Jesse Ventura on NSA Spying


Alex Jones: Well, his latest book is “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans”, it’s a bestseller. We sell all of his books at And giving viewers a first look, here’s the new cover of what’s coming out in October, I really like it. “They killed our President”, and it goes over 63 facts that prove a conspiracy to kill JFK. This is the 50th anniversary, they’ve said no one was allowed in the big park at Dealey Plaza, but people that agree with the official story for the first time. So I’m going to be there with thousands, demonstrating for the First Amendment, and I’ve invited Jesse Ventura to be there with us. He is considering it. Governor, you’ve been gone for 5 to 6 months, it’s great to have you back, thanks for coming on with us.

Jesse Ventura: Thanks, Alex, it’s great to be here. I tell you, I enjoyed my time in Mexico, I didn’t watch television from January 2nd till about a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Jones: I saw you when you got back from Mexico, you looked 10 years younger.

Jesse Ventura: I feel 10 years younger, too, you know what I did down there this year that was life-changing?

Alex Jones: What was that?

Jesse Ventura: My wife and I took a 500 mile trip to this lagoon, and you got to go about 100 miles off the main road through this rough road to get there. And the Mexicans in a small boat took us out to this lagoon, and the grey whales would come up to you and you could sit in the boat and actually physically touch them.

Alex Jones: Wow!

Jesse Ventura: And mothers bring up their babies, and they actually lift them up, and I actually put my hands inside the whale’s mouth and scratched their gums.

Alex Jones: You told me you were going to break a life-changing event here on air, that is amazing.

Jesse Ventura: I’ll tell you, Alex, I can’t describe it. And when you look into their eyes, you see nothing but intelligence. And they approach you, you don’t go to them. You go out there, and they will come up to you. There must have been at least 30 of them in this lagoon.

Alex Jones: That is just magic. Can you believe people ever hunted those?

Jesse Ventura: I was so moved, I thought it was a (?) experience, I was ready to join those guys that go disable the ships that kill them, because I got trained by the best, I know how to disable ships, that isn’t a problem.

Alex Jones: Tell us how you sabotage the propellers and rudders.

Jesse Ventura: No, because then they’ll be able to defend against me. But getting back to a more serious note, it was really something. We had one mother and her calf, and she was 40 feet long, literally twice as long as our boat, and they must have stayed with us for an hour and 15 minutes.

Alex Jones: From what I’ve seen of physiology, they’re basically the equivalent of German Shepherds.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know, but they’re certainly intelligent. What it showed me, Alex, was that clearly they could communicate with each other. Because any mother of any animal, with their instinct, is not going to bring their children up to something that endangers them. So clearly they know they’re in no danger in this particular lagoon with the Mexicans. And it was unique for me because I never felt any danger or any fear, there was just an aura about it that these big massive giant mammals that live in the water present no harm to you, they’re actually curious to see what we are.

Alex Jones: In fact, they say that dolphins have the biggest brain of any mammal in cc size for their bodyweight, and they say they may even be smarter than humans.

Jesse Ventura: Back when I was in the navy, we were already using those them. There was a program the Underwater Demolition Team had, I wasn’t a part of it, but I had a couple of buddies that worked on it for a while, and they were actually using dolphins in underwater work. The dolphins would go to the surface and get the correct tool and bring it back down to them. And they also used them for mines and things like that in harbors.

Alex Jones: I got to say that I don’t blame those killer whales locked up in cages that are equivalent to 100sqft prison cell, I don’t blame them when they end up killing their trainers, because that is incredibly inhumane.

Jesse Ventura: That’s a great segue, Alex, because I’ll comment on that and say, “Wait a minute, that’s what our government wants to do to you and I”, they want to lock us in cells to keep us safe.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, the whole nanny-state. Break it down.

Jesse Ventura: It’s like the cartoon I saw, where a mother, a father, and the two children are sitting at the dinner table, and they’re all exclaiming, “Gee, I feel safe now”. The only thing is, they’re locked inside a cell.

Alex Jones: That’s what Eisenhower said, he said, “Total safety is total tyranny”. It’s prison.

Jesse Ventura: Exactly, it’s like Ben Franklin said, those who want to give up their liberty for security, shall have and deserve neither.

Alex Jones: Well, shifting gears into that, it’s now out that everybody is being listened to, everything is being recorded, and thousands of corporations get contracts to give all your data to the government, and they get to share it. And I’ve had telecom whistleblowers say that they can just download anybody’s phone, turn it on, and listen to you. It’s all confirmed, everything we talked about is now proven right. It’s now admitted the Al-Qaida is run by the government. Do we get an apology, Governor?

Jesse Ventura: Absolutely not, I don’t think so, Alex. We deserve one, we deserve the mainstream media to say to us, “Geeze, you guys were right”. You know what bugs me about it, is that Lindsey Graham and Feinstein and all these people are telling the public that we need this to fight terrorism. What they’re saying to me and to every American is that they think you and I are terrorist. Because why do they need to listen in on my phone calls and my emails to fight terrorism, I’m not a terrorist.

Alex Jones: What do you make of Congressman Peter King saying, “Arrest the Washington Post reporter that talked to Snowden”, and then saying, “I think Snowden is a hero”? What do you say?

Jesse Ventura: I do, too, because the thing to remember is all people like that and the military take an oath to protect the constitution and the Bill of Rights. And if somebody is asking you to do something that you feel violates the Bill of Rights, you shouldn’t do it. And that’s what these whistleblowers are doing, they’re simply telling us, “The government lied to you”. And yet, who’s going to get prosecuted? Bradley Manning and him, they prosecute the messenger. Now how can they prosecute them when it’s the government and other entities that are committing crimes and you’re reporting them?

Alex Jones: That’s right, and when they reported about ‘Fast and Furious’ within the ATF, they got in trouble. So you can’t report within the chain, because you’ve got criminals running the chain.

Jesse Ventura: Clearly, it goes that deep in this country, people need to understand. Like when I made the statement, “I love my country, but not my government”, the government is nothing but people, and bad people can get in charge. If you don’t believe that, read about Germany in the 1930s, they had bad people getting in charge. I read books this last winter about all the Nazis that we brought into this country that should have stood trial at Nuremberg, but instead we brought them in here and gave them positions of authority.

Alex Jones: My grandfather worked all over the Southwest in oil and gas, and the only places to go eat or stay were military bases, a lot of times in New Mexico or Arizona, West Texas. And he told me when I was a child, he almost got in fights all the time and got thrown out by MBs(?) because he’d go into the restaurant, and they’d be full of Nazis and SS, and he was part German growing up in Dallas so he could speak some German. And he’d hear the obnoxious things they were saying about America, and it just blew him away, it was just crawling with Nazis.

Jesse Ventura: We can thank Allen Dulles and all those people that decided they were better off here in this country operating here, than putting them on trial in Nuremberg. Look when I did Conspiracy Theory, we found out that Eric Traub was the godfather of Plum Island, and I believe this guy right underneath Hitler. And his expertise was biological warfare, infecting pigs and mosquitoes with agents to kill people, and lo-and-behold, we end up with Lyme disease. The first recorded case was in Connecticut, right across the water from Plum Island.

Alex Jones: It’s just unbelievable, there’s an article out today where they found a top Nazi living in Minnesota, did you see that?

Jesse Ventura: No, I didn’t, I don’t watch the news. I’m woefully ignorant, I don’t read the paper and I still haven’t watched the news since I came home.

Alex Jones: “Top Nazi commander living in Minnesota since 1945”, what do you think your dad would have thought of that?

Jesse Ventura: Who knows, I don’t know. Like I said, nothing surprises me anymore here.

Alex Jones: It’s totally creepy, and we know authoritarian regimes spy on people, and they always say, “It’s for your own good”.

Jesse Ventura: Alex, are we being sabotaged, I’m getting a whole bunch of interference over the line.

Alex Jones: I did just hear some of that.

Jesse Ventura: I’m not hearing you clearly now.

Alex Jones: Okay, Governor, we’re going to call you back and reconnect.

Jesse Ventura: I’m going to hang up, call me back.

Alex Jones: Actually, I got a call from a very famous spy yesterday, saying, “Alex, we’re monitoring you, everything’s fine, Alex”, because we were just talking about him. The phone rings, and he says, “Yes, we’re monitoring you, Alex, you’re too high”. And then his phone crackles and cuts out, and he calls back and says, “And they’re monitoring me”. You can imagine who it is I’m talking about, he talks like that. It’s probably just a bad phone line, that’s probably all it is. If they break on the line and say something to us, then we’ll know the difference. But it is certainly a crazy world. I just kept this network break, because when I get Jesse on, I just enjoy talking to him so much. We’re getting Governor Ventura back on the line right now here with us. Guys, just call him back on the same phone line, it’s fine, we don’t need to make a big deal out of it, it’s probably just a bad line. Or give me his number, I’ll dial it if you want.

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Governor Jesse Ventura joins us again, is that better, Governor?

Jesse Ventura: Yes, it’s better, but there’s still a little interference. I hear you clear right now.

Alex Jones: Okay, that’s good. What do you make of it being openly said, “Okay, Al-Qaida is the main force”, something we talked about last year. And they are killing the Muslim minority groups and the Christians and the Jews, but that’s okay because Assad is a bad guy. Why do you think they’re getting so bold? The agenda is out in the open, but they move forward.

Jesse Ventura: It’s all baffling to me, Alex, I’m still trying to figure out why we just don’t get the hell out of the Middle East. If you look at Anglo-Saxon European history, when Christopher Columbus sailed here, it was to find a way to India to avoid the Middle East. So centuries ago nobody wanted to go there, they wanted to avoid it. And Columbus was willing to sail off the flat earth at that time for a chance to do it. Let’s get the hell out of there, I mean completely. I don’t get it. I’ll tell you what, if I run for President, I will follow the teachings of Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, a two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, who wrote the book “War is A Racket. So if anybody wants to know my foreign policy, read General Butler’s book, and you’ll know it.

Alex Jones: Talking about running for president, I’ve got a sinking suspicion you’re going to do it. Are you 30%, 50%, 80% sure you’re going to run?

Jesse Ventura: No. I will lay the gauntlet down, here’s what it will take, Alex. Because I hate the bribery and raising the money, it will take a grassroots movement to get me ballot access in all 50 states, and they’ll have to guarantee me that they’ll rise up and rebel if I’m not allowed in the debates, because you’ve got to win the debates. And if those two criteria are met, I will give it serious consideration. And here’s what I will run on, I will run on the simplest thing you can imagine. For the first time since George Washington, the founder of our country, I will give the American people the opportunity to vote for a president that doesn’t belong to either political party, and is not brought off by corporate money or special interests pact money. And I will run on that issue alone. And I truly believe that in a three-person race, where you only need about 36% to win, I will stand a very good chance.

Alex Jones: I think you do stand a really good chance with Congress having only a 10% approval rating. My issue is this: why didn’t the libertarians approach you in the last cycle. I have nothing against their candidate, but does anyone even remember their name?

Jesse Ventura: The last candidate was Gary Johnson, I campaigned for him because I didn’t want to run, Alex. The point is, you got to pick your battle. 2016 is the most opportune time, because there would be no incumbent.

Alex Jones: I agree with you.

Jesse Ventura: … for the independent movement when Obama won the reelection, because if Romney would have won, then you’d have an incumbent president in 2016. You have to have an election with no incumbent, and that’s the reason I didn’t want 2012, because I don’t do it to lose, I do it to win. And I won’t do it just to make a statement. 2016 is the best opportune time, and that’s why I laid the gauntlet down, people got 2 years to get me ballot access. But I don’t care, I don’t want the Libertarian Party, I want to run with no political party.

Alex Jones: I remember you last year explaining all that, I was being sarcastic, I like Garry Johnson overall. I just meant he didn’t get hardly any attention. We tried to get him attention. But people would have given attention to Jesse Ventura, and I think it may have made more of a statement than you think it would. But I agree with you, the magic number is 2016 to ever have somebody that’s not part of the system run for president. We’ve talked about this, do you think that they would come after you with more than just smears?

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know what they’d do, it all depends on what’s your polling. If you’re polling 2%, they’re going to ignore you, but if you’re polling 20% or better, then the mainstream media and the two parties are going to come at you with both guns loaded. You’ll see them team up on you, all of a sudden, Democrats and Republicans will become bosom buddies when it comes to a third entity. But my belief is, what the hell more can they do to me, Alex? Nothing. They’ve already tried to marginalize me and they told the world I’m crazy and all that stuff, but we know better than that. And the point is, I would go into the race pretty cavalierly, because I have nothing to lose, do I?

Alex Jones: No.

Jesse Ventura: There you go.

Alex Jones: The only way you’d lose is by not taking action, because you could win, but regardless you’d inject real issues. So, either way, you win by running. The only way you lose is by not running.

Jesse Ventura: Yes, but I want some proof that the American people are going to stand with me, and the only way I see that is they’re going to have to do a grassroots effort in all 50 states to get me on the ballot, get me ballot access.

Alex Jones: So it’s now time for people to organize, and then you will step into the arena?

Jesse Ventura: When I see that I’ve got ballot access in all 50 states, I will give it very serious consideration, but that’s what it will take. So I figure I’ll still be living in Mexico.

Alex Jones: Well, you better be ready.

Jesse Ventura: I’ll be ready, but the point is, it isn’t going to happen, I don’t believe it will. I think they’ve been drinking too much water, they’ve got too much Prozac in their bodies to care. There’s not enough of them.

Alex Jones: People ask why Americans put up with so much, our IQs have dropped about 20 points just from the hydrofluorosilicic acid, the round ups on record causing breast cancer to skyrocket, and we’re all just basically narcotized and are dying, we’ve been hit with a chemical attack. So you can’t get mad at the public, Governor, they’re victims.

Jesse Ventura: They are victims, but, again, like I said, Alex, I’m not going to do it on my own, I got to have the people with me. And I need some sign that they will be, and that’s the perfect way, let me see ballot access in all 50 states, they’ve got 2 years to do it.

Alex Jones: Let’s talk about how people can organize on the other side [of this break], and we’ll get into your lawsuit that continues against Chris Kyle to get your name back, and so much more and some phone calls for former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura. His show ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’ still airs with huge audiences on TruTV, and we’ll tell you about his new book that’s coming out. […]

Governor, we got a bunch of callers that want to talk to you. The toll free number to talk specifically to Jesse Ventura, folks, is 800-259-9231. If you have a question or comment, call 800-259-9231 and we will get you up and on the air with the governor. I don’t want to hog him too much, but he won’t be back with us till the book comes out in October, and he’s promised us to come on personally for those interviews. But expanding on what we were just talking about dealing with the NSA and dealing with both parties circling the wagons and with Congress having a 10% approval rating, this just can’t go on forever, Governor. You’re a pretty politically savvy guy, what scenarios do you see unfolding?

Jesse Ventura: Well, again, I don’t see any change naturally coming out of two parties, they’re going to come forward and I think we’re going to probably end up with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie might sneak in there or whatever. But nothing is going to change, as long as the two parties continue to control our government, people who think you’re going to have change, are sadly mistaken. Obama ran on the complete opposite of George Bush, and yet, when he got in office, he rubber-stamped George Bush’s policies and just carried on right forward. That’s all you’re going to get, no matter which side wins. So the real revolution in this country has to come by stopping electing them. Is that feasible, probably not, and I don’t know why. Like you talked about the Congress having only a 10% approval rating, yet over 90% of them get reelected.

Alex Jones: I agree with what you’re saying, and there’s a clip we’ll play in a few minutes of Ralf Nader saying, “Obama may be the greatest con artist in history”. Because Bush would pretty much say what he was going to do, and it was atrocious to watch unfold. But with Obama, it’s like his bombs are love-bombs, his secret arrests are loving. It’s disgusting.

Jesse Ventura: That’s because he’s a Democrat. They do the same thing, but they pat you on the back while they’re doing it. The Republicans kind of kick you right in the knee when they do it, the Democrats sidle up to you and put your arm around you, but they do the same thing.

Alex Jones: It’s disgusting. Speaking of you running for president, hand out specific marching orders of what you’d like to see so you can run. And then I’d like to make the point and get your comment: when I talk about dirty tricks and looking out, people that ask you to run, better be ready to support you whatever happens. Because they’ve already said you were in a fight with police when you weren’t even in California, and it looks like it was Hulk Hogan who was in an argument with the police. They already said that you were outside a bar, saying, “Down with the navy seals, I’m glad they’re dead”. So that’s what I wanted to ask you. First off, how bizarre is it that Chris Kyle gets killed like that under very suspicious circumstances, and where is the lawsuit going right now?

Jesse Ventura: It is bizarre, I learned about it over the internet when I was in Mexico. The way the law works now is that his wife becomes the executor of his estate, so I’m forced to sue her, which I have done. Again, I have no beef with her at all, but that’s the procedure you have to follow. And none of the attorneys on that side will offer an apology or will speak the truth, so we’re heading to court, I guess. And I’m fully prepared to go, that would actually be the best for me, because a jury and a judge fight can do what everyone in the world can’t do to restore my reputation that he’s tried to destroy for I don’t know what reason. I’ve been cheated too, because I certainly wanted him alive so we could put him on the stand, and I’d like to know why he tried to throw me under the bus. Was it simply because I opposed the Iraq war, which every citizen has a right to do? So I’ve be cheated, too, but the procedure says that I have to move forward and bring the lawsuit against her. I know Bill O’Reilly got on TV last week and looked into the camera and told me to do the right thing and drop the lawsuit. Well, of course he’s going to say that, because he’s part of News Corp, and News Corp is also a part of his publishing company. And, believe me, if I win this lawsuit, I’m coming after them next.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, I told you on day one, they timed it right when you went over the border, knowing you don’t have a cell phone, knowing it took you days to get out there so you couldn’t respond. They were already putting out dirty tricks, I’ve been a victim of these as well, and they were already engaged in that to try to destroy you. He was put up to it to sell the books, undoubtedly, and then he’s mysteriously killed when you start winning the court case. For those that don’t know, you were winning, it was going forward, you had witnesses, he didn’t. You were going to win this, and now he’s dead because he was involved in very high level national security shadowy operations and he bragged in his book that he told lies in the media and engaged in psyops. And my gut tells me he said, “Look, I’m not going down for this, you guys need to admit you put me up to it”, and they took him out.

Jesse Ventura: Well, I don’t know, I can’t make any statements concerning that at all, Alex. I don’t know. My main objective has always been, and I offered it to him a year ago the first time I ever met him at a preliminary conference, all I would have taken then was an apology and to admit the story didn’t happen. But he wouldn’t do it, so now it’s a year later and thousands upon thousands of lawyer dollars spent, and I’m so far into it now, I have to see it to the conclusion. So, as far as I can tell you right now, we will go to trial. I feel confident that the evidence is what it is, it never happened. And if you can lose a trial where something didn’t happen, then I know the United States of America truly indeed has lost its moral compass.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, we saw the good news with the Supreme Court ruling that they can’t patent our genes and not let us have our own genes as a treatment. But getting back to this, I just want to be a character witness here for you. Getting to fly around with you, getting to know you over the last 7, 8 years, … time flies. And the truth is you’re a big sentimental teddy bear. The only time I see you tear up is when you see troops in the airport or veterans or people with their arms or legs blown off. I’ve seen you repeatedly talk about that’s why you oppose the war because of what it does to your fellow people in uniform. And I know you’re sentimental, your dad won a bunch of battle stars in the Battle of Bulge, you come from a military family. And I don’t want to sit here and get sappy, but that’s why it’s such an evil lie to say you’d go to a navy seal commencement, and then you’d say “Navy Seals deserve to die”.

Jesse Ventura: Alex, that would also be suicidal, that would be the equivalent of going to Hells Angels clubhouse and telling them they suck, common. The point of the matter is that I view our soldiers and sailors and airmen as victims. War happens because of failed politics, politicians are the cause of war. The poor service people are just the tool they use, and they’re victims also. Our job, as the civilian population, is if you disagree with the war, then it’s your job to try to ensure that our young men and woman don’t go die in a war that you don’t agree with. I’ll throw this out there, it’s been nearly 10 years and I still haven’t figured out why we invaded Iraq.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, it’s just a bottomless pit, to make no-bid contracts.

Jesse Ventura: And the point is, what’s been successful about it, what did we accomplish, what’s changed? Nothing.

Alex Jones: But big banks have stiffened trillions of dollars out of tax payers.

Jesse Ventura: Yes, other than Halliburton getting rich… that’s why I wrote the preface for a book they’re bringing out. They’re bringing out General Smedley Butler’s anti-war book from the two time Congressional Medal of Honor marine. Skyhorse are redoing his book called “War is a Racket”, and I did the preface for it, and I think every kid in America should be required to read this book before they graduate from high school.

Alex Jones: I’ve read it, it’s a short good book, we should carry that as soon as it comes out. We carry most of Skyhorse’s great material at Speaking of the book you were telling me off air, why are you doing this JFK book, and do you want to make a statement about that?

Jesse Ventura: I’m doing the JFK book for my own selfish reasons. Whether anyone cares a hundred years from now or not, I want them to know that the 38th governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, does not agree with the Warren Commission and the government’s official story about the murder of John F. Kennedy. And the only way I felt I could truly do that, is to write a book about it, and then it will be definitive. Anyone that reads it will know that Jesse Ventura certainly does not believe what he was told by our government or the results of the Warren Commission.

Alex Jones: Just briefly, getting back to Chris Kyle, before we go to calls, anyway you slice it, it was bad luck to lie about you.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know about that, all I know is that this story was not true, it never happened, and I will defend till the end. The only way that I can clear myself is through our court systems. So I really hope people aren’t angry at me because the media tries to make it look like I’m going after the money. It’s never been about the money, it’s been about the truth. And the media makes it look like I’m going after this widow and her family and now this war hero, and that isn’t the case at all. It’s what I have to do to clear my name from the slanderous things they said, like being called a traitor to my country.

Alex Jones: One of the worst ways to hurt somebody is to say you’re glad troops are dying. And now they’re telling you, you need to shut up after News Corp was with glee reporting that for months on air.

Jesse Ventura: Exactly, now Bill O’Rielly wants me to drop the lawsuit after he reports on it multiple times and poisons the public’s mind about me. Now I’m supposed to do the right thing. Why won’t he have me on to defend myself? There’s a question, your listeners should call Bill O’Rielly and ask him how come everybody gets to talk about this, but he won’t let me on the show.

Alex Jones: Let me tell you what he did to me two weeks ago. I never talk about sex stuff on the show, I haven’t settled stuff for sexual harassment with people, like he has. He plays a clip of me yelling about something completely different, it was about war, and says, “This is the type of hate speech against women”, and it has my faced turned red on the screen. I’m telling you, these people are going crazy, there’s something wrong with them, because I’ve talked to lawyers that I know who’ve contacted me, and they’ve said clearly that’s actionable. But I’m not going to do anything just because they discredit themselves, but it’s just unbelievable, it seems like the whole world is going crazy, Jesse.

Jesse Ventura: Not only that Alex, but it’s also extremely expensive. When you bring litigation like I have, it costs a great deal. Insurance companies will pay on the other side, so truthfully, it’s me against the big insurance company and the publisher, not against the wife. And what they try to do is they try to run me out of money, they wait until the 11th hour and hope that you’ll go away and hope that public pressure will cause you to give up what you believe in, and they hope to run you out of money. And, unfortunately, I have enough money so they can’t run me out of it to get a case to court. And so we will go to court next August, I guess.

Alex Jones: Unbelievable. I’ve got a few other points I want to get to, and we’ll cover that after we take calls. But any other points, things that are in the news, things that are happening, Governor Ventura, that you want to impart to our audience.

Jesse Ventura: Oh no, not really. I’m just enjoying being back, I just wish Tiger was doing better in the U.S. Open.

Alex Jones: So you’re rooting for Tiger?

Jesse Ventura: Yes, I want to see him come back and win another major, because it will see him slap all the pundits and all the media right in the nose.

Alex Jones: Yes, I don’t get why he’s chocked so bad, but I think he was probably a narcissist and that kind of collapsed his worldview.

Jesse Ventura: He doesn’t choke, it’s golf. Nobody chokes, it’s a difficult game, Alex. You can have the wheels come off on any hole. If that club faces off by 1/16th of an inch when you hit a 300 yard shot, …

Alex Jones: I know that, but he’s won so many, and now he’s won none. I’m saying he’s collectively …

Jesse Ventura: No, he’s won more this year than he ever has, he just hasn’t won a major. He’s won five tournaments this year, I think.

Alex Jones: Well, he’s definitely a wild man. Let’s talk to Mike in Oregon. Mike, you’re on the air, go ahead.

Mike: Hello, gentlemen, how’s it going.

Alex Jones: We’re doing good, you got a question?

Mike: Yes, sir, I do, for the Governor. Sir, I could have sworn you mentioned on this show or earlier perhaps a year or so ago, about if you were elected president, you might actually consider legislation preventing Congress and Senators and elected officials like that them from actually retiring. And I’ve been thinking about that, and if there was such a thing, wouldn’t that certainly reduce a great amount of corruption right of the bat?

Jesse Ventura: Yes, absolutely, there should never be a retirement for what they call ‘public service’. That would bring you term limits without implementing them, because nobody is going to sit there and get elected for 25 years and not get retirement (?).

Alex Jones: And then you bring in people in the government that aren’t just there to feather their nest.

Jesse Ventura: Exactly, you bring people in like it was designed, you go there to serve, and when you’re done serving, you go back to what you used to do. It’s a classic way to eliminate career politicians, that’s why they won’t do it.

Mike: Well, Governor, I think that if you go ahead and we make this happen for you, I think, honestly, that would be some great, great laws passed.

Jesse Ventura: Remember, Mike, I can’t pass a law according to our constitution, people need to understand that. The President, although you’d wonder about it today, can’t pass a law, only the Congress can.

Alex Jones: That’s right, so even if Ron Paul would have got elected, they would have tried to block him, so it’s just one step. We’re going into a break, Governor, but would you try to have Ron Paul on your cabinet as an advisor if you won the presidency.

Jesse Ventura: I certainly would like to have any participation Congressman Paul would give me, absolutely.

Alex Jones: How about Head of The Treasury?

Jesse Ventura: Yes, I’ll make Ron Paul the Treasury Secretary.

Alex Jones: Alright, the final segment with Governor Jesse Ventura coming up.

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Alex Jones: Alright, Jesse Ventura leaves us here in about 6 minutes, and I’m going to jam in a few more of your phone calls. We’ve got a guest on about the immigration reforms stuff. Governor, you were saying you had an incredible experience with these great whales, and I was saying, “I didn’t think Stone Age would do anything, it’s boring, why did we go here”. I walked across what they said was the ley-line, without them telling me, and I was electrified, I felt like I was 18. Everybody else I was with felt it, my mother said she felt that when she was there a decade ago. And you told me a similar story.

Jesse Ventura: Yes, when I was governor I did a trade mission to Mexico and they took me to the pyramids and we walked to the top of the pyramids. Right at the top there was a group of Mexicans, maybe 3 or 4, who had their hand placed right in the center. And I enquired, “What are they doing”, and they said, “They believe the pyramid has energy, and the energy is transferring to them”. So I thought this was interesting, so I went over and I put my hand out there and I left it there for about 10 minutes, and it’s true. You know how I know it’s true, Alex?

Alex Jones: How?

Jesse Ventura: Because I had way more energy going down the pyramid than I had coming up.

Alex Jones: I bet. I got pretty excited.

Jesse Ventura: I did have fun with that, because I told my security that too, “God, this works, I got way more energy going down this pyramid than I had going up”.

Alex Jones: Exactly. But did you really feel the energy, though?

Jesse Ventura: No, I can’t say that I did, I’m not going to tell you that I sat there and all of a sudden my ears perked up or I felt electricity going through my body. No, I did not, but it’s not to say that it isn’t true. There are a lot of things we don’t know about in this universe.

Alex Jones: It’s just a magnetic field. When I was at the Mid Western American Museum, they turned on the biggest above-ground Tesla coil, and you feel it. I felt that and I knew what it was. And I felt something like that, and I think it’s electricity coming out of the earth, kind of like at the poles.

Jesse Ventura: Always remember that you have a flow of electricity that goes through your body, that’s what any acupuncturist taps into. There are a lot of things we don’t know and understand. In the old days, anything we didn’t know or understand, we attributed to God. Well, today we understand a lot more things, so we don’t necessarily attribute everything to Him.

Alex Jones: Let’s jam in a few more calls. Anthony in Miami has a quick question for Jess.

Anthony: Hello, Mr. Governor, how are you doing?

Jesse Ventura: I’m doing well.

Anthony: I’m a big fan of yourself, and I believe you will be the greatest man to be president next. I wanted to know, if elected president, would you prosecute the true perpetrators of 9/11?

Jesse Ventura: Well, first of all, before you can prosecute anybody, you need to have a real investigation of it, that’s where you have to start off. And it must be an unbiased investigation. The thing people need to understand when all these 9/11 commission, the Warren Commission and all that, are always there to prop up the official story. The reason it’s called the ‘official story’ is because it’s generally to protect officials.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, let’s jam in one more. Jonathan in New York, you’re on the air with Jesse Ventura, ask your question.

Jonathan: Hey, Jess, how’s it going?

Jesse Ventura: Good.

Jonathan: A quick question, I’m wondering how, in your opinion, do you think the American people will finally wake up with 9/11 if there was an official whistleblower with 9/11 to blow that story apart?

Jesse Ventura: Probably not, because the mainstream media won’t allow the whistleblower the light of day. I saw this past Fall in Chicago when Judyth Vary Baker came from Sweden. She was Lee Harvey Oswald’s lover in New Orleans, and she can testify that she went to dinner with Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald on multiple occasions, and that Lee was a paid government agent. She couldn’t get any press there because they will not cover it, and I think the same thing will hold true for 9/11.

Alex Jones: People say, “If this was happening, people would go public”. Sibel Edmonds was at the NSA, she heard the government running the attacks. Governor, we’ll talk to you again soon.

Jesse Ventura: Thank you, Alex, we’ll do it in the Fall for sure, have a good one, and hi to everybody down there in Austin.



Jesse Ventura on NSA Spying — 40 Comments

  1. I was sorry I didn’t trust Governor Schwarzenegger enough. Any friend of Jesse’s should be worthy of trust. But so much lying and cointellpro came out of California

  2. I have spent the last three or so years learning and studying American politics, foreign policies and our government. I totally agree with Jesse that we need to get rid of Parties in our government and start voting once again for people! Also get rid of the electoral vote system, give everyone a vote not just the most populous areas.
    Would I and will I vote for Jesse for President? Absolutely!!! If we don’t do something way different than we have been doing and are “comfortable” doing, Americans are in for the biggest shock of their lives.
    Wake up America, how free do you really feel?

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  4. Hello Jesse Ventura im a big fan, i was just watching the documentary (102 minutes that changed america) its on youtube on McKeow tube. At 25 mins and 55 seconds you see a army tank driving away from the wtc, why would there be a tank driving down a back street of new york city?

  5. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but
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  6. it seems to me I ran into a little bit of hassles. I lost my parents last year and received some money from inheritance so I drowned my sorrows, not in booze but in custom motorcycles a dream that I’ve had all my life and I always enjoyed shooting my guns at the shooting range riding quads traveling across United States you put that all together you end up with and Anti Terror Squad that terrorizes the American families and watchers everywhere you go, a motorcade bigger than three presidents 20 in front 10 back or vice a versa. I am being treated like a criminal but nothing wrong but my vehicles get sabotaged everything I try to accomplish goes down the drain.I love my country but have questions about the government motives.can anybody help? Signed Desperate Dan

    • You are brave posting about ur substance abuse issues. I do not even know our country any more… no rights. I believe Jesse is our answer. Jesse… Ive been thinking about moving to mexico…but, Iam very fair skinned blonde hair blue eyes… Typical American female…Is it safe for mr alone down there?

  7. The NSA collects information on everybody and stores it away. Then when a populist rises to power and threatens the republican/democrat Rothschild/International Bankster controlled duopoly, the NSA retrieves any information that can be used to slander the upcoming populist candidate, informant, politician, etc. We should be demanding accountability for our tax dollars. We fund the NSA/CSA and they are working against the freedoms of the American People.

  8. The biggest lie ever told by our corporate Israeli owned media is that we should honor and respect our “heroes” in the military because they fight for our right to decent, to have free speech and a free press. Sorry folks, we don’t have a free press and we don’t have free discussion. The subject of 9/11 is forbidden in the press, radio and TV. So how come we can’t discuss it in public forums? We spend 53 cents of every tax dollar for our military that doesn’t help our infrastructure. The military is designed to destroy humans and infrastructure. Our military largely patrols oil tanker routes and invades countries where our oil giants who buy off congress critters want to steal resources. Look at the Caspian Sea and Iraq. BP is in Iraq along with our oil companies operating under subsidiary company names. The TAPI pipeline is being built. Blind obedience to propaganda and worship of the military is naïve and dangerous to civilization.

  9. Jesse Ventura has to sue the wife of the murdered seal because if he does not expose the truth, that this alleged hero was a liar and an opertunist, he will be slandered by the book when he runs for president(probably why the false story was published in the book to begin with). Get a life

  10. Finally someone gets it, the NSA is a nazi run organization. The brain invaders episode explains how the paperclip Nazi’s took over Nasa and then the NSA. These brain invasion technique’s were developed in WW II using open brain surgery on concentration camp inmates to probe the brain, while the victim/patient was still alive, and measure brain wave frequency’s and their placement in the brain’s neuralogical network. Allen Dulles was a double agent when working in switzerland during WW II. He arranged for Bill Donovan to be dishonored and replaced,with the help of the paperclip Nazi’s to be. Get ready to end WW II america,you can still lose.

  11. Jesse Ventura is our best hope for America. If he is serious about not being bribed like every other politician he will need every vote he can get. With that said I think he can win if the American people want a better America, if we want real change. I may only be 18 but it doesn’t take a physicist to realize Jesse Ventura should at least get a chance. Like he said, it’s not like he can be any worse.

    I’ll do my part and spread the word. I really hope everyone else will too.
    Ventura for president

  12. Your wrestling name should have been Jesse the joke. You call yourself an American. You go and sue the widow of one of the GREAtEST American Hero’s WTF is wrong with you. Wether what he said in his book is true or not. You got a lot of balls. American my ass not to mention you are suppose to be fellow seal’s. come on man

    • How can one be considered a “hero” for sniping people in a foreign country that the Bush administration lied us into war with? Snipers kill people from far away, that’s not heroic. What do you want Jesse to do, roll over and allow his reputation to be destroyed? He’s the best hope to restore the United States of America from what it is now, the United States of Israel. We are fighting Israel’s wars for them, our tax dollars, our lives and limbs and no accountability for the billions of tax dollars we send to Israel. The media has done a fine job of brainwashing gullible Americans who love to hear how free they are. We don’t even have a free press. It’s a lie and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were based on lies and the Syrian war will lead to war with Iran and likely WWIII. The original Americans were the Native Americans and they were called “heathens” and “savages” by the US press in the 19th Century. The press is propaganda, wise up folks.

    • Where did your malfunction start. Warriors don’t sue each other over stupid shit!!!! They handle it like men. The more I listen to the crap you spew, the more question I have about how good a seal you were. I’ve spent 20 years in the Navy and have had a lot of access to navy seals. Not one of them acts the fool you do. Maybe all the steroids you use in wrestling messed up your mind. DROP THE DAMN LAWSUIT YOU MORON!!!!!!

      • Im sure you had access to seals…not man enough to be one …just access them …hmm…like at the PX…walk by one…20years in the military and the goverment was all u expected huh? Your ate up i bet u could access sum gov. Assistance….loser

  13. You’re an absolute disgrace to those who serve in uniform for our country. You’re nothing but a greedy bastard with no soul trying to steal from a woman who lost her husband. A husband who just so happened to be a war hero. Please, do us all a huge favor and kill yourself.

    • Please define what a hero is. I haven’t been following the lawsuit but if he did make a mistake so what? He is only human

    • Sorry Mad Max,

      If Jesse was a “greedy bastard” he would be in corporate America or in Congress, or be a military industrial complex contractor making profit on death and destruction. Instead, he is a courageous truth teller. Quit listening to FOX in the Henhouse. Rupert Murdoch is a business partner with “Lord” Jacob Rothschild, the heir to the Central Banking system, the source of corruption in the world. Wake up you are the kind of person who has drank the media Kool Aid and is blindly following the fat bankers’ agenda.

      • Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp was also spying on Americans and the British, big scandal that was wiped off the news very quickly. Israel has natural gas reserves but virtually no oil. Here is a link to the partnership between Murdoch of Mordor and Lord Jacob Rothschild, the head of the evil international banking system that prints money as debt and lends it to their host countries.

        Mayor Amshel Bauer, the original Rothschild (Red Shield) made an infamous quote. “Give me the power to produce and issue money and I care not what puppet sits on the throne.” Thus it has been ever since. Those who make money from nothing and lend it to us with interest control it all, politics, intelligence agencies, media, military, public opinion. Don’t be fooled again.–lord-rothschild-invest-in-israeli-shale-oil

  14. Jesse Ventura is a nutcase. His mean spirited lawsuit against the widow of a decorated war hero makes him nothing more than a COWARD and an EMBARASSEMENR to America in my opinion

  15. Jesse. Have you contemplated that our hero sniper had other friends who are snipers and that your bodyguards cannot protect you if one of them decides to reach out and touch you from over three quarters of a mile away. You might just want to drop your lawsuit against the hero’s widow, apologize, then shut up and retire from public life while you still have a life. Just saying, think about it. Wouldn’t want your ego get you hurt.

    • Dear Concerned,

      Haven’t you figured it out by now, Jesse doesn’t scare easily, certainly an anonymous internet dweeb who doesn’t even post a real name is not going to scare Jesse. That’s why I wrote him in as president during the last staged “free” election. All other candidates are screened by the international banksters and we are left with the phony left vs. right choice. If you doubt this consider the 2000 election where Larry the Cable Guy was anointed the presidence, or the 2004 election that pitted Skull and Bones Larry the Cable Guy (George Bush) vs. Skull and Bones John Kerry. Wake the f*&$ UP.

  16. You’re a jerk for suing a dead mans wife. You should be ashamed of yourself, it was just words, grow a set and act like a man!

    • Pull ur dick out your ear…if the shoe was on the other foot all you dumbass people im sure would be singing a very different tune..awww…be ause shes a widow…or bc shes a woman…how many other men out there would lay down and lick ur nuts if someone was to say that shit to you or about your family…shut the fuck up…mind your own buisness andand grow u an extra pair…stupid fuck…rememmber im a woman so just bite ur lip….

  17. would you speak on freespeech or link tv if asked ? also I met a older navy seal and he told me you were the most decorated,is that true?thank you for all you do. jerry from Wisconsin.

    • This guy is a fraud. He never actually saw combat in Vietnam. He was stationed in the Philippines. Grats on supporting someone even more evil than George Zimmerman.

  18. Jesse Ventura, is the best hope to get America back…He must be supported in every way possible.

    Jesse for President!

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