S03E05 – Skinwalker

Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 5: “Skinwalker”

UFOs corralled in the Utah desert – could it be true? An eccentric millionaire may indeed have a secret or two tucked away on hundreds of acres of a privately owned – and heavily guarded – ranch, and it’s not for R&R. Amazingly, his reach extends far beyond the states, and into outer space, where he is building a space station of his very own to retreat should things on earth go awry. Yet when Jesse hears tales that people have died battling aliens on our soil, he knows this is no joke, but could be a deadly conspiracy that could be out of this world.

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  2. I hate to break it to you but you have only seen tip of the iceberg. The “aliens” have been here thousands of years and have hijacked all things human; our history, faith, money, etc. They are getting ready to unleash these mutants on the world. God will ultimately destroy them, but they will torment us a while first. Don’t go there. They are evil personified.


    • do you know what your talking about? Do you know what a skin walker is? look it up. or should i just tell you. hmm. they are werewolves. there have been numerous sitings of these things in the michigan area.

  4. Hasn’t anyone actually worked it out… the reason the ranch is called the Skinwalker ranch is because he is an alien… yes you heard me. He is an alien he is the chosen one to go onto this Earth and deal with the World Governments. He adapts the skin of a human. hense the title Skinwalker… because he is the Alien that walks the Earth.

    • Your sight says you can not add me. I live in Vernal Utah and we see strange stuff all the time. We have been kicked off of Ballard ranch for being nosey. It is 20 miles from our home.

  5. Having worked for bob bigelow for 10 years I can say your episode on him is a bunch of crap
    John Alexander is a non issue
    I know exactly what is in north Las Vegas facitly and what the two modules in space are
    You don’t know everything about skinwalker ranch
    The NASA connection is in dc not alexander

  6. I don’t believe anything was extraterrestrial. I don’t believe that anything was ever extraterrestrial at any time throughout history. The unusual events at the Skinwalker Ranch are all clever intimidation techniques by a defense contractor corporation. It was probably cheaper for them to use a little technology(radio message with a monotone, artificial-sounding voice calling your team “evil”, a laser hologram projected into the air to simulate an aircraft,) to scare off trespassers, rather than to post armed guards around the clock. It was obvious that there were no guards present when your team was there. If aircraft had swooped in upon the ranch, they would have been seen for many miles around the area by other people, rather than just by people on the ranch itself.

    If anyone ever died in a gun battle there or the other place in Brazil that was mentioned, It was from contractor guards, not extraterrestrials.

    Interestingly, with regard to Utah, there was an article in either Popular Science magazine, or Popular Mechanics magazine, during the mid-to-late 1990s, that said that much of the operations at Area 51 had been moved to a location in Utah that was a germ warfare and chemical warfare base. Maybe this has some connection to the events at Skinwalker Ranch.

    In regards to the light that swooped down upon the vehicle mentioned elsewhere in this episode, this sounds like a small high-performance drone that I saw myself while outdoors working in Oklahoma City, where I live, back in October 1997. It was very small, and had very bright white landing-light type lights on it, too bright to actually see the small airframe. So all I could see was the bright white lights. And this was at sunset. The type of light was typical, incandescent-bulb landing-light type. This drone flew in a straight line and slightly to a right angle toward me at several thousand feet altitude and at about 200-300 mph, then climbed out at a straight and steep 61 degree angle away from me directly along my line of sight. It faded from view climbing through a cloud layer at about 15,000 to 20,000 feet altitude without slowing down. It had appeared to suddenly slow to a stop and hover motionless at it’s closest approach point, because it began climbing away from me directly along my line of sight. The very bright white lights are most likely for visibility to pilots of other aircraft, while flying in civilian airspace, due to it’s very small size.

    Coincidentally, once during the following week, I saw an SUV vehicle with emergency lights that exactly matched the Area 51 security vehicles described during the 1990s in a Popular Mechanics article at around that time, driven through a shopping center parking lot. An unmarked white jeep-type SUV with red and blue lights on top. Not saying it was one of their vehicles, just an interesting coincidence.

    The Area 51-looking vehicle notwithstanding, if the drone I saw is the drone that I think it is, it’s not classified, as there was an article in Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine during 1995, or 1996, showing a small 8-foot-long flight test drone being readied for a test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was outdoors during daylight. It was powered by a Tomahawk cruise missile engine(a small turbojet engine). It had a flat, narrow, shovel-blade shaped airframe, 8 feet long, and was painted red. It was a defense contractor project. BTW. Edwards AFB testing is of open-access, non-classified projects, as a Base history office historian told me. This would make a good match for the appearance and performance of the drone that I saw, and the light(drone) that swooped down upon the vehicle in the episode. It’s flight near the vehicle may have just been coincidence, rather thin directed at the vehicle.

  7. Jesse, there is something really wrong with the recording of the skinwalker video. So screwed up, you are unable to enjoy your program. I missed this episode and would love to watch it, but to no avail. Just thought you should know. Thanks

  8. I have memories that they think they wiped out of me. I remember being in a Hanger and Soldiers guarding all entrances and exits. I remember wanting to escape and knowing that the aliens and the soldiers were working together. When I was eight going on nine I had my first experience with an alien ship over my head in Fort Riley Kansas. I woke up from my alpha state and the rest of the block of people barbqueing, listening to music on a beautiful summer day were frozen in place. I wish someone could hypnotize me as i have had several encounters of the first kind. i would like to know more about what i know. I am also a TI.

  9. I am a retired Police Officer from the State of New Jersey,I have a very interesting Conspiracy Theory concerning the State of New Jersey to be discussed with Jesse Ventura.
    In closing,it has been said”If you fight..you may lose,but if you don’t FIGHT you have already lost!….I choose to FIGHT!
    here’s my number I hope you will call 949-716-9025

  10. I think those pulsing sounds are some kind of perception probe signal. I did an experiment and they changed tones with when i started thinking that. Anyway it’s definitely wierd, i captured sounds like this on camera while filming a UFO.

  11. I have some information on John B. Alexander. He is a nonlethal weapons specialist. Probably the real purpose of the Skinwalker property is a testing ground for nonlethal weapons. Your investigator was probably hit with an electronic disabling weapon. This information came out on a BBC series called Crazy Rulers of the World. The alien stuff is, as usual, a cover story.

    • The portion of the show with Sean being attacked in the leg by a electric device was pure BS. I was there on site, and he never complained of anything. they edited in a voice over after he climbed over the fence. the other things we filmed and experienced however were real.

      • I was wondering about that. I really like the show but am cautious as what extents are taken for entertainment purposes. I’m curious as to the voices coming from the radio. Did that really happen and did they really say “pure evil”? What else did they say that wasn’t filmed?

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  14. Thanks Katt, it was perhaps one of the most memorable experiences of my life…and even better we managed to actually capture some of the strangeness on film. I cant give out details until the show airs, but it was real life intense. Tyrel gave an interview on youtube and specifically mentions this episode.

    Listen to the video at timeline 12:12 . Show airs November 7th 10pm.

  15. be sure to check out this episode. I was involved in this episode and can personally vouch that the things we filmed and experienced were real. Was amazing and cant wait to see the show.

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