AIG Sued the Gov’t? Jesse Ventura’s Big Media Blindspot

The American people weren’t the only ones upset with the 2008 Bailout. The Former CEO and chairman of AIG, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, was so dismayed by how the Bailout was handled that he sued the U.S. Government… and (kind of) won! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan are again on the case of another Big Media Blindspot that flew right under the noses of the mainstream.

Jesse Ventura: A Fat Cat taints its company with dirty dealing and then sues the government for breaking the law. That is today’s big media blind spot.

Alex Logan: The American taxpayers weren’t the only ones unhappy with the bailout, the former Chief Executive of AIG was so displeased with the result, he sued the government and won. As MSNBC described Hank Greenberg’s lawsuit, the circumstances seemed almost comically absurd. The company we saved sued us because of the way in which we saved it. Greenberg was seeking tens of millions in damages which he was not awarded in the lawsuit, but he did win the moral victory of vindication that the conditions of the bailout were excessive. What do you think of this Jesse? This just seems completely insane.

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Why Felons Can’t Vote & Why They Should

Why can convicted felons run for office if they can’t vote? Because all politicians are crooks! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan investigate the origins of felon voting rights, and why many states disenfranchise ex-convicts. Do you think felons should be allowed to vote?

Jesse Ventura: Why can’t felons vote? That is today’s million dollars question on Jesse Ventura’s Off The Grid. Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan in the Command Center. Alex?

Alex Logan: In this edition of Government 101 we take the issue of felon voting laws. First let’s run the statistics. in 2012 felon voting laws disenfranchised 5,85 million people, that is 2.5% of the nation’s voting age population. In an election like in November 2014, where only 36% voted that would be nearly 7% of that total vote. 7.66% of African-Americans cannot vote due to a felony conviction nationwide, while in Florida 23% of African-Americans were disenfranchised.

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From 9/11 to Gun Control: The Truth About Conspiracy Theories

Jesse Ventura takes on skeptic Michael Shermer, author of the book “The Moral Arc,” on 9/11 and other conspiracy theories: what separates fact from fiction? The two go head-to-head on a variety of hot topics, including the official 9/11 report, climate change, and gun control.

Jesse Ventura: Today I go toe to toe with a skeptic. Should we believe the government’s official reports?

Redacted pages, secret drone wars and constant surveillance. The government gives us plenty of reasons to be a skeptic. Today, I speak with a writer who has made it his mission to doubt, to question and to approach the unknown with a scientific skeptic insight. His new book The Moral Arc, How Science and Reason lead humanity towards Truth, Justice and Freedom is out now. Please welcome the founder of the Skeptic Society and editor in chief of the Skeptic Magazine, Michael Shermer. Michael, welcome to Off The Grid.

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Jesse Ventura Vs. Wall Street’s Fat Cat Conspiracy

Too Big to Fail… or Too Big to Jail? The 2008 Bailout was one of the biggest conspiracies of the millennium. Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan lay down the facts on the robbery of the American public by AIG. Why didn’t anyone go to jail after this debacle?

Jesse Ventura: In 2008 Wall Street conspired with the banking giants of Washington to pull of the greatest scam of all time. They sold themselves as too big to fail after the biggest failure after the Great Depression. We bought the lie and we are still paying the tab. let’s go to Alex Logan in the Command Center with our story. Alex take it.

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How the Government Commits Voter Fraud

MTV said Rock the Vote, but the GOP would rather Suppress the Vote! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan get to the bottom of voter fraud. Is it committed by the voting public? Or is it perpetrated by those already in power?

Jesse Ventura: MTV told us Rock the Vote, but the GOP would rather Supress the Vote. Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan with our story about the hurdles put in the way of eligible voters. Alex?

Alex Logan: Today we are talking about voting and not just why people don’t vote, but more importantly why they can’t Some politicians want you to believe that voter fraud is rampant in our country by creating obstacles and requirements that do nothing more than make voting more difficult. When you look at the statistics the worst problem is voter turnout. November 2014 had the worst voter turnout in 72 years. Nationally only 36% of eligible voters participated and the highest nationwide voter turnout in the past 100 years was in 1960 when about 63% of the country showed up to elect John F. Kennedy to Commander in Chief. 63% Governor, should we be patting ourselves on the back about less then 2 out of 3 Americans voting, or what would equate to a D- in the classroom?

Jesse Ventura: No, we ought to hang our heads in shame. You have the most powerful thing in your hand and that is the right to vote. The right to determine your destiny and you don’t even bother to use it? It’s shameful. It’s shameful that our electorate, our people won’t even bother, two-thirds of them in the last election, nearly two-thirds of them didn’t even bother. Why? Were they too busy or they just didn’t care?

Alex Logan: And if people aren’t going to show up on their own accord we should be looking to an option like Australia’s compulsory voting where you are fined $20 if you do not show up to vote and voter turnout is around 85%.

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