Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 7: “Ozarks” Aired Early!

Episode 7 of Season 3 of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory, “Ozarks“, surprisingly aired earlier than expected. Instead of December 16 it came out today! The episode originally scheduled for this week, Manimal, has been postponed.

Since Ozarks is the last episode of Season 3, we hope that the other missing episodes (Manimal, Skinwalker and Brain Invaders) will still air and have not been canceled!

Ozarks: Could the end of days truly be upon us? Members of the international elite – including the Illuminati – seem to think so, and have chosen the Ozark Mountain region of the United States to hide out from the apocalypse. The Conspiracy Theory team finds what appears to be construction on underground cities hidden in mountain caverns and tunnels, blocking off formerly public entrances with iron bars and heavy security. An apparent influx of banks in the rural region also seems suspect, but when they hear about round the clock construction on the biggest private house in America, reportedly built entirely of military grade materials and owned by a D.C. defense contractor, Jesse suspects something big may be happening here – just below the surface.

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Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 7: “Ozarks” Aired Early! — 21 Comments

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  3. I enjoyed watching this episode moreso than any other because for me I can see how the elite are planning for survival from something that they will be the cause of. What really jumped out at me was the Ark for Oz (those behind the curtain) and how the Our Government is part of this to ensure that the passage of a New World Order is funded and people to usher in its passage are chosen to serve this agenda. 98% of our population being thrown into chaos while the elite hide underground safely – this was by far the kingpin that answered my questions about the FEMA Camp episode or even the Manimal episode, I just could see what the point of all this was and now I know. Conspiracy shows like these are terrifying to watch when you’ve lived with your eyes open the The Truth and new information such as this seems to have just become declassified, and you can see there’s more to the picture than we even realize.

    • Wrestlers ARE full of hot air but Jesse is an ex-wrestler who has been in the center of things as a governor of MN. I have read 2-3 of his books. DON”T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!! When you have been there and find facts to prove/disprove things, them you can add your findings. One lady must be young and nieve!What could be more secretive than something wide open in plain view with nobody paying attention??? I would not believe one word that BIASED MSNBC has to say! The so-called owner is employed by National Security so that makes him a big question mark. I live in the Ozarks and have seen this from a distance so don’t dismiss this too quickly

  4. Jesse is full of hot air if you know anything about TV they edited that bit with being lock in the car by the sheriff. You would notice that no one got upset about being lock in the car to the sheriff. Second the giant underground city is a Mall you would notice the all the different countries flags out side before they enter the tunnel. Third you can make out they keep repeating their path threw the city. Fourth you can make out a store as they drive in with glass door and windows.

  5. Lets do lunch, would love to meet you. Been scearching this subject matter for 38 years. Found so very esotric info. over the years. If there is any way I can help please do not hesitate. This might be a follow up on what I wanted to share; Charles in Lane County, Oregon

    My father in 1974 started learning about and in turn sharing what he learned with me. He began this path of knowledge because (THEY) set up the economic avenue to destory and steal his small business. The Bible says that with much knowledge comes much sorrow. I found this to be the case. A life time of knowledge followed. To much to share in this format. Now to the subject matter I wish share with you concerns the Ozark episode. The Wizard of Oz and the name Ozark was mentioned and it reminded me that all presious metals are weighed in what? There weight is always measured in ounces. (Oz.) The yellow brick road were bricks of gold and the slippers were silver. Go figure and Jesse V. Please e-mail me if time alots Thank you, Charles Green

  6. Fact is, both those “underground cities” he had in the Ozarks area are there and so is Hunt Midwest Facility in Kansas City, MO. The info on the bank system is correct also.Have family and friends living in Mountain View, AR and I am known as The Inspiring Mind Wants To Know.Jesse does know what he is talking about. Any doubts, go check it out for yourself.

  7. first of all i am from Mountain View,AR NOT MOUNTAIN VIEW,AK!!!!!
    second of all this is not a hillbilly ass town. we dont wed our brothers or sisters and we are not all stupid. if you are gonna ask questions from citizens of mtn. view u should use more than Freda Cruse or sum holy roller.

  8. I have a wake up for people, Jesse has a huge credibility issue! Those “underground cities” he had in the Ozarks area aren’t there. They are in Kansas City, MO, it’s a place called Subtropolis run by Hunt Midwest Management, a local company. The name Ozarks has nothing to do with the Illuminati, it’s called that partially because of the indians that resided there. The only thing true is that the house is down there because I have seen it in a program about outrageous private mansions. I used to really think about what Jesse presented but after that episode I will question everything he says. By the way, if you wonder how I know all this, I live in Kansas City and have been in Subtropolis and I visit Branson, MO alot which is near the house.

  9. What did they find in those caves that’s so important to them; they built a fortress capable of withstanding accidental impact with an out of control space shuttle, on top of it & barred out as many entrances as they could without sealing any emergency exits nor compromising the ventilation capacity of the cavern system?

  10. RE: OZARKS……follow the money,follow the Connections follow the power…….Steve Huff, Overwatch link to “Kelso and Company” with Frank T. Nickell and George L. Shinn. Link Kelso and Company to “BlackRock” with Frank T.Nickell. Link Frank T. Nickell to Bear Stearns. Link BlackRock to Lawrence D. Fink and NYSE. Link David H. Komansky to BlackRock, NYSE and Merril Lynch. Link Brian T Moyihan with BlackRock and Bank of America. Link Gregory J. Parseghian with BlackRock and Credit Suisse First Boston. Link Robert S. Kapito with BlackRock and First Boston. Link George L. Shinn with Kelso and Company, NYSE, Merrill Lynch,First Boston. The list goes on and on. BlackRock has over $3.65 TRILLION in assets under management.

  11. Wondering where there may be other underground cities. And why did Sean run when he heard noises in the cave with the White Rabbit. Watching it from tv land.. the noise sounded like people talking.. and if it was me I’d be wondering what they were saying (not running away)…. The show left me thinking I should be building a bomb shelter. Your Series is great.. I’ll watch ’em all, but mostly come away feeling how stupid humans are and even when you (Governor) prove one plus one Doesnt equal two I wonder is there anyone Doing anything about it.???????

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