Jesse Ventura on his new TV Show “Conspiracy Theory”

Alex Jones: I’m here with Jesse Ventura and we just did an interview for his upcoming television program “Conspiracy Theory”. Governor, it’s good to be here with you.

Jesse Ventura: Great, Alex. It’s always nice to see you.

Alex Jones: Never hung out with you in California. Tell us about the TV show.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s a TV show. It’s going to be on the TRU Network and we’re going to deal with conspiracies and we’re going to deal with all sides of them and it’s going to be multiple different ones that we’ll deal with. And I think people are going to find it not only enlightening, but entertaining at the same time.

Alex Jones: What did you think about our little discussion about population reduction?

Jesse Ventura: Well, it’s kind of stunning when I talk to you about it. It’s the kind of think when it’s told to you you’re not sure if you can believe it or not, because it’s so outrageous and outlandish in its concept. You can’t imagine that things like that can occur in our lives. But the more I am doing “Conspiracy Theory”, the more I am learning about different conspiracies out there beyond, of course, just the assassination of John F. Kennedy and things of that nature. But it’s pretty enlightening and pretty shocking when you do learn about them.

Alex Jones: Well, I’m glad that your show is somewhat of an investigation of these ideas. Because of lot of it out there, from my research, is baloney or part of it is wrong, part of it is right. More often than not that is the case. I’m just seeking for the truth and trying to find out historically what’s happened, what’s happening currently and what’s coming up in the future. But I will tell you: on the subject of eugenics, on the subject of world population reduction, it’s part of the public record. It’s just not popularly known. That’s what’s so exciting about you doing this TV show.

Tell us about some of the other topics that are going to covered and when is it going to be airing?

Jesse Ventura: Well, we don’t know exactly yet. About the other topics… I don’t know if I want to be at liberty right now to say any of them, you know.

Alex Jones: It’s double top secret probation?

Jesse Ventura: Yep, it’s double secret probation just like animal house at this point of time. But you know Alex, you’ll be a part of this show. We’ve talked to some very interesting people on a lot of very interesting subjects and I’ll just leave it at that for right now. Tentatively I’m guessing it should be out around November, around Christmas time. It should hit the air somewhere in that general vicinity.

Alex Jones: But it’s been in the news that you are tackling 9/11.

Jesse Ventura: Oh it has? Okay yea, that will be one of them then. 9/11 is one because you know we all know there are fierce conspiracy theories about 9/11 and our main stream media won’t cover any of this stuff. So they leave it to me, so I have a job now.

Alex Jones: That’s another question. We haven’t really seen any big national TV shows look at this. I think you’re going to be one of the first that is going to objectively do it.

Jesse Ventura: Hopefully, and hopefully that will get us some ratings and hopefully we will be bought up and have another season. It’s all part of what you do in this particular business, and Alex, for me it’s a case that they won’t let me retire. I want to retire, I wanted to go surfing, but yet this is so intriguing to me that I’m holding off my retirement till we get this project done.

Alex Jones: How did you get into this, governor? Because I remember about three and a half years ago I first met you in San Antonio and interviewed you and gave you my film Terror Storm. You knew a little bit about some issues, but it seems like more and more… you’re writing a book I heard on the subject, you come on my show. I mean it seems like Jesse Ventura is…

Jesse Ventura: Here’s the problem now, Alex. I now live half the year down in Mexico. Well, I don’t watch TV in Mexico when I’m down there for the six months; I read. And so I go out, I get books on interesting topics. I like to study history and I like to study real things.

I don’t like to particularly read novels because that’s simply someone else’s imagination writing a story in a book. Well, I have my own imagination; I don’t need anybody else’s, generally. So I like to read history and I like to read controversial history and so really this has blossomed because of my time in Mexico.

I remember three years ago I actually read 17 books in one winter down there. Alex, that’s more books than I read in my entire school career. You know, so it’s reading and it’s doing that.

And I’m the creator of this show, basically. I took it with my people and we sold it and the TRU Network brought it and they found it interesting enough, and here we are.

Alex Jones: Governor, during the research for this television show, and now that you’re really immersed in this reading all these books down in Mexico part of the year surfing, what do you think of the New World Order itself, the move towards world government? Or are you not even convinced of that?

Jesse Ventura: Well, you know, I guess I’m 50-50 right now as I look at it, because I don’t want to believe it and that’s probably what holds me back on it. But I am certainly seeing enough indication that it could be true, absolutely. Because they’re always talking about Mexico and the United States and Canada ending up like Europe and there are things done politically that seem to take us in that direction.

And so I think it’s incumbent upon all of us as American citizens to pay attention. You know, you got time to watch baseball, you got time to watch football, you got time to entertain yourself. But I think we’re losing a knowledgeable public. And we’ve got to give people back on track to paying attention, because if you don’t pay attention to your government and what they’re doing, you’re going to pay some dire consequences for it.

I always live by simple things like dissention is the greatest form of patriotism; and I believe that. Because if you don’t hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire and pay attention, you are going to get bad government. So it’s imperative for all of us, it’s our job as citizens of this great country to pay attention.

Alex Jones: Alright, Governor Venture, thanks for talking to us.



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  1. Wall Street Bankers: Show and Tell
    Dr. Michael La Crone

    A simple formula, all should know;
    Money equals ownership, ownership is control.
    Our nation in the grip, Wall Street power;
    Stealing our money, hour by hour.

    1929 Depression, simple frauds;
    Bankers’ sham stocks, zero-sum odds.
    Hard money earned, they hijacked our wealth;
    No one knew, all done by stealth.

    401k today, savings all in!
    Mom and Pops’ wages, for bankers’ kin.
    Bankers privilege; they will rule;
    Body and mind, we are the mule.

    Parasitic predators, money their goal;
    Instincts of a snake, they have no soul.
    Humanity crushed, by the hand of greed;
    Lives destroyed, a treason deed.

    Time to stop them, no more losses;
    Time to punish, the banker bosses.
    Their lesson to learn, show and tell;
    A rope on their necks, send them to hell.

  2. Another poem:

    Candidate Hillary: String Theory

    Dr. Michael La Crone

    Candidate Hillary, campaigning still,
    Her closet life, a banker’s shill;
    Who will she serve? Strangely funny!
    She doesn’t serve people; she serves people with money.

    Political puppet, bought and sold;
    Making speeches, retirement gold!
    Voice of the people, elitist mocks;
    Her lips are moving, while a banker talks.

    Servant of money, a duplicitous sham;
    Democracy rule, she don’t give a damn!
    Shadow deals, illusive gain;
    Something to hide, political feign.

    Opponent Sanders, revealing the facts;
    Criminal bankers, fraudulent acts!
    Senator Sanders, honest to the core;
    Will show the bankers, a jailhouse door.

    No woman presidents, chauvinist crime;
    Equal to men, it’s about time!
    Committed trust, morality brings;
    A woman candidate, without the strings.


    The War Is Here
    Michael La Crone

    Battles over there, nothing to fear;
    Iraq a sideshow, the war is here.
    1929, all over again;
    stock market fraud, now as then!

    Free stock, for Insider bosses;
    2008, 401k losses!
    Bonus gifts, by the millions;
    retirements ruined, by the $trillions

    Corrupt finance, bankers lied;
    war on workers, justice denied!
    Fraud the weapon, bankers deployed;
    public deceived, lives destroyed!

    Bankrupt Detroit, transfer of wealth;
    perfect storm, parasitic stealth!
    Wages earned, shovels digging;
    savings lost, financial rigging!

    Government captured, growing the costs!
    How to stop, the mounting loss?
    Insider claims, investors no voice;
    zero-sum games, rights without choice!

    Betrayed trust, workers’ debt;
    never forgive, never forget!
    Congress feeding, on insider loot;
    Bankers’ finance, fraud at the root!

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