S02E08 – Pentagon

The idea that a missile or explosives—not a hijacked jetliner—damaged the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 seems the most unlikely of 9/11 theories. That is, until you look at all the factors, which include eyewitness testimony, crime scene video, expert analysis and the question why, with 85 cameras trained on the building, have only five frames of crash footage have ever been released? Jesse Ventura leads a serious investigation into a tangled web of clues that some say are too sacred to even touch.

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  • Colin Doran

    What a joke, Jesse Ventura talking about cover up and lies and then seeing this load of distorted , misrepresentation of the facts that he himself is responsible for. It’s beyond parody.

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  • Katherine

    One thing bothers me about this there could have been no distinct plane parts as it hit with such a high speed … there have been other accidents where a plane has hit at such force that nothing distinct can be seen and its just tiny peices.

    • BStaxpayer

      I think plane crashes should leave real debris. Also 9-11 had 3 steel high riser building free fall completely into their own foot print that a expert said was controlled demolition . Unbelievable.

      • BStaxpayer

        Run for president Governor Venture !

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    Thank you.
    Jesse Ventura for 2016!!!!!

  • Bill Semor

    Jessie Ventur you a chicken shit burnt out old man.
    Every body writes to you to build your ego . Your a
    disgrace to man kinds issues ,so many as ask you
    for help . What a pile of shit you know what I mean.
    How he has interview folks and not a damn thing
    had been done ,

    • Cat

      Wow… you are truly dillusional. A statist perhaps?

    • Scott Stroder

      Bill, we have an over abundant of idiots in this world already. Please do not procreate.

    • Guess Who

      What you don’t understand is that all anyone is doing is asking questions and looking at alternatives. Just because you agree to everything the Government says to you and don’t question anything because THEY told you it, and couldn’t even think to ask these questions, it doesn’t mean that you have to say the things you say because people ask questions. In fact, the fact you’re making such a big issue over him because of the fact he’s asking questions, suggests that if ANYONE is a chicken, then YOU are, because you don’t question! So what if people don’t agree with the Government? It’s not like they lied before, is it? I suppose the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a genuine thing? Pssht, I know it’s a lie, others know it’s a lie, and dammit so do you! The point I’m making is that just because the Government say something, you DON’T have to agree with them. They will lie as they have done before to get to war. America has been at war 222 years out of the 239 years it existed. Here’s some Math for you, that’s 93% of the time.

      All that aside, ask yourself one question; since 9/11 happened, who has gained? Al-Qaeda? No. America? Yes.

      This is why we want answers, not because we know it ourselves, but because so many people are up each others asses that we need someone like Bush, or Obama to admit it!

      If America knew the real reason and the real perpotrators of 9/11, the country in question would cease to exist.

    • jaydee

      GO TRUMP GO! The USA must rid itself of treasons like Obama and his gang and any that may follow….FOREVER.

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  • Reina

    Jesse, I agree 100% . The Government is a bunch of bull. If a hijacked “airplane” went into the pentogon, there would MOST definatly be debry of the plane. If it was a plane lets get a look at those footages , because I as an American citizen have EVERY right too know the truth about what happened to the pentogon on 9/11. in the 5 second video of the pentogon getting hit it shows NO plane, NO pieces of this “plane” , all you see is a big ball of fire. If it was a plane in the 5 second video you would SEE the plane go into the building, not a big explosion of fire. I believe it was a missle, because into the videos of the planes hitting the twin towers you see the plane’s wing impressions in the buildings, do you see them in the Pentogon? I think not! All i see is a big hole from a bomb or missle . Why lie about it ? Isn’t honesty the best? And threating a woman too keep her mouth shut? Thats harassment, or did you forget that to? Theres so much prove that you government workers are lieing about the pentogon. If you truely want to get more serious, why would the vice president tell the millitary too stand down when thousands of lives were at risk ? If i was the air defense system i NEVER would have listened to the vice president, wheather it ment loosing my job or not. They were trying too kill us. Screw the vice president, the military should have ignored that order and fought back ! What is wrong with America ?? Defend, Serve, and Protect … or do we not live by that anymore ? Jesse, keep up with your threoies, maybe one day will find out the truth about what REALLY happened at the Pentogon.


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  • Bill.Burke

    I believe that if Jesse Ventura ran for presidential , he would win hands down. He doesn’t realize I many people are against the government . Their are millions just in the United
    States alone would vote for him because they are being satellite harassed , millions more
    have been implanted with a micro chip transducer. The United States needs some one
    like Jesse Ventura to shut down corrupted agencies , he would have many followers to
    Back him up.
    Bill burke

  • Bill.Burke

    Jessy Ventura , if you ever get this message then get a hold of me, I have been on all your web sites trying to reach you, I am beginning to think your a sissy , all big and mighty on TV but up
    front your ass o, Once again , I am going to make a example out of our government and I want you their to testify your claims on the mind control telemetry interface , RFID chip or any other
    Chip that jet propulsion lavatories , gold stone tracking station or any other corrupt Organization
    that implants their victims to minuplate them to kill and do buzzard acts of violence , vitural reality dream scape ing program computer fantasies . I will pay you $ 5 million dollars out of my
    Civil suit , I am one out of many who has been implanted and showing the artifacts on MRIs ,
    knowing who they are and were they are , and they claim to be GD devil worshipers, I can show that the Barstow Ca. city lights spell Satan . One way or another you are going to a civil court with me. I am just giving you a option, volunteer or be subpoenaed. if I have to Subpoena you.
    You can for get about the $ 5million you have been on air long enough putting down the government , this is a sure sway to get back with them for taking you off the air and other bullshit that they have cause. This is not a joke, what I have with the 362 senate bill , I can server damage in the system,
    Bill burke

    • JOHN


  • Mike Van Volkenburg

    How convenient to have 9/11 planes crashing into other buildings just when Donald Rumsfeld has announced an investigation into missing government millions at the pentagon. A bomb is planted and the resulting inferno is announced as a hijacked aircraft. Only with no aircraft parts visible at the scene such as a tail or wings or engines. This begs the question then did “they” know about the 9/11 plot and allow it to continue to cover the pentagon bombing? So what happened to the airliner that supposedly caused the supposed crash? Even more frightening is where are the passengers on that airliner? Why were all of the film clips confiscated? The FBI said over 80 cameras were in operation in that area at the time of the incident. Why have no professional pilots been able to duplicate the reported flight path of the aircraft without crashing in the flight simulators used? Perhaps it is as Eisenhower said: “Beware the military industrial complex.”

  • DON CLARK-57


    • JOHN