked in politics for over 40 years, advising President’s Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. In 2012 he was the campaign manager for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico. He is a New York Times bestselling author and has a new book coming out October 6th titled “The Clinton’s war on women” and most recently, of course, he was an adviser to Donald Trump for his 2016 campaign. Roger Stone welcome back to Off The Grid. Roger, a lot’s happened. You’ve left the Trump campaign, now before I bring you in, the Trump campaign said that you didn’t leave, that they fired you. Their statement reads “Mr. Trump fired Roger Stone. We have a tremendously successful campaign and Roger wanted to use the campaign for his own personal publicity. He has had a number of articles about it recently and Mr. Trump wants to keep the focus of the campaign on how to make America great again.” Is that an accurate description Roger of why you left?

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Jesse Ventura and Henry Rollins Talk the 2016 Elections & Why Bernie Sanders Has Their Vote

Punk rock icon Henry Rollins joins Jesse Ventura on Off The Grid to talk the state of politics today, the 2016 elections and why Bernie Sanders has their vote. Plus, Rollins sounds off on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, why he had to “clean up after Bush,” and the death of protest music.

Jesse Ventura: Today’s guest has been described as a punk-rock icon, motivational speaker, actor, author, activist, TV Personality, poet and overall Renaissance man. Other than the punk-rock am I talking about myself? No. It’s the one and only Henry Rollins.

Henry Rollins has toured the world as a front men for both the Rollins band and Black Flag. He currently hosts a weekly radio show on LA’s renowned NPR affiliate KCRW, in addition to writing weekly columns for the LA Weekly and the Rolling Stone Australia.
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One Year After the Outbreak, Jesse Ventura Looks Into Ebola Conspiracies

Just a year ago, we were at the height of the Ebola epidemic — and the entire world was losing its mind. But now, conspiracies are coming out about the virus, making us take a closer look at the origins of the outbreak. Jesse Ventura takes a hard look at one theory that may connect the U.S. to the outbreak.

Jesse Ventura: Our government has been using biological weapons for well over 60 years, so is it possible that we played a part in the Ebola outbreak just a year ago? Could that be possible?
Just a year ago we were at the height at the Ebola epidemic and the entire world was losing its mind. Yet, conspiracies are coming out on the virus that made us want to take a closer look at the origins of the outbreak. Brigitta in the Command center what do you have for us today dealing with Ebola?
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