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If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 50,000 signatures by the end of the year to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


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Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 976 Comments

  1. …If you become President then I recommend hiring all of your security personally so that Bilderberg agents can’t shoot you.

  2. If you are still investigating conspiracies, try this one… Child Protective Services. It is the worst one in existence at a personal level, because the effects of all the other tyranny are either also part of the effect of CPS, or else they are something that is not as detrimental or permanently life-long mental anguish because of it. Such as jail, which most people probably think is worse unless they experience CPS themselves.

    You can start with the speech and then murder of Senator Nancy Schaeffer.

  3. Jesse, I am begging you to run. Regarding the ballot access, there can be a website (or a part of another website) set up where instructions on what people can do to get you ballot access and/or debate access are listed, and teams are made. Similar to what Ron Paul’s campaign or supporters did, by instructing people how to become delegates and then spreading the idea for any supporter to become a delegate. Your website can have similar instructions and ideas to get you ballot access in whatever way is possible, mundane or unique.

  4. Before 1940, no U.S. flag, civil or military, flew within the forty-eight states except in federal settings and installations. Only state flags did. Since the 1935 institution of Social Security and the Buck Act of 1940, 4 U.S.C.S. Ch. 4 Sec. 104-113, by clever legal maneuvers the feds have entirely circumvented the U.S. Constitution, and have overlaid federal territorial jurisdiction on the sovereign States, bringing them under the admiralty/military jurisdiction of Law Merchant, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the law of Creditors and Debtors.

  5. I will vote for Governor Jesse Ventura and would without a doubt vote for him. This country needs this to happen to return our Constitutional rights! I give the present two party farce a vote of no confidence as they have lost the ability to govern this country in the way our forefathers meant for them to. Jesse, thank you for your continued service to the people of this formerly great country. You give me hope.


    • I agree with Cowboy, if you are not going to run, Say So! You might end up like my great-great cousin Ty Cobb the most hated man in baseball! In your case the most hated man in Politics!

  7. We need Jesse, this election I feel could be very important. Meaning if we don’t change now the power will be lost for a long long time forever to be in the hands of the upper society. Turn off you’re tvs it’s brainwashing you! This year our own country has slipped out of our hands and fully into some dark soulless figures hand. Jesse we need you more than ever the people have shown they just want the truth, look at Trump he is saying what needs to be said not bsing the front and the people spoke. The people are ready Mr. President take that office and show the world we are good people not criminals thieves and liars like the past presidents have made us out to be!

  8. Jesse Ventura kicks Chuck Norris’s ass! He has Gut’s and that’s enough for me to cast my Vote!

    Thank you Governor!!!!!

  9. Jesse,

    Never give up and never surrender, the American people love you, you are beautiful! And remember 63% do not vote, they will if you run! Make short work of that new bill the LYING MEDIA is trying to pass. Show those bastards you can multi-task and win!

    Your heart is in the right place!

  10. I would like to thank you for your service Jessie. And thank you for standing up and speaking the truth and helping the American people feel better our the current situation in the U.S.A. No average breeder can become a NAVY SEAL.

    You have my support

  11. Jesse Ventura works for the corporations, he always has! Remember Order out of CHAOS, and he seems to like to talk a-lot about that. And remember believe nothing you hear than half you see?

    • Well if you have a job and make money such as I, then it looks like you work for a corporation too. I remember hearing that my grandma died and then went to the service. Does that mean to you that I should have rejected my parents when they told me that she died and only half believed them when I saw her body at the service? According to you she still has a 50/50 chance that she is not dead, that’s Awesome!!

      But on a more serious note: Shut it, don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t believe, if you know something you know it, if you don’t, look up resources so that you can triangulate and pinpoint the truth.

      • Just wanted to ruffle your feathers, Jesse. That’s what still makes this Country Great! Freedom to speak the truth!

          • Oh by the way Governor, I signed your grassroots petition. You should consider running for President! I hope that you do, there’s a good chance you will win if you do what you did when you ran for Governor in Minnesota. I wish you the best and hope if you run that you win. I hope that your heart is in the right place and remember to help the middle class and the poor and remind them that the American Dream is still real.

  12. Stop your government from destroying your lives and the ones that follow through mass brain washing, hidden biological warfare (gmo, harmful chemicals in vaccines, deliberately poisoning the skies through chem trails), false flag attacks for big corporation profiting as has been done and proven done time and time again through out the ages. If these crimes on humanity keep happening even though every time we think we have conquered it, wouldn’t that make you think we haven’t stopped it in the 1st place. Just that these big corporations are waiting for there next opportunity. They literally have enslaved you through setting up recessions and counterfeiting money that they don’t have to lend out to you as dept. that’s how they rapidly put such a difference between you and there selves…. Just do your research please because its a fact that you will convince yourselves to vote for Jesse after you prove to yourselves that the government is fucking you. And you already know this, people say it all the time for ages, but when people like jesse bring the truth out on how stupid you all are and how easily you forget shit and are tricked, you put up a brick wall because you don’t want to feel like you were left in the dark so badly… so very very badly.

  13. I cannot in good faith support a Man who is waging a legal battle with the widow of a true American Hero, Chris Kyle. Jesse, perhaps you should show some respect. But be on notice, the American People will never put a Man like you in office, who has no humility and no respect for a Man who put his life on the line every day to protect YOUR FREEEDOM. You disgust every American Veteran who has ever picked up a weapon. People, be informed.

    • R.I.P. Chris Kyle ….James George Vanos betrayed his brother, Chris Kyle by suing the estate of Chris Kyle..and for What? Oh, he got his little feelings hurt. Grow up Ventura. People, this idiot was a wrestler….and sued the WWF. That’s all he does is sue people. DO NOT VOTE for him. #JesseVenturaGOAWAY

    • If you believe in Freedom, you ought to believe in Freedom for all people to defend their good name. Chris Kyle lied in his book about Jesse Ventura, and THIS is disgusting. Get informed.

    • Jesse is EVERY bit as much a hero as Kyle. Period. Kyle made up a story (yeah get over it — he LIED) about Jesse and, if weren’t true, would NOT be in a legal battle. If Kyle were alive today, he would admit to the lie — IN COURT. I’m a Vet, and Jesse has my support and vote no matter when he runs for office. No respect for a liar no matter how many civilians Kyle shot.

    • Again, I will post this. It is very unfortunate that there are a lot of people in this world that don’t take the time to ironically “.. be informed.”, instead just rushing to conclusion to repeat the first thing they hear from someone/ a group. Not sure if you knew Jesse was a Vietnam War Veteran (a Navy SEAL non of the less) and that he has every right to defend his integrity, dignity, and other personal/human rights from people libeling him such as Christopher Scott Kyle. There was “substantial evidence” according to the verdict of the federal judge on the case that the confrontation between Navy SEAL Kyle and Navy SEAL Ventura at McP’s Bar was a complete fabrication. He did not file a suit after the wife and children of the deceased SEAL, but instead went to the more appropriate source and went for the book’s publishing company.

      Jesse Ventura Off The Grid, Uncensored, & On Buzzsaw
      3:39 – 3:54

      “I never sued his wife, I never sued his children. He unfortunately died and then the suit automatically goes to his estate; which was covered completely by the book company HarperCollins Insurance. She didn’t pay a cent.”

      Again, that’s awesome you took no time to actually research this and libel a perfectly decent man in support of one who mainstream media claims to be a hero for “killing” over 150 foreign people on their own soil.

      Thank you for your service (assuming you really are a U.S. Navy Veteran), but next time please take time to research and understand the facts about someone’s case before you post a derogatory comment about them. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that if someone did it to you.

  14. There will be no more presidents. On 10-10, the day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran, amerikka-the-stupid will be annihilated by Russia, China and the whole SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the chemtrails sprayed every day globally to hide it. All you governments are completely treasonous criminals that belong at the end of a rope.

  15. Wow,

    It’s no wonder this country is in such bad shape…… It is getting dumber & dumber as the decades pile on…… In reading some of the posts against Jessie, his law suit, etc…… It’s clear why the government will eventually be able to take ALL OUR RIGHTS, further enslave us, and eventually control, everything you think, do, or say!!!!!! And it’s all because the country, for the most part, is fully if dumb (getting dumber), uninformed, non carrying individuals…….. We in the military were taught many things……. One of them goes something like this…… It’s far better to be thought of as STUPID……….. than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT!!!!!! That being said…… It’s guys like Jessie who I would man a line with anytime…… anywhere…… I don’t hold anything against Kyle, other than…….. Brothers (Jessie knows what I’m talking about)……. don’t mistreat or disrespect brothers, in the way he did……. Aside from that…….. Chris did his Job, and did it well…….. Having said all the above, be careful people in what you believe & trust in from the government, for there are forces at work, that if allowed to succeed, will bring an end to the great life we’ve known thus far……. Say what you will about this post, if you don’t pay attention, do some research, and learn from those who are more well informed………. When SHTF……. you have no one to blame……… other than yourself…..
    Go ahead, have at it, waste you valuable time, ripping my post……. But you’re wasting your time….. it won’t bother me in the least…….. Just remember…. if SHTF does occur…….. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!

  16. I once had hope in our government systems. But since campaigning for cannabis legalization, I have come up hard against the stone wall of federal and state representatives. Approaching them with the truth was a fairy tale! Trying to cite case after case of valid research was like speaking French to a Spanish pig. The flood of spin-speak I’ve received from my government has pushed me beyond frustration into being just totally pissed off. It seems that what we’re contending with a government entirely under the spell of Harry Anslinger. The blatant lies, the twisted truths, the voodoo logic, all for the purpose of preserving corporate profits and personal riches, it sometimes feels like there is no way for us to overcome their billion dollar propaganda. I despair that my lobby is no contest compared with the K Street mob.
    I don’t expect a reply to my rant from you. I just appreciate knowing that you will lend an ear that actually LISTENS. Thank you!

    • I’m in Tampa…looking myself. If I can’t find a group I guess I’m going to get off my ASS and start a group mysel

  17. Dear governor I have brief story about Government harassment and one question at bottom of page.
    I have sent email to President Obama and TV news stations different states that was shooting rampage going on please read.
    I am Iranian American lived in Houston, TEXAS 35 years and over 7 years going through heavy Harassment by police and government agency. It started with discrimination in the court Judge Office divorce case, and later gangsters running after me driving ugly cars with black tag and no tag tried to create accidents. I was at the airport with my son (strait A honor student) waiting for our luggage a man with gloves walked to us, left briefcase next to us walked away to public phone and we moved away fast.
    I have lost 2 good jobs last 7 years, coworkers harassed me throw garbage in food, messing around my work station, and my car, personal belonging. They receive instructions; play car games, following me around doing distraction. Hackers delete email and phone message, Manipulating, send trash email, blocking calls, harass calls, stealing my mail, send fake letter, and play ugly games.
    Some People disable my alarm car & home, security camera get inside leave marks and garbage. I have called police & FBI, sent big email explained everything and (NO HELP). I talked to attorney and psychologist some people trying to set me up with teenage girl, prostitute under cover and murder me. This is a very long story I am very lucky to be alive. A man blocked me close to home run after me tried to shoot me. A man was trying to get in the hotel room when I was in BAHAMA with my son, after I got back to Houston 2 month later I saw somebody look like him, same cloths acting like him at work. Human resource supposed to do their investigation instead they laid me off, now they want to offer me waiver four thousand dollars to keep my mouth shut. After I read “63 document” page 13(wiki leak and spying network by law enforcements) and “Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks then I got some idea what is really going on. John Marks says Government Agents use prisoners, drug attics, prostitutes, foreigners (page 10) and different technique to do harassment, unwitting people very quietly and secretly.
    Everywhere I go they are following me, monitoring me. I cannot leave anything in the car. 4 Prescription glasses were destroyed or stolen. Tiers get nailed, loose air, lights stays on, dents on the body.
    They create conflict between me and my neighbors tow away my neighbor truck and blame that on me. Give instructions to neighbors to harass me. They do harassment in college campus. People need to ignore distractions and read books educate themselves watch pastor Joel Osteen on CBS Sunday morning he explains how to stay away from trouble.
    Agents continuously using satellite watch, monitor, and listening our conversation. Coming with crazy ideas to disturb and create problems. I saw Tom Drake former NSA talked on C-SPAN about FBI and CIA targeting people and creating situations and blaming somebody else. John Kiriaku ex CIA after got out of jail said on MSNBC “we are trained to lie, cheat, steal, and trick people”. They have tried so hard to put my face on head line news.
    They send me cars with no plate or black tag hanging around side of freeway creating traffic, suddenly stopping. Big trucks and 18 wheelers Tanker stops in dangerous area like exit lane; or when changing from one freeway to another with no visibility they block the road. In order to murder one person, some other innocent people life could be in danger.
    Who are the victims? Innocent people that have relationship and family problems, so people need to stop complaining about their spouse or become a target. First they try to make the victims angry, create fight and shooting when it does not work then try to set him up make him look like monster and call him a suicide bomber. Police and government doing harassment set up people and create shooting, Houston chief of police Adrian Garcia was running ad on all channels 24/7 from 2010 to 2012“come work with us all ages man and woman” so he should knows who is doing distractions around Houston area, now he wants to run for mayor.
    I wrote about 40 pages and explain about the incidents and different tactics they use, I am looking for Author can help me put this in the book my question is how do we stop the harassment by government. Attorneys normally don’t want to file charges.

  18. Hi Jesse. I understand your viewpoints. I feel you are the man for the Job. Check out my site – with admin. jurisdiction and knowledge, may really make progress for our planet too and enjoy planetray life!

    There is an intellectual creation, where utopian research espionage “readouts” is a euphoric interface at various levels.

    There may be financial incentives on time of “experiences” maybe also, where some are detrimental to our planetary community, that consists of living thinking power vs. the elite resistance to convert the crimes economy excuse of simply leveraging the forces.

    I feel you are a good candidate

  19. It is time for corporate criminality to be addressed. It is time to stop fighting the cold war as our infrastructure falls apart. Its time for federal over-sight of all police departments before this country descends into anarchy. We need a labour revolution to get the people to start saving-investing and spending; so that we can get our economy back ,and a president who will balance the budget and make corporations responsible for taking our manufacturing jobs away and we need an end of tax breaks for the rich. Mr. Ventura can help us though Howard Stern is a retard; he is the “king of all media” and that counts for something. God bless you all and God bless America.

  20. Governor, I don’t know if you read these or not. I would imagine that due to some of the comments I’ve ready, it would be difficult to continue to do so. Maybe we are too late to wake up, maybe not. Just know that there are a lot of us out here who appreciate what you do, and hope that you will continue, as hard as it may be. We just aren’t always as loud as the trolls.

  21. Hello to one and all…,I’m from the U.K and I’ve been watching Jessie for the last couple of years . Its fresh to have a political upstart like Jessie to shake and scare a long established elitism of the 2 leading parties .At least Jessie will tell it like it is = real facts and real actions .
    The American public are now at the end of there tether. All i’ll say to the American public is “GOOD LUCK .. AND VOTE JESSIE ” it can’t do you any harm in voting in TRUE BLUE COLLAR WORKER AND PATRIOT who,s thinking of your long term better intrest .

    • You better watch the Running Man again, he got scared of the Terminator! They made a false ending to the movie. The Terminator won! Not Captain Freedom! I guess he got Terminated! Only in re-runs.

  22. Thank you Jesse Ventura for your fighting with corruption.I like Conspiracy teory .I am from Czech republic and my mom is Lucie Vankova.I hope you are a USA prezident.

  23. I don’t care that Jesse sued anyone. Good for you, use that 1.8 mil for your president campaign.
    I want a president that has the balls, to do what Jesse has done.
    Jesse is a Doberman, ready to stand and protect the people. If you don’t believe that, good luck with Rand, or Hilary, or any of the other dicks that will run.

  24. I love your show OFF THE GRID and watch it on youtube. You got my vote if you make the ballot. I love the comment that the politicians should wear NASCAR suits to show who sponsors them.

  25. Republicans HATE and believe in farytales. Democrats are crazy spenders.We need you Jesse Ventura. I just hope veterans the elderly sick and disabled are protected. Right now both parties are ready to toss grandmas and grampas out into the streets. Because of that attitude I am ready to vote third party. Please JESSE!!!!2016

  26. Is there any time like now. we need a superman, a man to stand, for americans. to tear down the power’s of the rich and their company and corperation. and their power of death of us all, who hold more right’s ,than you and I. undo all law’s, that hold our freedom at try all, not just the little guy. who steal a car and go to jail for five thingyear’s. a rich man, that steal a millian dollar’s. get nothingi, but a smack on the hand. pay a find .death is a death. if a sponser goverment thug kills, not only shoud he be put to death the law maker’s and their cronies. shoud be held to their oath, and all law maker’s, shoud be vote on by the people. not their party’s. or special board. and death and jail shoud be smiling at their back’s. we have no protection .they send our children, to die. big money shoud be their battle cry! I hold the pledge, allegigant. to our country and flag, as A sacred oath, we the people yes we the people.not we the goverment. not we the rich. not we the corperation. we have been lead to believe that the u.s is the good guy. the people know better they are killer’s of men, women and children. they make our kid, killer’s . if we lie to them we go to jail. lie’s. are their tool’s of their trade. hopefully, jessie won’t fold in, the pressure and money the power that is unseen yes we needed, a man of steel. to proect, us mere people of this, tainted land

  27. The talk of underground bunkers for the government elite is true.
    The event that will bring total panic in the world is of a mass extinction event.
    A mini solar system is orbiting into our solar system governments have been watching this since the 1970,s Nibiru is a planet in the solar system headed our way it is called the destroyer or as it is referred to as PlanetX . It will cause a catastrofic pole shift on earth will kill millions of people
    Mass extination events from this have occurred on earth before. Be prepared folks

  28. Please register as a write -in candidate in all states. Don’t.believe the sniper scam against. Jesse, they know he can win!


  30. The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the brain initiative are the worst scams ever perpetrated on the American people. Former U. S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Warns: Biochips Hazardous to Your Health: Warning, biochips may cause behavioral changes and high suicide rates. State Attorney Generals are to revoke the licenses of doctors and dentists that implant chips in patients. Chip used illegally for GPS, tracking, organized crime, communication and torture. Virginia state police have been implanting citizens without their knowledge and consent for years and they are dying!

    Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan, has unveiled a super small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017. “A means of authentication,” she calls it, also called an electronic tattoo, which takes NSA spying to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and specifically targets 10 – 20 year olds in her rant about the wonderful qualities of this new technology that can stretch in the human body and still be functional. Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine,’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.

    The ARRA authorizes payments to the states in an effort to encourage Medicaid Providers to adopt and use “certified EHR technology” aka biochips. ARRA will match Medicaid $5 for every $1 a state provides. Hospitals are paid $2 million to create “crisis stabilization wards” (Gitmo’s) where state police torture people – even unto death. They stopped my heart 90 times in 6 hours. Virginia state police have murdered so many already and admit to it!

    Mary E. Schloendorff, v. The Society of New York Hospital 105 N. E. 92, 93 (N. Y. 1914) Justice Cardozo states, “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent, commits an assault, for which he is liable in damages. (Pratt v Davis, 224 Ill. 300; Mohr v Williams, 95 Minn. 261.)
    This case precedent requires police to falsely arrest you or kidnap you and call you a mental health patient. You can also be forced to have a biochip if you have an infectious disease – like Eboli. Coalition of Justice vs the City of Hampton, VA settled a case out of court for $500,000 and removal of the biochip. Torture is punishable by $1,000 per day up to $2 million; Medical battery is worth $2.05 million. Come to Virginia and get your money! They can be held personally liable under color of the law. Senator Tim Kaine told me it was state and local police. Check out William and Mary’s website – Active Denial System. There is a “Homeland Security” police officer on every force – so they can break the law! The police doing this to me are Belinda Robinson, Jose Hernandez, Karen Rodriguez, Tony Passaro, Jared Vance, Thomas Shull, Darrell Hollowell, along with attorneys: Darlene Bradberry, Chad Dorsk, Judith Dockery, Jeff Rosen, Joshua Coe, Farnaz Farkish, Mark Herring, Dante Filetti, Mary Huffman, Judges Involved: Judge Alfred Masters, Mag, Judge Gregory Kalirus, Judge Richard Kerns, Federal District Court Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen and Magistrate Judge Thomas E. Miller. Judge Allen’s own clerk of courts admitted to me that Judge Allen knew I was in excruciating pain, but she denied my motion for a cessation of torture. Riverside Hospital wanted to continue as Defendant and so did I as Plaintiff, but the judge is corrupt and getting paid to watch people be tortured. Everyone in Virginia is corrupt. They will torture and murder their own citizens for money.

  31. Jessie or ace ??? Doesn’t matter the name is Ventura so it’s one in the same … Only a drippy dirty douche would sue a widow of a national hero because he is truly a cry baby

  32. What a cad. First I cannot believe you sued a dead man. That says a lot about your character. If this lawsuit were all about your reputation then why keep the money. Donate it to a worthy cause, like Chris Kyle did the proceeds of his book. A great idea would be the education for children of United States Navy SEALS who lost their lives protecting yours. It is easy to win against a man of integrity when he is not there do defend himself.

  33. I think it would be good if for only 1 term to have someone in power who will release the truth on certain events and give transparency to future policy. This could create a precedence for all future governments to trust its people with the information and decision making.


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