Jesse Ventura: Oath Keepers Founder Responds to Critics on Kim Davis, Gun Control and Protecting the Constitution

Their group has been making headlines all across the nation. Well now it’s time to hear what they have to say, straight from the source! In this episode of Off The Grid Jesse Ventura welcomes Stewart Rhodes the founder and director of the Oath Keepers. Do you think the Oath Keepers are providing a necessary service?

Jesse Ventura: They’ve been making headlines all across the nation. Some praise them, while others condemn them. Today we are going to hear what they have to say. The founder of the Oath Keepers goes Off The Grid.

My guest today is the Founder and director of the Oath Keepers, who are a group of current and formerly serving military police and first responders who pledged to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He has served in the military as a U.S. army paratrooper and graduated from Yale Law School in 20014. He’s also a former member of Representative Ron Paul’s DC staff. Please welcome Stewart Rhodes to Off The Grid.

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Can We Defy the Supreme Court? Jesse Ventura on Kim Davis’ Violation

If you don’t like a law, break it, right? Former Governor Mike Huckabee has told Kentucky country clerk Kim Davis and her followers that their religious beliefs can supersede the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. What happened to the separation of church and state? Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan break down what we can do to defy the laws we don’t agree with and stay out of jail. Should Kim Davis keep her job?

Jesse Ventura: If you don’t like the law, break it. At least that’s what Mike Huckabee wants you to do.

In Mike Huckabee’s vision for America the Supreme Court isn’t so supreme. Does that mean that we can defy the court when their ruling don’t match our personal convictions? That’s our topic for today’s Government 101.

Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan in the Command Center with our story. Alex?

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2016 Goes to the Dogs! Jesse Ventura on the New Collared Candidate & What It Takes to Run This Country

Well, it’s official: the 2016 race for the presidential nomination has become a dog and pony show as a canine from Kentucky enters the race. The Border Collie may not be beating Trump in the polls, but at least she’s housebroken. In this edition of “Shit Politicians Say”, Jesse Ventura goes off on joke candidates and the experience it takes to become president.

Jesse Ventura: There’s another Presidential candidate for 2016 ad I thought this clown car couldn’t fit another Bozo.

The 2016 Presidential race has officially gone to the dogs, so today we are rounding up some less than intelligent quotes from candidates in this edition of Shit Politicians Say.

Alex Logan: Alright Governor, Lucy Lou, not the known actress, but the Border Collie has thrown her hat or her collar in the ring for the 2016 Presidential race. Wearing a red, white and blue tutu she stepped down from her position as mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky to focus her energy on running for president. She spent seven years in office having been elected to the tiny town of 350 people on the same historic day that Barack Obama was elected President. 7 years, that’s 7 years longer than Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina. Don’t you need some experience before ascending to the highest political office in the country Governor?

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The War on Our Citizens: Ex-Baltimore Cop Takes Jesse Ventura Inside the World of Police Corruption

Retired Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood Jr. spent eleven years on the police force. He joins Jesse Ventura in this special edition of Off The Grid and reveals the misconduct and corruption he witnessed on a daily basis among the police force. Plus, Wood exposes the secret to ending police brutality altogether.His answer may take you by surprise. Do you think we’re living a police state?

Jesse Ventura: Michael is a former United States marine and retired Baltimore police officer. He’s publicly exposed awful acts of police misconduct which he says he witnessed during his time on the force. He now spends his time advocating for a new era of policing.

First of all, during the 11 years, what type of misconduct did you personally see that you know absolutely is true?

Michael A. Wood Jr.: You have things like assaulting people that are handcuffed, you have making up PC statements, you have dramatizing your PC statements.

Jesse Ventura: Wait, what’s a PC statement for those who don’t know?

Michael A. Wood Jr.: A probable cause statement is the PC statement they refer too.

Jesse Ventura: Ok, probable cause.

Michael A. Wood Jr.: That’s the necessary conditions that an officer needs to facilitate an arrest and take somebody into custody.

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Land of the Free Is the Biggest Threat to World Peace! What Would Jesse Ventura Do About America’s New Dishonorable Title?

The people were polled and they resoundingly agreed that the U.S. was preventing the rest of the world from existing in peace. Jesse Ventura isn’t all that surprised when you take into account the perennial war we’ve been at for the past decades up decades. But what would the Governor do to get us back on track as a leader of the Free World and not a bad cop with a score to settle?

Jesse Ventura: The good old U.S. of A, the land of the free, the home of the brave and the worst threat of the safety of the world. That’s today’s edition of What Would Jesse Ventura Do?

Alex in the Command Center take it away with some bad news I think.

Alex Logan: Pretty much. In 2013 a WIN/Gallup International poll found that America is the biggest threat to world peace. 24% of people around the world said America was the number 1 threat followed by Pakistan at 8%, China at 6% and Iran at 5%. Governor, America was ranked so much higher than any other, you are probably not surprised by this, are you?

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NSA Could Have Prevented 9/11? Jesse Ventura Exposes Another Government Cover-Up

National Security Agency whistleblowers have had enough! They’ve speaking out about the intelligence on Osama bin Laden that could have possibly stopped the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, from ever happening. How exactly was the NSA, CIA and the US Government able to miss this crucial information? Jesse Ventura gets to the bottom of the mystery with his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan.

Jesse Ventura: The NSA might have failed in preventing 9/11. You don’t say?
This week marks the 14th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks that devastated our nation. Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan who’s back to find out all about NSA’s alleged incompetence. You are going to tell me that the 19 Islamic hijackers somehow could defeat our multibillion air defense system conspiring with a bearded guy in a cave in Afghanistan?

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Ex-Army Operative tells Jesse Ventura U.S. Govt. Knew of 9/11 Hijacker & Could Have Prevented The Terrorist Attacks

Lt. Col. Anthony A. Shaffer joins Jesse Ventura in this special edition of Off The Grid. The former Army Intelligence Officer reveals how they identified a 9/11 hijacker, as well as several Al-Qaeda terror cells operating inside the U.S. Shaffer sounds off on how the government mishandled that information prior to the attacks, what’s inside those 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 Commision Report, and why his memoirs were censored by the Pentagon.

Jesse Ventura: He’s a former Army Intelligence Operative known for his claims about our government’s mishandled intelligence before the September 11th attacks. In 2003 while he was undercover in Afghanistan he made a protect and disclosure to the 9/11 Commission Staff Director Philip D. Zelikow about the assistance of a top secret defense program that identified the alleged 9/11 attacker Mohamed Atta prior to the attacks. Of course, the government did nothing to prevent the 9/11attacks with this information.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer welcome to Off The Grid.

Anthony Shaffer: Governor thank you for having me, good to be on.

Jesse Ventura: Tony, for those who don’t know what was the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Able Danger program and how were you involved in it. Most people don’t even know of Able Danger. People like me who have studied me know of it, but probably don’t know specifics. What exactly was Able Danger

Anthony Shaffer: Able Danger simply was an idea that actually came from General Hugh Shelton, when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Something that you may recall, your audience may recall that Shelton was part of President Clinton’s “small terrorism group” that kind of met behind the scenes in the White House and considered threats such as Al-Qaeda. This group existed before 9/11. General Shelton gave this idea to General Schoomaker, the Commander of the Special Operations Command and the idea was very simple. Let’s define the threat globally. How does Al-Qaeda function? Let’s go about mapping it, let’s go about fixing it and let’s go planning offensive options to take them out before they can do their attacks.

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Jesse Ventura’s Birthday Message to Bernie Sanders

“The times, they are a-changin’!” Jesse Ventura invokes the lyrics of Bob Dylan to discuss the meteoric rise of Senator Bernie Sanders from his “Little Campaign That Could” to a real contender in the coming 2016 presidential race. The Governor may not agree with all of Bernie’s socialist views, but he believes that Senator Sanders may be exactly the president we need in 2016, just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt was precisely what the U.S. needed in the 1930s. What do you think about electing a “democratic socialist” president?

Alex Logan: Governor today is a special day, it’s Bernie Sanders’ birthday. Vermont’s independent Senator and Democratic socialist, presidential candidate turned 74 years young today. Any birthday wished for Bernie, Jesse?

Jesse Ventura: Happy birthday Bernie, you are ten years older than me. My advice to you, keep doing what you’re doing, your campaign looks a lot like mine when I ran in the state of Minnesota. Nobody gave me a chance, but everywhere I went there were tens of thousands of people there to greet me, just like you Bernie. Stick with the people; be the people’s man Bernie. Keep up the good work.

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