Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition

If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 50,000 signatures by the end of the year to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


8,578 signatures

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8,578Ralph Burwell, Jr.Nov 26, 2015
8,577Justin TartagliaNov 25, 2015
8,576Chris CappellaNov 24, 2015
8,575Joe HalpyNov 24, 2015
8,574Welsch DenisNov 24, 2015
8,573Felipe MaresNov 22, 2015
8,572Bob GiffordNov 21, 2015
8,571Robert DyerNov 21, 2015
8,570Dan RopelatoNov 20, 2015
8,569Brian BarackmanNov 17, 2015
8,568Thomas FowlerNov 16, 2015
8,567James MorrisNov 16, 2015
8,566Debra AmerbachNov 16, 2015
8,565Ann YoungNov 15, 2015
8,564Stephen Hill JrNov 15, 2015
8,563Kenneth TurnerNov 13, 2015
8,562William DiazNov 13, 2015
8,561Joseph FrotonNov 13, 2015
8,560mark brownNov 12, 2015
8,559Kaydell GaasvigNov 12, 2015
8,558Ben BrislawnNov 12, 2015
8,557Dave BragaNov 11, 2015
8,556corrie herpen vanNov 10, 2015
8,555Kelly MikoloffNov 09, 2015
8,554Loc DawgNov 09, 2015
8,553Bernard Lewandowski Nov 08, 2015
8,552vince moreauNov 08, 2015
8,551joel burnettNov 08, 2015
8,550Rick AnthonyNov 07, 2015
8,549Robert PlunkettNov 07, 2015
8,548Sandra WinnisterNov 06, 2015
8,547Gloria LoweNov 03, 2015
8,546Dylan PfisterNov 02, 2015
8,545April McmanusNov 02, 2015
8,544Grissom IbraheemOct 31, 2015
8,543Sar NasrOct 30, 2015
8,542Mike Banta Oct 30, 2015
8,541Kaleb BrouilletteOct 29, 2015
8,540Marcy NasrOct 28, 2015
8,539Sean NashOct 28, 2015
8,538damir besicOct 28, 2015
8,537Raymond Borgula Oct 27, 2015
8,536Marianne Borgula Oct 27, 2015
8,535Steven DrangeOct 26, 2015
8,534Marie-Antoinette MeinersOct 26, 2015
8,533Josh LucionOct 26, 2015
8,532Hugo Hernandez Oct 25, 2015
8,531Brandon BurnsOct 25, 2015
8,530John GreenOct 24, 2015
8,529robert mcintyreOct 24, 2015



Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 990 Comments

  1. Jesse and Bernie would be a great team! Please help fight Electromagnetic radiation non consensual experiments being conducted on citizens of this country and around the world! There is no place for these experiments anywhere on earth! Kindly watch the following video : as well as Alex Jones interviewing Dr John Hall on this very important matter! Lives are being turned into living hell because of this! These are American lives that matter! We’re not lab rats! We’re human beings and the bullshit
    has to STOP NOW!!!

  2. are you really ready for change? Let’s try something different instead of voting for crooked politicians like they have been doing for the past 200 years

  3. We NEED a 4-star general with government experience and one who is honest and does what he knows to be right to guide our nation back out of the embarrassment that Obama has ruined our image before the world. We ARE a strong nation, but we need a strong leader. We NEED Jesse!

  4. You should be ashamed for being such a money/attention whore. You owe Chris Kyles family more than you’re worth. And you were a seal. I’d do anything in my power to make sure you don’t run

  5. Many thanks Jesse for all the sacrifices you have made for this country! You are the type of individual who this country can get behind. Someone that strives for the truth and seeks to uphold the Constitution of this great country! Not the watered down representation that has become the accepted doctoran of this country. But the doctoran of freedom and pride as it was originally intended! One of less government and increased social intention! Thank you Jesse for your gracious service and honest truthful voice that continues to motivate this nation! We the people need you to once again lead us to a time of pride and prosperity! I know you will know how to attack this and I trust and believe you will achieve this! God Bless you my friend in every endeavor you deem necessary!

  6. The day you become president America will be “The America we used to know” A great nation with honor, So please run for president and save our country.

  7. hi governor i live in scotland but i pay attention to politics in america as it usuasly ends up the same here youre country hasnt had a president since jfk was killed its a puppet post like cameron in uk you can bring the country back from the military industrial complex and jail bush cheney and there cronies and investagate 9\11 ps keep peirs morgan hes a muppet

  8. Jesse we love u brother. that said if i and many others read the beauty in u right u are one heroic son of an gun by nature, ive heard u on alex u r the only best man for the job no one else has what it takes to go after the privite fed and the elite banksters who have threw means of a diferent kind of warfare over the last many decades planting there rothchild zionists all thrueout places of power preparing for this take over. And they even saw u coming a mile away thats why the chris kyle thing happend when it did all planned to take u out of presidential contention ((didnt work.)) afrter ur( conspiracy fact show) they targeted the f out of u but u knew they would u were running recon on them feeling them out thats why u did the show my opinion, well now u now they’re there, cause they spit a lil nasty juice on u from threr hiding hole in the ground. Being a fighter i bet u want them in the worst way ,the only seat a man can fight them from and win is waiting for u ,,”take it its yours”……. PROMICE US ALL ONE THING , ull spit some of ur favorite chew back in there eyes when u get em where (WE) want em. there nothing more than rich thieves. theyve taken everything theyve got threw means of back channeling, casing the joint on a national scale slipping threw windows to pass freedom killing laws in the middle of the night or on christmas,, sick _ _ _ ks. and many other sneeky ways just exactly like a theif thats how they gained it all threw the history.and the ones who cought on to there hiest u guest it.,,,,,,,, need i name them all . thats why ther called robber barrons they use there power and money printing to enfluince law making saw they can rob a country leagly and own it utterly go get em jesse the theives gig is up. trust me the thought of u in that seat scares them u can be our superman ill be the first to volonteer to be ur front honor guard im not military but i garontee id be there for u at that magic moment and go out with a smile on my face knowing i served my perpose. please jesse do this .

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