Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 2: “Death Ray”

Watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura! Tonight’s episode (Season 3, Episode 2) is called “Death Ray”.

Death Ray: A lethal weapon that can vaporize targets and whole cities from miles away seems like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but Jesse and his team find that this technology could be all too real as they investigate who might have these secret plans – and what they plan on doing with it. When threats and danger hit way too close to home, will the crew be able to make it out alive? This conspiracy runs deep, but Jesse’s just the guy to do some real digging, with explosive results.

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  • I feel that is one of the such a lot significant info for me. And i am happy studying your article.

  • I would like very much if I could be sent your death ray episode an anything else on the topic via my email address. I need this for a very close friend who feels this is being done to her daughter.

  • My family every time say that I am killing my
    time here at web, except I know I am getting knowledge all
    the time by reading thes pleasant content.

  • Nick Gallanos

    Jessee, my mother (Dorothy) and I have found this episode to be quite enlightening. We both thank you for sticking your neck and in an effort to not only find the truth, but to share it with your audience. A loyal fan from the great state of Texas.
    Nick Gallanos from San Antonio, Texas (and proud of it)

  • James

    I loved the show’s previous two seasons. Season three is different. Jessie is very disrespectful and bias to his “guests”.It is a conspiracy theories show!!! The team’s job should be to present the “evidence” and let the viewers judge for themselfs. So far Jessie bullied David Icke and the time travel guy. I wonder if the governer forgot all those times he was maked fun of.

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  • 1

    Keep looking into that ‘death ray’ technology Jesse! It’s real technology_It’s also being used for covert mind control, mind reading, human ‘no-touch’ torture, sleep deprivation, hacking (any) electrical or electronic system covertly, weather and atmosphere climate manipulation_You have been investigating many different aspect of these technologies in several other eposides already_These technologies are not one but several different combined advanced research technologies being used to extract specific different effects and outcomes on human beings, physical objects, weather, etc_


  • fjffjk

    I think in The conspiracy theory everything the happen like disaster ,war. Etc you name it
    Who is behind of everything is the Iluminati. You now what they said there are watching every were.

  • Malik Hughes

    How might I send the Gov very sensitive information pertaining to Executive Order 11110?

  • chris potter

    Keep up the great detective work! Your findings are eye-opening.

  • Becky Lucas

    Jessie, keep them coming.We American’s deserve better.nations deserve to know.The United Nations want governance over the entire world.I worry for our generations behinds us and the wicked ways of marxism.It is nothing short of plain evil.Money and power.Corporations have robbed the banks.It was a plan to steal from the banks and filter it to the United Nations funding corporations goals for this greener planet.The big corporations are owned by the Rockerfellas,Rothchilds,Henry Kisenger owns AIG,these are the planet mobsters and their are many, many others.It routes itself to the Bilderbergs.Money is power and they know it.I am eyes wide open and open minded.I believe in questioning everything just as your doing.The first time I heard NWO came from the mouth of Gerge H. Bush.HE was the one who took Agenda 21 from the basement to the desk and then to the UN.I never liked him.But ya know,you never know anymore because Ronald Reagan seemed like a good guy.He sold out as much of the world as all the rest and I voted for him.What does this tell ya? Thanks for your work.

  • poolman

    Awesome I think this show really hits on some good pionts

  • Little Buddy

    I know what the most dangerous fact,the government doesn’t want cracked.Come to Chicago,Help solve the biggest conspiracy.That covers everything from major media to high stakes treason.All I want to do is toast these bastards

  • Jeff

    I really liked this “death ray” episode, is there anyway Jesse could report on all the people in power being related? They just let other people raise their children so people don’t see the connection the same family’s are staying in power. Like how Bill O’Reilly got his career because he is Lyndon Johnson son. That is why he is so ugly, because his father was ugly. It would make a very fun episode.

  • Caryn

    I am glad this info is finally being brought to the light. Please consider the following: the recent ‘face-eating zombie’ attacks possibly could actually be innocent victims being experimented on with this ‘condensed energy beam’ or death ray. The reports (if you dig deep enough you will find several incidences where people were accused of attacking and eating another human), say that the ‘face-eaters’ took all of their clothes off (I think we all remember the Miami attack on the homeless man). The cause for this bizarre behavior was blamed on the street drug ‘bath salts’. It is my belief that no drug in the world would cause a human being to take their clothes off and proceed to eating another’s face. I felt, intuitively, that this had to be an experiment being conducted, much like they used to do on unsuspecting citizens with chemical-based drugs, that involved the use of highly concentrated energy beams. Perhaps, even some mind altering commands to go along with the low frequency brain waves and they can produce a walking, face-eating zombie. (I think there was an episode on G.I. Joe about this identical scenario, they were using the homeless as guinea pigs.) Just a thought…