How Much Are The Police Really Costing You?

Police misconduct is becoming a common daily occurrence in America causing states to hand our millions of dollars in settlements to victims of police brutality. But who pays for those settlements? Today on #OffTheGrid, Jesse Ventura investigates how much police misconduct really costs you. Do you think the U.S. is in a police state?


Remembering John Lennon on 35th Assassination Anniversary

Almost 35 years ago today, John Lennon was assassinated. And we still haven’t taken his advice. Isn’t it time we give peace a chance? Today on #OffTheGrid, Jesse Ventura discusses how the Beatle inspires constitutional attorney and Rutherford Institute founder, John W. Whitehead, to fight for his own revolution in this country. Do you think it’s time for a revolution?

Jesse Ventura Uncovers How Big Pharma Gouges You

After venture capitalist Martin Shkreli raised the price of a pill 5000%, Jesse Ventura decided it was time to follow the Money Trail to the pharmaceutical industry’s deep pockets. His Vigilant Producer Alex Logan lays down the facts on Big Pharma’s dirty deeds, price gouging, and exorbitantly rising costs. Are your prescription costs too high?

Will We Ever Stop Being at War? Judge Napolitano Doesn’t Think So

Jesse Ventura and Judge Napolitano don’t waste any time getting right to the point in this rapid-fire back-and-forth on Hillary’s Benghazi hearing, the war in the Middle East, and political independence. The Judge and The Governor have a lively discussion that puts the recent presidential debates to shame. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing them in a future debate…

Jesse Ventura: First Independent President Since Washington?

If Bernie, Trump, and Paul don’t receive the presidential nomination, who can the independent voter turn to? Judge Andrew Napolitano agrees that it may be time for Jesse Ventura to accept his destiny and throw his hat into the ring! Not since George Washington have the American people elected a political independent. Isn’t it time for a president that is free of the two gangs’ bonds? Do you think the Governor should run for President?

What Made JFK Great: Professor Jesse Ventura Grades John F. Kennedy’s Presidency

On a scale of “A for Acceptable” to “F for Fire His Ass”, Professor Jesse Ventura hands out his presidential report card. Will John F. Kennedy be able to pass the Body’s class? The Governor and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan put the legacy of 35th U.S. President to the test on today’s #OffTheGrid. How would you rank JFK?

JFK’s Ex-Agent to Jesse Ventura: The Secret Service Mishandled Intelligence at Time of Assassination

Abraham Bolden is the first black man to serve on a U.S. President’s special detail as a secret service agent. He was appointed by John F. Kennedy himself. And yet, despite that landmark title, he was still sent to prison for what he believes was a set-up for blowing the whistle on the secret service’s misconduct prior to the assassination. For this special edition of Off The Grid, Bolden joins the Governor to reveal how the secret service mishandled intelligence at the time of JFK’s murder.