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If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 100,000 signatures by the end of 2013 to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


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Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 936 Comments

    • Drink bleach and die prick he sued a widow of a fallen hero if he didn’t do what he did for our country the population in the us would be bunch rag heads u stupid unpatriotic pice of amphibian shit the best part of you ran down the Crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on her matress

    • Drink bleach prick he sued a widow of a fallen hero if he didn’t do what he did for our country the population in the us would be bunch rag heads u stupid unpatriotic pice of amphibian shit the best part of you ran down the Crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on her matress

      • He didn’t sue Chris Kyle’s widow, he sued Kyle himself. In fact, Kyle even testified as a witness in the case before he was killed (in the middle of the court case). The case continued after he was killed against Chris Kyle’s Estate, which his widow is now in control of.

        Furthermore, insurance covered the entire settlement, as well as the court costs, of the Kyle estate – this is because he had a book and movie deal, and insurance is standard in these types of deals.

        Furthermore, Ventura had to continue the case or risk them portraying him in the movie (an extremely popular movie at that) badmouthing the SEALS and the United States. This would have injured his public image even worse than continuing and winning the suit.

        At the end of the day, Chris Kyle made up this story, and Jesse wasn’t involved at all. No reason to attack Ventura on this one; it’s on Kyle – he’s the bad guy in this case, as it turns out.

  1. Dear governor I have brief story about Government harassment and one question at bottom of page.
    I have sent email to President Obama and TV news stations different states that was shooting rampage going on please read.
    I am Iranian American lived in Houston, TEXAS 35 years and over 7 years going through heavy Harassment by police and government agency. It started with discrimination in the court Judge Office divorce case, and later gangsters running after me driving ugly cars with black tag and no tag tried to create accidents. I was at the airport with my son (strait A honor student) waiting for our luggage a man with gloves walked to us, left briefcase next to us walked away to public phone and we moved away fast.
    I have lost 2 good jobs last 7 years, coworkers harassed me throw garbage in food, messing around my work station, and my car, personal belonging. They receive instructions; play car games, following me around doing distraction. Hackers delete email and phone message, Manipulating, send trash email, blocking calls, harass calls, stealing my mail, send fake letter, and play ugly games.
    Some People disable my alarm car & home, security camera get inside leave marks and garbage. I have called police & FBI, sent big email explained everything and (NO HELP). I talked to attorney and psychologist some people trying to set me up with teenage girl, prostitute under cover and murder me. This is a very long story I am very lucky to be alive. A man blocked me close to home run after me tried to shoot me. A man was trying to get in the hotel room when I was in BAHAMA with my son, after I got back to Houston 2 month later I saw somebody look like him, same cloths acting like him at work. Human resource supposed to do their investigation instead they laid me off, now they want to offer me waiver four thousand dollars to keep my mouth shut. After I read “63 document” page 13(wiki leak and spying network by law enforcements) and “Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks then I got some idea what is really going on. John Marks says Government Agents use prisoners, drug attics, prostitutes, foreigners (page 10) and different technique to do harassment, unwitting people very quietly and secretly.
    Everywhere I go they are following me, monitoring me. I cannot leave anything in the car. 4 Prescription glasses were destroyed or stolen. Tiers get nailed, loose air, lights stays on, dents on the body.
    They create conflict between me and my neighbors tow away my neighbor truck and blame that on me. Give instructions to neighbors to harass me. They do harassment in college campus. People need to ignore distractions and read books educate themselves watch pastor Joel Osteen on CBS Sunday morning he explains how to stay away from trouble.
    Agents continuously using satellite watch, monitor, and listening our conversation. Coming with crazy ideas to disturb and create problems. I saw Tom Drake former NSA talked on C-SPAN about FBI and CIA targeting people and creating situations and blaming somebody else. John Kiriaku ex CIA after got out of jail said on MSNBC “we are trained to lie, cheat, steal, and trick people”. They have tried so hard to put my face on head line news.
    They send me cars with no plate or black tag hanging around side of freeway creating traffic, suddenly stopping. Big trucks and 18 wheelers Tanker stops in dangerous area like exit lane; or when changing from one freeway to another with no visibility they block the road. In order to murder one person, some other innocent people life could be in danger.
    Who are the victims? Innocent people that have relationship and family problems, so people need to stop complaining about their spouse or become a target. First they try to make the victims angry, create fight and shooting when it does not work then try to set him up make him look like monster and call him a suicide bomber. Police and government doing harassment set up people and create shooting, Houston chief of police Adrian Garcia was running ad on all channels 24/7 from 2010 to 2012“come work with us all ages man and woman” so he should knows who is doing distractions around Houston area, now he wants to run for mayor.
    I wrote about 40 pages and explain about the incidents and different tactics they use, I am looking for Author can help me put this in the book my question is how do we stop the harassment by government. Attorneys normally don’t want to file charges.

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  3. Hi Jesse. I understand your viewpoints. I feel you are the man for the Job. Check out my site – with admin. jurisdiction and knowledge, may really make progress for our planet too and enjoy planetray life!

    There is an intellectual creation, where utopian research espionage “readouts” is a euphoric interface at various levels.

    There may be financial incentives on time of “experiences” maybe also, where some are detrimental to our planetary community, that consists of living thinking power vs. the elite resistance to convert the crimes economy excuse of simply leveraging the forces.

    I feel you are a good candidate

  4. It is time for corporate criminality to be addressed. It is time to stop fighting the cold war as our infrastructure falls apart. Its time for federal over-sight of all police departments before this country descends into anarchy. We need a labour revolution to get the people to start saving-investing and spending; so that we can get our economy back ,and a president who will balance the budget and make corporations responsible for taking our manufacturing jobs away and we need an end of tax breaks for the rich. Mr. Ventura can help us though Howard Stern is a retard; he is the “king of all media” and that counts for something. God bless you all and God bless America.

  5. Governor, I don’t know if you read these or not. I would imagine that due to some of the comments I’ve ready, it would be difficult to continue to do so. Maybe we are too late to wake up, maybe not. Just know that there are a lot of us out here who appreciate what you do, and hope that you will continue, as hard as it may be. We just aren’t always as loud as the trolls.

  6. Hello to one and all…,I’m from the U.K and I’ve been watching Jessie for the last couple of years . Its fresh to have a political upstart like Jessie to shake and scare a long established elitism of the 2 leading parties .At least Jessie will tell it like it is = real facts and real actions .
    The American public are now at the end of there tether. All i’ll say to the American public is “GOOD LUCK .. AND VOTE JESSIE ” it can’t do you any harm in voting in TRUE BLUE COLLAR WORKER AND PATRIOT who,s thinking of your long term better intrest .

  7. Thank you Jesse Ventura for your fighting with corruption.I like Conspiracy teory .I am from Czech republic and my mom is Lucie Vankova.I hope you are a USA prezident.

  8. No more Bush No more War we need president to stop Gangsters doing harassment creating shooting and delete Hackers from planet earth

  9. I don’t care that Jesse sued anyone. Good for you, use that 1.8 mil for your president campaign.
    I want a president that has the balls, to do what Jesse has done.
    Jesse is a Doberman, ready to stand and protect the people. If you don’t believe that, good luck with Rand, or Hilary, or any of the other dicks that will run.

  10. I love your show OFF THE GRID and watch it on youtube. You got my vote if you make the ballot. I love the comment that the politicians should wear NASCAR suits to show who sponsors them.

  11. Republicans HATE and believe in farytales. Democrats are crazy spenders.We need you Jesse Ventura. I just hope veterans the elderly sick and disabled are protected. Right now both parties are ready to toss grandmas and grampas out into the streets. Because of that attitude I am ready to vote third party. Please JESSE!!!!2016

  12. Is there any time like now. we need a superman, a man to stand, for americans. to tear down the power’s of the rich and their company and corperation. and their power of death of us all, who hold more right’s ,than you and I. undo all law’s, that hold our freedom at try all, not just the little guy. who steal a car and go to jail for five thingyear’s. a rich man, that steal a millian dollar’s. get nothingi, but a smack on the hand. pay a find .death is a death. if a sponser goverment thug kills, not only shoud he be put to death the law maker’s and their cronies. shoud be held to their oath, and all law maker’s, shoud be vote on by the people. not their party’s. or special board. and death and jail shoud be smiling at their back’s. we have no protection .they send our children, to die. big money shoud be their battle cry! I hold the pledge, allegigant. to our country and flag, as A sacred oath, we the people yes we the people.not we the goverment. not we the rich. not we the corperation. we have been lead to believe that the u.s is the good guy. the people know better they are killer’s of men, women and children. they make our kid, killer’s . if we lie to them we go to jail. lie’s. are their tool’s of their trade. hopefully, jessie won’t fold in, the pressure and money the power that is unseen yes we needed, a man of steel. to proect, us mere people of this, tainted land

  13. The talk of underground bunkers for the government elite is true.
    The event that will bring total panic in the world is of a mass extinction event.
    A mini solar system is orbiting into our solar system governments have been watching this since the 1970,s Nibiru is a planet in the solar system headed our way it is called the destroyer or as it is referred to as PlanetX . It will cause a catastrofic pole shift on earth will kill millions of people
    Mass extination events from this have occurred on earth before. Be prepared folks

  14. Please register as a write -in candidate in all states. Don’t.believe the sniper scam against. Jesse, they know he can win!


  16. Jessie you are such a dumbass!!! You sucked in everything you have done so now you are running after UFOs, talking a bunch of bullshit and using the $1.8M to make yourself look like a bigger asshole. Can someone maybe knock some sense into this brain-dead idiot?

  17. Aren’t you the piece of shit that stole 2 million dollars from a widow? Over your reputation. It’s way better now. Just checking.

  18. The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the brain initiative are the worst scams ever perpetrated on the American people. Former U. S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Warns: Biochips Hazardous to Your Health: Warning, biochips may cause behavioral changes and high suicide rates. State Attorney Generals are to revoke the licenses of doctors and dentists that implant chips in patients. Chip used illegally for GPS, tracking, organized crime, communication and torture. Virginia state police have been implanting citizens without their knowledge and consent for years and they are dying!

    Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan, has unveiled a super small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017. “A means of authentication,” she calls it, also called an electronic tattoo, which takes NSA spying to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and specifically targets 10 – 20 year olds in her rant about the wonderful qualities of this new technology that can stretch in the human body and still be functional. Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine,’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.

    The ARRA authorizes payments to the states in an effort to encourage Medicaid Providers to adopt and use “certified EHR technology” aka biochips. ARRA will match Medicaid $5 for every $1 a state provides. Hospitals are paid $2 million to create “crisis stabilization wards” (Gitmo’s) where state police torture people – even unto death. They stopped my heart 90 times in 6 hours. Virginia state police have murdered so many already and admit to it!

    Mary E. Schloendorff, v. The Society of New York Hospital 105 N. E. 92, 93 (N. Y. 1914) Justice Cardozo states, “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent, commits an assault, for which he is liable in damages. (Pratt v Davis, 224 Ill. 300; Mohr v Williams, 95 Minn. 261.)
    This case precedent requires police to falsely arrest you or kidnap you and call you a mental health patient. You can also be forced to have a biochip if you have an infectious disease – like Eboli. Coalition of Justice vs the City of Hampton, VA settled a case out of court for $500,000 and removal of the biochip. Torture is punishable by $1,000 per day up to $2 million; Medical battery is worth $2.05 million. Come to Virginia and get your money! They can be held personally liable under color of the law. Senator Tim Kaine told me it was state and local police. Check out William and Mary’s website – Active Denial System. There is a “Homeland Security” police officer on every force – so they can break the law! The police doing this to me are Belinda Robinson, Jose Hernandez, Karen Rodriguez, Tony Passaro, Jared Vance, Thomas Shull, Darrell Hollowell, along with attorneys: Darlene Bradberry, Chad Dorsk, Judith Dockery, Jeff Rosen, Joshua Coe, Farnaz Farkish, Mark Herring, Dante Filetti, Mary Huffman, Judges Involved: Judge Alfred Masters, Mag, Judge Gregory Kalirus, Judge Richard Kerns, Federal District Court Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen and Magistrate Judge Thomas E. Miller. Judge Allen’s own clerk of courts admitted to me that Judge Allen knew I was in excruciating pain, but she denied my motion for a cessation of torture. Riverside Hospital wanted to continue as Defendant and so did I as Plaintiff, but the judge is corrupt and getting paid to watch people be tortured. Everyone in Virginia is corrupt. They will torture and murder their own citizens for money.

  19. Anyone who signs this petition is an idiot. Ventura never finished SEAL Training and is not a SEAL. Look it up.. He’s a Pre-SEAL UDT: No Grandfather Clause. Ventura is a Fake.. a now 8 Million dollar fake.

  20. Jessie or ace ??? Doesn’t matter the name is Ventura so it’s one in the same … Only a drippy dirty douche would sue a widow of a national hero because he is truly a cry baby

  21. What a cad. First I cannot believe you sued a dead man. That says a lot about your character. If this lawsuit were all about your reputation then why keep the money. Donate it to a worthy cause, like Chris Kyle did the proceeds of his book. A great idea would be the education for children of United States Navy SEALS who lost their lives protecting yours. It is easy to win against a man of integrity when he is not there do defend himself.

  22. I think it would be good if for only 1 term to have someone in power who will release the truth on certain events and give transparency to future policy. This could create a precedence for all future governments to trust its people with the information and decision making.

  23. The Hot Brief (Updates Follow) I need an Attorney that can handle this case on a contingency
    I notice that you have done a Time Travel show in the past. I am guessing that enlightening you as to how an actual time machine is built may interest you. Notice the 100% Reflective Spiral Vacuum Coils, and Dark Matter Frequency, or Density, apparatus conditioning. Sure, it requires testing, so you may want to pay attention to the Fort Hood assassinations as well. Keep in mind, the only thing for certain about President Obama being elected his first term, is that we have no idea who actually won. The software was faulty. No way we were going to give the first black president half a chance. No way a two year old forges his own birth certificate. Programming a person without their knowing it is real, just take a look at how the NVC did it in Vietnam to prisoners they programmed and then released. President recently said “Their ideology is bankrupt”. Our country is potentially now bankrupt, which would be the ideal scenario for an invasion. The US Stronghold of Detroit is practically already lost. Africa is mounting an invasion force with all the best tech they could steal, or trade for blood diamonds. Looks like the stage is being set for World War Three with our living room as the battlefield. China already has forces here. Can you help me please? I need an attorney that can take this on a contingency basis. Here goes “The Hot Brief”:
    I have been attempting to obtain records from the FOIPO (Freedom Of Information And Privacy Office) for years records pertaining to myself (1113931-000;Appeal No. 08-2573, Appeal No. 2628; 1217668-0). According to FOIPO there are no records pertaining to my person at this point in time. I have also filed a suit against the United States for Hindrance of Fiscal Growth in Tallahassee Federal Court (4:14-cv-00431-RH-CAS) as well pursue criminal prosecution of employees of We The People for criminal actions conducted while employed by the same. The Federal Court of Tallahassee ruled that it is a frivolous matter to deny an accused the right to enter a defense, deny the right of an accused an attorney (Joseph Brunson), as well as deny the accused the right to a jury. That same court also ruled that it is a malicious thing to do to take someone to court. I have asked Judge Stampelos for a copy of the evidence in which brought the court to this ruling, and as of yet, the court has failed to produce any evidence on this matter.
    The reasons being why I am filing this case in a Federal Civil Court are many. I am also going to include the more than a Sextillion USD that the FBI is liable for as a result of 24 years of willful neglect in essence resulting in the FBI as a criminal organization utilizing the government of We The People as a “front” for their criminal organization, with at least some percentage of FBI employees utilizing their positions to obstruct justice from within the FBI, in essence acting as interior infiltrators of the United States, constituting classified definition parameters as Domestic Enemy.
    If you read this brief in it’s entire, while this brief is posted on the Internet, you will understand how “Time Travel” is relevant. You may also realize the need for a “Time Court” in the United States. In this brief you will be told the basic essence of construct of a “Time Space Monitor”, as well as an “Asoliner Gateway”, and an “Isolinear Pod”. Indeed you will gain a clearer understanding of how “Time Travel” is relevant.
    To enlighten the reader in a fashion in which will hopefully provide the clearest picture possible, this brief will be in Laymen, and as I myself am not a practicing attorney, number compliant stipulates cohesive with State and Federal informational placements will probably not be in complete order. I apologize for this inconvenience. There will also be some facts not relevant to evidence, however, relevant to the circumstances of the evidence.
    This story begins in the year 1984. I was riding down O’Banion Road in Garland, TX when I witnessed something I did not report. I did not report this because I truly had no idea what to report at that point in time. What I saw was a manipulation of the standard passage of time resulting from the use of Dark Matter control apparatus. Within the controlled area of Time Space Alteration was what most commonly refer to as “Extra Terrestrials”. My personal belief is that they are actually Gods Angels. What led me to this belief is at the time the first Bible was written, the people believed the world to be flat, and covered by a dome according to The History of The Universe by Wyken Seagrave, and anything that came from above the Dome was considered as “Godlike, Angelic”, visiting from “The Heavens”. I know this is what I saw at this point in time from gaining further intelligence and deduction. The point is, that is when I first witnessed the ability to manipulate Time Space.
    This story moves ahead two years to 1986. That was the year I applied to enlist in the NAVY. After taking the Naval Aptitude Testing, I was told I could have any position in which I desired. I was set to Fly, and then something happened that twisted that fate. I never went through Boot Camp. I became emotional due to a relationship, got in some trouble, and after resolving the trouble, I moved to Connecticut to get away from any further potential trouble, and had no further interest or desire to fly for the NAVY.
    The end of the first week of December of 1986, I was at the customs gate waiting on my mother and father to get back from Hawaii as I was picking them up from the Airport. As I was there in the customs gate waiting area waiting for them to arrive, myself and the attendant clerk were all that was there. The first person to walk through the gate was a Naval Officer carrying a crate with a dolly. He looked at me and gave me a polite gesture nod. I returned a polite gesture nod. A couple of minutes later two Chekysylvockian looking men that looked like the Spy type walked through the gate. They had firearms on their persons. When they walked through the gate, the Naval Officer became obviously tense and had a worried look about him as he looked at his crate, and then at the men. The men then looked at the crate, and then at the Officer. Then they placed their hands on their firearms. As they placed their hands on their firearms, they looked around, and saw me. As they saw me and I noticed that they had focused their attention on me, I placed myself in a position that I would at least hopefully be able to dodge bullets if necessary, and if possible get my hands on them. It was December in Connecticut, so I was wearing a jacket in which could have easily concealed a firearm without notice. The two men looked back and forth at me and each other, took their hands off their firearms, looked at me angrily, and then looked at the Officer as if to consider him fortunate. The clerk never strayed her eyes from the paperwork. The officer then looked at me with a very large smile as he walked away with his crate, and gave me another nod. A short while later, the two men walked away as well, however, they looked at me angrily once more as they left the customs area. They must have assumed I was a sleeper intelligence agent providing guard because a week or so later I received a phone call. A recording of me answering that phone call, and my identity as SRS-117 has been released in accordance with Congressional Law. I was recruited as a Volunteer United States Agent.
    I am not able to tell you what I did as an agent, however, I can tell you as a volunteer I am allowed liberty to choose my own mission assignment. The mission I chose was in a very real sense beyond my control or choice. My mission is to save the world. I realize that this may be unbelievable to you. I also realize that belief is not relevant to fact. I am not claiming that the United States owes me money resulting from this. I chose to volunteer, and this comes from my own free will, not obligation.
    This story moves forward to January of 1988 when I received a call from my cousin Eddie as he asked me if I would like to join him and his classmates on their Spring Break as he was allowed to invite a non-schoolmate member for the party. When we arrived in Daytona, we discovered we were staying in the same Hotel that MTV was shooting their Spring Break shows in. During the week, I was at The Texan Hotel, on the bottom floor in the club “701 South”. On this particular night, I was offered a position as a “Star”. The position was offered to me by John Volstad who played one of the “Darryl” of the Newhart Show. He was obviously already established in the Entertainment industry, and sufficiently impressed me when he asked me if I liked any of the Hawaiian Tropic Girls, I told him the girls I like, and then there they were with us. I actually asked Mrs. California to marry me, and her response was, “Get away from me you crazy drunk M***** F*****”. He asked me what kind of Star I wanted to be. I asked him what he meant, and he responded with asking me if I wanted to be a TV Star, a Movie Star, or what. I told him I didn’t want to be a Star. He said, “What? You don’t want to be a star? Why not?”. I told him Stars can’t even go to the grocery store or anywhere without being mobbed. He then asked me what it is that I do want to do. I told him I want to write songs. He said alright, and asked me to wait there for a few minutes. When he came back, he told there will be a songwriting contest, and if I write the best song, I would be able to write all the songs I want to write. When the music began, all the others in the contest began writing down their lyrics, but not me, I began singing in sync with the music. I sang about Mrs. California whom I had asked to marry me shortly earlier. I won the contest. The song wound up being “The Flame” performed by the performing artist group “Cheap Trick”. After the contest, they asked me to wait to speak with someone, and asked me to stand in an area alone. I seem to remember he was the owner of MTV. I took a lot of pictures that night, and have a picture of him. He and I talked, he gave compliment on the way I write, and I let him know that I have plenty of songs in my head that I want to write, and I can write a song on command. He played the music again, and I felt as though that song had already been written, and he agreed. I then told him how he would be able to get the songs from myself to he. I then enlightened him about the Time Space Monitor basics. Utilizing a 100% reflective spiral vacuum will speed up light allowing for a break point for observation of myself as I write song lyrics, and music on occasion. I was very drunk, and it gets blurry, but the next morning when I woke up I had regurgitation all over me as I woke up on a balcony of the ninth floor. I asked Eddie what happened, and he said, “Don’t worry about it, it was all a dream”. At the time, I believed him.
    Two years later, I was wondering how all of my songs were winding up on the radio, and in the stores, so I wrote a song that I knew I would recognize as mine that may shed some light upon this mystery. The song was “I go to extremes” performed by the performing artist “Billy Joel”. When I heard that song again, I was certain that theft was occurring somehow. Realizing that however it was happening, my songs were on the charts, so naturally, I didn’t stop. I kept on writing as I attempted to solve the mystery throughout all the years.
    In 1990 I approached the FBI on this matter, without telling them at first about the incident in Daytona, as I genuinely believed it was a dream at that point in time. Instead, the primary suspect due to my association with Joey Ashner, who was a Cocaine Dealer, as well as had a bad axe, was my friend. Sadly, he was running from the DEA in Waterbury, CT on a bike and drove in to a concrete wall at 110 Mph, thus becoming “Joey, The Concrete Blonde”, as he had blonde hair. The FBI investigated the DEA, and at the conclusion of the DEA investigation they assured me that it was not the DEA that was ripping me off. The contact in which had been assigned to this case at that point in time was Agent Clay Meyers. He was the standard contact when I contacted the FBI on this matter. Upon discovery that the DEA had no part in the thefts of the performing arts materials, the patents, basic movie scripts, product patent concepts, and advertisement campaigns I enlightened the FBI to the second most likely suspect according to that night in Daytona being a “Dream”. The second most likely suspect in this mystery has an origin of suspicion brought about by the condition of able capable wealth. My father, that is to say more correctly step father, Seymour Cunningham, had quite influential relatives. For many years I was what most would call the distant “Black Sheep” of the first family. In the later part of 1987 Seym came to me and asked me if I would witness his will. I complied. He said he wanted to have it done just as a precautionary measure due to the fact that he and my mother were planning on doing a good bit of traveling, and that he would have it done at an attorney office upon returning from Boston. He died in Boston of a heart aneurism. I was told that he could have been on a surgical room table with his chest open at the time it happened, and there still would have been nothing that could have been done to stop it. When his Aunt Pamelia, that’s Pamelia DuPont, heard about the will, she and other members of the family displayed outrage, and were heard saying, “They’re not going to get away with this”. I just did what Seym asked me to do. He had accepted me as his son, and I had accepted him as my father, and did as he asked me. During that time, a paper had printed falsehoods about me that I considered malicious and slanderous, and was having difficulty with the entire situation. Realizing his Aunt Pamelias’ wealth abilities, and her displayed feelings, I enlisted the conditions as warranted for suspect. I then reported this to the FBI as such. That apparently did not go well. I feel as though I should be careful as to what all I say on that matter in this brief, so I will leave that at that, other than adding that FBI Agent Clay Meyers told me that I had “Pissed some people off”. I asked him what the FBI was going to do about me being ripped off, and he said, “Nothing”. When he told me that, I became enraged. On that particular day, it would not have mattered who walked through my door, I would have at least attempted to kill them. It could have been a maintenance man looking to spray insecticide, a beautiful girl wanting sex, whoever, it simply would not have mattered to me, I was totally enraged, and I destroyed that apartment that day. The next day when I awoke, I realized that I can’t go on that way. Still, my rage ruled me, so I did not care. After a while, I came to the realization that I need to discontinue the feelings of rage. I submitted myself to Charter Hospital for anger management, which was also at the request of my mother. She paid the bill of course. I am not sure what all Dr. Michael McMannis told my mother, but I am certain that all he did was give me drugs, ask me questions, and attempt to convince me that reality is not real. Basically useless. Charter Hospital has since been shut down due to questionable practices, and as far as the Dr. told me, he never treated me for anything other than Anger, however, it seems as though some were under the impression that a “Chemical Imbalance” condition was a possibility. This was not the actual fact of the matter. Although I can easily provide evidence that Dr. McMannis had committed mal-practice, and lied to me while administrating treatment, as well as provided falsehoods to my mother, for reason I believe to be “Milking her purse”, my primary objective remained to be to solve the mystery and obtain my property. I did not want the distraction of suing some Dr.. In hindsight, maybe I should have. Two years later I was going through some old stuff, and ran across a photo album of some of the pictures I took while in Daytona that week during Spring Break back in 1988. I noticed two pictures were the two pictures taken by the actor John Volstad as I posed for them, and I realized, “Pictures can’t develop from a dream”. I then approached Agent Clay Meyers with this, and he responded with, “I heard about your mental problems, now leave us alone”. I was again filled with rage. They gave no explanation or chance for rebuttal. The rage reflected in the music. I have written the lyrics to more than 50,000 (Fifty-Thousand) songs, and I don’t care even a little bit if you believe me or not. I intend to subpoena a Time-Space Monitor to aid in providing evidence, for multiple reasons. Don’t know how to build one? No problem, if you are actually reading this, you will notice that I have already told you the basics.
    I am also a Marijuana decriminalization enthusiast, and in the year 1990, I stood on the Federal Courthouse steps in Mobile, AL and smoked Marijuana while anticipating to enter a defense of constitutional nature regarding Marijuana and a constitutional God Given right. Not only did they not arrest me, but they locked the courthouse doors, and the Police just drove by smiling and waving.
    That explains why I feel the willful neglect of the FBI has resulted in the United States owing more than a Sextillion USD. Theft of performing art material is the Jurist Prudence of the FBI. I do not have my own court house. I do not have my own jailhouse. Congress says it’s the jurist prudence of the FBI. The FBI says it’s the jurist prudence of the FBI. The FBI in the region of Mobile, AL has a standard in which allows for corruption to serve as the status quoa. One example of this being evident is the McGregor case. At this point in time it seems as though the owner of the illegal gambling ring is actually the Mobile Police Department, however, for more than three decades the owner was McGregor, and his illegal gambling ring was allowed to conduct itself without law enforcement disruption due to the fact that McGregor was bribing public officials while utilizing the Municipalities as a cover for the payments. Although Gambling is not a violation of Federal Law, the paying off to public officials so that you are allowed to break the law is a violation of Federal law.
    I am required to continue to report the thefts each five year period in order to maintain FBI liability, and I have done so. I have reported these crimes to the FBI more than 100 times over the past 24 years. As FOIPO has not allowed any disclosure of this fact of record, FOIPO is now an accomplice to evasion, and obstruction of justice as the records are withheld.
    In the year 2000, an incident occurred at a location on Halls Mill Road where the club “The High Chaparral” once was. During this incident, I assaulted three Mobile Police Officers after one of those officers flagrantly discharged a firearm unsafely, and with no regard to unnecessary loss of life. One of those officers received an injury in which could have easily identified him at the time I reported the incident to Mobile Police Department Homicide division and the FBI of the Region of Mobile. Both the FBI and the Mobile Police Department neglected to perform their duty, resulting in their accomplice to the crime. FOIPO is also concealing this fact. This is how it happened. I was on a very crowded dance floor, and I needed to get some fresh air, so I went to go outside. When I got to the exit I was told I could not go out right then because there was a crazy man with a gun in the parking lot, and they had the situation in hand, they just needed everyone to stay clear until the situation was over. I attempted to wait it out, but I became claustrophobic and excessively hot. I returned to the door and told the lady at the door, “I have got to get some fresh air, I can’t take it any more”. She told me, “Go ahead Turtle, but you’re on your own if something happens”. I went outside, and went towards the parking lot area, and when I did, bullets were flying all around me. I learned something about the human mind at that point. The sub conscious has the capability of taking over the conscious while maintaining coincidental retainment. I know this because I experienced this. The bullets seemed to be flying by me in “Slow motion” and I could actually see the bullets as I dodged one of them. I also learned as this happens, adrenaline is produced in the mind probably to increase synaptic timing for coincidental retainment. After the first wave of bullets passed by me, I ducked behind the wall and watched the second wave fly by me. Once the bullets had stopped, I again went beyond the wall and said, “Who’s that shooting at me?”. I heard a voice, it was the voice of Robert Dudley, and he responded with, “Is that you Turtle?”. I said, “Yea, who’s that shooting at me?”. He said, “Don’t worry about it, I got it handled, are you alright?”. I said, “Yea, but you tell whoever that is if they shoot at me again, I am going to kill them”. I meant it. At that time, I was no longer hot, or claustrophobic. I was adrenalized. I then went back inside, and asked Lamar if he minded my sitting in with them and do some performing. He asked which song I want to sing, and I told him that it would be easier if I just make one up, and asked if he could just play something I could write a song to. He agreed. The first lyrics I wrote/performed that night was “Enough of Me” that went on to be performed by the performing artist “Melissa Etheridge”. There were others as well before the Police arrived. When the Police arrived, Rob Bear, the Head Bouncer that night, came to me and told me to talk to the Police or he would Bar me from the Club. So I went to the door and asked the Police what they want, and they told me they didn’t want anything. Rob said, “Wait Turtle, He’s the one”. The officer responded with, “He’s the one? Alright, I will be with you in about twenty minutes or so”. I said to him, and keep in mind I was adrenalized, “If you want to talk to me, you can talk to me right now”. The officer responded to that with, “I’m only trying to do my job”. I then said to him, “If you want to do your job you can go downtown and arrest Judge Key. If you want to talk to me you can talk to me right now, otherwise I’m busy”. The officer just looked at me, and then I said, “Alright then, guess you don’t want to talk”. I then returned to the stage. A little while later three officers came in to the club, and cleared the dance floor. I then asked them, “What do you want?”. One of the officers responded with, “We don’t want anything”. I then responded with, “Then why are you in the middle of the dance floor that way?”. He then said, “How about I just shoot you?”. I didn’t believe he would. I was unarmed posing no threat to anyone, and on a stage writing/performing, so I said to him, “Go ahead”. I spread out my arms, and the officer then aimed his firearm in my vicinity, and discharged his weapon. I then asked him, “Did you shoot me?”, and he said, “Yes”. I checked my body and didn’t see that I had been hit, so I asked him, “Did you hit me?”. He shook his head. I said to him, “I think you missed on purpose”. He said, “No”. A minute later I noticed that the drummer was being carried off with an injured leg. I became enraged, and combined with already being adrenalized, it was not a good combination. I told the officer, “I feel like coming down there and beating your ass”. He said, “Come on”. I then said, “I feel like coming down there and beating all of your asses”. He said, “Come on and do it”. At that point, I sat in a position of prey. I waited for the right moment, found a moment in which none of the officers were paying attention to me, and made a strike. When it was over, the officer in which shot the drummer in the leg had had his ankle twisted around, resulting in what was essentially a broke leg as to equal an eye for an eye so to speak. After dispersing anger with anyone that was so inclined to engage in physical confrontation, I went back to the stage and began writing/performing again. A little while later, while writing/performing the song “It’s My Life” which went on to be performed by the performing artist group “Bon Jovi”, two Mobile Police officers attempted to arrest me during the performance while on stage. After I finished writing/performing the song, I asked what they wanted. Someone told me they were arresting me. I asked what for, and someone said, because of all those people you killed. I asked, “What people, I don’t see any dead people here”. So they brought some people in to club and set them on the dance floor. I laughed, and told them those people aren’t dead. The people they had claimed that I had killed woke up. A little less than a year later, after I felt things had time to “Cool down”, I reported this incident to both the Mobile Police Department Homicide Division as directed by the greeting sign in attendant, and the Mobile Region of the FBI. FOIPO is concealing this as well. Mobile Police Department injury records could have easily identified the officer that discharged the firearm, but more importantly to me on a personal basis, confirmed that I did in fact author the songs.
    In 1994 I was arrested for possession of 0.12 Grams of Marijuana, charged with distribution, and found guilty of distribution of Marijuana. It is that arrest, and what ensued that is the reasoning as to why the United States owes me more than $134,000,000.00 (One-Hundred-Thirty-Four Billion) USD. As I was arrested, I enlightened the arresting officer, Officer Thornton, that I did indeed intend to enter a constitutional argument and present that argument to the US Supreme Court. I was never allowed to enter a defense on any level court a defense in which pertained to the Marijuana charge. The attorney I hired to take the case, Joseph Brunson, was arrested for obtaining evidence and preparing the defense. It was his lawful duty to obtain evidence to present, and as part of his evidence to present to the court, it was required that he obtained some Marijuana and Tax Stamps as to illustrate that Marijuana is in fact a Taxed Private property in the State of Alabama in accordance with Title 40 Chapter 17A of Alabama Law. I showed up at his arraignment and enlightened his attorney, Dennis Knizely, that I had paid Joseph Brunson to obtain the Marijuana that he had been arrested with (44 Pounds) and that he was to as well obtain the Tax Stamps in which accompany that evidence. The court did not question me on this matter, nor did the court allow him to perform his legally obligated duty as my attorney. Going in to the Judicial Branch process, I anticipated a win in the Supreme Court, so naturally I had set up a network of Marijuana Farmers in preparation to supply the market demand. In the District Court of Mobile Alabama, Judge Robert E Lee Key did not allow the constitutional defense to be entered. Upon gaining a second attorney for purposes of representation (Jim Byrd), after three (3) years of waiting, the court refused a one (1) day continuance request due to the fact that Mr. Byrd was scheduled to represent another client in another courtroom in the next county, and was unable to be in two places at once. He sent an assistant in his place, his assistant enlightened the court that Mr. Byrd request the one day continuance, and without allowing the defense to be entered by myself, or by his assistant, he had the court bailiffs take my person in to custody. As I was being forcefully taken out of the courtroom, I made the statement, “I am accused, and I have the right to enter a defense”. MT Vs. US clearly ruled that states may either tax for possession of a private property, or prosecute for possession of a private property, but states may not do both. The state of Alabama has not digested that ruling, and as well as denying an accused the right to enter a constitutional relevant defense sabotaging the balance of powers in that effect, refusing to digest supreme court ruling after three sessions constitutes classification of delinquent. After five sessions, it constitutes classification of defiant when the state reuses to digest a supreme court ruling. When the classification of defiant is reached, the statement that a sabotage of the balance of powers has occurred becomes accurate. Liability of that sabotage then falls upon the defiant state in regards to fiscal loss. If the Federal authorities are notified, which is the case in this case, and the Federal authorities fail to perform their duty, the liability then becomes applicable to the United States. The amount in which the United States is liable for has been determined by the DEA statistics in regards to arrest made for possession of Marijuana, amounts of Marijuana seized at the borders, and amount of crops seized and destroyed. The request to hold a supreme court evidence obtainment hearing has been made, and was not complied. The purpose for a supreme court evidence obtainment hearing in this matter is to determine what the supreme court would have ruled if the sabotaging of the balance of powers had not occurred. At this point in time, that is no longer relevant. The intended defense will be illustrated at the civil hearing, and the obvious will become apparent.
    After realizing that the FBI in the region of Mobile, AL is being utilized as a front for an organized crime syndication, and after several bouts of having to serve time for crimes in which I did not commit, some crimes in which never even happened, I decided to get away from Alabama and attempt to obtain records that could prove the criminal aspects of the government in that region. I then spent six years in Sneads as my brothers fishing camp attempting to obtain said records, but according to FOIPO, the arrests’ that I maintain as false in nature are not on the records, as well, they do not reveal any records at all pertaining to my person to me. This of course is an evasion of justice, as well as a violation of the Freedom and Information Act. They have made the claim that they have someone being held in the witness protection program, but there isn’t a case number, or even a charge to base that on.
    The only thing that comes anywhere near being applicable to prompting an investigation is a false allegation made by a Mary Simpson as she made the claim that I had raped and held her captive. I met that woman on the internet after placing an ad on an adult dating site. I spoke with her on the phone for a lengthy duration, as well as her sister and mother. I asked her mother if there was anything wrong with her mentally or physically, and her mother told me no. As I look back, her mother probably told me that so that she could get Mary out of her hair for a while. Mary was on medication and received monthly government mental disability benefits and intentionally concealed that from me. I admit, I search for kinky women that enjoy living a euphoric metaphoric pursuit of happiness in regards to sexuality liberation as my “Sex Slave”, however, this is not forced in any way, and is purely consensual on behalf of each consenting adult, and is not illegal in any way. Mary Simpson was provided a key to my apartment from myself and told to lock the door any time she went anywhere. Mary Simpson consented to sexual relations repeatedly, was never forced in any way. Mary Simpson made the allegation that she was being raped and held captive. While being questioned by the Police, she made the claim that she had not been given a key to my apartment, her purse was searched, and the key was found in her purse. The Saraland Police Department was fully aware that they had been provided false information by Mary Simpson, and did not charge her with the crime of providing false information. The reason for failing to charge Mary Simpson for that was sought, and according to the City Of Saraland Municipality, there are no records pertaining to my person in which they have. I realize this is a falsehood, as I was arrested twice in that city. Once for outstanding traffic citation warrants issued by the City of Mobile, and once for possession of Marijuana. After being arrested for possession of Marijuana, I was held for seven weeks with a $1,000,000.00 (One-Million) dollar bond according to the relative that attempted to pay my bond. He did not believe me when I told him that I was arrested for as few stems and seeds. He felt as though a bond of that size was not given to people for a few stems and seeds, and repeatedly asked me how many people I killed to receive such a bond. When I asked him what they had claimed I had done, he enlightened me that they wouldn’t tell him what I had done, they simply said it will be a One Million Dollar bond. I am contending that this is an excessive punishment. After all that, the office of John Tyson Jr., District attorney, chose not to indict (DC07-8257), and yet the City of Saraland still maintains they have no records of this. The City of Saraland also refused release of a vehicle in which was impounded at the time they took possession of my person and placed me under arrest. The vehicle had not been reported stolen, was in the process of purchased by payments at the time, and I signed the property release form releasing the vehicle to it’s actual owner, and the City of Saraland made the allegation that they had the right to hold the vehicle based on failure to produce Title and Ownership. As I was incarcerated at the time that happened, I am not sure exactly what happened, but I am certain that there was no allegation that the vehicle was stolen property, and the City had no right to hold the property based on the speculation as to who was in the process of purchasing it, or actually still owned the vehicle. All that is required to obtain property release is the signature of the person in which held the property in their possession at time of arrest, provided said property has not been reported as stolen. If you are driving a borrowed vehicle, and it is impounded for any given reason, as long as the vehicle has not been reported as stolen, you are allowed to pay the cost of the impound, and obtain the release of the vehicle in which you borrowed so that you may return it to it’s rightful owner. I was also questioned by a Detective employed by the City of Saraland regarding computers I had allegedly stolen. I responded with enlightening the detective that I had, and still have just in case, receipts for the allegedly stolen computers, yet there is no record release of whom it is that made this slanderous allegation, which is in essence the City of Saraland harboring utilization of law enforcement as an instrument of harassment, with a potential motive of malice resulting in the alleviation of proper due course, which amounts to an obstruction of justice. You are entitled to return property in which does not belong to you. The City of Saraland holds a standard of Corrupt as the Status Quoa as that city has repeatedly fabricated content of law in order to enforce their own will of law rather than the written will of law.
    Should the allegation that I am some sort of “Human Trafficker” be considered, I am including in this brief a copy of what is now the standard in which I choose to utilize in contacting adult females on adult dating sites, and is as follows:

    YOU are WANTED! Yes YOU !

    Do you have fantasies of a Man having TOTAL CONTROL over you? Is this a fantasy that YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY LIVE OUT SAFELY? Are you an Attractive SWF (Not Fat)? Are YOU Drug and Disease Free (420 is OK)? Are you 18 or Older and want to leave where you are? YOU can be my REAL LIFE SEX SLAVE ! Not Just Online ! Give Total Submission of yourself to me, Do anything I tell you to do no matter what it is, and your inhibited sexuality will be gone! Be on your way to a sexually liberated lifestyle TODAY! Just get in touch with me, and make it happen ! I am 48 Years Old. I am not shy, and I have no real caring about what others think of me, and have no real caring to ponder upon others and the decisions they make that do not effect me. If you decide you want to “Do This”, then do it right, otherwise, don’t waste our time. *

    (850) 272-9789
    Panama City, FL
    Send Pic of YOU, not someone else.

    See ALL of YOUR Body soon !
    If not interested, have any friends that are? Pass this on to them!

    *There is no person Black or White that has legal authority to represent me. Do not be deceived. Contact law enforcement immediately if anyone claims that they were sent by me (Stephen Breckenridge Oliver), and press charges of fraud, fraudulent identity, illegal representation, identity theft, attempted sexual assault, unlawful possession of power of attorney, communications theft, invasion of privacy, theft of intimate properties, theft of private property (Yes, a communications signal is private property, as is an identity), and disturbing the peace.

    You were chosen to receive this. Despite what it may look like, there is NO WAY a fat girl will ever receive this message, and it be authentic. There are only a SELECT CHOICE of Women that receive this!
    It is being maintained that at no point in time have I ever forced anyone in to relations of sexual nature, or relations of any kind, without their prior knowledge and expressed consent, as well, with no illegal factors such as minor status. As well, at no point in time of my life have I ever attempted to buy or sell a person of any age.
    As I request from FOIPO to be allowed records pertaining to my person, I also look for the fact that I have provided reports of solving the Bermuda Triangle Mystery origin. It is quite simple really. The effective occurrences are the result of Global Polarized static. This occurs when Positive and Negative of the Globe are equal. The compass’ spin due to the fact that magnetic north is unobtainable resulting from the static. The static is also what causes the disruptions effective to the Dark Matter frequency, or density. Dark Matter is the basic elemental fabric throughout the Universe in which regulates the standard passage of time. As an aircraft or vessel enters in to an effected area, they exist on a different time passage than what is considered as the standard here on Earth. As this happens, they are no longer existing in the standard time passage here on Earth. The vessels and aircraft in which have disappeared there are probably still there, only they are on a different Dark Matter frequency, or in a different Dark Matter density. As the effected area is entered, you see what else is in that frequency, or density, and for those fortunate enough to exit the effected area while the effect is still active, they are able to return back to what is the standard frequency or density of Earth, are able to retain and share what they saw. We realize from the Philadelphia experiment and the stealth base experiment conducted in 1984 that this is in fact the case. However, what we did not learn from those two experiments is who it is that is really behind the assassinations at Fort Hood Texas which adds up to be programmed assassins striking key personnel. I have also reported to the FBI that these are the facts, and it adds up that there are time traveling Africans in which are preparing to take over the United States.
    The record executive I made the deal with in Daytona 1988 and myself felt that black people should be made more equal in the entertainment business. As well, I enlightened him as to the construct of the coils required to speed up the fifth state matter of light which results in a Time Space effective fifth state matter alteration. In other words it adds up they may have stolen one of his time machines, potentially after killing him, obtained all of his personal information, and used his credentials to take over the entertainment industry, and decided why stop there, and to go ahead and take over the country as well. A Time Space monitor can answer this question, yet, as I attempt to search the records, there is no indication that this information was ever submitted. Who deleted it, and why? I am the one that figured this out years ago. Is there someone that is attempting to steal my intellectual properties as well as my lyrics, scripts, etc.? If not, then why is it not on record, and why am I not allowed access to the records pertaining to my own person? If I am such a crackpot with the facts, then why hide them? I feel as though we should have a Time Court where the punishment for perjury is Death. We can find out the truth without their testimony.

    Stephen B Oliver
    P.O. Box 241
    Sneads, FL 32460
    This is only a partial publish of this, “The Hot Brief”. The rest will be made available to the public on an “Updated” basis.
    Stephen B Oliver
    February 1, 2015

  24. Chris Kyle is dead but that is not good enough? You got 1.8 million from this widow and children but that is not good enough? I invaded Iraq in 2005 if you like I will give you my address so you can beat on me, I will not even defend myself will that be enough? You have shown what kind of person you are. You should be so proud.

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