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  1. part 3 – dont count on your local law enforcement agencies to provide any support. in fact theyll become part of the netwrk of terror. since the neural implants transmit your sight and audio/verbal anything you say or do that may be anti any political figure or special interest groups like unions will result in attacks from those sources. the neural implant is like a node on a wifi netwrk. whoevr has passwrd access to the implant can pass it on to anyone else they choose. what happened to the recently removed ceo of mozilla? at least he knew who was behind his attack. youll spend days of observation before you can make some reasonable conclusions about who is behind the source of your attacks. ive read a source that claims the neural implant can be completely and permanently disabled. i havnt tried the method yet. gauss is a clue.

  2. jesse did a segment some episode that included govt maintained towers and people living in proximity to them who were subject to hearing sounds and other abnormal doubt jesse and those people must realize if they’re the only ones experiencing those conditions implants are involved. brain implants that are tiny enough to be injected by a dentist during a routine filling or crown install. the implant is electronic and operates at somewhere in the microwave bandwidth. it is a tranceiver that not only receives signals but also transmits feedback from nervous system. goons can program it to disrupt heart rate, sleep a, muscle spasms and just about anything else in the body connected to nervous system. if those people who appeared in that episode experience any changes in their health out of ordinary they can suspect it being induced by a programing of the implant. the implant can be programmed within close proximity through any window in your house you may be close to. covert programmers like atacking you while you’re asleep. the implant makes it easy for the goons to monitor your every movement within the tower you live near because the implant taps into vusion and hearing nerves. they see what you see and hear what you hear. goons cdo monitor your sleep state and know the exact moment you enter sleep state. goons have installed a tower on neighbos property here to torment me with the implant they insralled in 2008 by dr merzenich, gental dental, 4392 liberty rd s, salem, or 97302, 971 373 4583. goons are working the citizens.

    • part 2
      i live at 4506 s immonen rd lincoln city oregon 97367. the neighbors who are maintaining the tower used by goons is located at steven and susan allen 4432 s immonen rd lincoln city oregon 97367. it may be clear to see using google maps to see parabolic dish mounted on tower and pointing in direction of my residence. goons can write their own court order without judges sig and wthout your ever knowing it. dentist believes hes cooperating wth law and incerts neural implant wthout your consent or knowledge. goons will have access to every aspect of your nervous system. it will be a perfect way to control the masses when time is right. that time seems very close. read exec orders from about 10998 to 11005 or so to get some indication of how many restrictions are planned and how soon they will be imposed. the taxes paid by citizens are used not to protect and advance your wellbeing but to setup systems to control masses and resources. pay attention to what is happening around you.

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  7. Jesse, I want to now if you have heard what happens to inmates in prisons if martial law is enacted? My boyfriend is in prison & says he has heard that all inmates will be killed when this happens, no matter why they are there. If you can please shed light on this it will be so great. I know I will be waiting for your answer as I am certain others with loved ones inside will be as well. Thank you for any info you can provide. Keep up the great job!

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  9. I can actually understand P.T.S.D. regarding corruption in Minnesota with the police force it’s not fiction. I hope you can come to Minnesota before these criminals cause my children and I harm. Considering I don’t even Know these people. They been on me for four years. I even tryed to get help from a officer i knew for twelve years. Considering iam a respectable human being. I went to the State will know who iam. Clapping for civil rights. Iam the one who through the kiss out to all the Grandmothers in the world. You, can’t even imagine what I have been for nothing. Who attacks a single mom of three adult children for nothing. I can’t believe the corruption regarding the police force, judicial system, and the State Capitol.

    • I have been through hell and back for nothing. I was set up from the judicial system and Minnesota police officer. My question ids why?

      • I have been through hell and back for nothing. I was set up from the judicial system and Minnesota police officer. My question is why?

  10. Hi jesse please keep telling the gov secrets please run for president u are only hope on turning america around if there is anything I can do to help u I’m here to serve u jesse

  11. Would like to dicuss alternative to Ozark plan if you get this please call, i think i know what and why.For former Governor J ventura.

  12. Hi ex-govner Mr. Ventura.

    I’ve notice alot of thnings growing up in life & still notice things.
    Like how the govornment don’t want to help people that are not involve with them. Like how President Obama say he wants to help lower & middle class people. Haven’t seen that happen. How he wants to improve unemployed people. Haven’t seen that one. & the govornment forceing everyday citizens to do things on their own with no help. Cutting programs to fix budgets. Where is the money going to? When ex-president Mr. Clinten was in office things were running smooth. O big whoop he had affair. Big deal he should’ve stay in office.

  13. Mr, Jesse
    I thank you for all the information that you have uncovered. Sir.with the
    information concerning the elimination of millions of people. What can we do,? How can we stop them.? Outside of you Mr Jesse, we can’t trust anyone.
    Everything that you have uncovered should make us all wake up.
    We are being screwed in plain English.

    God Bless You Jesse and your team Please let us know what we can do

  14. You should do an investigation on how the government sells illegal machinegun and silencer kits to the public through its licensed weapon companies ie: Sarco, Inc., RP.B. Industries etc. which have failed to comply with Title 26, register and pay the $200 transfer tax prior to transferring them to the purchaser and then selectively prosecutes individuals for political purposes.

  15. I LOVED ALL YOUR Conspiracy Theory shows. I am glad that you tell the truth and is not afraid of the American government. Do you think change will come soon before this country have an internal melt down?

  16. I think this man is awesome. Not because he’s he rolls over everyone but he doesn’t come off his standpoint It’s refreshing

  17. A missionary from a local church came back from Africa about 8 months ago and privately discussed something he had seen while there. The Chinese have contracted 250K women to be impregnated. The sperm is a unknown source. When delivery occurs the child is quarantined and when a group can be transported they are sent to China.
    This did not surprise me but when I saw the show about humanizes my blood ran cold. If you think the US is corrupt think again the Chinese invented the word. South Korea look out.

  18. Jessi just one more thing these people are all ready responsible for two presidents deaths one wounding of a president, a senator attempting to become president was killed, one future President was killed in plain crash and the deaths of at least 5 senators. one senator was thrown out of hospital window in clear view of witness’s.

  19. Hi Mr. Venture i also live in Australia and I Know the truth about Westall a town in Victoria, back in the 60′s Australia had a Roswell event,My uncle was a Federal agent for Australia at that time, the USA were experimenting new tech remote control craft via satellite 1st generation self charging electric craft my uncle called them electric jets, the craft made an unscheduled landing near Westall Primary school to recharge their batteries,a special America military unit following the craft around the world were there within 20 minutes my uncle’s job was to convince witness’s they saw nothing and were not to talk about, this tech was way ahead of any craft been flown at present day. The Australian Government has destroyed all files associated to this event, all Governments know about the Big secret as it’s called and are keeping Mankind with the help of Multinational Super Corporations in the dark ages. it’s all about unimaginable Greed. The black berets are a privately owned army as well as the CIA, some sections of the FBI, NSA owned partly by the Bush family, there is at least 5 wealthy families involved in this humanity scam. Watch your back Mr. Venture if you become too popular come election time in 2016 these evil beings will eliminate you, you need a revaluation and revaluation in America. The Criminal agencies involve need to be sterilized and rebuilt with knew blood and the President should be in total control and beyond reproach except by congress, and the American People. large donations from these Corporations to senator elect are a conflict of interest and could control the way a senator conducts business in Government. Thank you.

  20. Hi Jesse, my wife and I love your show and get very excited over the many cover ups you and your team uncover. However, have you had any luck stopping any of your investigated conspiracies such as the Great Lakes being pumped and bottled just to be sold back to us and given to China to fill their reservoirs? Or any others? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I want to help expose and stop these many wrong full things from happening. Tell us all how WE can be a voice out there. Its got to be more then writing our elected officials. That is just falling on deaf ears.
    Thanks to you and your team and you really do need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He does exist and really is our only hope. Man will eventually destroy this world but its our eternity that really matters.

    God Bless America

    Kelly O. Kennedy

    • Thanks Jesse for articulating the real problem with our present government being entrenched greed. I’d like to help your campaign in Hawaii. Let me know. The present two party oligarchy has got to go. Aloha Mike G.

  21. I Have a good one for you.I filed a complaint with the EPA in 2012 about an asbestos exsposure and the rep.called my wife and said he really needed to talk to me.when I called him back the office said he was away from his desk Indefinatly,so I quit.In sept.2013 I filed another complaint.they have never heard of this guy.Now it is dec.2013 and now the EPA calls me to tell me that my test reults that I faxed them was only a cover sheet.I am sick now with only half of my lung lawyer I have has put me off for 3 months I think he has already been paid.Is there not something wrong with this picture.ANTHONY C KNEECE

  22. Please contact me about a theory you haven’t covered as far as I can see. It is the biggest one of all. This is important for you to know. There is tons of evidence and peoples lives
    are being ruined. God bless.

  23. Big Business Scandal useful for your campaign

    My name is Joshua Brack. I have watched, read and now hope to help you in your campaign for presidency through endorsement.

    I had worked at Bell helicopter from 2001-2012. On June 11, 2012 I was let go due to ‘quality’ although they gave me no evidence or trial being covered under ADA, american with disability, and uaw 218.

    I was in a severe Car wreck, breaking my pelvis in 7 places and I lost two beautiful girls I was very close to from a drunk driver on June 17, 1999. By the grace of God, now all I have is a tremor in my left hand due to the traumatic brain injury and limp from my crushed pelvis being very young when this happened.

    Now, the real reason they let me go. Back in october of 2010 i was involved in a helicopter crash that killed 7 people due to a quenching crack. The inspector: Chris Carlton who was supposed to do the magnaflux test that would have caught the quenching crack on the helical gear failed to even do the magnaflux test. They fired me because those girls meant so much to me, they wanted to cover up because 7 people died instead of improving quality to prevent future occurrences because I respect human life instead of turning a blind eye. I am in close contact with the lawyer who will sue Bell Helicopter for the families, but just want to make sure the truth is revealed and that you can help me.

    Ross Perot was correct being in the independent party you are running in. They are slowly outsourcing, bell helicopter, a big business, to small third world countries. They have set up plants in: Mexico, china, India, etc because, as Perot said are creating a ‘giant sucking sound down south’.

    I can tell you much more about this situation but just wanted to briefly get in touch with you as I believe not only is this a conspiracy by subsidiaries of the US government but I believe you can help. Please contact me, praying you will and keep spreading the truth to America about the government.

    In His Time, 
    Joshua Brack

  24. I may die over this info but I was with the U.S.M.C. for 5 years and have set up microwave towers in the field, was trained in all kind of strange things and after leaving the service, not of my choice, have been kept away from med’s that would have helped me live longer but now can not take the one I need most and know you are on the right, I was with the 3′rd recon and went to S.E.A.S. school plus explosives and weapons traning, sorry for any misspelling, sears school advanced booby traps and been in the wrong place at the wright time and would like to show and tell you more in balk ops, and have a recording of a strange thing you would have to see to beleave, I have abilatys that some dought till I show them, I was finaly seen by a doctor and found to have P.T.S.D. from the service but they have gone as far as put a typo on a dd-14 and given a letter that sead they could not find records that show I had been in the service, yet I have original orders in my position and other documents that show I was a licensd 5 ton driver with explosivs qualified, I hope this gets to you before they get to me, please get back with me there is much only you could understand being a vet yourself, I hope god keeps his eyes on us and ours as much as they are, there are ways to get past there intrusion in our lives, wish I could say more but I have sead too much now. the silo tyfu was not just an stuped mistake as I also was at one time a commander for the cival air patrol till cut backs, also a loyal member of the A.L. in my area for over 14 years, with a non functional police force that let wanted felons walk the street and meth labs go unchecked, all new to this area, the old police force eather left the state or moved to other police locations out of the county because of corruption, all the way to the city council, who have been put under investagations, this town is killing people without using a gun and it is a well known and documented thing that the bad guy’s are running the town and small fish are paing for it.

  25. Mr. Ventura I have been watching your show for the past 3 years.
    I do believe that there is such thing as time travel we have know it for years.

    Here recently they have brought out the facts mermaides exits.
    CNN brought facts out about dragons being found and the discovery channel.
    I have ran a cross a person such as my who found out some one has been doubling on websites or should I say copy catting other websites including government websites sealing classified documents and projects.

    Some of these projects should never be released into to days world
    I am talking about nano projects and magnetic bio technology.

    Why do you think the Obama care website does not work.
    The government is going to release a project called smell O vision just to think how many poisons and toxins can be released.

    I am in Washington DC were you can run little bit of every thing.


  27. 100,000 thousand coffins arrive in Puerto Rico under secrecy. They were taken and stored at Fort Buchanan Military Base.
    I am not sure if these coffins were like the ones in one of your TV presentations; Could be. The question is ¿why is the military bringing so many coffins to the island? ¿What are they getting ready for?

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