Jesse Ventura on NSA Spying


Alex Jones: Well, his latest book is “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans”, it’s a bestseller. We sell all of his books at And giving viewers a first look, here’s the new cover of what’s coming out in October, I really like it. “They killed our President”, and it goes over 63 facts that prove a conspiracy to kill JFK. This is the 50th anniversary, they’ve said no one was allowed in the big park at Dealey Plaza, but people that agree with the official story for the first time. So I’m going to be there with thousands, demonstrating for the First Amendment, and I’ve invited Jesse Ventura to be there with us. He is considering it. Governor, you’ve been gone for 5 to 6 months, it’s great to have you back, thanks for coming on with us.

Jesse Ventura: Thanks, Alex, it’s great to be here. I tell you, I enjoyed my time in Mexico, I didn’t watch television from January 2nd till about a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Jones: I saw you when you got back from Mexico, you looked 10 years younger.

Jesse Ventura: I feel 10 years younger, too, you know what I did down there this year that was life-changing?

Alex Jones: What was that?

Jesse Ventura: My wife and I took a 500 mile trip to this lagoon, and you got to go about 100 miles off the main road through this rough road to get there. And the Mexicans in a small boat took us out to this lagoon, and the grey whales would come up to you and you could sit in the boat and actually physically touch them.

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