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If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 100,000 signatures by the end of 2013 to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


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7,155Annet IvanovaJul 25, 2014
7,154william neubauerJul 24, 2014
7,153carlo cuevasJul 24, 2014
7,152terrell tinsleyJul 24, 2014
7,151Joseph GuerreroJul 23, 2014
7,150Aldair PulidoJul 22, 2014
7,149Richard StewartJul 22, 2014
7,148Daniel SparksJul 22, 2014
7,147Jack BrownJul 22, 2014
7,146kevin charlesJul 22, 2014
7,145Thomas AndreassonJul 22, 2014
7,144Scott StultzJul 22, 2014
7,143MAUREEN HAYESJul 22, 2014
7,142B w GillisJul 22, 2014
7,141John CokerJul 21, 2014
7,140Jon MartinezJul 21, 2014
7,139Javier Benito RevolloJul 21, 2014
7,138Julian BeaverJul 21, 2014
7,137Rene nielsenJul 20, 2014
7,136David ChildressJul 20, 2014
7,135Paul ThorlaJul 20, 2014
7,134Amarna MizelleJul 20, 2014
7,133Renard PongracJul 19, 2014
7,132Jessica VasquezJul 19, 2014
7,131Justin PriceJul 19, 2014
7,130Enrique Sánchez Jul 19, 2014
7,129John MarrinanJul 18, 2014
7,128Santiago tamayoJul 18, 2014
7,127brijane hillsJul 18, 2014
7,126Barry WoodJul 18, 2014
7,125Emmanuel RodriguezJul 17, 2014
7,124samuel burgessJul 17, 2014
7,123Russell GedneyJul 17, 2014
7,122Jason SimsJul 17, 2014
7,121Mike ChapinJul 17, 2014
7,120Noel JoseJul 16, 2014
7,119Trent Holcomb-AddisJul 16, 2014
7,118Mark BamundoJul 16, 2014
7,117Martin BarrazaJul 16, 2014
7,116Kenny NeeceJul 15, 2014
7,115Efraim Lopez Jr.Jul 15, 2014
7,114Jim SorrellsJul 15, 2014
7,113Migara TennakoonJul 15, 2014
7,112Roger DowellJul 15, 2014
7,111Kyle PorterJul 14, 2014
7,110Paul VargasJul 14, 2014
7,109LAURA MADRUSJul 14, 2014
7,108Alec MendozaJul 13, 2014
7,107Trent HenryJul 13, 2014
7,106Joe OdorisioJul 13, 2014


Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 800 Comments

  1. Hello Jesse. You have my vote and support If you run.

    I suggest you talk about opening the UFO files, and inviting people to your program who are on that quest. A high percentage of americans believe government cover up on that issue and also on space exploration, whats is going on in mars and the moon.

  2. Jessie,

    I am U.S. military veteran who lives overseas in the Philippines. There are many U.S. veterans living over here and in other countries who agree with your political views and what you stand for! We watch “Off the Grid” and feel that you would be a great president, if you would please run? Myself and many other U.S. citizens and veterans living overseas would vote for you. We are proud of what you have down for our country and you are a TRUE PATRIOT!!! and will go down as one of the greatest presidents if given the opportunity! My parents are still alive and in their 80′s and feel that you also would be a great president and would stand for every american, the poor, young, elderly, handicapped, etc, you would be our voice. Please run for president and we will stand up for you and try to get you in the debates so you can confront the other candidates of the two political GANGS with the truth as you know the facts. If the people are able to see you in the debates you will win and hopefully things would change for America! Keep on doing your best and know that their are many of us veterans living overseas that would support you!

  3. Jessie…you suck…you’re not half the man Chris Kyle was. He should have broken your whole face. What a POS you’ve become. Time for you to crawl into a hole somewhere and stfu

  4. I delight in, result in I found just what exactly I had been taking a look with regard to. You’ve broken my personal Some working day extensive seek out! The lord Cheers man. Have a very good time. Bye

  5. I met Chris in Iraq at a facility for making gas weapons. He was a great guy who loved his son (his daughter wasn’t born yet) his wife and his country and his God. He wanted to do what I’ve done domestic work to take down the low life child murderers, terrorist and other mass murderers. But like I say he loved his son so I just couldn’t let him risk the loss.
    I would love to get James Janos aka Jesse Ventura in a nine foot round ring and give him a religious experience. He reminds me of a seven foot tall enforcer for the Iron Cross gang that was abducting and murdering children in Florida around that time “Jessie” was an enforcer for the Mongols in CA. All it took was on punch to send the hot bag of wind airborne. Now Jessie wants to take money from my friend’s widow and orphans. I worked eight major tasks, some of the largest. Jessie never went out on a single mission, ever because no one trusted his Satan worshiping ass. Get word to Jessie if he is that hard up for money I’ll give him some real conspiracy stories that he won’t have to lie about. Jessie, leave my friend’s widow and his son and daughter alone and that goes for all your little pals in CA. They get hurt and I’ll personally send you to a judge that can’t be bribed. I Promise, I never make threats.

  6. who in the world wants Jesse on a debate platform on National TV. They would rather he die. God Bless Jesse and pray for him in Jesus Name. Jesse is a Truthier seek first the Kingdom and upon that truth God will build his church and bless His City set on a hill the US Capital Hill.

  7. Yes Jesse all the way death where is your sting You deserve the honor for the decades of your investigative work We have seen you walk use through the truth and made us put on our big boy pants on and face ourselves and challenge our role in a government of, for, and by the people. Keep Hope alive Brother Jesse

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  9. Dear Ventura,
    I first and foremost want to thank you for asking questions and giving candid opinions. In a country ridden with deceit it becomes a revolutionary act, you are a true patriot for that alone. I can not speak for what you have done as governor, I can only speak behalf of what I have seen on mainstream news outlets. I want to say it takes a real man to admit that he was used for imperialistic intentions when he served in the military, for example when he spoke of the U.S. military invading South America to protect United Fruit Company. I want to believe you Mr. Ventura and I’ve thought for a LONG time that the only way out of this vicious cycle of corporate corruption is through a voting and political reform all together. Vote in third party! But, research your candidates please! Don’t believe everything you hear and always remain inquisitive! Ventura, don’t let this just be an advertisement campaign for your book sales. Thank You from a honorable citizen.

  10. Jesse Ventura is truley a man to look up to…..and if you looked at the back of my old truck… has a bumpersticker that says Ventura?Stern…2016…..and…..what need i say more…..Oh yes…as Jesse says….can we do any worse……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

  11. This site must be a fraud, i tried to sigh the petition and it would not let me! I suspect fowl play. There must be something we can do as a people to help this man be elected because in my personal opinion he is the only one that can save us from government tyranny!

  12. I honestly believe this website was hijacked so his numbers were effected. There are so many people that are behind his beliefs and KNOW that this change is what our world needs! I am Canadian but grew up in New Jersey. The 2 party cycle must be ended. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! All we are doing is going back and forth!, There must be a 3rd too create a balance. MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH, and how courts could rule that is a disease….
    Jesse Please do not listen too this polling or numbers via online. It cannot be trusted and is attempting too break your will.

  13. It would be helpful if additional resources were available to assist with your run for president. For example I’m not sure how to get you on the SC ballot or on the debates, otherwise, I’m certainly willing to give you a shot at president.

  14. Jesse Please do this. America needs this change and you are that change. PEOPLE we must stand up and cause this change. Stop the corruption!

  15. Can someone plz help me out I have tryed to find jesse venturas site we ain’t got time to bleed but can’t find it plz help. jesse plz run in 2016 we need to find what lies have been told to us the people of the usa can handle the truth we are ready for the truth

  16. Governor Ventura,
    I understand you have put out some speculation about running in 2016. I’ve also heard you express interest in courting Howard Dean; however, I would implore you to consider talking to Senator John McCain as a potential running mate. I think you two could make a powerful “ticket” and are the men our country need to lead us through a potentially turbulent future. Our country faces many current challenges and I’m concerned about how issues such as the Bergdahl prisoner swap and border issues are being handled. It is not that I wouldn’t support a female president, but I’m concerned about how another representative from the Democratic party will handle future entanglements, not just getting us further entangled in the Middle East, but how we posture ourselves to a growing and reactionary Russia and China. I feel that the the Democratic party, which I have supported in the past, is turning more and more into Federalist. Pollsters are also showing that the average American is fed up with both parties and it is time for independent thinkers willing to work together, rather than further dividing our country along party lines. I think Dean should play an extremely important role in your run and in you administration, which would rebuild his political capital, but I also think many voting American’s will remember his over-enthusiasm. Passion is important, but I cannot think of anyone more passionate, but also careful when it comes to the future of our country than Senator McCain. He has the knowledge to get things done in Washington, which will make him the perfect Vice President. You have the showmanship to be a great American President. As an educated “intellectual” I think McCain could also help you with those concerned about your entertainment career. America needs a change Mr. Ventura. As a young man growing up in Minnesota, I was excited to see you become Governor, and once again, I’m excited to see your run for the presidency. I think this is the kairotic time to see the change needed in our country, and in in the world. I fear otherwise for the future of our country and the world. I hope you seriously consider, but I firmly believe you need Senator McCain.

    Most sincerely,
    Brian Mohler (Graduate student)

  17. Now more than ever we need Jesse Venture as President.
    He is the only person that will get this Country back
    in shape.

  18. We americans need a change dem’s and rep’s have sold us out to big
    money and think America is not worth saveing lets prove to these bias
    selfish uncareing lowlifes WE THE PEOPLE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK and
    we all need to come together and vote for change if not our future looks grim.WE NEED CHANGE VOTE JESSE VENTURA 2016 before it’s to late!!!!!!

  19. Hey President! I like that sound! Let’s rock it in the American Indian Community cause Their support for you being President is spreading like wildfire! Lots of them do not have email! How would you like those folks to be counted??? Please advise!

  20. Hey people! İ am from Turkey and i am interested not only Turkish goverment problems i am also interested with global problems either.İ am about to vote for him but i think it wont work for you couse am not American… But i tell you guys! Any of you who visits that site pls sing for that dude couse he might save lots of lifes before world colapse.

  21. Jesse running and being elected is the worst thing that can possibly happen. I mean really who wants to get his hopes up and see more of that crappy truTv series in the process?

    • You don’t have to sign the petition you know. Neither do you have to go on the website and be an asinine slave. I bet you voted for Obama lol

  22. Dear Governor Ventura, First I’d like praise you and your fellow SEALS for the National pride you all have given us to hold on to. Our present administration,it seems,is set on destroying everything that us older generation still(age74-St.Paul,Minnesota born) can recall all of the Great Traditions including the respect and admiration we felt when our Country’s flag was displayed.
    I wanted you to know of a resent SEAL (audio) book; “Eyes on Target” by Scott McEwen & Richard Miniter, that I’ve just finished. I’m guessing you might have already read it. The authors’ actual coverage of the Bengazi “fiasco” makes this old Patriot want to cry for the(4)needlessly killed heroes,and their families,that gave their lives so bravely for a Commander-in-Chief,(who could have cared less), who felt that his family dinner was more important. He went upstairs without issuing orders to save our beleaguered American heroes that gave their lives so he could enjoy,what I’m sure was,a sumptuous meal. I’ve been a “truther” and a conspiracy theorist like you since JFK’s government sponsored execution. My youngest son, Dan, and his wife perished on TWA Flt 800 which I truly believe is yet ANOTHER government cover-up. Rocket chemical residue was found on the back of the seats in row 18 and was “mysteriously” removed by our honest and forthright FBI agents who refused access to the NTSB until they were able to take any and all evidence covertly away so that we survivors could be fed a “Cock and Bull” story revolving around “center gas tank fumes” that couldn’t possibly cause that giant Boeing 747 to come apart in mid-flight. I understand that our US Navy was firing AEGIS (unarmed) missiles at target drones that were fired off of Long Island during the same period of time that TWA 800 was unfortunately traveling along an intersecting path that might have allowed the missile to tear through the plane(row 18)and cause it’s destruction. Just another in a long line of “unusual” happenings our “true and faithful” executive administrations have handed us over the years. So sad to watch the “under-informed and totally lame” majority of our fellow citizens buy into these government contrived HORROR stories without questioning the facts.
    You are TRULY a GREAT PATRIOT and I would be more than happy to endorse you in any further political aspirations you aspire to. Be safe Governor(and SEAL forever)! Thanks for letting me rant!

  23. God is giving us another chance with Jessy, to safe our Country and probably the world.. There is no better candidate – period. People, please wake up.
    He has the knowledge, experience and moral character to be our President.

  24. Just wanted you to know that, on Tue, May 27,2014, I had entered my vote to support Jesse Ventura for president in 2016.

    Today, May 30, 2014, I have now added my mother, Hattie Larson’s vote for same, at her own REQUEST, and using her own email address, as follows:

    In doing so today, however, I noted that my earlier vote for JV has not been recorded on your website, nor have my comments been posted on WHY I supported JV for president in the first place. Why not? Just thought you should know this. Everyone out there, please let me know if this has happened to you, and if so, please reply to I am NOT a government agent!! Thx. WLL, and my mother, HEL

  25. Please run, honestly I fear for my child and family, not from the terror from out but from those on the inside… This is a plea for reformation of the union.

  26. I didn’t vote for Ventura when he ran for (and was elected) governor of MN. My mother did, and I voted for what I thought was a better choice for my state, and for a political party which I have now abandoned as utterly worthless. But if Jessie should run again (whether as governor here, OR for US president), I sure as hell would do it now!!! Thank you, Jessie Ventura, and for you folks, too, for putting this out here for me to express my opinion publicly. WLL

  27. We need Jessie4pressie plse sent petition to all your friends and ask them to do the same we need this to go viral, Jessie cant be beaten in a debate. he is a political tyrannosaurus. We need an incorruptible good man that’s looking after the interests of the people.

  28. well i wish he would run for 2016 there isnt alot of people like him hard core to the point get to the bottom of things and bad guys run this it is not the united states i was raised to believe in it is the opposite ; somone in office wife has stated this is the first time she was proud of being american : well this is the first time im ashamed every thing that america stood for is getting kicked out the door and most people is blind to it ; the others say alittle,more than that more is scared , im sick of it myself we need the bone in our back again and it left when reagan got out of office so be the next Ronald reagan so the people can decide their own fates

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