Jesse Ventura hosts Larry King Live

Jesse Ventura hosted the Larry King Live show last night. Guests included Congressman Ron Paul, former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, talk show host Stephanie Miller and Republican strategist Andrea Tantaros.

Topics of discussion included the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Stevens, Sarah Palin’s future in the Republican party (with Ron Paul commenting on the possibility of a Paul/Palin ticket in 2012), the potential for an anti-war coalition of principled progressives, libertarians and constitutionalist conservatives, the degree of Barack Obama’s radicalism, Tiger Woods, and why the mainstream media didn’t review Jesse Ventura’s latest book “American Conspiracies“.


Jesse Ventura: It’s Clear That Barack Obama Is Not In Charge

Jesse Ventura was interviewed on the Alex Jones Show this Tuesday. He said that it’s obvious that Barack Obama is not in charge because he reneged on virtually all his campaign promises! Jesse and Alex also discussed the New World Order, the Iraq War, JFK, Fletcher Prouty (who ran black ops in the Pentagon) and lots more.

Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” Premieres December 2nd

Jesse Ventura and a team of expert investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time. They examine available evidence as well as talking to experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as global warming, possible 9/11 cover-ups, secret government weapons and apocalyptic prophecies. “This is my personal journey,” Ventura says, “to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about.”

Jesse Ventura on his new TV Show “Conspiracy Theory”

Alex Jones: I’m here with Jesse Ventura and we just did an interview for his upcoming television program “Conspiracy Theory”. Governor, it’s good to be here with you.

Jesse Ventura: Great, Alex. It’s always nice to see you.

Alex Jones: Never hung out with you in California. Tell us about the TV show.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s a TV show. It’s going to be on the TRU Network and we’re going to deal with conspiracies and we’re going to deal with all sides of them and it’s going to be multiple different ones that we’ll deal with. And I think people are going to find it not only enlightening, but entertaining at the same time.

Alex Jones: What did you think about our little discussion about population reduction?

Jesse Ventura: Well, it’s kind of stunning when I talk to you about it. It’s the kind of think when it’s told to you you’re not sure if you can believe it or not, because it’s so outrageous and outlandish in its concept. You can’t imagine that things like that can occur in our lives. But the more I am doing “Conspiracy Theory”, the more I am learning about different conspiracies out there beyond, of course, just the assassination of John F. Kennedy and things of that nature. But it’s pretty enlightening and pretty shocking when you do learn about them.

Alex Jones: Well, I’m glad that your show is somewhat of an investigation of these ideas. Because of lot of it out there, from my research, is baloney or part of it is wrong, part of it is right. More often than not that is the case. I’m just seeking for the truth and trying to find out historically what’s happened, what’s happening currently and what’s coming up in the future. But I will tell you: on the subject of eugenics, on the subject of world population reduction, it’s part of the public record. It’s just not popularly known. That’s what’s so exciting about you doing this TV show.

Tell us about some of the other topics that are going to covered and when is it going to be airing?

Jesse Ventura: Well, we don’t know exactly yet. About the other topics… I don’t know if I want to be at liberty right now to say any of them, you know.

Alex Jones: It’s double top secret probation?

Jesse Ventura: Yep, it’s double secret probation just like animal house at this point of time. But you know Alex, you’ll be a part of this show. We’ve talked to some very interesting people on a lot of very interesting subjects and I’ll just leave it at that for right now. Tentatively I’m guessing it should be out around November, around Christmas time. It should hit the air somewhere in that general vicinity.

Alex Jones: But it’s been in the news that you are tackling 9/11.

Jesse Ventura: Oh it has? Okay yea, that will be one of them then. 9/11 is one because you know we all know there are fierce conspiracy theories about 9/11 and our main stream media won’t cover any of this stuff. So they leave it to me, so I have a job now.

Alex Jones: That’s another question. We haven’t really seen any big national TV shows look at this. I think you’re going to be one of the first that is going to objectively do it.

Jesse Ventura: Hopefully, and hopefully that will get us some ratings and hopefully we will be bought up and have another season. It’s all part of what you do in this particular business, and Alex, for me it’s a case that they won’t let me retire. I want to retire, I wanted to go surfing, but yet this is so intriguing to me that I’m holding off my retirement till we get this project done.

Alex Jones: How did you get into this, governor? Because I remember about three and a half years ago I first met you in San Antonio and interviewed you and gave you my film Terror Storm. You knew a little bit about some issues, but it seems like more and more… you’re writing a book I heard on the subject, you come on my show. I mean it seems like Jesse Ventura is…

Jesse Ventura: Here’s the problem now, Alex. I now live half the year down in Mexico. Well, I don’t watch TV in Mexico when I’m down there for the six months; I read. And so I go out, I get books on interesting topics. I like to study history and I like to study real things.

I don’t like to particularly read novels because that’s simply someone else’s imagination writing a story in a book. Well, I have my own imagination; I don’t need anybody else’s, generally. So I like to read history and I like to read controversial history and so really this has blossomed because of my time in Mexico.

I remember three years ago I actually read 17 books in one winter down there. Alex, that’s more books than I read in my entire school career. You know, so it’s reading and it’s doing that.

And I’m the creator of this show, basically. I took it with my people and we sold it and the TRU Network brought it and they found it interesting enough, and here we are.

Alex Jones: Governor, during the research for this television show, and now that you’re really immersed in this reading all these books down in Mexico part of the year surfing, what do you think of the New World Order itself, the move towards world government? Or are you not even convinced of that?

Jesse Ventura: Well, you know, I guess I’m 50-50 right now as I look at it, because I don’t want to believe it and that’s probably what holds me back on it. But I am certainly seeing enough indication that it could be true, absolutely. Because they’re always talking about Mexico and the United States and Canada ending up like Europe and there are things done politically that seem to take us in that direction.

And so I think it’s incumbent upon all of us as American citizens to pay attention. You know, you got time to watch baseball, you got time to watch football, you got time to entertain yourself. But I think we’re losing a knowledgeable public. And we’ve got to give people back on track to paying attention, because if you don’t pay attention to your government and what they’re doing, you’re going to pay some dire consequences for it.

I always live by simple things like dissention is the greatest form of patriotism; and I believe that. Because if you don’t hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire and pay attention, you are going to get bad government. So it’s imperative for all of us, it’s our job as citizens of this great country to pay attention.

Alex Jones: Alright, Governor Venture, thanks for talking to us.

Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin would never make it as a Navy SEAL

In this interview with Larry King, Jesse Ventura discusses Sarah Palin, Al Franken, Sonia Sotomayor, “family values”, Ultimate Fighting, and why he didn’t run for Senate in 2008.

Date: 7/15/2009

Larry King: Joining us now from Minneapolis is the former governor of Minnesota, the bestselling author of “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me”, Jesse Ventura. Jesse, have appointed as governor of more than 70 judges while you were in office. How does Judge Sotomayor impress you as a nominee?

Jesse Ventura: Well first of all, Larry, she has already held numerous appointments. She was appointed by President George H.W. Bush, I believe, to the federal bench. So, this is a woman with a very vast amount of experience and, you know, when they get to these hearings it’s more about political posturing of the two political parties, in my opinion. It’s almost laughable. Because if the appointment is a Democratic appointment all the Republicans attack. If it’s a Republican appointment then the Democrats attack. And it seems to be the litmus test is always Roe v. Wade. You know, they all want to know how are you going to vote on Roe v. Wade (abortion). So that’s how it all comes through the wash to me. She’s totally qualified and in my opinion should be appointed to the bench.

Larry King: Al Franken finally got into the United States Senate from your state.

Jesse Ventura: Yea.

Larry King: What did you make of that whole election?

Jesse Ventura: Well, it was the whole process, Larry. The election was so close that it required the recount regardless of lawsuits or the court or anything like that. And then when the recount was completed they did it slowly and hopefully correctly. Then, you know, Senator Coleman had his option of challenging to the court. He took it to the Minnesota Supreme Court, lost, and it ended there.

What I find more disturbing is this, Larry: there have been letters to the editor here in Minnesota now saying how embarrassing it is that we’ve now elected a writer-comedian just as before we elected a pro-wrestler. Well, I think that Minnesota truly is following what our forefathers had in mind of a citizen government. I’m more disturbed that people think we should elect career politicians and lawyers, you know.

What this country was founded upon, Larry, was people bringing their life experience, be a citizen government, and the one positive thing I can say about Al Franken over Norm Coleman is that at least this is his time. Senator Coleman has been cashing government checks for 35 years. And I find that very strange out of a Republican.

Larry King: By the way, Senator Franken questioned judge Sotomayor today. Here is an exerpt, we’ll get your comments.

Al Franken: What was the one case in Barry Mason that…

Sonia Sotomayor: I wish I remembered the name of the episode, but I don’t. I just was always struck that there was only one case where his client was actually guilty.

Al Franken: And you don’t remember that case?

Sonia Sotomayor: I know that I should remember the name of it, but I haven’t looked at the episode.

Al Franken: Didn’t the White House prepare you for that?

Larry King: That needed a little humor today, didn’t it Jesse?

Jesse Ventura: Well, I suppose, but again total nonsense. I guess I would counter and say my friend Vince Bugliosi only lost one case too. He was successful in the 105 out of a 106 prosecution convictions. So it’s possible.

Larry King: Did you consider running for that Senate seat?

Jesse Ventura: Yes, I did. It came down to a flip of a coin. I flipped the coin and it came up tails and I said, “Head’s I run, tails I don’t”. It’s kind of funny, Larry, because everywhere I go in the twin cities people come up to me all the time and say to me we wouldn’t have had this problem if I’d have ran, but that’s neither here nor there, I didn’t want to do it.

Larry King: Let’s move to the soon-to-be former governor Palin. What do you make of her resigning?

Jesse Ventura: She’s a quitter. Let me put it to you this way, Larry, and by not being sexist: she could never make it as a frogman or a Navy Seal, because if you utter the words “I Quit” in BUDS (basic underwater demolition seal) training, you’re gone. I don’t remember one person in my class that quit. I remember every person I graduated with. It offends me over the fact that she told the people of Alaska she wanted to be their governor, and that’s a four year commitment and now right in the middle she quits? Well, if she’s got plans of running for higher office I would never vote for her because if it gets too hot in the kitchen she is liable to quit.

Larry King: You think there is an underlying reason maybe we don’t know?

Jesse Ventura: Well, I don’t think she was put under any more scrutiny with the media than I was as an independent. My children were attacked in Minnesota, everything I did was put under the microscope. But the point is, Larry, you don’t quit. When you make an obligation and you take an oath, doesn’t it mean anything anymore?

Larry King: We’ll be back with more of Jesse Ventura who is never dull, and his book is “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me”. We’ve got two web exclusives for you on this Sotomayor confirmation hearing.

Let’s take a call for governor Ventura. Santi, California, hello.

Santi: Hi, how are you?

Larry King: Fine.

Santi: I wanted to ask Mr. Ventura if he is having any future plans of running for, you know, governor or state senator or something on or beyond that and I like his stand on average people getting more involved in their citizenry.

Jesse Ventura: Well, I have no plans to do that right now. I did 6 years in the navy, 4 years as a mayor, 4 years as a governor and I’m liking private life a lot right now. You know Larry, I just want to tell you it’s my birthday today, and only for you would I come out and do an interview on my birthday. I played golf today at the tournament players club at Minneapolis where we just had the 3M championship of the seniors today, and then I come on with you on my birthday.

Larry King: I’m honored.

Jesse Ventura: Only for you, Larry, nobody else.

Larry King: Thank you. You’ve been a critic of media in your time. What do you make of the media coverage of Michael Jackson?

Jesse Ventura: Well, I think it’s overexposed by far, you know. Michael was a great entertainer, one of the biggest the world has ever seen. But, you know, to me enough is enough. You know, our media has gone far too much to the entertainment side and to the ratings side as opposed to the information side and the knowledge side. Honor Michael, do a tribute to him, but it should not last for weeks going into months.

Larry King: Congressman Peter King of New York, who shared the view of over coverage, called Michael a lowlife, a pervert and criticized society for glorifying him.

Jesse Ventura: What was he talking about, a few of his Republican colleagues? You know, who are they to talk? I mean, you got Republicans cheating on their wives left and right, you got them in the bathrooms at the airport here in Minnesota, and these are all the people that supposedly run on family values? You know, unless you got a clean closet keep your mouth shut.

Larry King: What part of a politician’s private live is our business?

Jesse Ventura: I think none of it, unless they run on a family value platform. If they tell you that they’re for this “family values” Larry, then that opens up a box of worms on them on the moral issues. I liked it better in the days of John F. Kennedy. Now, people talked that he had affairs, this and that. But, you know what, it wasn’t brought out to the public, they stuck to the issues and they stuck to governing. Look at it this way, Larry, they spent a hundred million dollars to discover Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary, when on 9-11 they only allocated 4 million to find out who killed 3,000 people.

Larry King: Another area. Ultimate Boxing has now replaced boxing.

Jesse Ventura: Ultimate fighting, you mean.

Larry King: Ultimate fighting. They don’t wear shoes, they kick, they fight, they jump on each other.

Jesse Ventura: Yep.

Larry King: What do you make of that sport?

Jesse Ventura: I think it’s terrific because I’ve been to them and I think it’s very professionally run, bar what Broc Lesnar did Saturday. I was ashamed of his behavior at the end of the fight. But for the most part they’re honorable, they’re respectful. These guys volunteer to do it, the referees are very good. I’ve been there. I think boxing is really more dangerous because in Ultimate Fighting the moment the guy is stunned, the referee jumps in and stops it. Where in boxing they give you standing eight-counts and they let it resume again and again and again. So I think this is less dangerous actually than boxing.

Larry King: The totals on the pay-per-view the other night were incredible. Why do you think the public likes it so much?

Jesse Ventura: Because it’s something new and they call it the ultimate martial arts. You combine wrestling, you combine jujitsu, karate, judo, boxing. It’s all combined and it’s all legal. Yet, you know, you can’t hit to the groin, you can’t do eye techniques or anything like that. But I think that’s what draws it. It’s the ultimate fighter. When all the arts are allowed to go, this is the ultimate winner.

Larry King: In your younger day would you have tried it?

Jesse Ventura: No, I don’t think so. As my instructor, Terry Moyd, told me in the Seals when we asked about hand to hand combat, he said to us, “with a stoner machine gun no one should ever get that close”.

Larry King: And finally, how’s Obama doing?

Jesse Ventura: I think it’s still, in my opinion, too early to judge. I will withhold judgment until he has been in office for at least one year. And then at that point in time I’ll look back at the first year and I’ll make some judgments. Right now he’s still getting his feet wet, but he’s doing a heck of a lot better than his predecessor did.

Larry King: Do you think he’s over exposed?

Jesse Ventura: I never believe any president of the United States is over exposed. You know, they’re the leader of the free world and the leader of the United States, and we need to know what they’re doing at all times.

Larry King: So you don’t mind a speech a day?

Jesse Ventura: No, because if you can turn the channel. You don’t have to watch it. You know that’s your option.

Larry King: Hey Jesse, thanks for doing this. Happy 58th birthday. God he’s 58. Happy 58th birthday to Jesse Ventura.

Jesse Ventura: It’s a golden birthday for me, Larry. Thank you because I was BUDS class 58 and now I am 58.

Larry King: Thank you so much, Jesse.

Jesse Ventura: Always welcome, my pleasure. You too, bye bye.

Larry King: Jesse Ventura.

Jesse Ventura: “How on earth can we give out foreign aid?”


Cody Willard: Former governor Jesse Ventura, author of “Don’t start the revolution without me” joins Eric and I now for “Trading Places”. Welcome back, governor, how are you doing?

Jesse Ventura: I’m doing pretty good. How are you guys doing today?

Cody Willard: We’re doing great. First things first with this: You know, the SEC is supposed to be making sure that contracts are always enforced and no one is fraudulent. The Fed is supposed to make sure that the banks aren’t all levered up ridiculously and risking too much money, and meanwhile the FDIC is supposed to be protecting depositors. None of that is happening but those laws are already there. Why are we changing anything?

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know, you know. I guess we’re distracted by all the wars we’re involved in, you know. Instead of taking care of the home front we’re looking around the world trying to police everything else going on in the world. I don’t have the answer for you.

Eric Bolling: So, governor, would you just suggest that we kind of put our hands up? It sounds very Libertarian. Can I put you in that bubble? You’re a Libertarian so you put your hands up and say, “Hey, you know, let the world deal with their problems, we’ll deal with ours?”

Jesse Ventura: In a way, yeah. You know I always find it kind of interesting. I saw a thing the other day on Egypt and they talked about how Egypt is second only to Israel in our foreign aid. And I sat back and looked and thought, “foreign aid?” Our country is totally in debt up to its neck, we’ve got problems up to Ying Yang here. How on earth do we give out foreign aid? I was only a governor so maybe that’s beyond me.

Cody Willard: Governor, that’s just it. I mean when we looked at that I actually wrote about this on today. The fact is that the magnitudes of the numbers are so astounding. For example, CitiGroup today is going to be working with the World Bank to invest $1.25 billion in the emerging markets. That’s welfare money that could be feeding kids three blocks down in the projects from CitiGroup’s headquarters.

Jesse Ventura: Well, it could be. You know I don’t know. I am one of these people that, like I said, we’ve got enough problems inside our own borders. Why don’t we focus on fixing the United States of America, fixing our infrastructure, fixing everything that needs to be done here?

Cody Willard: Governor, isn’t that sort of what they are saying they’re trying to do, but I come back to those rules and laws that we already have in place.

Jesse Ventura: But they still have foreign aid. Let me be simple. How can you have foreign aid? It’s like you individually, you house is mortgaged to the hilt, you’re going to lose it, it’s going to be repossessed. But uncle bob calls up and wants 500 bucks from you. How do we give out foreign aid? I’m baffled over that.

Eric Bolling: Where would you draw the line, tough? So we just cut off all foreign aid completely. There would be starving people in countries that are developing?

Jesse Ventura: Why not? Why don’t we cut off foreign aid and why don’t we bring all our troops home? That would be a good start.

Cody Willard: So governor, have you seen any of these details from Timothy Geithner who I actually thought was one of the guys in charge of the Federal Reserve when all of this stuff was happening. And he is saying that he needs more authority in order to actually carry out the regulations that he’s creating now or something.

Jesse Ventura: Well, you know, I don’t think anyone truly knows what they’re doing. I can’t sit here and tell you and look you in the eye and say what they’re doing is correct. I don’t know. I think it’s a roll of the dice. I think they grabbed the dice, they rolled it, they’re hopping a seven comes up and nobody else seems to have any alternative. Because let’s remember, George Bush started the bailouts. He was the first to do it, the Republicans voted for it. Then when Barack Obama does bailouts, I notice the Republicans now don’t vote for it. So it shows me the two parties are still making decisions based upon party power and maybe not what’s good for the country as a whole.

Eric Bolling: Jesse, real quickly because we’re running out of time, you’re okay with welfare to our own starving people in this country?

Jesse Ventura: Well, I’m alright with a safety net of welfare. I think that we’re a rich country and we should always look after our poor people and try to give them a boost up so that they can become contributing citizens. I think when you really judge a country, judge a country by its poor. When you look at a country look at its poor and that will tell you how successful the country is.

Cody Willard: Thank you so much for joining us once again, Governor Jesse Ventura.

Jesse Ventura on Fox Business

Date: 6/1/2009

David Asman: As we continue our first night of Red Ink Week, there is no question that for too long, politicians of all stripes have looked at government coffers as a bottomless pit of wealth. Spending other people’s money is always easier than parting with your own and that’s precisely the problem. If we’re ever going to get out of this hole, we keep digging for ourselves or they keep digging for us, the mentality of how we govern has got to change here in Washington and in state capitals all over the country as well.

Our next guest has been on the frontline of that charge to make politicians accountable with the taxpayers, something he did as governor of Minnesota. Joining us now from Minneapolis is the author of “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me”, and Jesse Ventura, I wouldn’t think of it, because I’m sure you’d be in the front deck all the way. Good to see you again.

Jesse Ventura: Good to see you again. Nice to be here.

David Asman: Well, you know, in just the past couple of months since we’ve seen each other, the folks in the Capitol right behind me have gone out of their way to do exactly what you said they shouldn’t do, which is putting themselves more in charge, spending more of our money and reducing our freedoms. What do we do as a country to combat that?

Jesse Ventura: Well, I think, you know, I’ve harped on it for years and years. We’ve got to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. I mean, they are in this together. They both spend equally as bad. It seems that the Democrats are more cash and carry. They like to reach directly into your wallet, where the Republicans seem to charge it and put it on the national debt and hope to pay it off later with another generation. Continue reading

Jesse Ventura on the Alex Jones Show


Alex Jones: Okay, let’s go and play some of this video of Jesse Ventura for our viewers, audio for the listeners on the radio. Because we have hours and hours and we didn’t put this on the web for some reason. And I notice it’s all over the news when he talks about he can water board Cheney and make him say he killed Sharon Taite and how ridiculous water boarding is. Here is part of that clip, then we’ll go on a break, come back with the rest of it and then go live with Jesse Ventura. Stay with us.

Jesse Ventura: Our country today is not the country that I defended when I was in the service back in the 1970s and 1960s, because back in those days you still had to be charged with the crime before you were guilty of it, and back in those days you had to be charged with the crime to be held. It seems today now they can arrest you, they can hold you for as long as they feel like it, like they’re doing in Guantanamo.

Alex Jones: The Military Commission Act says they can grab American citizens.

Jesse Ventura: Which is absurd.

Alex Jones: How was it then that the people running things aren’t the bad guys, I’m not saying America is the bad guy, when they wrote memos saying its okay to torture people, children in front of their parents it’s okay. To kill them if you didn’t mean to kill them along the torture or the enhanced interrogation techniques, and so they play the lawyer game of saying, “Well, we don’t call electric shocks or pulling out finger nails torture, we call it enhanced interrogation”, and then play that lawyer mind game. Can you speak about that?

Jesse Ventura: I think I don’t know about all of that but I will speak directly about water boarding.

Alex Jones: Yea, I mean specifically about torture. You are saying that is not torture?

Jesse Ventura: I will always speak about water boarding. I was water boarded. I was water boarded by my own country. Now, if we call water boarding torture, then why do we torture our own soldiers? And I’m not saying water boarding isn’t torture, it is. I deem it as torture. But yet I was water boarded, everybody that I knew was water boarded because it was part of what they called SERE school, which is Survival Escape Resistance & Evasion. It was a required course if you were going into the combat zone back in the era of Vietnam. I’m sure it’s probably still required today.

Alex Jones: Yea, they were getting them ready to be tortured and to resist, and it’s listed in those army manuals as torture, so that disproves the White House letter saying it isn’t torture.

Jesse Ventura: Well, my simple response to all this, Alex, is I would like to take our five time deferred Vice President Dick Cheney, I would like to water board him.

Alex Jones: Ha-ha.

Jesse Ventura: And let him then make the determination after having been water boarded, then we’ll ask him whether he thinks it’s torture or not. I got a feeling he’d drop dead with the heart that he has today. If you water boarded Dick Cheney I feel that he would become a fatality because his weak heart wouldn’t be able to take it. But my point being on doing that is I think these people that determine what torture is or isn’t, I think they should first have it done to them physically, and then let them make an actual determination on whether they felt it was torture or not.

Alex Jones: Can you describe what water boarding was like.

Jesse Ventura: Drowning. It gives a complete sensation that you are drowning.

Alex Jones: What do they do?

Jesse Ventura: They strap you down, they put a towel across your face and they start pouring water into the towel and naturally your mouth can’t consume all the water, you can’t drink it quick enough as they pour it, and it gives you the sensation it’s going up your nose, it’s going down your throat and it gives you the complete feeling that you are drowning, even though you’re not. The moment they stop it, you know, then it will subside.

Alex Jones: But that’s the feel water boarding, when they put your head completely in a bath tub.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know about that one. The only time we got was the feel water boarding back in the early 1970s.

Alex Jones: That’s the classic one, man.

Jesse Ventura: They did it to all of us at SERE school, it was part of the training and so my argument there is if water boarding is indeed torture, which think it is, how come we allow to torture. And for us UDT SEAL guys, getting us water boarded was irrelevant. No, and I’ll say that, it was irrelevant. Because in our platoons and in all the people that I served with, we all had an agreement; we would never be captured, we’ll die first. So why would I need to face the water board if I am dead? All of us were under an agreement that we will die first, we will not be captured, we will go down in a blaze of glory. So why did I need to be water boarded when I had already made a conscious decision that if it ever got to the position where I felt I was going to be captured, I would take death first. And you know, I would say my attitude was I’ll take three or four of them with me before I go. Because always remember the SEALs we don’t get mad, we get even.

Alex Jones: Ha ha ha ha.

Jesse Ventura: That’s how we operate, you know. So, to me I felt that the water boarding and the whole POW thing was irrelevant to us because there has never been a SEAL captured, nor do I believe there ever will be one, because the SEAL will die first in our type of operation. The only way they’d capture a SEAL was if the SEAL didn’t know he was going to get captured and then he got captured.

Alex Jones: There he is, Jesse Ventura somewhere in time six months ago when he was here in Austin, Texas. What a great guy in person, just a regular guy, but quite an individual, quite a presence. I’ve been around a lot of famous people in my life, I’ve never been around anybody who has the presence of Jesse Ventura, and the energy. People say, “I’ll wear him out”. I was worn out after few days of hanging out with this guy. And he’s going to be coming up for a full hour coming up on June 1st. He’s been on a huge media blitz with a paperback “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me” put up by Skyhorse Publishing. It’s a big best seller and he’s got a lot of news for us today and I got a lot of questions for him in the 25 minutes we got left. Jesse Ventura, thanks for coming on. It’s good to have you back here.

Jesse Ventura: Hi Alex, I guess it’s nice to be back but I don’t know, Mexico gets more attractive all the time.

Alex Jones: It absolutely does, are you kidding? I would love to be down there in the beach and the surf as well. I went down to Mexico for a week few months ago and I wanted to stay. Speaking of Mexico let’s bring up a question you haven’t been asked: what do you think about all the hype of this flu. A couple of people dying and they act like it’s the end of the world and Obama saying that we may all be forced to take and inoculation in the fall.
Continue reading