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  1. The United States Government Cant Shut Down

    If Congress doesn’t pass a budget and then it gets to a point that they say the Government is going to Shut Down, because they chose not to agree on a the budget the President has the right to step in and make an Executive Order to finance the Government until Congress comes to an agreement on a budget. The Supreme Court of the United States can act on things too. They can bring in a Federal Arbitrator to force the Democrats and the Republicans and the Independents to the table and hammer out a budget. It is just like Union talks where after 90 days the Union and the Company do not come to an agreement a Federal Arbitrator is assigned to come in and force both of them to the negotiating table and come up with a Union agreement. This is what happens when Congress chooses not to come to an agreement. The United States Government can’t shut down. A shut down is a Strike by the Republicans. It is like a Union Strike and Republicans are Anti Union but they are doing the very thing that a Union does. Go figure. If they don’t get what they want they threaten to Shut the Government down and Strike but they are not Union employees so they can’t Strike. Remember this is within the Government and these people are not Union employees. It is Non Union employees that are trying to Strike. They are At Will Employees. Maybe these Anti Union Republicans should go Union.

    They are a bunch of political idiots. If they don’t get their way they whine and cry like babies and threaten to Strike. This is the United States Federal Government and you are not Union employees. You can Strike and you can’t shut the Government down. It is the Government not a business. Union Federal Workers can strike but Non Union workers can’t strike unless they are trying to bring the Union in and the Government won’t negotiate a Union Contract.

  2. When the Government talks about budget cuts at the National Level what they are talking about is the amount of money they are cutting from the budget and outsourcing that amount of money in work to a foreign country. So lets say they want to cut $55 billion dollars from the budget. They usually go after military defense because those are big ticket items. So they take money that is going towards helping put Americans to work who pay Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax, the Corporate Social Security Tax Match, State Income Tax for the States that have it and City Tax for the Cities that have it,and those contracts go to a plant in Mexico, China, India, or somewhere else putting Americans in the Unemployment line. Then they complain that the President isn’t creating enough jobs when all Congressman Paul Ryan does is say slash the budget every year. He puts Americans out of work and then complains that Unemployment is to high and once they run out of unemployment they go to the welfare line and then the Republicans complain about paying out welfare. The Republicans outsource American Jobs and that hurts Americans. They purposely increase unemployment and welfare rates and then complain about having to pay it out. These jobs are usually Union Jobs that are High Paying Jobs too so they pay in the good tax money. This is Anti American. They have no loyalty to the American People. They refuse to hire us. They tell us we are no good and don’t deserve to work and make good money. They ruin good peoples lives by outsourcing these jobs. Young people that would be put to work don’t get jobs. Why? Because Republicans are outsourcers and they hate the Unions that much. Why? The Unions are Democratic and politically donate to Democrats not Republicans who outsource Union Jobs. If you don’t support Americans and America then go live in another country. This is America. This is our country. Republicans are ruining in and have been since the 1980’s. This is the America we live in.

  3. If Jesse was to do a Season 4 which I think he should. These topics are something he should look into doing episodes on. 1. The Anonymous People, 2. Computer Hackers and the Government creating the Federal Computer Hacking Agency., 3. The Black Market, 4. Bit coins, 5. Escort Services in America, 6 Sex Slave Trade, 7. Sports Betting and legalizing it Nation Wide, 8. The Federal Reserve Bank

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