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  1. Suicides in the Military. This is a good one as a lot of the people who they are saying committed suicide didn’t actually commit suicide. What it boils down to is that we have a bunch of military soldiers that are running drugs and guns while still in the military. They are smugglers who make money off of selling United States Military items to people in Foreign countries like Afghanistan where poppy is grown which is either turned into heroin or opium. If you don’t go along with what they are doing and you are around them they will kill you and then say it is suicide. The military does this because it doesn’t want to admit that they run drugs which are illegal and is a crime to run drugs and they run guns to people they shouldn’t be selling them to and they don’t want to admit to that because it is illegal. So what do they do, they cover it up. What is something else the military covers up? Rape. Rape is a huge issue as more and more women join the military. A lot of military women get raped and the Government covers it up. But it isn’t just women that get raped as a huge amount of men get raped as well. That one they don’t want to address because of how many gay men they have in the military and they rape a lot of people and it is all covered up. If you try and fight anything they will give you a dishonorable discharge when you didn’t do anything wrong and the people that are dishonorable and do these things are allowed to stay in the military and target more people and commit more crime. You may not like me saying this about the military which I do support, but as I say “the truth hurts, but it is still the truth” One last thing, New York has the most heroin on the streets now than it has had in over 20 years. Where is it coming from? Afghanistan. We brought drugs back during Vietnam in massive amounts. We are bringing drugs back from Afghanistan in record amounts as well. Thank the United States Military for it too.

  2. Gay People In our Government who are lying to us. It seems that we have a significantly large number of politicians that are in the closet gays. The problem with this is they are lying to us about who they really are. We want to know about who we elect and what they stand for. When they lie to us then how can we ever trust them. The point is that you can’t. They stay in the closet because if they come out of the closet they will never get the votes or campaign donations they are looking for from Christians. They are flat out lying to all of these Christians just to get money out of them (which is fraud). Now this is going on in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party but most of it is in the Republican Party which promotes Christian Family Values when they are campaigning but laughing all the way to the bank as they take political donations from Christians and flat out lie to them as all they are looking for is their money and their vote. If you wonder why Christianity is being torn apart and no one will stand up for it, look to our elected people and ask yourself “are they really a Good Christian or are they just taking us for a ride” Well I think you can figure that one out yourself. Now in closing, this isn’t about Gay Bashing as some might think, it is about telling us the truth. I want someone I can trust representing me. But the old saying is “The two worst types of people in the world are Lawyers and Politicians” It seems we are electing one scam artist after another. No wonder why our country is going down the crap hole.

  3. Identity Theft. This issue is scary. Right now everywhere people are duplicating people’s identities and the Government is doing very little about it. You could be living in Montana and someone else is actually acting like you in New York. They use your Social Security Number and duplicate your birth certificate and they will even put themselves on you drivers license. They will open up bank accounts in your name and take credit cards out in your name. They will create a facebook account in your name and override yours as they totally assume your Identity. They will even override your email accounts. They will get a cell phone set up in your name too. This is happening to millions of people and our Government is doing very little to stop it. They have people moving to smaller communities just to get information on everyone so they can then sell it to whoever wants it. Now who is buying our identities. Ex Cons and Illegal Immigrants. Computer Hackers who want to screw around under someone elses name instead of under their own. People that have Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS that want a clean persons identity so they can go out and party like a rock star and spread AIDS because they don’t want to be responsible and stop living the life they lived before they got AIDS. It is illegal to knowing spread AIDS so in order to keep that wild and crazy lifestyle they need another identity and they pay big bucks for it. All of this Credit Card Scam stuff is part of Identity theft. They want all of your personal information and then take our credit cards in your name to scam the companies. Now you might ask how are they doing this? People in the Government are letting them do it. It is to the point you can practically buy anything if you have the right connections and buying someones Identity is just the tip of the iceberg. They are selling FBI Badges, CIA Badges, Police Officer Badges, Sheriffs Badges, State Police Badges, Boarder Patrol Badges, Federal Marshall Badges, and etc. if you pay the Government people doing this the right amount of money or you have something else they want. They are giving out these badges as people in the Government are running drugs instead of trying to stop the drug trade. So if you do get a badge you are joining the ranks of Criminals in the Government which they are linked to Organized Crime. You won’t believe how many people in our Government are part of Organized Crime. There are so many that they are taking over our Government. They are taking over or Corporations too. It isn’t a joke. The good people in this country are basically outnumbered and have no resources to fight against these people as they are some of the richest people in our country and have access to everything the Government offers and Corporations offer. We are like ants and they are like Giants stepping on us each and every day.

  4. Patents and Royalties are something that have become a big issue. There is huge corruption scandal going on in the Patent Department. If you submit something to try and get a patent the Government don’t want to give it to you. Instead they have someone internally that contacts a business and then sells it to them and the money they make off of it goes into Private Equity Firms outside the United States. Then they send you something telling you that you have been denied the patent. They are doing the same thing with things that can be trademarked. They tell the company to hold it for two years or longer and then take it and mass produce it and since people in the Government are doing it, it is hard to do anything about it. If you even try they will sick Government goons on you and if you continue to pursue it they will even sick the Secret Service on you. The route to take is send it in through your politician who by law has to represent you as they are your elected official. They may not want to do it but until the Government cleans up the corruption in the Patent Department you go through them. People will say get a lawyer. Yeah and take on the Government. You will most likely lose and people in the Government will try and ruin your life. It gets to the point they will do Enemy of the State on you (the movie with Will Smith and Gene Hackman). They are trying to tell us that we don’t have any rights to what we create and that regular people don’t deserve royalties. They are trying to tell us who can become rich and who can’t. Now the politicians don’t want to help out. But by law they do represent you. They don’t have the guts to take on the Government but yet they work for the Government. They are getting paid by Tax Payers money but don’t want to help out the tax payers who are being cheating out of the inventions and royalties. Corporations will do anything to get their hands on patents. A lot of them they take to China and India and other foreign countries and won’t even produce the stuff in the United States. Unless you have a lot of help and a lot of guts, good luck because taking on the Government is a Nightmare.

  5. Boosters are becoming a major problem in America. They have always been in the colleges as many players have been caught taking money over the years from them. Well it has gotten even worse. The boosters are on every major college campus in the United States and are pushing into High Schools. Now you ask what is a booster and how it works. Boosters now days are into bringing drugs on campus through hiring college students to do their bidding. Then they run illegal sports betting on campus and the run porn rings on campus as college boys and girls need money so they get naked and have sex for the camera while doing drugs that the boosters provide. The boosters pick up the cash and take it to safe houses where it then goes to vaults that are hidden at businesses or into safety deposit boxes or into Private Equity Firms. All of this is becoming a nightmare as the administrations know this is going on and are partaking in it. In a Playboy survey the results were that over 50% of the people surveyed said they are having sex or had sex with a professor for a better grade. Well the professors are into the Nation Wide Porn Circuit and there are a lot of teachers right in class telling our kids to do drugs and experiment while you are young. Everything has gotten to the point where College Campuses are notorious for crime and students are demanding that they be able to bring guns on campus to protect themselves. Now why? Rape is going through the roof to the point that 76 different colleges are under Federal Investigation for Rape Crimes as the numbers are growing and growing each and every year. All of this leads to the illegal gambling on campus, drugs, porn, college professors screwing the students, college administrators screwing the students and well a college education comes last and everything else comes first. The boosters are paying players to shave points. It is everywhere. You have rich people that are partaking in something called exotic betting and they bet million, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars on games and they want a better chance of winning so they have boosters pay players to play crappy and drop passes in football, throw incomplete passes on purpose, and miss tackles, miss baskets in basketball, turn the ball over, play slower and let players go by them and score so they can win these massive bets. Everything is going through the boosters. Boosters are part of Organized Crime. It is one big Racket that is going on Nationwide and it is getting worse as they move into our High schools to do porn on underage girls and feed them drugs. Now one last thing. All of these college kids doing this are going to be working at our businesses, working as political assistants, running for office themselves, going to work for our government, working on wall street, and etc. There very people are the reason why our country is going down the drain. They think they are everything and will do anything for money. Everyone else that is not part of what they do they target as they want to move up in the world fast. They sabatoge people and screw their way up the corporate and government ladder. If you try and go against them they team up and crush you. They are joining every organization there is out there while most regular people don’t. They are the future of America? If this keeps going on, we are all doomed. Again the booster is part of Organized Crime. Well guess what. So are the students as they are signing up for it in record amounts. Maybe Jesse should do a Season 4 and look into this one. The Title would be Boosters.

  6. Have info to stop the culling micro wave radiation coming from satellite s if you suffer from migraine headaches put stainless steal pan over your head for 2 hours your migraine headaches will go away or lesson got way more info for you to much to discuss here my contact info is or phone 19705418113 we are running out of time

  7. I am a former IT computer specialist and federal cyber security whistle blower the us government has denied civil and federal rights.

    In 2006 and 2009 I discovered Huge Internet Browser security-related function problems. All government computer systems and civilians basic “Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete” could be used by Websites without the “Users or Client Server knowing or ability to trace.

    I can provide proof of major cyber security cover up on going now.

    The introduction of the CITY bill is meant to cover up what governments have been doing to civilians all over the world.

    In my Merit Systems Protection Board Case SF-0752-11-0427-i-1.
    transcript Judge Amy Dunning grants Federal Whistle Blower Protection and job reinstatement which wasn’t ever done.

    The VA Administration also admitted I discovered a “Huge Cyber security threat and excerpts responsibility for it nationally.

    To date four Senators have stated they would help by email and letter to include Homeland Security Senate representative.

    Please help me tell my story before the Cyber Information Sharing Agreement is passed.

    It’s unbelievable that we’re told to stand up for truth but when done it cost you everything. What happen to ethics and how can my voice be heard? I am a former us army disabled veteran who served his country for 27 years. Also created 27 national improvement implemented before and after wrongful termination.

    Senator Murray, Senator Wyden, Senator McCaskill, Senator Merkley

    But, to date no one has ever called. I have only watched everyone read my information and work on covering up the illegal gathering, collection, use of intellectual data.

    I merely wish to clear my name and get my life back. Isn’t my life worth something. If not mine, others kids who will grow up not truly knowing the freedoms soldiers lost their lives for? What about our grand kid’s, will they even have a chance?

    I challenge anyone who reads this to take a stand and research what I’ve stated. I will never stop trying to have the government straighten my life out. President Obama, Biden and Holder have to date not replied.

    Treason, 9.9 trillion missing from federal reserve last year….. Not one person going to jail?……binary digits, stored in Congress cloud accounts, tax free.

    Target, Chase, Hospitals, White House. Hacked? Prisim, Xkeyscore diagrams show the us government controls and monitors everything.

    Please help by merely asking why the us government has denied or enforced what I told them. For the last nine years the government been using the Internet as a backup door into everyone’s computer systems around the world.

    My number is 971 506 4438.

    The US Government would like to kill my files and I off. So please understand the risk I am taking by sending this to you.

    Please refer or forward to others also.

    Thank you for your time.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Michael Holt”
    Date: Apr 12, 2015 5:33 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Similar issues iwth

    Please read email string and attach to other emails send.
    I am risking my life attempting to stop government rule around the world. Please read and forward. Thank you


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Michael Holt”
    Date: Feb 28, 2015 11:27 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Similar issues iwth
    To: “SS”

    Please read.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Moskowitz, Charlie (HSGAC)”
    Date: Feb 5, 2015 7:10 AM
    Subject: Similar issues iwth
    To: “”

    Hi Michael,

    I was just alerted to some issues with that sounded incredibly similar to the issues you raised with the VA website. On Jan. 20, 2015, the Associated Press reported that information about individuals who visit is being transmitted to private companies with a commercial interest in the data, and that a number of the companies had embedded cookies into user browsers through which could allow personal information about the user to be tracked and gathered by those companies.

    This is the issue you found with the VA website, correct? If so, I’d like your permission to share your contact information with Senator Carper’s staff, Senator Ron Johnson’s staff, and Senator Portman’s staff. Senator Johnson is the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, and Senator Carper is the most senior Democrat on the committee. Senator Portman is the chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which Senator McCaskill is now the ranking member of. Senator Portman, along with a few others, sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services seeking additional information about the vulnerabilities, so it is clear that he is interested in these issues. If I can share your information with him, I’m sure that he would be interested in finding out that this is a much larger issue than he was previously aware of.

    Please let me know if I have permission to share your contact information and some background on your case with staffs from these offices.



    Charlie Moskowitz, Counsel

    Financial and Contracting Oversight Subcommittee | Senator Claire McCaskill, Chairman

    Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

    (202) 224-6814

  8. Jessie I’ve watched many of ur shows. I hope to hear from u on this conspiracy. Flat earth. By some of the research I have done. It is very believable. What if I have been lied to my whole life and others. What is the truth. Can u find out. Thanks Mitchelle

  9. Mr Ventura
    Thank you for all the marvelous work you have done done. You have opened my eyes in many ways.

    God Bless You

  10. Jesse here is a little piece of good news. when you were investigating Pensmore in the Ozarks, sheriff Joey Kyle threatened to arrest you if you got out. well today May 20th 2015 he was found guilty on criminal charges which included taking $20,000 for the use of his name in a scam, plus he was also charged with embezzlement of public funds. I do hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine

  11. To whom this may concern. My name is Tindee B. Smith
    In between the months of June 2010 and August 2010. My families lives were taken from us.
    I admit what we were doing was wrong. But what happened to us was even worse. My wife and I were using drugs in the house. I complained to my wife, on numerous occasions that I did not like the drug. It was meth. Well during this span of using. I noticed signs of someone coming into our house when we were not home. I also came home for lunch one day and caught someone jumping out of one of my bedroom windows. Then I started noticing weird paint specs all over the house. I noticed that someone had also been in the house painting while we were not there.
    Well one night when we were smoking meth. I informed my wife that I just don’t want to do this anymore. Then all of the lights went out in the house. And I saw these flashing lights and people walking in front of our bedroom window. I then had begun to think well “we are in trouble for using”. Upon seeing the flashing lights and hearing a helicopter over the house. Somehow I just passed out.
    The next day when I woke up. It was like nothing ever had happened. We had gone about our lives as normal. But then I began to see a dot in my eye. One that I have never seen before. My landlord had kept asking me to go to church with them, so eventually I did. Well one day he mentioned to me “Tindee you have to stop saying how pretty women are.” Then on another day he had mentioned to me that “Tindee you can only look once.” This is when I caught on to what had happened that night when I seen the flashing lights.
    They installed tiny cameras in my eyes, my wife’s eyes, and my kids. Now not only was my landlord responsible for this. I noticed that this involved the military. Well at first I thought that it was only my landlord who can see what we were doing. But then I found out that his church and a lot more peoples could see what we were doing. Not only what we and my wife do but what our children do.
    Now my wife has a temper and when she drinks her like to fight. I have been charged two times now with domestic charges, on two separate occasions, and I have had to plead guilty to them. The sad thing is that these people have watched me get beat up by her. And I have gone to work like this. I not trying to put my wife down in any way but, my wife is white and I’m African American.
    There is a lot more to this story, and I need someone’s help. Because this in no way what so ever can be legal. There are witnesses, and people who are watching this and it’s like some TV show. But it clearly has violated our constitutional rights.
    Tindee B. Smith
    5816 Townsend Place
    Cheyenne Wyoming 82009

  12. If Jesse did a show(s) on the assassination of Princess Diana maybe the truth would finally become public. That it was an assassination was never in doubt. Thank You.

  13. Ref: FA/1 – FORCED ADOPTIONS – Serious injury to children trapped in the care system leading to forced adoptions – searching for the truth – parents can not win cases against family lower-higher family court judgements – child snatching-money laundering-forced adoptions-birth parent suicides-genocide – European Parliament Petitions Commission case no: 2468/2013 holding the truth from witnesses – International Criminal Court in the Hague helpless to help without the case support from ten countries – released by: Roy Fox – NEWS ACADEMY member –
    N.B: Searching for HEROES and the truth.

  14. The United States Government Cant Shut Down

    If Congress doesn’t pass a budget and then it gets to a point that they say the Government is going to Shut Down, because they chose not to agree on a the budget the President has the right to step in and make an Executive Order to finance the Government until Congress comes to an agreement on a budget. The Supreme Court of the United States can act on things too. They can bring in a Federal Arbitrator to force the Democrats and the Republicans and the Independents to the table and hammer out a budget. It is just like Union talks where after 90 days the Union and the Company do not come to an agreement a Federal Arbitrator is assigned to come in and force both of them to the negotiating table and come up with a Union agreement. This is what happens when Congress chooses not to come to an agreement. The United States Government can’t shut down. A shut down is a Strike by the Republicans. It is like a Union Strike and Republicans are Anti Union but they are doing the very thing that a Union does. Go figure. If they don’t get what they want they threaten to Shut the Government down and Strike but they are not Union employees so they can’t Strike. Remember this is within the Government and these people are not Union employees. It is Non Union employees that are trying to Strike. They are At Will Employees. Maybe these Anti Union Republicans should go Union.

    They are a bunch of political idiots. If they don’t get their way they whine and cry like babies and threaten to Strike. This is the United States Federal Government and you are not Union employees. You can Strike and you can’t shut the Government down. It is the Government not a business. Union Federal Workers can strike but Non Union workers can’t strike unless they are trying to bring the Union in and the Government won’t negotiate a Union Contract.

  15. When the Government talks about budget cuts at the National Level what they are talking about is the amount of money they are cutting from the budget and outsourcing that amount of money in work to a foreign country. So lets say they want to cut $55 billion dollars from the budget. They usually go after military defense because those are big ticket items. So they take money that is going towards helping put Americans to work who pay Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, the Corporate Social Security Tax Match, State Income Tax for the States that have it and City Tax for the Cities that have it,and those contracts go to a plant in Mexico, China, India, or somewhere else putting Americans in the Unemployment line. Then they complain that the President isn’t creating enough jobs when all Congressman Paul Ryan does is say slash the budget every year. He puts Americans out of work and then complains that Unemployment is to high and once they run out of unemployment they go to the welfare line and then the Republicans complain about paying out welfare. The Republicans outsource American Jobs and that hurts Americans. They purposely increase unemployment and welfare rates and then complain about having to pay it out. These jobs are usually Union Jobs that are High Paying Jobs too so they pay in the good tax money. This is Anti American. They have no loyalty to the American People. They refuse to hire us. They tell us we are no good and don’t deserve to work and make good money. They ruin good peoples lives by outsourcing these jobs. Young people that would be put to work don’t get jobs. Why? Because Republicans are outsourcers and they hate the Unions that much. Why? The Unions are Democratic and politically donate to Democrats not Republicans who outsource Union Jobs. If you don’t support Americans and America then go live in another country. This is America. This is our country. Republicans are ruining in and have been since the 1980’s. This is the America we live in.

  16. If Jesse was to do a Season 4 which I think he should. These topics are something he should look into doing episodes on. 1. The Anonymous People, 2. Computer Hackers and the Government creating the Federal Computer Hacking Agency., 3. The Black Market, 4. Bit coins, 5. Escort Services in America, 6 Sex Slave Trade, 7. Sports Betting and legalizing it Nation Wide, 8. The Federal Reserve Bank

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