Jesse Ventura on What to Do Before the Grim Reaper Comes Knocking


Jesse Ventura sounds off about how Medicare will start paying doctors to provide patients with advance care planning. This type of planning is designed for patients to lay out their dying wishes with family members and other health care professionals long before the grim reaper comes knocking. How prepared will you be when that fateful day comes?

Jesse Ventura: If people want to plan for the end of their lives, they have every right to do so. I have no idea why this is even an issue. It’s your life, plan all you want. It’s time for another segment of “What would Jesse Ventura do?”. Brigitta, take it away.

Brigitta Santos: Medicare will official start compensating doctors for counseling patients about End of Life options beginning January 1st of next year. End of Life care is not to be confused with hospice where patients go when they are already dying. Instead End of Life care consists of advanced planning that can be done at any stage of life, whether a patient is 16 or 80 years old. These discussions might cover things like how much medical treatment a person is willing to endure in exchange for extending their life and the circumstances under which a person would prefer to die. The goal is to make sure family members and health care professionals are clear on the patient’s wishes if he or she becomes unable to make decisions on their own.

Governor, this is a good thing, right? Continue reading


Jesse Ventura Reveals the Shocking Way Police Can Scam You


On this week’s Off the Grid, Jesse Ventura sounds off about civil asset forfeiture. Federal laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize our houses, cars, cash or property without even charging us with a crime. Shouldn’t the Fifth Amendment be good enough to protect American citizens from this type of thing?

Jesse Ventura: You can lose your cash, car and home even if you’ve never been charged with a crime? That’s how out of control our government is today. Unbelievable.

There’s nothing civil about civil forfeiture. My vigilant producer Brigitta Santos in the command center is going to tell us all about another one of America’s insane Federal laws. Insane. Take it away Brigitta.

Brigitta Santos: The Institute for Justice reports that civil forfeiture laws allow the government to take cash, cars, homes and other property suspected of being involved in criminal activity, but unlike criminal forfeiture, with civil forfeiture, the property owner doesn’t have to be charged or even convicted of a crime to permanently lose his or her property.

Governor, the Fifth Amendment is supposed to guarantee that government won’t seize our private property without due process of law. How is this an exception? Continue reading

Jesse Ventura: The Bees Are Dying & Why You Should Care


Tabetha Wallace, of RT America’s “Watching the Hawks,” joins Jesse Ventura in this Off The Grid episode to discuss the massive bee deaths happening around the globe — and why it matters to you.Climate change, pesticides, parasites, bad management all play a serious role in the mysterious honeybee die-offs.But why should it matter to you?And how are corporations like McDonald’s and Monsanto involved?

Jesse Ventura: A Line In the Sand, The Decennial War


On this week’s Off the Grid, Jesse Ventura sounds off about what might be the greatest scam ever put over on the American people—gerrymandering. Lines are drawn in the sand every ten years to zone Congressional districts. Our government representatives fight this zoning war in order to benefit one political party, racial group or incumbent. What do you vigilant viewers think about gerrymandering?

Jesse Ventura on the Confederate Flag, Immigration & Gay Marriage


The brazen – and always-controversial – Gavin McInnes, host of “The Gavin McInnes Show” on, faces off with Jesse Ventura in a fiery debate.On the docket for discussion: the Confederate Flag, immigration, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, same-sex marriage…the list goes on!Who do you agree with?

Third Party Presidential Candidates Should Have the Right to Participate in Presidential Debates


Jesse Ventura sounds off on how third party Presidential candidates should have the right to participate in Presidential debates, especially since 43% of Americans identify as Independents. The Commission on Presidential Debates prevents third party candidates from participating by setting up barriers that make it nearly impossible for anyone outside of the two major parties to be included.

Jesse Ventura: Will You Stand With Me Against Big Media?


Jesse Ventura sounds off on the latest developments regarding his court battle with “American Sniper” and the Chris Kyle estate.Now he’s facing off against media corporations, who are siding with the Kyle estate and want his court win overturned.The issue: these media companies are concerned about the negative impact on their organizations of “unjustified and potentially crippling awards.”The Governor asks you, his vigilant viewers, to stand with him: hold Big Media’s feet to the fire.”What these companies are asking for is the ability to defame anyone, and still make a profit from it without paying unjust enrichments,” Jesse says. Do you stand with Jesse?

Jesse Ventura: We’re #1 In Cybercrime!


Jesse Ventura reveals the top countries that either face or cause the most cybercrime. As it turns out, America comes in #1 with the highest rate of cybercrime in the world. Tune in to hear the Governor sound off on why China is no different than the NSA when it comes to the foreign nation hacking into computers of American government officials.