How Do We Save the Worker? Jesse Ventura Takes on America’s Wage Crisis

Two-thirds of U.S. wage-earners make less than $45,000. For a family, that’s below the poverty line. Jesse Ventura sounds off on how to save the American worker as his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan runs down the facts on the wage crisis. Will raising the minimum wage fix all of our problems? The Governor has another plan in mind.

Jesse Ventura: We don’t need people making a billion dollars a year when the very people they employ then have to go to the government and be subsidized. I’ve said it before, if you work a 40 hour work week you should not have to be subsidized by the government no matter what you do.

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Conceal & Carry Without a Permit: Do We Need to Change the Second Amendment?

A new law has passed in Portland, Maine: If you’re over 21 and can legally buy a handgun, you need no permit to conceal and carry it. So today, we’re talking gun control! Jesse Ventura tells his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan that everyone forgets about one important country when discussing the issue of controlling our guns. Can you guess which one it is?

Jesse Ventura: Gun control in the United States, is it working? Can it possibly work without amending the Constitution and getting rid of the 2nd Amendment?

Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan with our first story.

Alex Logan: Alright Governor, for this edition of What Would Jesse Ventura Do we are talking about gun control.

It was a contentious subject at the recent Democratic debate, with Martin O’Malley towting his grade of F from the NRA, Jim Webb having to defend his A rating and Hillary Clinton proudly listing the NRA on her list of enemies. What do you think the NRA would rate you Governor?

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Jesse Ventura and Alan Colmes on Gun Control, Taking Money Out of Politics and the 2016 Elections

Fox News radio host Alan Colmes goes head-to-head with Jesse Ventura for a no-holds-barred discussion on gun control and Second Amendment rights.Plus, Colmes sounds off on the 2016 Elections and why he feels Hillary is the clear frontrunner for the presidency.

Jesse Ventura: Welcome back to Off The Grid. I am your host Jesse Ventura. My guest today, maybe the only voice of reason in the Fox News enterprise. He’s the host of Alan Colmes Radio show on Fox News radio and the publisher of Please welcome Alan Colmes to Off The Grid.

Welcome back to Off The Grid Alan Colmes. Alan it seems like we only spoke days ago, doesn’t it?

Alan Colmes: I think it was over in my domain over at Fox News when you visited. I am glad to see you’ve got friends on the left. That’s encouraging.

Jesse Ventura: I always have friends on the left, I am socially liberal.

Alan Colmes: Yes, you are.
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Are For-Profit Colleges a Scam? Jesse Ventura Investigates the Privatization of Higher Education

Does a college degree guarantee a good job? If you fell victim to one of the scam artist for-profit colleges, it definitely does not! Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan follow the Money Trail on this investigation into how for-profit colleges like Everest Institute and Corinthian College prey on low-income students.

Jesse Ventura: If that’s how much college costs, maybe Pink Floyd was right. We don’t need no education.

We’ve been told our entire lives that a degree guarantees a good job and a steady income, but what happens when going to college ends up costing you more than you are ever going to make? Today, we take a look at the for-profit colleges and take another trip down the money trail.

Alex in the Command Center take it away.

Alex Logan: First, I’d like to pose this question to you Governor. Today, do you think it’s possible to obtain of what’s left of American dream without a college degree?

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Do We Want Private Corporations Educating Our Kids? Jesse Ventura Takes on the Charter School System & Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio’s schools have become a national joke. Governor John Kasich and his cronies have run amok with the charter system, so today Jesse Ventura and his Vigilant Producer Alex Logan are following the Money Trail. Since Kasich is campaigning for the republican presidential nomination, what could that mean for a high school near you?

Jesse Ventura: Ohio’s schools are a national joke? Let’s elect the man behind the messes our new President, right? Wrong.

Governor Kasich and his cronies have run amock with Ohio’s charter school system, so today we are following the money trail. Kasich is campaigning for the Presidential nomination of the Republican Party. What could that mean for a highschool near you? Let’s go to my vigilant producer Alex Logan in the Command Center with out story. Alex, what has John Kasich done in Ohio to ruin the schools?

Alex Logan> He’s done a lot, but first I want to get down on something here. Governor in the past you have advocated against the Department of Education at the federal level, correct?
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Jesse Ventura Meets the “World’s Worst Mom”

On this week’s Off the Grid, Jesse Ventura sits down with the host of World’s Worst Mom, Lenore Skenazy to discuss the free-range parenting movement and how we are depriving our children of memorable experiences by keeping them under constant watch.

Jesse Ventura: Today, violent crime is the lowest it’s been in the last 50 years, so why are parents nationwide so fearful to allow their children basic freedoms, such as walking to and from school?

My guest today is an advocate and spokesperson for the free-range parenting movement. She’s the author of the book, blog and Twitter feed FreeRangeKids and host of the reality channel TLC reality show World’s Worst Mom. Lenore Skenazy joins me on Off the Grid today to explain her method of raising safe, self-reliant children without going nuts with worry. Lenore welcome to Off The Grid, first and foremost and let’s explain to those who don’t know what is free-range parenting Lenore?
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Fear & Loathing in Bern Vegas: On the Grid at the DNC Debate

The #OnTheGrid Team did it again! This time we crashed the CNN and Facebook’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas. This DemoCrazy Showdown between Bernie, Hillary, and the three other guys who somehow got on stage proved once again that holding a debate over a year before an election does nothing more than distract from the Fat Cat capitalists pickpocketing the 99%, while masquerading as democracy. But hey, at least we had a few laughs… at Lincoln Chafee’s expense.

Alex Logan: Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin city, rife with drinking, gambling, prostitution and now the greatest sin of them all, the Presidential primary debate held over a year before the election. I am Off The Grid’s vigilant producer Alex Logan and I am here on the grid at CNN and Facebook’s first Democratic Presidential debate.

Protester: Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!
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Jesse Ventura: I Would Run For President Without A Party

Jesse Ventura gives Alan Colmes a detailed breakdown of who may have been behind JFK’s assassination and the relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. Jesse and Alan also discussed the real reason why Iran is considered an enemy of the United States, why Jesse feels his theories about 9/11 have been recently vindicated, and why he thinks he could be the first President elected outside the party system, if he decides to run of course.