Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition

If not now, when? If not Jesse Ventura, who? Jesse Ventura must run for President in 2016! Let’s collect 50,000 signatures by the end of the year to make Governor Ventura run! Please sign our grassroots petition below.

Jesse Ventura 2016


9,110 signatures

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Latest Signatures
9,110armen grigorianMay 05, 2016
9,109Christina HarrellMay 05, 2016
9,108Tyson EppersonMay 05, 2016
9,107Andrew TriceMay 05, 2016
9,106Tim KingeryMay 04, 2016
9,105Matthew MartinMay 04, 2016
9,104Kev HillMay 04, 2016
9,103skylar morrisMay 04, 2016
9,102Thea RippsMay 04, 2016
9,101Ian AlberstettMay 03, 2016
9,100Scott BrownMay 03, 2016
9,099james jarrellsMay 02, 2016
9,098mary DaboinMay 01, 2016
9,097Michael RhodenMay 01, 2016
9,096Scott HicksMay 01, 2016
9,095Paris GaleasMay 01, 2016
9,094Dejan KisicMay 01, 2016
9,093Daniel GarciaMay 01, 2016
9,092William WhitehairApr 29, 2016
9,091Brian McgheeApr 29, 2016
9,090christophe keatingApr 28, 2016
9,089Chuemai YangApr 27, 2016
9,088sheldon NettlesApr 27, 2016
9,087JOHN MILLERApr 27, 2016
9,086Kelly EnrightApr 27, 2016
9,085Mary Lynn HeckerApr 27, 2016
9,084Edward Gajewski Apr 26, 2016
9,083Andrea JohnsonApr 26, 2016
9,082Hans LentzApr 26, 2016
9,081Joseph LongApr 25, 2016
9,080John EvansApr 25, 2016
9,079Clarence CallahanApr 25, 2016
9,078Ronald HaslamApr 24, 2016
9,077Nick BarbovApr 24, 2016
9,076David HarknessApr 24, 2016
9,075Monica PennyApr 23, 2016
9,074CHARLES MCGRADYApr 23, 2016
9,073Stacey UrhammerApr 23, 2016
9,072tommy shawanApr 22, 2016
9,071Louis DesrochersApr 22, 2016
9,070Sean WelchApr 22, 2016
9,069Chris HaagApr 22, 2016
9,068Shane BerquistApr 21, 2016
9,067Daniel RiveroApr 21, 2016
9,066Matthew HernandezApr 21, 2016
9,065Luca ClementeApr 21, 2016
9,064ellen BeebeApr 21, 2016
9,063Roman HauzarApr 20, 2016
9,062Michiel van PoppelApr 20, 2016
9,061sean SandersonApr 20, 2016



Jesse Ventura 2016 Petition — 1,052 Comments

  1. I watch you and alex jones I see the sick truth of a sick america i hope we can make it a country we can make a living and not be taxed to death because we want a house food and simply live get the chance all others had and died for

  2. Jesse ,I’m a big fan of yours and its refreshing to listen to a man tell it as it actually is and further more the way it should be. What a great USA we’d have if you were running this show. You have my vote.

  3. If there is any hope for the USA you’re it Jesse. Please stand up the whole world is counting on you. You can wear big shoes so please do it!!!!!

  4. Hello Jesse,
    My name is Ty Wagner, I was a Rock and Roller in the 60’s; I am now in my 70’s. I recorded at Gold Star recording studio and had some success a long time ago in L.A. I would like to contact you and send you my new song “Who’s Chasing Our Eagle Away” You can listen to it on YouTube at Please let me know an address I send the CD to. You can see my website Thank you for standing up for our country,
    Ty Wagner

  5. I’m not voting Cruz,and ,I’m definitely not voting Hillary!! If I have to I’ll write in Jesse Ventura!!

  6. Jesse, you have to run in 2016. With the corruption in the 2016 election process we need an alternative other than a lying crook on one side and a crazy big mouth on the other. When Bernie looses the nomination to Hillary, we need some sensible balance back in the works.

  7. ventura needs to run. either him or ron paul and i dont think paul is stepping back in. but there is nobody of good character to vote for. and 911 is my litmus test. please run

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