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  • Nicholas Sangineto

    dear Jesse Ventura, i was wondering why not help Trump? I am pretty sure you will be helpful.

  • William A Stofer

    Gov. Ventura, what are your thoughts on anti-Marijuana senator Jeff Session getting appointed?

  • Thebob

    Sorry Gov. you are an idiot about the Electoral College, by your statement on Infowars today, is basically saying Hillary won 12 states and won the most populous cities, NY, LA, Chicago, Seattle, and those 12 states get to dictate the policy of the rest of the country…This is exactly WHY the EC was put into place by the founders…The way it use to be, the President was who won the most votes the VP was who came in 2nd, that happened one time and the Pres and VP were from opposite parties…I didn’t like the EC until I actually read up on why it was put into place and was explained to me in a good educated way….Your comments also about Abortions were asinine..You are either small Gov’t Libertarian or you are not…Oh certain issues should be left of to the states like Cannabis use, but abortions are too important..You sir are a fcking coward…From one Vet to another…A FCKING COWARD…

  • Mikey Charles

    Hi Jesse, I went to the veterans parade in Reno today, it was great! Hey, is there any way I can contact you directly?
    -Mike Camara