Jesse Ventura on his new TV Show “Conspiracy Theory”

Alex Jones: I’m here with Jesse Ventura and we just did an interview for his upcoming television program “Conspiracy Theory”. Governor, it’s good to be here with you.

Jesse Ventura: Great, Alex. It’s always nice to see you.

Alex Jones: Never hung out with you in California. Tell us about the TV show.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s a TV show. It’s going to be on the TRU Network and we’re going to deal with conspiracies and we’re going to deal with all sides of them and it’s going to be multiple different ones that we’ll deal with. And I think people are going to find it not only enlightening, but entertaining at the same time.

Alex Jones: What did you think about our little discussion about population reduction?

Jesse Ventura: Well, it’s kind of stunning when I talk to you about it. It’s the kind of think when it’s told to you you’re not sure if you can believe it or not, because it’s so outrageous and outlandish in its concept. You can’t imagine that things like that can occur in our lives. But the more I am doing “Conspiracy Theory”, the more I am learning about different conspiracies out there beyond, of course, just the assassination of John F. Kennedy and things of that nature. But it’s pretty enlightening and pretty shocking when you do learn about them.

Alex Jones: Well, I’m glad that your show is somewhat of an investigation of these ideas. Because of lot of it out there, from my research, is baloney or part of it is wrong, part of it is right. More often than not that is the case. I’m just seeking for the truth and trying to find out historically what’s happened, what’s happening currently and what’s coming up in the future. But I will tell you: on the subject of eugenics, on the subject of world population reduction, it’s part of the public record. It’s just not popularly known. That’s what’s so exciting about you doing this TV show.

Tell us about some of the other topics that are going to covered and when is it going to be airing?

Jesse Ventura: Well, we don’t know exactly yet. About the other topics… I don’t know if I want to be at liberty right now to say any of them, you know.

Alex Jones: It’s double top secret probation?

Jesse Ventura: Yep, it’s double secret probation just like animal house at this point of time. But you know Alex, you’ll be a part of this show. We’ve talked to some very interesting people on a lot of very interesting subjects and I’ll just leave it at that for right now. Tentatively I’m guessing it should be out around November, around Christmas time. It should hit the air somewhere in that general vicinity.

Alex Jones: But it’s been in the news that you are tackling 9/11.

Jesse Ventura: Oh it has? Okay yea, that will be one of them then. 9/11 is one because you know we all know there are fierce conspiracy theories about 9/11 and our main stream media won’t cover any of this stuff. So they leave it to me, so I have a job now.

Alex Jones: That’s another question. We haven’t really seen any big national TV shows look at this. I think you’re going to be one of the first that is going to objectively do it.

Jesse Ventura: Hopefully, and hopefully that will get us some ratings and hopefully we will be bought up and have another season. It’s all part of what you do in this particular business, and Alex, for me it’s a case that they won’t let me retire. I want to retire, I wanted to go surfing, but yet this is so intriguing to me that I’m holding off my retirement till we get this project done.

Alex Jones: How did you get into this, governor? Because I remember about three and a half years ago I first met you in San Antonio and interviewed you and gave you my film Terror Storm. You knew a little bit about some issues, but it seems like more and more… you’re writing a book I heard on the subject, you come on my show. I mean it seems like Jesse Ventura is…

Jesse Ventura: Here’s the problem now, Alex. I now live half the year down in Mexico. Well, I don’t watch TV in Mexico when I’m down there for the six months; I read. And so I go out, I get books on interesting topics. I like to study history and I like to study real things.

I don’t like to particularly read novels because that’s simply someone else’s imagination writing a story in a book. Well, I have my own imagination; I don’t need anybody else’s, generally. So I like to read history and I like to read controversial history and so really this has blossomed because of my time in Mexico.

I remember three years ago I actually read 17 books in one winter down there. Alex, that’s more books than I read in my entire school career. You know, so it’s reading and it’s doing that.

And I’m the creator of this show, basically. I took it with my people and we sold it and the TRU Network brought it and they found it interesting enough, and here we are.

Alex Jones: Governor, during the research for this television show, and now that you’re really immersed in this reading all these books down in Mexico part of the year surfing, what do you think of the New World Order itself, the move towards world government? Or are you not even convinced of that?

Jesse Ventura: Well, you know, I guess I’m 50-50 right now as I look at it, because I don’t want to believe it and that’s probably what holds me back on it. But I am certainly seeing enough indication that it could be true, absolutely. Because they’re always talking about Mexico and the United States and Canada ending up like Europe and there are things done politically that seem to take us in that direction.

And so I think it’s incumbent upon all of us as American citizens to pay attention. You know, you got time to watch baseball, you got time to watch football, you got time to entertain yourself. But I think we’re losing a knowledgeable public. And we’ve got to give people back on track to paying attention, because if you don’t pay attention to your government and what they’re doing, you’re going to pay some dire consequences for it.

I always live by simple things like dissention is the greatest form of patriotism; and I believe that. Because if you don’t hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire and pay attention, you are going to get bad government. So it’s imperative for all of us, it’s our job as citizens of this great country to pay attention.

Alex Jones: Alright, Governor Venture, thanks for talking to us.


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  1. I think you might find that a lot of newer technology is being developed at Aberdeen, and Edgewood proven grounds in Maryland, I know first hand that the goverment destroy’s vehicles using electronic radio wave frequency. in building c4sIR. and a couple of other goodies are being developed. including a technology that was stolen from me! I CAN ACTUALLY PROVE IT!!!

  2. I’ll Have The WHOLE WORLD To Know That David Icke Wasn’t The FIRST Man To Mention The Existence Of “alien beings controlling the ” ‘OLD’ &-OR THE ‘NEW’ WORLD ORDER:
















    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S.A. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Truthfully, Honestly & Sincerely Yours,

    Tony Cisneros,
    2011 Candidate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago,
    State Of Illinois,
    United States Of America.

    • Tony,
      Stop aligning yourself with the truthful, game changing documentaries by Jesse than ranting on about aliens and being a religious fanatic. You are an obvious shill for the powers threatened by this work or you are a niave fanatic and you need therapy and medication. I am not sure which you are and I don’t care. Just stop discrediting this site, and spreading disinformation that your unhinged character represents folks who follow these documentaries.

      • “mack the knife”: Stop Being Such An “A**-HOLE”; Before You Find Your “knife” Being Stuck Up Your “Arse” !

  3. hi jesse….u r amazing…..keep on keeping on….have u had any thoughts on the lake vostok antarctica anomaly….supposedly there were going to be scientific experiments carried out there by jpl and nasa a few yrs back…….jpl and nasa were shut down by the [ NSA ]…. nsa has put a complete stop to any scientific research coming out of this sector of antarctica..siting national security issues

  4. Jesse,
    I have a great show idea you might be interested in.
    The Largest Cloud Seeding project in, by PG&E, in the Lake Almanor basin area,
    of Northern California, from Nov.-May. 10 distribution sites that heat up, and spray Sliver Iodide into the Clouds.
    We just had a town hall meeting May 25, 2011. PG&E panelist were trying to convince the public about how non-toxic Silver Iodide is.
    The Guidelines of the Clean Water Act, ERA lists Silver Iodide has a toxic substance.
    there is a lot of respiratory problems, in the area, ect. If Silver Iodide is so non toxic, I would like to see PG&E eat some of it! right out of the barrel, they are forcing us to eat it through our respiratory systems.
    The toxic soup of chemicals comes from China.
    Let’s see the “Materials Safety Data Sheet” on it!
    Mt. Shasta citizens are trying to stop the Cloud Seeding as well
    What right does PG&E have to pollute our air space above our property,
    and manipulate weather patterns?
    Please, come to Lake Almanor and do an investigative report for one of your TV episodes. I could possibly help you with a free place to stay, as well as any other information you might need.
    Cloud Seeding is suppose to start up in November 2011 again, unless we can stop it.
    Thank You


  5. Mr. Ventura,
    I am a Mother of Columbine survivor, Mark Taylor. If possible please contact me. I need to speak to you.
    Donna Taylor
    thank you

  6. I wish I could b there there working with u n ur team! I have great references! Go Jesse Go !! I’ll sign petitions or what have you! I am sending support 4 u to all my nets and asking to pass them forward! Look u have a free campaign manager!! LOL!

  7. Honorable Mr. Ventura,
    I respect you more than any other politician out there! You are just what this country needs- A REAL PATRIOT!!! Your TV show is the best thing on television. You are one the very few people in government who has the balls to tell the TRUTH, something that is practically non-existent in American politics today. Please run for president, our once great country needs you. God bless you. By the way I am also a a slovak. Dobre chlap! (Good Man.)

  8. Dear Jesse =
    I cannot believe a man that has been in demolition cannot understand =
    how the twin towers could collapse like that?
    I learned about buildings doing what they call pan caking way back in =
    Camden N.J fire school in 1964.
    Once the weight of one floor suddenly collapses onto the floor below all =
    the extra weight suddenly exerted then keeps the momentum going until =
    they all reach the bottom.
    In the case of 911 the fuel and fire from those planes caused such =
    intense heat and when into the building so deeply that that floor was =
    almost eliminated just with the crash and then the heat and fire =
    started twisting (that does happen regardless of what Rosie thinks) the =
    steel beams etc. until that floors above the fire floor collapsed onto =
    the fire floor and once that weight came down there was no stopping , =
    it just kept pancaking all the way down,
    Watching on tv just as soon as that started, I shouted to my wife, the =
    whole building is pancaking. and it did.

    I am sure that if our government wanted to go to war with Afghanistan it =
    surly could have found an excuse without killing all of those Americans =
    on Airliners and in buildings.

  9. I just finished reading Mr. Ventura’s new book American Conspiracies. I have a real problem with part of his 9-11 chapters. I was at the Pentagon after the plane crashed into it. That’s right, a real honest to gosh plane did crash into it. To have him say there was no proof of a plane striking the Pentagon is reprehensible to me. I assisted for over a month in helping pull plane parts (Real ones) and body parts and classified material from the crash site. There are witnesses, video and evidence to prove it.

  10. Hey Jessie, it would be great to see a story on shanksville and a story on all the people who were on the flights who susposedly perished. Especially the one story of the guy whos obituary was placed on line a week before he susposedly died on 9-11, (I forgot his name). Also, do you think that new speaker of the house bainer is being targeted with some sort of microwave device? Everytime he’s on t.v he seemd to want to break down?

      • How can i reach Jesse Ventura for help with dealing with the Va Health care system concerning Lyme Disease ,someone please help me , I’ve been in pain for 3 years, now that i know what it is i’m being refused treatment for it. i need help …Thank you

        • I have been so paronoid about lymes disease I live in the country and am always safeguarding myself from the little buggers are there certain steps that you can take to cover that you don’t get bitten. Once you are infected the test always show up non conclusive or negative. If we had decent health care in this country we would all be better off. for now I suggest you contact Dr. Schulz, homapathic remedies. I’ve cured myself from some pretty disabling diseases, and you won’t believe the liberating results. PEACE

  11. I need to talk to Gov.Ventura .I might have something that he needs to no about 911 .This concerns the explosion or the plane crash in the penigon.After listening to the show and knowing what I think I know might help him.

  12. There was one claim that was made in Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy show on Global Warming last night ( 12/02/10) that stated: “the Earth has actually been cooling.”

    Here’s a news flash:
    “September 15, 2010

    Temperature Anomolies, August 2010
    High Resolution (Credit: NOAA)
    The first eight months of 2010 tied the same period in 1998 for the warmest combined land and ocean surface temperature on record worldwide. Meanwhile, the June–August summer was the second warmest on record globally after 1998, and last month was the third warmest August on record. Separately, last month’s global average land surface temperature was the second warmest on record for August, while the global ocean surface temperature tied with 1997 as the sixth warmest for August.

    The monthly analysis from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, which is based on records going back to 1880, is part of the suite of climate services NOAA provides government, business and community leaders, so they can make informed decisions.


    If Ventura’s show was credible, it would correct this claim and give us an update. As program apparently operates, it is not very interested in being factual. Fact-checking is not that difficult a thing to do.

  13. This is a tip not a comment. We have been going to Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois for years. There is a small park just south of the main entrance. In this park are some cement structures that seem to be containing something. Hazardous waste comes to mind. If that is the case then there may be a problem as there a large cracks in these cement structures. These objects are in the middle of a park that is often quite busy. I you are interested email me and I will send a photo. Oh, you have a great show.

  14. jesse great crew here is something that might fall into ur BIG BROTHER watch list
    in london ontario we r being kept in the dark about the U.S.A wanting our health care files. thats rite and after watching ur show i see how this fits into place.
    have ur team check it out at.
    cheers and good louck
    ps cant wait to see u dig this up!!!!!!

  15. producer;
    when i was young, my father told me a story about people inventing fuel systems for gas powered vehicles that were capable of getting unbelieveable mileage. we are talking 70, 90, over 100 miles per gallon. he was one of these people. he also told me that when the invention was made public the gasoline powers contacted him about the device. a meeting was held between the gasoline giants and my father. he was told the invention would change the world . not only would it save the consumer billions of dollars in the purchasing of fuel, save millions of lives from polution and making sure that we would have enough fuel to carry us thru the next 1000 years and on and on and on. my father was told that the gentlemen speaking to him wanted to purchase the invention so they would have the opportunity to improve and fine tune the device. after all we have alot more money that you do and we have the minds to make it become a reality. my father agreed to the proposal. that was the last time my father heard from these people or the invention. my question; my father cannot be the only person who has ever done this. my father was a simple man but very smart. there are people out there who have the brain power and the money to make this happen yet we hear nothing. is it possible that we have a conspiracy going on with the major oil companies and the possibility of fuel systems that have been capable of getting unbeleiveable milage that have been filed away on some shelf along with all the others? question #2; why do we have vehicles that can travel over 200 mph on our highways when the maximum speed limit is 75 mph. let your minds run with this one for awhile. gasoline prices keep going up and it seems that no one has control except the people who have the oil. do you really think they want us to save.

  16. Really like the show, and have your book. I teach biblical end time prophecy, and have researched a lot of what you broadcast. This weeks story about Bilderberg and the Wall Street farce are things I have looked at. Jesse, the members of Bilderberg are also members of the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations. They all work toward a common goal, and Maurice Strong who now lives in China is part of it, too. The UN is a tool of these groups, a huge secret bunch of elites who have one common goal; a One World Government. Not every single person in the conspiracy echelons is devoted to the goal, but the leadership is, along with our leaders, the Progressives of America, including Obama. I can tie it all together for you. No, I’m not a religious nut; I’m a conservative Reblican who happens to be a Christian, and my lifelong interests have been prophecy and Jewish history. I adopted 11 Native American kids, and have raised them all, my husband died, and I have plenty of time to devote to my topics of interest, which also include the threats of radical Islam, and the reason a lot of this is happening NOW. I can give you chapter and verse, no pun intended, but to keep this concise, I will summaraize as much as I can. If you can absorb the truth about conspiracy theries, then an honest look at what the Bible says shouldn’t be much of a stretch. First, I will tell you that Bible prophecy has a 100% fulfillment record. If thousands of years have proven the accuracy of prophecy so far, why should we question what remains? When you know and understand the biblical record, all the stuff you are reporting makes sense, in a scary way, unless of course, one believes the whole biblical record, which I do. So I’m not scared, I’m grieved at what lies ahead, but looking up because Christ comes, soon. The Bilderbergs will not wipe out 90% of the population; the Tribulation will. The powers that be want to destroy the American economy to force the country into their New World Order, which is laying the groundwork for a dictorship of the World by Antichrist. Obama is their tool to move the agenda along, and he surely has done so. These men used to be more secretive about their efforts but now they act and speak much more openly, because the groundwork for their big push is in place, and they have less to fear from exposure. The plot is evil personified but not all people who facilitate it are evil; just grossly misled. They don’t care; they will use anyone, anything. Prophecy; Daniel foretold four world empires, the final one to be a revived Roman Empire that would rule the known world then and now, and be the government of the Antichrist. The Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Greek, the Roman, which would not be conquered, but fade and revive. When Rome faded away, it divided into two branches, the East and the West. One became the Greek Orthodox and the other, the so-called Holy Roman Empire, eventually controled by the Vatican. The Orthodox was centured in Turkey, and became the Ottoman Empire. Today, the revived Roman is the countries in the EU, all nations having given up sovereignty for a common parliment, currency, flag, etc. The boundaries of the Revived Empire are complete now with the recently grouped Mediteranean Union, and these nations together are soon to be divided into the 10 “kingdoms” of the Antichrist. He is surely alive and well, but not known, and he won’t be until he confirms a treaty with Israel, the key to all Bible prophecy. That treaty will begin the countdown on the seven years of the Tribulation period, which will climax with the return of Christ to set up his Kingdom on Earth. Notice: many Old Testament prophecies told of the return of the Jews to their homeland. God gave the Promised Land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be a home for their descendants forever. Because of their disobedience, they were disbursed among the nations, but ins pite of the devil’s best efforts to destroy the Jews, they are still with us! Think about it; has any people ever been scattered among over a hundred nations for 2,000 years, and retained their identity, their language, their beliefs, and then come together and become a nation? Isaiah put it well; can anyone become a nation in a day? Well, Israel did. The British Mandate expired on May 15, 1948. The British had promised Jews a homeland, roughly using the boundaries of the orginal land grant, but under protest from Arabs, they gave about 75% of the land to Trans-Jordan, and Israel got the little bit they still have. The land was barren, the people surrounded by enemies, and after the Declaration of Independance on May 14, 1948, they were immediately invaded. The Israeli army had only about 10,000 mismatched rifles, and their air force was 2 or 3 piper cubs. But they won that war, and 5 more since. In 1967 they won the Six Day War, regaining control of Jerusalem. The Jews are the cup of trembling of the world, as foretold. All efforts at peace have failed, and while the US was a friend to Israel, God would bless us; but he curses those who curse Israel and Obama is no friend of Israel. That is a good part of the reason things are going down the drain in the US so quickly. Danel prophecied that 70 weeks of years would tell the story. Sir, one must interpret prophecy by seeing as it was given to the Jews, who gave us the Bible and a lot more. The 70 weeks is 490 years; they were to come to pass as follows. The first 483 years would date from the time the decree went out to return to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem after the Babalonian destruction of the city and the Temple. The Persian ruler wrote out this decree and sent Nehemiah and Ezra on this holy mission, and fromt he date of that decree forward it was to be exactly 483 years until Messiah would be “cut off.” Well, when you count the days using a Jewish calendar of 360 days a year, the time runs out on April 15, 30 AD; the day Jesus road into Jerusalem on a donkey being welcomed as a king, but within that week, he would be betayed and nailed to a cross. He rose again, of course, and we wait for His return. That prophecy was accurate to the DAY, and written 600 years before Jesus was born! The remaining seven years of the prophecy are the Tribulation, a time referred to as “Jacob’s Trouble.” It all centers on Israel. It’s God’s last effort and will result in the redemption of the Jewish remnant who will finally recognize Jesus as their Messiah, which they so far deny. The seven year countdown begins with Antichrist’s treaty and ends with the return of Christ. During the first half of the Trib Antichrist will pose as a “man of peace.” He will be hailed as leader, having done what no others could do in bring peace tot he Middle East. At the mid-point of the Trib he will go into the Jewish rebuilt Temple and declar himself god; he will demand worship, persecute the Jews, instigate the Mark of the Beast for commerce, and while these years pass, God will be sending judgments intended to bring men to awareness and repentance. The details are in The Revelation. As the time passes, the judgments will become more severe until it culminates in Armageddon. The nations are already aligned for a final assault on Israel. Russia will lead the pack, in cahoots with Iran, which is ancient Persia. The nations are named in Ezekiel 38. The well known Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse are the Antichrist, War, Famine and Death. These plagues will result in 1/4 of the world’s population being killed. The following plagues will destroy 1/3 of what remains. The Christians are gone when all this takes place, which reduces the population by millions before the destruction begins. The signs of the times are clear, and the things that are happening in the world are all forerunners of these coming events. People are outraged by the destruction of the US economy, until you see where it fits into the program. One World Govenrment seems like a fairy tale, until you know that is will come, as the Bible clearly states. Just for thought; your story on Area 51. How does that fit in? Well, Jesse, when millions of Christians disappear in the Rapture, how will our government explain that? What’s going on in Area 51 will help them lie to folks by saying they were taken by aliens. The world will be so devestated by this event they will believe anything that explains it, to keep their sanity, and to give the government an excuse for what comes next. Think about it; Christian airplane pilots suddenly gone-who flies the plane? Millions of teachers, medical workers, and everyday Americans that keep the country going, suddenly gone. Not just here, but all over the world. China now has an underground church of 70 million, and in every nation, there are true believers who will go up to heaven in a heartbeat. Check I Thessalinians 4:13-17. That’s just one reference. Jesse, the world is getting ready for the final act. All the things you investigate and report are part of the picture for these finals days. The devil is the author of all these horrific things, as he knows his time is short, and he is locked into an agelong struggle to be a god. That’s what got him tossed out of heaven. He wanted to be equal to the Most High. Can’t happen. Lucifer was created as the chief of the angels, but that wasn’t enough. He rebelled and took 1/3 of the angels with him. They are the source of all evil, and they are the ones who inspire the things you are reporting on. God is about the wrap it all up, and the final defeat of the enemy of all that is good will finally get what’s coming to him. This isn’t about religion! It’s about the truth of God as revealed in the Bible. The world is full of “religions.” Religion is man’s attempts to reach God. Faith is accepting God’s outreach to man through Christ. It’s truth. So as I watch your shows, I see much of what I’ve uncovered in research so I know you are telling truth, but it goes beyond just events to why it is happening. A lot of info is on the Internet-I found out who many members of the elite groups are on the Internet. They are emboldened because they feel secure in these last days. So keep telling the truth, Jesse, but understand why it’s happening. Get on God’s side NOW if you have not made that decision. It’s more impotant than anything you can reveal of the conspiracies of mankind. God’s provisions for us are not a conspiracy; they are our salvation.

    • marty..good research but you forgot about the two witnesses…they are sent here by God and they reveal truths to the people and no one can stop them for 31/2 years ..they must come before Christ returns…rev. 11…read and may the power of the Holy Spirit guide you into all truths.

  17. About time someone has said “The King has no clothes” Great show…Real stuff and scarey! As a Ex-Special Forces man who has also seen the truth! I want a job working for you! Would Follow you anywhere! “All the way” Robert…

  18. There’s only ONE conspiracy theory that trumps all the rest..
    ……………WHO IS BARRACK OBAMA, and why is the political world covering for him?

  19. I would like to have a list of the 1300 germ labs here in the U.S. and around the world if that’s possible. I have an info list with over 200 businesses, organizations and individuals. I want to get this info out to them. They send info to their family and friends, so hopefully we’re getting the word out as much as we can.
    I admire Jesse and Alex for the incredibly great work they’re doing for everyone. I want to thank both of you very much!

    If anyone would like to join our group list please email me with ‘New Reader’ in the subject. No names or message is neccessary.

    God bless,
    Susan Welch

  20. Mr. Ventura I am a small business owner electrical contractor to be specific. I have no place to turn or anyway to combat what is happening to me. The situation is that myself as well as several small businesses are being targeted by the IRS. I am not the best business man but a great electrician. We have a few employees and they are in jeopardy of loosing their jobs because of what the IRS is trying to do to us. The IRS showed up at our door saying that we owed them $80 k after they took $24k from our account two months earlier. They say we owe them money from as far back as 2003 and wait seven years to get it to run up the interest and penalties. We have no problem paying are fair share but it looks like they are making it up as they go along basically because they can. I look at this as organized crime with Uncle Sam as the Godfather. They will never be happy until they have taken every penny and no one has a job anymore. I can not believe that our government is doing this to us in these tough economic times. We don’t have big houses or fancy cars we just love what we do and actually had faith that the American dream still existed. I’m sure its to late for us but if you could expose them for the thieves they are with all their unbelievable charges that are designed to soak every penny from anything you have or ever will have. I can’t believe that they run our country into the ground every day and yet abuse us for any and every mistake. Please help to expose the criminals that they are so the next little guy might have a chance. You are the only hope we have to help the little guy get ahead and make it like our forefathers meant to happen. We are begging you to please help as you are the only one that will tell it straight and get the word out before people vote next time around. I don’t understand why they are allowed to charge anything they want and if any financial institution did anything even close to what they are doing they would have charges to answer to. We will understand if you don’t want to poke the bear but we are counting on you to expose the truth of what they are doing to everyone.

  21. Jesse, First off, I am not a nut (first line of a nutcase…). I have $$$, getting older, and can survive all the political BS….I am thinking of the future, my kids and all others. I am a history buff, and the history books 100 years from now will make our generation look like puppets. I do care. Lots of people do. Change will not happen in our generation (born 1952) but with hope after we are gone there will be some change…..I AM a good American (just never trusted my government)….I live in east central Il. (surrounded by reps) please help me to help you to spread your ideas. There is a man in this area that is honest, he is younger than us @10years, and he cares. He has been voted into office before. Please contact me so I can put you in touch with this man. If this is a true and honest way to contact you, let me know…I will put it to the test , and until I talk to you I will not “give up” my friends name…If this is an honest site or not I realize that now I am on the “radar”…that is OK, I have less than most to hide…take care Jesse, …..RH..America needs help

  22. koolkat, is one of those idiot’s, yeah it’s better to spend trillions, killing Americans, than to provide health care, that every other country provides for it’s citizens. koolkat needs to be stuck where the sun don’t shine. But he’ll have to move his head first.

  23. Thank You Jesse Ventura for trying to wake up the mass sheep herd in time to do something to save ourselves from the “evil empire” that is the Government.
    While it is obvious by a comment here that some of the sheep will never wise up, some of us see and will be saved.
    It is good to be awake!

    Peace and love brother!

  24. I support Jesse Ventura, and believe he is the only one in the spotlight speaking the truth. We need people like Jesse to take us back to where this country started, and help the citizens of this USA regain our rights. Time to wake the sleeping giant, …the real AMERICANS. I’d be honored to serve alongside such a patriot, and will do so, if called upon! Don’t start without me either!!!

    • the sleeping giant are the people whom america sends to office in goverment, hate big goverment get rid of your congressman its called vote??????????

  25. Dear Mr. Ventura,

    I’m sure you have you have your share of critisizm,for wrong or right that is not my concerne. You’re new show however can be an equalizier to the unrepresented millions that doubt the US government and their global secrets. I don’t care the your administrations suppossed lost millions. I do care for your platform for getting to the truth if that is your angle. If it it is ,GOD BLESS and HELLS BELLS. Dig deep and hard to get the truth’s. I have a request for a topic of you’re team’s investigations. My request is of a collegate level and it is of the growing national concern of the NCAAF championship determining system in place. It seems to be a conspiracy of an unknown source oppossing a fair playoff system. I am lead to believe big money controls this decision and you have said to find the source follow the money. I would like to see your team investigate who or what entities are directly responsible for determining these young athletes futures. Can you help these kids and set a new collegate standard for achievement that is fair for all by exposing the root of the resistance to better ways that already exist in lesser venues of the collegate atmosphere.

  26. Dear Jesse,

    Thank you for your service and for your show.

    Koolkat posits that you are a “Radical Left Quack”

    Why because the truth is hard to take ?

    I believe as many that to many unanswered questions in the 9/11
    commissions report ,in fact there are many unasked questions

    1) Air defense
    2) pentagon missile defenses
    3)unexplained lapses in videos of the
    Plane striking the pentagon
    4)The collapse of WTC 7

    In fact there are so many questions ,too many that only a fool and a nave
    would accept the Commisions report.

    No one should forget that Herr Dr. Kissinger was the first choice as 9/11

    Thank you

    Semper Fi

  27. If you really care about this country, stop being a baby if you know Al Gore.
    You need to call Al Gore out and get him to stop this bull shit on Globe Warming chase Gore down like a dog and get him to tell the true story he knows and don’t think he don’t.
    So Ventura if you are true about your self get Gore on T.V. be a real man.

  28. Nice Jessie maybe now people will get there heads out of the sand and not take everything our government throws at us as gospel, but start asking questions !!!
    Keep it up Jessie, people tend to become scared of things they don’t understand
    to much ignorance in this country!


  30. How about a show around the “conspiracy theory” that Obama is just a puppet for the radical L….Soror, Ayers and the like….and that’s why he cannot talk without prompters.

  31. There is an office in the F.B.I called OSC Office of Special counsel, The Investigator Peter T. Black whom all so was the Head Investigator of Tailhook you may remember. Any how he came to the late Charleston Naval Shipyard and found out the Navy was keeping and maintaining Secret Files on its employees, This shipyard was a model yard what was new was tried here first and model to other yards around the country and othe federal offices. Any how there was over 400 plaintiff’s after the secret police scared off several hundred, there esisted only two. Haskell Brown and Michael Biondo. Haskell is to crazy now to be talked to. This is an old case but new evidence came to light just a short wile ago and the Justice department is soupose to be looking into my letter about Conspiracy, and perjury by the OSC, Navy attorneys, Navy civilian employee Management and such. I have a recent letter from the Justice Department asking the Department of Defence to look into this. havent heard any thing in about 40 days. but most, I understand those people you interviued and claim they were scared, I been there and had the Judge David Norton ask the USattorney to call off ther dogs. But not untill they went many years back and got the IRS on my files. where as I had to pay back some monies from a student loan. manny years before this court case 2-92-0184-18 U.S.D.C Biondo v. Navy this is a good story to be told, with the proof and evidence I have here and some of it is on Please look at it. ongoing…..

  32. JESSE, 61 yr old Jesse Voter for Governor, that’s Me, Fifty Lks, Mn.

    This is December 06, 2009 + I caught You on Larry King + You Look Do Utterly, Incredibly, Distinguished Like a Real President Should Look. You & Obama are Two of the Most Needed Men in Office.

    Lucid, Beyond Anything Living! Absolutely Vividly Lucid!

    Well that’s the Limit of my Xpletive Adjectives, Jesse; You Deserve More!

    1- Jesse As President- Without a Doubt!

    2- President Obama Needs a Truth Exposure Man, maybe as Vice President, to Guarantee His Re-election!

    3- America + the World Needs Jesse Ventura to Set the World STRAIGHT!

  33. Can you explain the cover-up / or “brushing aside” of Pete Townshend’s Sex Offender status and allowing him 1. To enter this country.
    2. Inviting hm to play at the Superbowl.

    No other media source has reported this except the Butler Report.

    There are many sources of information out there and I am outraged that this is being swept under the carpet.

    Perhaps someone like you would be “man” enough to take a stand for abused children, and call it what it is. Pete Townshend is a child sex offender. DISGUSTING.

  34. I am a Independent and used to love Jesse Ventura. However now he sounds more like a Radical Left Quack.

    Here are examples of a Radical Left Quack would believe in not a Independent .

    #1 Jesse is for Illegal Immigration. This is not a Independent . This is what a
    Radical Left Quack would believe in , Independents believe in protecting our
    borders and preserving jobs for American Citizens.

    #2 Jesse believes in the Truther Conspiracy that 9/11 was staged by Bush
    and we were not attacked by Al-Queda . Now I am no fan of Bush but anyone
    that believes this nonsense is a Radical Left Quack !

    #3 Jesse thinks we should pull out of Afghanistan & Iraq. Now I can understand
    pulling out of Iraq ( we should have never been there ) but Afghanistan ?!
    Jesse you have to be out of your mind for us to pull out of Afghanistan , for us
    to pull out before the war is done is just inviting another 9/11. Again you have
    to be a Radical Left Quack to have us pull out of Afghanistan !

    #4 Jesse is for Universal Health Care. I was also until I saw it was going to costs
    us Trillions of dollars and put our country further in debt. Now Jesse if you want
    to spend Trillions of dollars for Universal Health Care while we our in a Recession
    and put us further in debt then you must be a Radical Left Quack.

    #5 Jesse claims he is for low taxes. Well where are you going to get the money
    for Universal Health Care ? The magic money tree ! Again only a Radical Left Quack would believe in this nonsense.

    Jesse take your Conspiracy Theory and stick it were the sun don’t shine.

    • 9/11 being an inside job is not a whacky idea. There are many unanswered questions from that day, some of which the 9/11 Commission did not find imprtant enough to answer. No one can explain the collapse of building #7, five hours after the towers came down and was never hit by a plane. Never in history has a steel structured building collapsed due to fire, but we are to believe that it happened 3 times that day. Not to mention the fact that there were mutiple witnesses who heard multiple explosions going off.

      George W. Bush’s own recounting of the day is rather incriminating since he says he saw the first plane hit before he went into the classroom, which is impossible. The first plane hitting was not shown on TV until the following day, because the footage wasn’t available until then. Watch this clip

      The Popular Mechanics article debunking the “conspiracy theory” was itself easily debunked by David Ray Griffin in a lecture called “Let’s Get Empirical” which can be viewed here

      Please look at all the facts and think about them with some common sense. It’s not such an outlandish idea.

    • No I think it is you who needs to get your nead out of the sand, you sound like so many people who are like Robots taking everything the Gov tells us as Gospel, Fear stops most people from asking questions, this county was built on people using there own MINDS, maybe it’s time we had a few radical views rather than the status quo. If you really paid attention there are so many questions about 911 that have never been answered, I suppose you knew that we had in fact found the black boxes but were told they weren’t recovered, and the thirds building that came down 20 minutes later, and how did it come down, if you really thought about it and really listened to the show there are several things that have never been answered. We are a country of puppets losing the ability to think and demand answers maybe it’sjust lazy or Fear which are you suffering from?

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