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If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 100,000 signatures by the end of 2013 to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


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7,809Les SedoreJan 29, 2015
7,808sharon schirraJan 29, 2015
7,807steven bradleyJan 28, 2015
7,806Donald WilliamsJan 28, 2015
7,805Thomas BennettJan 28, 2015
7,804Glenn DavisJan 28, 2015
7,803luther ilesJan 27, 2015
7,802Andreas KrügerJan 27, 2015
7,801Veli TarkoJan 26, 2015
7,800stephen chapmanJan 26, 2015
7,799WALT GREGORYJan 26, 2015
7,798John DunlapJan 25, 2015
7,797Ron JonsonJan 25, 2015
7,796Ivan escobedoJan 24, 2015
7,795John LotzJan 23, 2015
7,794Samuel ElliottJan 23, 2015
7,793gonzalo acostaJan 22, 2015
7,792marina ragsdaleJan 22, 2015
7,791Taina AmayiJan 22, 2015
7,790Rolanda EatonJan 22, 2015
7,789Dr. jur: EDDY COLLINSJan 21, 2015
7,788Francis F. SmithJan 20, 2015
7,787Danielle DombrowskiJan 20, 2015
7,786joshua martrayJan 20, 2015
7,785Vincent FucaJan 20, 2015
7,784Peter Van BysterenJan 20, 2015
7,783Jorge CanoJan 20, 2015
7,782david lewisJan 20, 2015
7,781Melinda LamotheJan 18, 2015
7,780Dwayne WidenerJan 18, 2015
7,779David NoldJan 18, 2015
7,778Felix EchavarriaJan 17, 2015
7,777Greg MatherneJan 17, 2015
7,776Daniele WoodheadJan 17, 2015
7,775Ryan BeverleyJan 17, 2015
7,774Jennifer BeverleyJan 17, 2015
7,773Ann BowesJan 17, 2015
7,772Michael MillsJan 16, 2015
7,771Herman GonzalesJan 16, 2015
7,770desyrae krauseJan 16, 2015
7,769Michael SpanksJan 15, 2015
7,768matt edensJan 15, 2015
7,767steve farrellJan 15, 2015
7,766Raymond KingJan 14, 2015
7,765Dustin Watson Jan 14, 2015
7,764anthony tognacciJan 14, 2015
7,763M GushueJan 13, 2015
7,762Daniel WilliamsJan 13, 2015
7,761Sergey KubushynJan 13, 2015
7,760william AckermanJan 13, 2015


Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 882 Comments

  1. Hay Jesse !!! I think that you hit your head on the wrestling mat on to many times, you are not making a difference you are making yourself look stupid.It’s people like you that just need to retire rather than making yourself look like a moron ! If you want to make a difference go sell girl scout cookies you sissy!!!

  2. Panama is a very interesting place to find weapons lost by the US Army since 1903 until 1994.
    On one island, you can find a chemical warfare bomb from the 80s or 90s. There are five on that same island off the coast of Panama. The outermost island of the Archipielago Las Perlas Islands is deemed radioactive, biologically and chemically hazardous since it was used as a test site for multiple weapons during the 20th century. A former conventional weapons shooting ground called El Poligono in Arraijan, outside Panama City, still has grenades, bullets, and weapons from the US military. The stories continue piling up. Finally, GUPC construction crews (the mixed capital consortium in charge of widening the Canal of Panama) has found several supposed biodiversity or green areas on both sides of the Canal. These areas are off limits. What did the US military do there in different periods of time during the 20th century? What chemicals, radiation, or conventional weapons (in good or bad state) do those biodiversity or green areas really hold?
    The conspiracy theory I throw at you is as follows: Why doesn’t the US do anything about picking up its own military weapons instead of letting them hang around in Panama and why doesn’t it clean up its bio-chemical-radioactive messes like the one of Archipielago Las Perlas? What’s behind the biodiversity areas found along different banks of the Panama Canal?
    Check it out,

  3. i’m 66yrs old ,seen a lot of government bullshit through the years , can honesty say I really can’t decipher much of anything these political speakers say in speech ? in my estimation they tend to speak in terms the average working man can not understand or draw any real input off of ? that being said I truly believe I am not alone in this estimation . I personally believe a large number of the public nod their head like they really do understand just to keep from looking foolish ,duh ! it would be very refreshing to understand what is actually going down with this so called farce of a government we have in office today , and yes as a born in the USA , and a true citizen of this most beautiful country I am ashamed to say at this point in my life , I harbor feelings on occasion that I am ( not so proud to be an American) it is sad for me to say this but unlike these slimy politicians , I have a personal problem with hiding what I truly feel ! I am heartbroken , disgusted and feel violated by my government !! mr. ventura , please now is the time ?

  4. Prior service Sfc. Delta here. Noone knows gov’t F.U.B.A.R. and corruption better than we (prior miltary) do!! First to fight and constantly lied to and kept in the dark for all the wrong reasons!!!

    Everything he has exposed is true. Further scary proof of this has further exposed it’s self publicly! If you have used “” in Arkansas; as I mistakenly did and as FORCED by Obama and his corrupt thugs to do, you also received response mail, consisting of several pages. Each of these pages are marked with a small computer scan identity logo. One additional page with nothing more than that identical same scan identity logo with small instructions telling you to keep and use it in the future as it is used to identify you and your information!!!! I had already called them and demanded they remove and delete any and all of my personal information!!! Clearly…I have made a grave and dangerous error!!! Being prior military, I knew better!!! Never again!!! My information is mine!!! My life is mine!!! I swore a life-long oath to “defend my country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”!!! I may fight and die, but I will do it for freedom and I will die FREE!!!

    Americans MUST UNITE more now than ever!!! Set petty differences aside and stand strong to speak out, be heard, and stop the corrupt government take over of OUR country and lives. Stop the destruction of our constitution, freedoms, privacy, what being an American truly is, abuse of the elderly, destruction of the middle and lower classes, and so much more!!!

    Jesse. Sir, if you read this, I have great desire to learn much more about this and would be very grateful if you could navigate me to a true and factual info. site or group! Thank you and God’s Speed!!!

    Going dark…off grid…prepared to defend!!!

  5. Pack it up, pack it in
    Let me begin
    I came to win
    Battle me that’s a sin
    I won’t tear the sack up
    Punk you’d better back up
    Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up
    Get up, stand up, come on!
    Come on, throw your hands up
    If you’ve got the feeling jump across the ceiling
    Muggs is a funk fest, someone’s talking junk
    Yo, I’ll bust em in the eye
    And then I’ll take the punks home
    Feel it, funk it
    Amps it are junking
    And I got more rhymes than there’s cops that are dunking
    Donuts shop
    Sure ’nuff I got props from the kids on the Hill
    Plus my mom and my pops

  6. Jesse Ventura Is trying to stop criminals from victimizing the innocent. If you have a problem with Jesse Ventura proving the guilt of the United States Government and it`s Organized stalking monopoly etc… Then you protect the terrorists and criminals in America, not the people of America. Jesse Ventura tells the truth. I guess the truth hurts when you`re a spoiled American criminal reaping benefit off of a corrupt gangsta! political system.

  7. Mr. Ventura I hope and pray that you and Mr. Stern, will run for president. You have my full support. We all need you, Thank you Sir.

    Ventura & Stern 2016

  8. It’s a shame that people cannot wake up and plainly see the lies and humiliation our “leaders” have put us through. We sit here and watch Snowden prove this and yet we do nothing. We watch the government cover up everything and reconstruct “evidence” to try to regain our trust and like before, most of us just sit here thinking they have our best interest in mind. They could care less about us. We need to wake up and take this country back. It’s not a “do it later” thing. It’s a now thing. If we don’t start pushing back and saying enough, we will be stripped of everything with no way to resolve this. I call on every American to do what is right, start on a peaceful level and make ourselves heard as a United American civilian organization. Tell them to back down, tell them you want freedom not some police state. Give them the ultimatum to let the people rule and be for the people or we will make this change. It’s time we get a grasp on things and oust those what think that we are slaves. We don’t need lawyers running this country, we need the working American people deciding what is best for us.

    • You are very right!
      USA is a great country, great people,with a few exemption. Unfortunately ” the few exemption” has a governing power over the whole country.! Mr.Jessy has a chance to change this IF YOU GUYS SUPPORTING HIM.! Mr. Jessy is risking His life, (he knows) and you guys risking your FREEDOM..!!!
      Good luck… I’m on your side…! God help all of you..!

      • Sir,I’m a Vietnam combat Vet, thank you for your service, and you have my vote in 2016, america needs a honest truthful leader God bless you

  9. Yes please run for president I’m sick of the old song and dance in Washington. What sold me was when you said “here’s the problem with the United States the democrats and republicans have been in charge for 150 years”that was a real eye opener for me.I see where this country going and I dont like it.

  10. Sir, I encourage you to run. AND I put my money where my mouth is. I live in FL and I will be glad to help in raising money and any other way I can. I have many talent that can help. I am a former sheriff Private Investigator and former Bounty Hunter. I am a trained investigator. I have the contacts to help. If You think I can help feel free to contact me at the listed email. Yes I am also a hypnotist

  11. I signed your petition at 3:30pm PST, on Thursday, December 4, 2014; and you have not shown me proof that you have my signature. The “count” number did not change, and my name was not added to the “most recent signatores”. Please rectify this. Also, 7,000+ signatures is DISMAL at best. Please do more to advertise the “national” picture of progress in that regard. You are failing miserably on that point. How long has it taken your site to acquire 7,000+ signatures, and WHEN is the deadline for 100,000 signatures? Take more assertive measures to do more, in less time. Thank you.


    I want to clarify how poorly the average American is properly represented in elections in this country. It makes me mad as I watch how crooked the electoral process in what is to me the greatest country on earth. It dont matter what party you have affiliated yourself(if you are an average hard working American) with in the past….THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

    Please take some time to look this article on how unfair the election process is in our country:

  13. Hey JV,

    It is truly too bad that good people like you cannot get a decent chance to run for President in this country. You see we are just locked into a two-party system that does not work for a democracy. We are locked into an oligarchy and have always been and looks like we always will be. That is too bad for America! Campaign Funding and Term Limitations needs to be passed by the real majority in this country—the hard working middle income and lower class in this country. They need to peacefully rise up and establish a true democracy in America. They need to organize themselves as the rich and powerful do and take what was guaranteed to us in the constitution, “By the People, For the People,and Of the People!” America is being lost and the “Rich are becoming richer and the Poor are becoming Poorer.”

    In the future we will be a two class system of nothing but rich and poor. Our rights to privacy and freedom will be destroyed by the rich and we will be a conquered citizenship and America will be destroyed. You see there is only two ways in this country to get legislation past here—(1)the traditional way with with power and money, or (2) with the numbers! You figure out a way to organize the middle income and the lower income and get them to stand against the oligarchy and you would be the greatest president in history………and you would save America!

    Some of these are the reasons I am looking for a candidate other than a Democrat or a Republican. We have swung into tremendous technology today and I see a need for a change that will break us from the two-party system. We have elected the first minority president now and we are looking at the next president as possibly a woman, but the real change we need is just to break way from these two parties!

    I would vote for you, but you need to get help to get past the limitations imposed by these two old establishment parties so you have a chance to run equally and then………LET THEM DABATE YOU! If that could occur I believe you would have a real shot in the running just as you did in Minnesota.

    It’s your time Jess!


  14. Time to rip the lid off this thing Jesse! I hope you get invited to a ton of shows the next year for interviews. The more exposure you get the more people will be more inclined to give something else a shot. A shot with a leader that believes in a United States. Not a land run by Republicans and Democrats with their own intrests as #1

  15. Mr. Ventura,
    I have slowly become a fan of your over the years. You speak the truth and seem like a decent enough, honest respectable guy. The US needs more honorable men like you. Keep up the struggles for right. I wish you the best.
    Robert Thurston

  16. I don’t know if you will see this Jesse, but if you do I just want to wish you every success in your bid to run for president. I cannot sign the petition however because I am a Canadian. I admire the vision that your founding fathers had for America, but increasingly I have watched from afar the values, ideals and freedoms that were so prevalent in American culture dissolve into the hands of governments who are solely sponsored by a financial system that is only concerned with their selfish gains. I see that you are a true patriot. You love your country and you can reset the path. All the best

  17. some of u people want to talk bad about mr ventura well I think u r all spoon fed propaganda and do not have a free thinking cell in ur brain I for one don’t simply accept anything I see or hear I investigate all sides I also investigate information from other countries not just the info that comes from the us. I look at all possible scenarios to determine the truth I have found that when people who have power they want to keep it and they will do anything to do so . even lie SO why would jesse lie about this stuff he can only hurt himself lets face it this line of thought cant help anything because its labeled subversive and that is bad. ive done some research on my own to validate his opinions and seen proof so leave him the fuck alone are ill fucking come find u to talk some sense into u .

  18. Hi Jesse,

    Im from the UK and im Stan Laurels great great grandson (Laurel & Hardy) and i am a huge fan of yours, everything you say makes total sense and i am more than happy to have signed your petition.

    I mention about me being related to Stan Laurel he apparently was big into things like we are, i dread to think what he would think of 9/11.

    If you want to advertise anything for free on my website let me know.

    Keep up the good work and the sooner people wake up about 9/11 the better!!

    Best Wishes,

    • Hello. Me and many others enjoy your great,great grandfather`s performances. My father even did an impersonation for me growin up. Have also signed petition. Thanks

  19. Jesse/Howard 2016 just the change we need. I’m tired off this lobbyist runned government, we need two good honest Americans in office. That will uphold the constuition to the standards it was created for. I know you two will do whats in the American people’s best interest. You have my vote as well as my wife’s, let me know where I can make campaign donations. I will do everything in my power as a citizen to see you commander and chief.

  20. Jesse…It is amazing how people live in denial-unwilling to open their minds and look at reality. You have tremendous courage to face all of that.

  21. Jesse ventura is the biggest peace of shit America has ever produced..fucking scum, i cant beleave an American would do that to a war hero..

  22. grow up you are all a bunch of band wagon riders, think for yourselves for a change, you hear something on the radio or tv then run around like you have the full story what you have is a myna bird syndrome. you only repeat what you hear but you have no thoughts of your own. Jesse will be the greatest president since jfk, quit bashing him on what the spin doctors have to say, take a look at his political record, take a look at what he did for Minnesota and quit listening to day time talk radio this county allows for what Jesse did in his defamation case it is totally LEGAL action, that all of you would have taken as well if it was in your court.

  23. JESSE you are a first class hunk of crap. Stupid is as stupid does and you smell like dumb ass every morning sunshine! Enjoy your loathsome pitiful hate filled existence you piece of turd. Oh and I love the permanent angry eyes look, so fierce. Very scary. enjoy your stench. Run for president? that still has me laughing, you are a parody of yourself unfortunately your ass won fame provided you slime ball lawyers that know how to game the system for you. enjoy your victory, even if it does smell like shit, you wont notice that now though will you shithead.

    • How bout you stfu ur a disgraceful American that should be put I to a firing squad. Civil war is upon us the smart Americans are waking up and this like u will be mutilated when war does begin.

    • ”Enjoy your loathsome pitiful hate filled existence you piece of turd.”

      Yeah you’re sweating love aren’t you, genius?

  24. Jesse, glad the jury decided in your favor. Millions were generated, in part, by a complete fabrication; lies at your expense. Funny how it all happened around the time of talk of vp with Ron Paul. I felt compelled to comment here after seeing the disgusting “reporting” on you at fox. I consider you to be a true patriot Mr Ventura. Those of us who have followed you over the years know the honor in your character and can see through the lies. And, as you say to the veterans YOU meet…I’d like to thank you sir, for your service. Good luck Jesse!

  25. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for always being an honest patriot. I think there’s more to the current situation you’re in than most people could ever know, but they judge your actions based on news stories that are reported how the news wants people to see things. You have been one of my heroes since childhood. Stay strong, and keep doing what you believe is right.

  26. Jesse’s a threat to many of you because of his absolute honesty. And no, he will not literally take $ from the lawsuit, that was never the point. It’s interesting how disturbing some of these posts are. Free speech should at least be said with dignity and an attempt at intelligence. For the record, I would still want to see Bernie Sanders as our president in 2016, but I would like to see Jesse (and other non party affiliates) be able to get on the ballots and be a part of the debate.

    • how about wonder woman and spiderman… I think they would do really super jobs as well. You are a great thinker. Keep those brilliant ideas flowing.

    • yep, he inspires me not to be a walking talking turd, every time I think of his angry little face, and his angry little mouth eruptions. He is the biggest joke of a humanoid I can think of at the moment other than Our king.

  27. Jesse Ventura,

    I have a story that will help you become President. I am a fan of yours. I
    like how you get to the point in what ever you do. This story is what you have been looking for your whole life. Please call me at this number (313) 483-2781 Rob

  28. I have lost respect for you now. If you give the money you have won from your law suit to a charity, then I may respect you again.

  29. Jessie,

    Don’t let these ignorant people bad mouth you, I just watched your most recent “Off the Grid” and you are right on target! A lot of people just want to belief the mass media and not the truth. Thanks for always sticking to what you belief in! Run for President!

  30. Listening to Jesse Ventura reminds me of the Nazi propaganda machine that ran in Germany in the 20’s and 30’s.

    • That is the whole POINT! Look at all that so called propaganda” lead to …hmmhm idk genocide for millions of ppl. Come on if you don’t learn from history your doomed to repeat it . And Jesse Ventura is fighting for our rights And getting dirty an showing ppl what is really going on in our own country, my family is mostly military myself included . All he is doing is opening our eyes, if you wanna remain in the dark by all means join the rest of the cattle . The difference between Adolf Hitler is he was completely open about all of his treats and plans, where as our own govern

      • Government hides it’s true intentions of the every ppl who die an continue to die for it . I am love my country. But I no longer have faith in my leaders … Will go to hell an back a million times over. But 8 will not stand for some greedy dictators taking away my freedom. GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!!

    • Billy bob why don’t you go fuck yourself because you don’t make any valid argument or point in telling Jesse the real voice of people that he’s a piece of shit. I’ve been going by his word for years. Quit polibitching you piece of shit America will rise up and assholes like you will go first.

    • Keep talking smack while us real Americans wake up to the corrupt govt that terrorizes it’s own people civil war is upon us billy be an American or die.

  31. Jessie can you fit alex jones somewhere in this plan keep in mind this man also has risked his life for this country and he is loved my millions somewhere perhaps on homeland protection for this country I have always loved you as a governor and one hell of a navy seal and a great man who get to the truth none one besides you and alex jones would be considered on a grass roots plan howard well howard is howard and someone who really attracts some crazy ass people that listen to him..yes he is funny but alex also like you gets to the point great to see you getting ready perhaps you could also fit Mark Farner former member of Grand Funk Railroad on your ticket and Ted Nuggent

  32. Hey Fucker !! Your a piece of shit !!
    You are the definition of an arrogant, inept, do nothing politician, who makes up lies to generate public opinion.
    How dare you denigrate our military !!!
    Fuck You
    Karma will have its last laugh with you asshole !!

    • No we real Americans will have the last laugh wake up to a corrupt govt and military prepare for civil war and be an American or you will die

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